Chapter 971 – The Sea Of Misery

One month later, Chen Xi woke up from his meditation, and his gaze was piercingly cold and carried a wisp of a murderous and emotionless aura. It was like a path that led to towards a bottomless abyss, and it caused the hearts of all to go cold.

Bei Ling who was cultivating in meditation at the side was jolted awake by this, and her heart went cold for no reason when she saw this scene. She felt as if Chen Xi had become another person that was indifferent, merciless, and icy cold to the point he didn’t have any emotional fluctuation.

Fortunately, Chen Xi recovered his normal bearing in merely an instant, and he was tranquil, extraordinary, and revealed a unique aura that caused others to feel peaceful.

This period of meditative cultivation allowed him to obtain enormous gains, and it exceeded his imagination.

First, he obtained a fragment of the River Diagram, then he comprehended and grasped the profundity of Judgment, thus activating the Netherworld Register and allowing him to obtain a supreme Dao Art, the Seven Moves of Judgment.

During this past month of time, he’d already completely comprehended all the profundities of the Seven Moves of Judgment, and he only lacked training and tempering.

Unlike the Dao Arts and Divine Abilities he’d grasped in the past, both the Seven Moves of Judgment and Flare Godfist were supreme Dao Arts of the Netherworld, and they were unequalled and possessed peerlessly terrifying might.

Especially towards fierce spirits, yaksha, vengeful spirits, evil spirits, and other spirits and ghosts, these Dao Arts carried an innate restraining effect.

“Your cultivation…has increased again?” Bei Ling asked in a low voice from the side, and the surprise on her cold and clear face was impossible to conceal.

“Increased?” Chen Xi shook his head and said, “Only my combat strength increased, and my cultivation is still at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.”

He hadn’t lied because since he entered the Netherworld, he’d cultivated the Grand Rebirth Technique, Flare Godfist, and Seven Moves of Judgment that were supreme Dao Inheritances and Dao Arts that came from the Netherworld Register.

Moreover, he’d comprehended and grasped the Paramita Dao Insight to perfection and Judgment Dao Insight to the Elementary Realm. All of this combined together caused his current combat strength to have more than doubled when compared to before!

Unfortunately, up until now, he was unable to comprehend the opportunity to meet the ninth level of the Heavenly Tribulation.

At the ninth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, one would ascend into the Immortal Dimension, and this level of the Heavenly Tribulation was called the Raising Brilliance Lightning Tribulation. It implied that at the moment of ascending into the Immortal Dimension, a wisp of Immortal Radiance would surge down and transform into a divine ray of light that guided the person that overcame the tribulation into the Immortal Dimension.

“Perhaps I’ll be able to sense the opportunity to advance after I return to the Mortal Dimension?” Chen Xi had the faint feeling that perhaps he was affected by the energy of the Laws in the Netherworld because he wasn’t someone from the Netherworld.

Chen Xi shook his head and stopped thinking about this, and then he raised his eyes to look at Bei Ling before he asked with a smile. “Have you vented enough?”

It was fine so long as it wasn’t mentioned, yet as soon it was mentioned, Bei Ling couldn’t refrain from laughing. “Yes, I’ve obtained a great deal of information from Violetsilk City while you were cultivating. Presently, hell has been raised in the Cui Clan, and it’s extremely bustling.” Her clear eyes were full of delight while her cherry lips were lightly curled up, and her appearance was cold and white. At this moment, a light smile of hers seized the beauty of the world and casted everything beneath a shadow, and it was beautiful and moving.

Chen Xi smiled as he stood up and looked towards the extreme distance, and he was faintly able to see the outline of Violetsilk City. He stared at it for a short moment before he withdrew his gaze and said, “Let’s go to the Kings of Hell Region!” 


The Kings of Hell Region was the territory of the Ten Kings of Hell.

According to legend, the Kings of Hell Region was the vastest region in the Netherworld. The Ten Kings of Hell resided in the surroundings and jointly guarded the eighteen levels of hell and the places of convergence of the resentment in the three dimensions, the Netherworld Blood River!

The Second King of Hell, King Chu Jiang, resided in the southern area of the Kings of Hell Region, and it was separated from the Six Path Royal Region by the ocean that was renowned in the three dimensions — the Sea of Misery.

The sea of misery was boundless, and repentance was the only means of salvation.

During the primeval times, a Buddha of the Buddha Dimension had descended to the Netherworld. After he observed the sea of misery, he’d once let out this emotional sigh that was passed down through the ages, and he’d used this sigh to describe how magnificent and vast the sea of misery was.

Presently, these words describe the meaning of advising others to be good, and it was passed down through the world. 


Myriad Flow Mountain.

The Second King of Hell resided on the banks of the muddy Sea of Misery. The mountains here were high and precipitous, and a myriad of streams flowed and converged here before returning to the Sea of Misery, causing it to be grand and magnificent.

On Myriad Flow Mountain and within a pitch black hall that was like a fort.

At this moment, a man that wore an emperor’s crown, dark black clothes, and had a mighty figure stood with his hands behind his back before the hall. His gaze that was like cold bolts of lightning stared at the vast Sea of Misery in the distance and pondered deeply in silence.

His appearance was very ordinary, yet he possessed spacious brows, a straight backbone, and naturally carried a composed, lofty, and imposing aura.

This person was Second King of Hell and the current King Chu Jiang, Ji Kang!

“It was actually a conspiracy. I truly underestimated that Ancestor of the Cui Clan…” Ji Kang muttered while his eyes reflected the scenes in the heavens and the earth, and the surging Sea of Misery and rising mountain mist circulated endlessly in his eyes.

“Nevermind, without the energy of Judgment, the Netherworld Disk is useless in my hand, and perhaps I’ll be able to calm the rage of that old fellow if I return it promptly.” After staying silent for a long time, Ji Kang flicked his sleeve, causing a jet black light to suddenly shoot out and descend into a pavilion at the foot on Myriad Flow Mountain.

“Hand this thing back to the Violetsilk City’s Cui Clan.” Ji Kang instructed flatly. He was clearly standing before the hall at the peak of the mountain, yet his voice had clearly resounded within the pavilion at the foot of the mountain.

“Yes.” A black figure flashed out and bowed towards the hall on the mountain before vanishing.

After he did all this, Ji Kang seemed to be much more at ease, and he slowly strode further away from the hall and looked at the muddy Sea of Misery from afar. But it wasn’t long before his spacious brows suddenly knit together. “I feel ill at ease and filled with restlessness. This is a bad omen. Could it be that calamity is about to descend onto me?”

His face sank slightly when he thought up to here, and then he sat cross-legged onto a lone rock at a precipice, and he was like a pine tree as he started to silently deduce everything.

After a short moment, a voice that was icy cold like a cold fountain suddenly sounded out by Ji Kang’s ears. “Is there any need to continue deducing? Great calamity is impending upon you, and your life is hanging by a thread.”

Along with this voice, a graceful figure that was extraordinary like a celestial maiden appeared before the precipice. She wore snow white clothes, had beautiful hair that flowed down like a waterfall, and her forehead was jade white. Her drop dead gorgeous appearance was concealed by an expanse of misty rain, and it seemed real yet seemed illusionary at the same time while she emanated an otherworldly aura.

Shockingly, it was Qing Xiuyi!

King Chu Jiang opened his eyes and didn’t look back as he said indifferently, “I’ve already deduced that it’s only a small problem, and it seems to be greatly related to you.”

Qing Xiuyi’s expression was calm and composed like still water as she said, “A small problem? That might not be the case. At the very least, I’m very well aware that you were utterly unable to deduce anything.”

Her tone was flat, yet it revealed strong confidence.

“Oh?” Ji Kang suddenly turned his head and stared coldly at Qing Xiuyi. “Why do you say so?”

Qing Xiuyi didn’t say anything further instead. Her pair of clear eyes stared towards the distant Sea of Misery while her clothes and beautiful hair fluttered, and her gaze faintly carried a wisp of a spirited expression.

She knew that fellow was finally coming.

There was no reason, and it was merely her intuition.

This caused her to feel extremely gratified, comfortable, proud, and moved.

But these feelings merely coiled around her heart and weren’t revealed by her. She’d always been a woman that was restrained like ice, and she disdained to reveal her feelings through expression or words.

In her heart, it was sufficient for only her to know.

“Looks like you expect that Chen Xi to come.” Ji Kang stood up with his hands behind his back, and he just stood there yet he emanated an immovable and frightening aura. “But it’s very unfortunate, he would be courting death if he relied solely on his own strength. I’m not Bing Shitian and won’t let that kid off out of respect for you.”

“Bing Shitian was similarly conceited on that day, but in the end, his clone was annihilated.” Qing Xiuyi didn’t even spare Ji Kang a glance as she spoke calmly.

Ji Kang frowned before he suddenly started laughing. “But in the end, that kid still failed and wasn’t able to retrieve you, right?”

A wisp of faint ridicule appeared on the corners of Qing Xiuyi’s mouth when she heard this. “Is two Golden Immortals joining forces to scheme against a figure at the Earthly Immortal Realm something worthy of being proud of?”

“Not really.” Ji Kang laughed and remained completely indifferent as he said, “Actually, you ought to be very well aware that if I’m willing, I would be completely capable of suppressing you within the eighteen levels of hell, and the reason I didn’t kill you was none other than because of Bing Shitian. So I advise you not to go too far.”

Qing Xiuyi puckered her lips and remained silent.

“Nevermind, I’ll have a nice conversation with you after I kill that kid. I heard you underwent one hundred reincarnations. That’s an extraordinary attainment in the Dao, and even if it was in the Netherworld, no one was capable of accomplishing it in the recent years.” Ji Kang glanced deeply at Qing Xiuyi and said, “But before this, I hope you can move to the Godcage Cave so as to avoid the need to waste time finding you if we get separated, because that would be too troublesome.”

“I hope you’ll still be alive when we meet next.” Qing Xiuyi spoke indifferently before directly turning around and leaving trippingly.

Ji Kang chuckled and seemed as if he’d heard an inconsequential joke. He gazed at Qing Xiuyi’s disappearing figure, and he flicked his sleeve after a long time.


It sounded as if an iron door in the depths of Myriad Flow Mountain had been locked, and it emanated a clear and resounding metallic sound. Even though the sound was light, it was clearly captured by Ji Kang’s ears.

“Instruct our forces in the Sea of Misery to kill any outsider that dares to trespass into it!” Ji Kang’s indifferent and heavy voice suddenly reverberated throughout the entire Myriad Flow Mountain, and it revealed an indisputable and murderous aura.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In the next moment, numerous black figures flew out from Myriad Flow Mountain, and they were like numerous black colored bats that tore through space and flew towards the boundless Sea of Misery.

“Eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm? Hmph! Get through the Sea of Misery first! Otherwise, what qualifications would you possess to be killed by me?” Ji Kang muttered, and his voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when he’d vanished on the spot.



Three days later, a man and woman appeared at Darktreasure City at the banks of the Sea of Misery.

The man was handsome and extraordinary while the woman was icy cold and possessed a graceful bearing. It was Chen Xi and Bei Ling.

The Sea of Misery, the Myriad Flow Mountain, the Second King of Hell… As he walked on the flourishing streets of Darktreasure City, Chen Xi was silently pondering in his heart. Isn’t this Sea of Misery the source of the Oblivion Dao Insight?

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