Chapter 974 – Void Raid Ring

Chen Xi swiftly stood up and looked towards the distance.

If he scanned it with the Eye of Divine Truth, he saw the gorgeous crimson glow in the horizon was formed from strands of blood, and it dyed the clouds and the heavens and the earth red.

The boundless muddy sea water seemed to be boiling, and it transformed into enormous waves that charged into the sky and dyed it blood red. The enormous waves covered the sky and emanated thunderous rumbling.

Blood dyed the heavens and the earth red while waves swept up into the sky!

When looked at from afar, it just happened to be as Tang Yun had said. It seemed like the entire sky had fallen into the sea, and it was immersed within a dazzling bright red color of blood.

At the same time, a terrifying and oppressive aura stretched out from there, and it seemed like it wouldn’t be long before a peerless demon would charge out from the depths of the sea.

“The Blood Tide!” Ren Changfeng lightly spat out three words, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning that flickered with divine radiance as it locked firmly onto the distant Blood Tide.

“Lord, how much longer till it begins?” Tang Yun withdrew his longbow and gently stroked the light gold colored arrow in his hand. He was still grinning, yet his eyes were filled with killing intent, and his movements were gentle as if he was stroking the face of his lover. 

Wang Yan puckered his lips and remained silent and reserved. However, he’d secretly clenched tightly onto the snow white and bright blade. This was similarly an Immortal Artifact, and it was a battle blade that carried a dense aura of slaughter.

“There’s no need to get excited. Once that vile spirit charges out in a moment, both of you will be in charge of obstructing it, whereas I’ll be more than enough to deal with it.” Ren Changfeng’s hair fluttered while his expression was filled with strong confidence.

“What vile spirit?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask, whereas, Bei Ling was similarly bewildered.

“That vile spirit was left behind by a great figure from the Buddha Dimension that was suppressed in the Sea of Misery by the Third Netherworld Emperor all those years ago. It’s merely a strand of an incomplete soul, yet it has cultivated beneath the Sea of Misery for so many years, causing its current strength to be on par with a Heavenly Immortal. The Calamity Ward Green Lantern is in its possession.” Tang Yun explained from the side, yet he was looking at Bei Ling. Obviously, he wasn’t explaining for Chen Xi.

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding. As for Tang Yun’s rude attitude, he couldn’t be bothered to care.

“Watch out, that vile spirit is about to emerge. Don’t make a sound. I’ll protect us with the Ninestar Heavensoul Barrier, so we don’t have to worry about being noticed. Listen to my orders for everything else!” As he spoke, Ren Changfeng flipped his palm, causing a barrier that seemed to be refined from starlight and clouds floated up into midair, and it emanated strands of divine radiance that enveloped everyone within it.

Instantly, their figures seemed to have vanished into thin air, and even their auras were isolated. It was extremely miraculous.

Obviously, this Ninestar Heavensoul Barrier was a precious treasure of concealment.

In the distance, the bloody glow was lustrous, and it flowed throughout the sky.

The muddy sea water was overturned into the sky, and it was like layer upon layer of tide that charged into the sky. The scene was bizarre, and the oppressive aura it emanated grew denser and denser.

Bang!After a short moment, a 10m tall figure suddenly charged out from the bottom of the sea.

Instantly, the entire heavens and the earth seemed to seethe. The sea water rumbled while blood glows shot out in all directions, and it caused this figure to seem like a peerless demon.

When observed carefully, it was surprisingly a monk with a benign appearance, a clear gaze, and a bright and clean forehead that was filled with the sheen of wisdom.

But his figure was covered in a bloody monk’s robe, and it was embroidered with terrifying patterns like that of yaksha, evil spirits, vengeful spirits, and so on and so forth. Moreover, there was even a string of prayer beads that were polished from bones hanging on his neck, and every single one of them were like the skulls of devils and revealed a warped and savage appearance.

This was an extremely strange monk. His expression was benevolent, tranquil, and revealed a glow of wisdom.  However, his entire body was covered in clothes and accessories that sent a chill down one’s spine.

He wasn’t a Buddha nor a ghost, not a man nor a devil. The aura he emanated was benevolent yet carried a strand of a gloomy and ruthless aura, causing others to sense a strange and terrifying feeling.

What an unnatural aura! Chen Xi’s eyes focused as he acutely noticed that the monk’s entire body was filled with monstrous resentment, and he was formed from strands of the soul and didn’t possess a body made of flesh.

Even then, the monk’s aura wasn’t inferior to a Heavenly Immortal Realm expert!

He truly didn’t dare imagine exactly how terrifying the cultivation of this great figure from the Buddha Dimension was when he was still alive before being suppressed here all those years ago.

“Buddha be praised. The blood of gods is unyielding, and it intends to charge through the sky and escape. However, this would be too much of a waste. Why not convert into this monk’s internal organs so that this monk can have a hearty meal, and perhaps I’ll be able to break through these confinements and return to the Buddhist Kingdom.” As soon as the monk appeared, he proclaimed a Buddhist chant with a benevolent expression, and he seemed to reveal a sympathetic appearance that showed intent to redeem all living beings. With a flip of his palm, a bronze lantern appeared at the center of his palm.

This lantern was around 30cm in height and completely mottled with rust, causing many patterns on its surface to become blurry.

The lantern’s wick was like a bead that swayed without end, and it was suffused with a strand of gentle and jade white glow. The light it emanated was dim and seemed as if it was be extinguished in the next moment.

But once it appeared, the bloody waves and gales in the nearby sea actually seemed to become afraid, and they withdrew successively.

“The Calamity Ward Green Lantern! It really is it!” Ren Changfeng’s gaze erupted with a dense and blazing glow.

Tang Yun and Wang Yan’s spirits were raised in unison, and they were extremely excited. That was an ancient Buddhist Treasure that had once been possessed by an exalted figure from the Buddha Dimension, so how could it be compared to an ordinary ancient treasure?

It really is a good treasure. Unfortunately, it isn’t mine in the end… Chen Xi stared at it for a short moment, yet he sighed in his heart instead. He didn’t have any intention of seizing it from Ren Changfeng. After all, he had to rely on Ren Changfeng to arrive at the other side of the Sea of Misery.

Moreover, Ren Changfeng was a Heavenly Immortal at any rate, and it was impossible to say if he would be able to succeed against Ren Changfeng…

“My Buddha is benevolent. If the blood of gods isn’t at peace, then how can this monk become a Buddha? Go! Go! Go! Deliver the souls and ward off calamity! I’ll leave it all to you!” The monk suddenly shouted loudly while his expression turned ferocious and savage. He waved his hand and swung out the Calamity Ward Green Lantern with the intention of refining the bloody waves that covered the sky.

“Attack!” Right at this moment, Ren Changfeng howled as his figure flashed, and he charged towards the distance. Immortal Energy rumbled throughout his body that was coiled by the energy of the Laws, and he utilized a lethal move as soon as he attacked.


His palm soared through the sky and penetrated through space, and it was like a mountain that crushed down towards the monk. The force of the palm was monstrous, and it was interwoven with the Laws, causing it to fully reveal the terrifying combat strength of a Heavenly Immortal Realm expert.

“Hmph! How many years has it been? It’s still the same old stuff. This monk expected since the beginning that there would surely be a group of reckless trash that came to give their lives away on the day of the Blood Tide this time!”

Strangely, the palm hadn’t even smashed down when the monk suddenly turned his head while a wisp of a cold and cruel smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. In the next instant, he’d already vanished in midair.

Moreover, the Calamity Ward Green Lantern vanished along with him.

Ren Changfeng seemed to not be surprised that his strike didn’t succeed, and his figure flashed as his fists revealed an extraordinary imposing aura while he moved through the surroundings and smashed out attacks that covered the sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A wave of rumbling resounded while the heavens and the earth crumbled and shattered, and amidst the shattering and collapsing sea water, a figure was suddenly forced out from within space.

Surprisingly, it was that monk, but his expression at this moment carried a wisp of surprise and bewilderment. “Octopole Void Suppression Fist!? This is the technique of my Buddhist Sect! How did you learn it?”

The Octopole Void Suppression Fist carried the meaning of the Buddhist doctrine where the eight directions formed a world and the void was the barrier that formed the Buddhist world of freedom and happiness. When utilized within the might of a fist technique, it utilized the energy of the Laws to seal the heavens and the earth, causing one’s enemy to have nowhere to hide or escape.

It achieved the same goal as the Grand Confinement Dao Art and Cage Etching technique through different means.

“I’ve planned and prepared for an entire one hundred years of time for the sake of crushing you, vile spirit! How could I possibly allow you to escape?” Ren Changfeng heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw the monk was forced out from hiding, and he directly charged towards the monk as he spoke.

Meanwhile, Tang Yun and Wang Yan had arrived here already. One of them held a longbow and wandered through the surroundings while the other held a long blade and directly charged at the monk.

“Let’s go over as well,” said Bei Ling.

“Don’t. It will cause them to be distracted.” Chen Xi quickly stopped her.

Distracted? Bei Ling was stunned, and then she came to an understanding. What Chen Xi said really is correct. If we rashly charge over at this moment, they would probably suspect that we’re going to seize the treasure, and it would be extremely easy for a mishap to occur.

Even though the monk was a strand of an incomplete soul that had cultivated until now, the monk’s strength was extremely terrifying. The monk sometimes emanated surging baleful qi like a ferocious devil, whereas he would sometimes be benign as if he intended to redeem everyone in the world, and he was actually skilled in the paths of both the Buddha and Devil.

But Ren Changfeng seemed to be deeply familiar with all the abilities of the monk, or perhaps it could be said that he’d taken painstaking efforts towards getting to know the monk a long time ago. So when he fought the monk, he seemed to be extremely fearless and domineering. His attacks were like a raging fire, a crushing mountain, a dense forest, and swift lightning, and he faintly occupied a suppressive advantage.

As for Tang Yun and Wang Yan’s effect, it didn’t seem to be so important.

In next to no time, then Monk suffered a heavy injury. Blood spilled out from the corners of his mouth while his expression was savage and resentful, and he repeatedly and ceaselessly roared with rage.


In the next moment, he was unable to restrain himself any longer and utilized the Calamity Ward Green Lantern.

A strand of jade while flames swayed as it emanated boundless light. It actually transformed into various grand and brilliant phenomena like a glaring Buddha, Veda subduing devils, the Lotus of Karma redeeming the world, heavenly dragons soaring through the sky, and so on and so forth.

“Without desire or emptiness, immune to desire, untainted by the mortal world…”

“Like a dream, like lightning, the pain of all living beings is redeemed. Just as I’ve heard…”

At the same time, a wave of Buddhist chanting rumbled through the heavens and the earth, and it was like a Buddha speaking of the Dao. It was enlightening and struck directly at the heart.

All of these phenomena transformed into a terrifying attack that spread throughout the surroundings as if it intended to redeem the heavens and the earth and eliminate all calamity.

This was the might of the ancient Buddhist treasure, the Calamity Ward Green Lantern. It startled the universe and moved the gods!However, Ren Changfeng seemed to have been waiting for this moment for a long time. He stretched out his hand to withdraw a damaged bronze ring before tossing it out in midair, and a clear ring sounded out as the bronze lantern was actually trapped by it!

“Tang Yun, catch!”


In the next moment, the bronze ring had transformed into a flowing ray of light that descended into Tang Yun’s hand.

“Dammit! It’s actually the Void Raid Ring that subdues all treasures! So you actually prepared so many things in order to deal with me! Just you wait, the day will come when I’ll slaughter your whole family!” Suddenly, the monk let out a furious howl that shook the heavens, and then his figure flashed with the intention of entering the Sea of Misery.

Ren Changfeng looked up and roared with laughter when he saw this, and then his figure flashed as he pursued the monk. “Bastard! Can you even escape today? I heard there’s an ancient Buddhist scripture in your possession, and it’s a supreme inheritance from the Buddha Dimension. Hand it over to me as well!” 

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