Chapter 972 – Travelling With An Immortal

Darktreasure City.

This was a small city that was near the banks of the Sea of Misery, yet its reputation was like the scorching sun in the midday sky because it was a renowned treasure hunting city of the Netherworld.

According to rumor, there was no lack of various formidable ancient treasures, ancient cultivation techniques, and ancient inheritances being found in Darktreasure City by experts of the Netherworld since the ancient times, and they soared into the sky and amazed the world with success after this.

The reason for this was the boundlessly vast Sea of Misery.

A million years ago, during the period the Third Netherworld Emperor controlled the Netherworld, he’d crushed countless great figures from the Immortal, Devil, and Buddhist paths.

On the other hand, this Sea of Misery was the place the bones of these great figures from the three dimensions were buried, and it was an ancient burial site!

All those years ago, exactly how many great figures of the three dimensions had the Third Netherworld Emperor crushed?

No one knew the answer because the number was too enormous. Some experts of the senior generation were merely aware that at that time all those years ago, the entire Sea of Misery was filled with crimson red blood. Moreover, muddy waves shot into the sky while thunderclaps surged, and there were winds that blew with strands of blood and rains of blood that descended here every single day during that time.

There were even numerous miserable howls that shook the heavens and waves of the sounds of battle rumbling through the surroundings. It was even to the extent that numerous terrifying phantoms could be seen frequently, and they were extremely terrifying as they struggled and roared furiously in the Sea of Misery.

All those years ago, no one dared approach 50,000km in the vicinity of the Sea of Misery!

Later on, the Third Netherworld Emperor perished, and the Sea of Misery encountered an enormous calamity, causing the suppressed spirits and undying souls of the gods and Buddhas in the Sea of Misery to be drawn away. Thus, it transformed into its current state.

It was from that moment onward that the living beings in the Netherworld started to dare to gradually come into contact with the Sea of Misery.

After that, everyone noticed to their surprise that numerous damaged treasures and cultivation techniques were left behind on the banks of the Sea of Misery!

Moreover, after a period of time, a scene similar to a ‘tide’ would appear in the Sea of Misery. At that time, the sea water would surge backward while calamity was created by typhoons, and it would cause extreme destruction.

But after this tide subsided, numerous treasures would be left behind on the banks of the sea. Everyone guessed that these might have been left behind by the great figures from the three dimensions that the Netherworld Emperor had crushed within the Sea of Misery all those years ago.

It was from that day onward that the Darktreasure City was born, and it drew the arrival of countless of experts every single day. They came to search for treasure and hoped to find some fortuitous encounters.

Now, Darktreasure City was flourishing and prosperous to the extreme. There were countless stores and treasure pavilions set up within the city, and they sold some so-called ‘ancient treasures,’ and ‘ancient cultivation techniques’…

Of course, it was mostly fakes and low grade goods.

But even then, there was still some people that could find some true treasures amongst them and achieve a meteoric rise from then.

Immortal Luck Restaurant.

At this moment, Chen Xi and Bei Ling were sitting by the window on the second floor, and they were drinking wine while discussing their route.

After spending half a day of time, they’d found out that the place the Second King of Hell, King Chu Jiang, resided was on a peak called Myriad Flow Peak on the other side of the Sea of Misery.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any teleportation formation that could traverse the Sea of Misery in Darktreasure City.

In other words, if they wanted to arrive on Myriad Flow Mountain, they had to travel through the Sea of Misery by themselves.

“It’s very difficult. There are too many mysterious areas in the Sea of Misery, and there are numerous temporal storms and natural restrictions within it. Without a map, even a Heavenly Immortal would be utterly incapable of arriving on the other side of the sea.” Bei Ling frowned as she spoke, and she slowly spoke of the information she’d obtained.

The Sea of Misery was a natural barrier that completely separated the Six Path Royal Region and Kings of Hell Region, and only some great powers of the Netherworld were capable of traversing it.

Because these great powers usually possessed unique maps, so they were able to safely avoid the dangerous areas within the Sea of Misery and not become lost within it.

“A map…” Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “The information I obtain is more or less similar to yours. But this map is very difficult to obtain, and it isn’t sold in Darktreasure City at all.”

“Eh, I’ve thought of a good place to go to.” Bei Ling’s eyes lit up as she seemed to have thought of something, and she said swiftly, “We can find out from the Omniscient Pavilion. Isn’t it said to be omniscient? I think that so long as the price we pay is sufficient, perhaps we’ll be able to obtain a map in exchange.”

Chen Xi’s spirits were refreshed, and he chuckled. “I never thought about this. Let’s go, there’s no time to lose. We’ll go find out right now.” 


The Omniscient Pavilion existed everywhere that a city existed in the Netherworld.

This was true because after Chen Xi and Bei Ling left Immortal Luck Restaurant, they quickly found the branch of the Omniscient Pavilion in Darktreasure City.

But they hadn’t even approached the Omniscient Pavilion when they stopped moving at the same time. Because in their fields of vision, an extremely familiar figure was surprisingly present, and it flashed into the Omniscient Pavilion.

“Hou Zhan?” Bei Ling was surprised and bewildered. The figure was tall, thin, and possessed a gloomy expression that was filled with a dignified expression that couldn’t be concealed. It was exactly the appearance of the Thousandeye Ghost Ape, Hou Zhan.

But she clearly remembered that Hou Zhan was annihilated a long time ago in the Cui Clan Estate by the press of a single finger from one of the seniors of the Cui Clan. So how could he possibly appear here?

“It isn’t him.” Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he shook his head and said, “If I’m not wrong, that person is probably a higher-up of the Omniscient Pavilion, and he’d called Ren Changfeng. He seems to be a Hall Master of the Omniscient Pavilion’s Netherdark Hall. When I head to Omniscient City’s Omniscient Pavilion to investigate, Hou Zhan had taken this person’s appearance to deceive me.”

“So that’s how it is.” Bei Ling came to a sudden understanding.

Both of them stopped wasting time right away and directly entered the Omniscient Pavilion.

“Have the both of you come to obtain information or purchase treasures?” A middle aged man behind the table didn’t even raise his head as he asked.

“Information. We want to arrive at the other side of the Sea of Misery,” said Chen Xi directly.

“Oh?” The middle aged man raised his head as he glanced curiously at Chen Xi and Bei Ling, and then he said indifferently, “Both of you are new to Darktreasure City, right?”

Chen Xi answered “Exactly.”

“No wonder you don’t know the rules.” The middle aged man was slightly impatient, and he waved his hand and said, “Both of you can leave. Maps like this are restricted things. Even if it’s my Omniscient Pavilion, we’re prohibited from trading such maps, and even information about it can’t be leaked.”

“Don’t they say that so long as one can afford the price, anything can be bought from the Omniscient Pavilion? Could it be that it’s only a trick and gimmick?” Bei Ling’s beautiful brows knit together, and she was slightly displeased.

The middle aged man’s face sank, and he said coldly, “This is a rule. Miss, if you continue speaking in this way, then it’ll be misunderstood by me that you’ve come here to cause trouble!”

“You…” Bei Ling was furious and was about to say something.

Right at this moment, a low voice sounded out. “Wei Ping, why’re you making so much noise!?”

Accompanying this voice was a thin, tall, and dignified middle aged man who walked over with a gloomy expression. Surprisingly, it was the Hall Master of the Omniscient Pavilion’s Netherdark Hall, Ren Changfeng.

At a close distance, Chen Xi noticed that Ren Changfeng was actually a Heavenly Immortal! His entire body was coiled with strands of faintly discernible energy of the Laws, and his aura was obscure, yet it was impossible to be concealed from Chen Xi’s discerning gaze.

This was indeed a Heavenly Immortal and not a Mysterious Immortal, Golden Immortal, or Saint Immortal because Ren Changfeng’s aura was greatly inferior to Liang Bing, and according to Chen Xi’s estimation, he could only be a Heavenly Immortal.

But to Chen Xi’s surprise, even if he was facing Ren Changfeng at close distance, he didn’t sense any sort of pressure, and he even had the feeling that if he were to fight Ren Changfeng, they he would have entirely no need to fear Ren Changfeng…

Of course, this was merely a feeling, and he could only know exactly how formidable Ren Changfeng’s combat strength was through battle.

“My Lord, these two people want to find out how to head to the other side of the Sea of Misery. But even you’re well aware that according to the rules…” The middle aged man stood up and explained in a low voice.

But he hadn’t finished speaking when he was interrupted by Ren Changfeng. “Alright, leave this to me.”

As he spoke, he’d turned his head to sweep Bei Ling with his gaze before finally looking at Chen Xi, and a wisp of surprise couldn’t help but arise in the depths of his eyes as he said, “The eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm?”

“Exactly.” Chen Xi nodded. He hadn’t concealed his aura, so it was normal that it was noticed by Ren Changfeng.

Ren Changfeng seemed to be lost in thought as he gazed at Chen Xi and said, “The other side of the Sea of Misery isn’t a place anyone can go to. Why are the two of you heading there?”

“To look for someone.” Chen Xi replied in a very vague manner.

But this reply caused Ren Changfeng to heave a sigh of relief in his heart, and he waved his hand and said, “If you don’t mind, both of you can set out to the sea with me three days from now. Of course, the cost is ten thousand King Grade Nether Crystals or ten Immortal Artifacts will do as well.”

“Alright.” Chen Xi answered without the slightest hesitation.

When he slaughtered his way into Violetsilk City, he’d killed many Earthly Immortal Realm experts from the Cui Clan, and merely the spoils from the battles contained a few tens of thousands of King Grade Nether Crystals. So this little bit of Nether Crystals might be an astronomical figure to others, but for the sake of rescuing Qing Xiuyi as soon as possible, would he care?

Ren Changfeng was stunned. He originally intended to leave, yet he never expected that Chen Xi would actually agree so readily, and he couldn’t help but be surprised because of this. He sized Chen Xi up once more before he said, “Since it’s like this, then we’ll gather here early in the morning three days from now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he’d started walking towards the depths of Omniscient Pavilion.

“Hmph! You two got lucky to actually gain the kindness of Lord Ren.” The middle aged man grunted coldly with envy because he knew how precious and difficult to come by such an opportunity was.

Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with this person, and he paid an advance of half the price before leaving with Bei Ling. 


Early in the morning, three days later.

Chen Xi and Bei Ling arrived at Omniscient Pavilion as agreed.

Meanwhile, Ren Changfeng was already waiting here since a long time ago, and there was another two more people by his side.

Later on, Chen Xi found out that amongst these two people, one of them was called Tang Yun. He had a robust figure and always had a smile hanging on his face, causing him to seem extremely amiable, yet he was a genuine eighth level Earthly Immortal Realm expert.

The other was called Wang Yan. He was a reserved old man with an ordinary appearance and gloomy expression, and his cultivation was similarly at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.

“Everyone is here. Let’s go. Only three days remain from the day of the Blood Tide, so we must make the best use of our time.” Ren Changfeng instructed before he headed out from the Omniscient Pavilion in a resolute manner, and he didn’t introduce Bei Ling and Chen Xi at all.

But he wasn’t able to introduce them as well because from the beginning until the end, he hadn’t asked Chen Xi and Bei Ling’s names.

Perhaps as far as he was concerned, bringing Chen Xi and Bei Ling along was only coincidental. Not to mention that they’d paid an enormous price in Nether Crystals.

After a short moment, everyone arrived at the banks of the Sea of Misery.

Ren Changfeng flicked his sleeve, causing a narrow and long shuttle shaped treasured vessel to float up into appearance, and it carried everyone and droned as it shook space apart before it suddenly charged into the boundless Sea of Misery.

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