Chapter 976 – Myriad Star Islands

Chen Xi naturally understood what Ren Changfeng meant.

Comparatively speaking, Wang Yan had died miserably at Tang Yun’s hands while Tang Yun died at Chen Xi’s hands, whereas Ren Changfeng had suffered from the infection of a toxic poison that was incurable. So no matter if it was the ancient Buddhist treasure, the Calamity Ward Green Lantern, or the bamboo slip that had the Calamity Ward Sutra recorded on it, both of them would surely fall into the hands of Chen Xi and Bei Ling.

This was an indisputable truth, and that was why Ren Changfeng would sigh emotionally that it was destiny.

He’d planned for one hundred years yet it came to such an outcome instead, so if it wasn’t destiny, then what was it?

Chen Xi didn’t dare readily agree to this. He directly moved forward and carefully inspected Ren Changfeng’s injuries, and then he couldn’t help but knit his brows together tightly.

This sort of poison was difficult to deal with indeed. Not only had it spread throughout his body, it was spreading towards his soul, so unless it was the antidote, it was impossible to dispel the poison by relying on any other methods.

Moreover, the toxicity of this poison was extremely strong. Everywhere it passed, vitality dried up, causing it to seem extremely overbearing, and if Chen Xi was unable to help Ren Changfeng, then it wouldn’t be long before Ren Changfeng would perish without a doubt.

“This is the Darkblue Nethersky Powder, a secret toxic poison of the Blood River Sect. According to legend, it’s refined from Mandala Devil Flowers beneath the river of blood combined with the baleful qi of ancient corpses. Merely a strand of this poison can take away the life of a Heavenly Immortal, and one can only become immune to this poison by attaining the Mysterious Immortal Realm or above.” Bei Ling said in a low voice from the side, “This sort of poison is extremely rare, and very few people in the Blood River Sect possess it. So, it’s impossible to save him.”

“Since the poison came from Tang Yun, then perhaps he possesses the antidote. Let me go have a look.” Chen Xi frowned and directly stood up and walked over to Tang Yun’s corpse. He searched it for a short moment before shaking his head in the end because besides some Nether Crystals and spirit materials, there wasn’t any other useful thing in this fellow’s storage magic treasure.

“Thank you, both of you. This is destiny!” Ren Changfeng struggled to stand up, and his face was dark green while his gaze was dim and lifeless. He gasped rapidly for breath before he said with a hoarse voice, “I don’t have much time left. If both of you wish to arrive at the other side of the Sea of Misery, then listen well.”

“This Sea of Misery is the place the Netherworld Emperor fought with the gods of the world all those years ago. It’s boundlessly vast, and numerous restricted areas exist within it. Both of you have to carefully remember the path I speak of because a single wrong move will cause all your subsequent moves to be wrong, and every single step is filled with killing intent. So, you must not move about randomly, otherwise even a Golden Immortal will get lost within this sea…” 

After a short moment, Ren Changfeng’s voice became softer and softer before it was weak to the point of being impossible to hear.“He’s gone,” said Bei Ling from the side.

“Bury him.” Chen Xi thought for a moment before he spoke.

Ren Changfeng didn’t forget to tell them the path to arrive at the other side of the Sea of Misery before he perished. He was a person that kept his word, and he was worthy of their respect.

Chen Xi immediately made a move to incinerate Ren Changfeng and Wang Yan before sealing their ashes within two jars, and then he tossed them into the sea.

On the other hand, Bei Ling cleaned up the battlefield, and she obtained an Immortal bow, 13 dim gold arrows, a damaged bronze ring, the Calamity Ward Green Lantern, and an ancient Buddhist scripture.

As for the possessions of Ren Changfeng and Wang Yan, they didn’t touch it, and they sealed it within the jar and allowed it to sink into the sea along with Ren Changfeng and Wang Yan’s ashes.

After they finished doing all of this, Chen Xi distinguished the direction before leaving immediately with Bei Ling.




The muddy waves of the Sea of Misery surged while the black clouds were like mountains that crushed the sky. A treasured vessel was like a piece of straw that swayed in the wind and rain  as it flew towards the extreme distance, and it seemed as if it would be overturned in the next moment.

But surprisingly, no matter how the gales howled, the treasured vessel was actually stable like a mountain, and it continued flying forward along a fixed path while safely avoiding numerous terrifying areas.

Within a cabin in the vessel, Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the ground while his finger lightly stroked the Calamity Ward Green Lantern on the center of his palm.

This was an ancient Buddhist treasure. According to what Ren Changfeng said, it was a treasure left behind by a great figure from the Buddha Dimension, and the flame that burned on its wick was called the Calamity Ward Purification Flame. It was capable of annihilating all beings and crushing all evil. It was a top-rate divine flame in the heavens and the earth.

Moreover, its surface was inscribed with supreme restrictions from the Buddhist Sects. There was a total of three thousand restrictions, and every single one contained pure and powerful Buddha Energy. But most of these restrictions were damaged, and only over a hundred of them were completely intact.

But even then, the might of this Calamity Ward Green Lantern was extraordinarily great, and it completely exceeded the scope of an ordinary Immortal Artifact. It was capable of comparing to a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact!

This Calamity Ward Green Lantern is damaged to such an extent, yet it’s still comparable to a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact. If it’s completely repaired, then I wonder to what extent its might would rise to. Chen Xi put the Calamity Ward Green Lantern down before he picked up the bamboo slip. He read through it briefly before he found out that the sutra contained within it actually recorded the method to utilize and nurture the Calamity Ward Green Lantern.

No wonder Ren Changfeng put his life on the line to kill that vile spirit. It was indeed impossible to utilize the Calamity Ward Green Lantern without this Buddhist sutra, and in that way, it would be useless even if he obtained it. Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart before he shot his gaze to the other side. It was a damaged bronze ring that was only fist sized, and it was lusterless and mottled with a layer of rust.

He placed it on his palm and sized it up. It was extremely heavy like he was holding up a mountain. Besides this, he didn’t sense any signs of energy, and it seemed as if it was dead.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to refrain from being stunned because he clearly remembered that when the vile spirit had utilized the Calamity Ward Green Lantern, it was precisely this bronze ring that had trapped the lantern before taking it away, and it caused the ring to be boundlessly wonderful and extremely formidable. 

According to his thoughts, the value of this treasure was so great that it was even greater than the Calamity Ward Green Lantern, yet why didn’t it have the slightest trace of spirit energy at this moment?

“This is the Void Raid Ring, and it’s said to be able to subdue all treasures. So long as it’s struck by the Void Raid Ring, then any treasure would be taken away by it. During the primeval times, it was a precious treasure that was renowned throughout the three dimensions.” The tiny cauldron explained in a low voice. “Unfortunately, its energy was completely exhausted while taking away the Calamity Ward Green Lantern, and it’s almost impossible to repair it.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss when he heard. It was said to be able to subdue all treasures, so if a treasure like this was completely intact, then it would simply be a great weapon to roam freely through the heavens and the earth!

Just think about it, one’s enemy had just withdrawn a treasure before it was taken away by one’s self. How great would that feel?

Chen Xi shook his head and thought for a moment before he placed the bronze ring into the Buddha’s Pagoda because if he had the chance, then he might be able to repair it in the future.

“Putting it away is good as well. This treasure is a precious treasure of the heavens and the earth in the end, and it’s unique in the three dimensions. Perhaps you’ll be able to notice some traces of the Dao and repair it after you attain the Immortal King Realm and grasp the profundities of time reversal,” said the tiny cauldron.

Time reversal!

The Immortal King Realm!

Just hearing about it caused Chen Xi to be extremely astounded because such a realm was truly too far away from him, and he didn’t know when he would be able to attain it.

But this caused Chen Xi to think of something and ask. “Senior, since this treasure is so formidable, then how did it get damaged?”

“It was destroyed at the hands of the Third Netherworld Emperor of course. In this heavens and earth, only his Condemn Evil Brush combined with the Laws of Samsara could counter the Void Raid Ring.” The tiny cauldron was obviously rather familiar with the past, and it had the relevant information at its fingertips.

“The laws of Samsara…” Chen Xi was stunned because this was an unknown domain to him.

“The Laws and Dao Insights are different. The Grand Daos can’t combine with each other, whereas the Laws can fuse numerous Dao Insights into them, and you’ll naturally understand once you attain the Heavenly Immortal Realm.” The tiny cauldron said, “Then Laws of Samsara are formed from fusing numerous supreme Dao Insights of the Netherworld.”

“So in this way, I have the chance to grasp such a path?” Chen Xi’s eyes lit up.

“Unless you’re unafraid of offending the gods of the world, otherwise you should dispel this thought of yours.” The tiny cauldron said indifferently, “You ought to know the reason well. The Terminus Dao Insight is absolutely not allowed to appear in the three dimensions, whereas the key to forming the Laws of Samsara is the Terminus Dao Insight.”

Chen Xi frowned. The Terminus Dao Insight again!

This was virtually a taboo. No matter if it was Ji Yu or the tiny cauldron, both of them warned him not to try comprehending the Terminus Dao Insight. But this obviously showed exactly how fearful the gods of the three dimensions were towards this Dao Insight.

Chen Xi pondered deeply for a long time before he went silent in the end. He comprehended the Calamity Ward Sutra repeatedly for a long time before he entered into closed door cultivation.

Three days later, wind and rain buffeted the treasured vessel from the outside world, thunder shot down furiously, and the roiling Sea of Misery was completely grey in color, whereas, the cabins within the vessel were quiet, peaceful, and weren’t affected by the outside world at all.

Bei Ling had drawn a map according to Ren Changfeng’s explanation. At this moment, she was comparing it to the surrounding environment while slowly driving the treasured vessel forward.

On the other hand, Chen Xi had completely refined the Calamity Ward Green Lantern and made it his own.

Presently, this ancient treasure from the Buddha Dimension was floating and revolving in the Buddha’s Pagoda, and the wick of the lantern swayed and emanated a jade white, solemn, and brilliant glow.

Strands of the sheen of Buddha Energy flowed in the surroundings of the lantern, and it formed scenes of bliss, heavenly dragons winding through the sky, phoenixes soaring in the sky, golden lotuses descending like a rain, the sound of Buddhist chanting…

So long as he slowly nurtured it, the day would come where the three thousand Buddhist Sect supreme restrictions inscribed on its surface would be completely repaired.

To Chen Xi’s surprise, during the process of nurturing and refining the Calamity Ward Green Lantern, the glow of Buddhist Energy emanated from it actually carried a shocking healing force towards the Buddha’s Pagoda!

This Buddhist pagoda came from Dragon Lake City in the Darchu Dynasty, and due to it being damaged too severely while its Artifact Spirit had vanished, it had always been utilized by Chen Xi as a large scale storage magic treasure.

The reason was that he’d always lacked a Buddhist Sect technique to repair this treasure.

So when he noticed the Calamity Ward Sutra actually carried a healing effect towards the Buddha’s Pagoda, the pleasant surprise in Chen Xi’s heart was obvious.

According to his estimation, when the Buddha’s Pagoda was completely repaired, it would at least be an Immortal Artifact level Buddhist Treasure. But he was unable to estimate exactly what grade of Immortal Artifact it would be at that time.

“We’ve arrived at Myriad Star Islands!” Meanwhile, Bei Ling who stood at the stern spoke abruptly and jolted Chen Xi awake.

“We’ve finally arrived?” He swiftly stood up and arrived outside the cabin with large steps. He looked over from afar and saw that numerous tiny black dots had appeared on the distant muddy sea, and these black dots were dense and seemed to be boundless.

When he looked carefully, those black dots were surprisingly numerous tiny islands that seemed like stars that were scattered on the surface of the sea, and the amount of them was enormous to the extreme.

The Myriad Star Islands!

This was a boundary between the Six Path Royal Region and Kings of Hell Region. After one arrived here, it was equivalent to entering the Kings of Hell Region.

Moreover, according to Ren Changfeng’s introduction, numerous Nether Clan experts were stationed on Myriad Star Islands, and all of them were subordinates to the Second King of Hell, King Chu Jiang! 

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