Chapter 969 – The Struggle Between The Immortal And Buddhist Sects

Cui Zhenkong’s imposing aura instantly became terrifying to the extreme. The energy of the Laws rumbled and enveloped the entire sacrificial altar, causing Chen Xi to feel suffocated.

It felt as if he was facing a volcano that was on the verge of eruption, whereas he was a grasshopper that lay at the mouth of the volcano, and he felt powerless to escape the danger that the volcano posed.

It was even to the extent that if it wasn’t for his shocking will, his Dao Heart would have been crushed by this imposing aura since a long time ago, causing him to kneel weakly on the ground.

Bei Ling didn’t notice anything because this imposing aura targeted Chen Xi alone. But through Chen Xi’s countenance that had suddenly turned pale, she’d discerned that Chen Xi was surely enduring indescribable pressure.

This caused her eyes to focus and become suffused with a wisp of murderous and piercingly cold intent. Even though she was clearly aware that f she made a move, she would surely be like an ant that tried to shake a tree, yet she still wanted to give it a try.

But right at this moment, Cui Zhenkong suddenly raised his eyes and glanced spuriously at her before withdrawing his gaze.

At the same time, Chen Xi let out a muffled groan as the pressure that enveloped him withdrew like a tide.

“Since you desire to leave, then go ahead.” Cui Zhenkong’s gaze descended once more onto the screen of light, and he said indifferently, “Originally, Qingning had constantly beseeched me to stand out and help rescue your wife from King Chu Jiang, but now it would seem like you’d probably not appreciate my kindness.”

Bei Ling was stunned because she never expected that Cui Qingning would actually beseech Cui Zhenkong to obtain such an opportunity for Chen Xi before Cui Qingning entered the secret realm within the ancestral grounds. For a time, Bei Ling’s heart was warmed.

Even though this little girl has changed, she didn’t forget to feel grateful and seek to repay a kindness.

She raised her eyes to glance at Chen Xi, yet she noticed that Chen Xi was indifferent towards this, and he just said calmly, “Before I leave, I only desire to know if Young Miss knew beforehand about this scheme that senior devised?”

Cui Zhenkong glanced at Chen Xi with slight displeasure. “Looks like you’re still conflicted about this. If you admit your mistakes now, then I might change my mind and help you save your wife.”

Chen Xi shook his head before he turned and left, and his calmness revealed a wisp of resolution.

He’d never intended to rely on Cui Zhenkong to rescue Qing Xiuyi, so at this moment, how could he possibly yield and accept Cui Zhenkong’s assistance that seems practically like a form of reward?

Self-respect is everything.

Sometimes, one’s backbone can be crushed by another, yet it can’t be broken by one’s self!

As soon as Chen Xi left, Bei Ling naturally followed him without the slightest hesitation.

Cui Zhenkong’s eyes flickered with a. cold glow as he watched their figures gradually disappear into the distance, and he said with slight disdain, “Hmph! What a laughable sense of self-respect! Fortunately, they encountered me because if it was any other person, they’d probably have lost their lives a long time ago!”

Cui Zhenkong pondered deeply for a moment, and then couldn’t help but shake his head. He stopped thinking about this any further and looked towards the screen of light instead, and a wisp of a smile appeared on the corners of his mouth when he looked at the young woman that sat cross-legged on the Dao platform with a peaceful expression.

“Qingning, everything grandfather did was for your sake. As for that kid, he’s too arrogant, and it wouldn’t be too late for me to help him when he yields and admits his mistakes…” 


On the streets of Violetsilk City, Chen Xi and Bei Ling were walking side by side.

“In my opinion, Qingning probably didn’t know about all of this beforehand, and that’s why she would beseech Cui Zhenkong with the intention of repaying you after she found out about everything.” Bei Ling hesitated for a long time before she spoke in a low voice.

“I know.” Chen Xi smiled with a tranquil expression, and he didn’t seem to be indignant at all.

“But the actions of the Cui Clan this time really did go too far, and their attitude was haughty and arrogant. Just thinking about how we’d actually ignorantly became the executioner’s blade in the hands of another causes me to be extremely furious.” Bei Ling bit her cherry lips and spoke with an expression of detest.

“Right, when did Cui Zhenkong say that Qingning would be able to leave the ancestral grounds of the Cui Clan?” Chen Xi suddenly thought of something, and he turned around and asked Bei Ling.

“It seems to have been seven days, right?” Bei Ling thought for a moment and was slightly unsure.

“Alright! Then I’ll help you vent your anger ten days from now,” said Chen Xi with a smile.

Bei Ling stared with her eyes wide open and said with shock, “You’re going to kill your way back there?”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be amused when he heard this, and he said with a smile, “You’ll naturally understand ten days from now. Hmm, we’ll stay for ten days right outside Violetsilk City.”

Bei Ling glanced curiously at Chen Xi, and she saw that he revealed a deeply secretive appearance. In the end, she restrained herself because it was only ten days of time, and she was able to endure it. 


“A Saint Immortal?”

“Exactly. Heavenly Immortal, Mysterious Immortal, Golden Immortal, and above that are Saint Immortals!”

“No wonder the pressure Cui Zhenkong made me feel was so great. He’s actually such a terrifying and great figure. But Senior, how could an existence like him appear in the Netherworld?”

“This is related to the struggle between some Dao Inheritances. All those years ago, after the Third Netherworld Emperor was annihilated, the gods and Buddhas of the world smoothly took control over the Netherworld…”

Ten days later, in a deserted gorge outside Violetsilk City.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged before a waterfall, and he was speaking with the tiny cauldron.

According to what the tiny cauldron said, after the gods and Buddhas of the world took control over the Netherworld, all the powers in the Netherworld had more or less been controlled by the Immortal Dimension and Buddha Dimension.

Most noteworthy of it all was that the Six Paths of Hell, the Punishment Bureau, the Ten Kings of Hell, the City of the Wronged, and various other powers in the Netherhell had been controlled by the great powers in the Immortal Dimension and Buddha Dimension.

For example, the God Path, Human Path, Beast Path, and Punishment Bureau had always been under the control of the powers in the Immortal Dimension, whereas the Asura Path, Hell Path, Ghost Path, and City of the Wronged were under the control of the Buddha Dimension.

No matter if it was the Grand Ministers of the Six Paths of Hell, or the City Governor of the City of the Wronged, they possessed the support of great powers from the Immortal Dimension and Buddha Dimension. If it wasn’t for this, the figures at the Heavenly Immortal Realm or above within these powers would have probably been drawn into the Immortal Dimension or Buddha Dimension a long time ago.

The Punishment Bureau controlled by the Cui Clan was one such existence. It was influenced by the great powers of the Immortal Dimension, whereas Cui Zhenkong who was at the Saint Immortal Realm was a supervisor in the Punishment Bureau from the Immortal Dimension.

For example, Kṣitigarbha, the City Governor of the City of the Wronged came from a power in the Buddha Dimension.

As for the Ten Kings of Hell, the Immortal Dimension and Buddha Dimension each controlled five of them. Amongst them, the Second King of Hell, King Chu Jiang, was controlled by the Immortal Dimension, whereas King Song Di, King Qin Guang, King Ping Deng, King Tai Shan, King Bian Cheng, and so on and so forth belonged to one of these two great powers.

Something worthy of mention was that the titles of Kṣitigarbha, Grand Minister, and Kings of Hell were titles that didn’t refer specially to a single person.

Actually, it was obvious because there were many Netherworld Emperors.

Of course, besides the powers from the Immortal Dimension and Buddha Dimension, various other powers existed within the Netherworld. For example, the Nether Spring Hall, Granny Meng Hall, and the Blood River Sect beneath the bloody river in the Netherworld, and so on and so forth.

At this point, Chen Xi finally possessed a comparatively clear understanding of the various powers in the Netherworld.

Moreover, he finally understood why the Cui Clan would possess a terrifying figure at the Saint Immortal Realm holding down the fort in their clan. It turned out that it was related to the struggles between the powers of the Immortal Dimension and Buddha Dimension.

But there were many things that confused him as well. It was within reason that the Blood River Sect beneath the bloody river in the Netherworld wasn’t controlled by the Immortal Dimension or Buddha Dimension. After all, the Blood River Sect was a Dao Inheritance left behind by Ancestor Blood River, and it had always lying low beneath the bloody river, causing no one to be able to set foot in it. Thus, it was naturally extremely difficult to take control of.

As for the Nether Spring Hall and Granny Meng Hall, it was truly surprising that they were actually capable of standing towering without falling amidst the struggle between these two sides.

He raised this question with the tiny cauldron, and its answer was extremely simple — The Nether Spring Hall and Granny Meng Hall are actually a buffer between the Immortal Dimension and Buddha Dimension. Once they were controlled by any one side, the Immortal Dimension and Buddha Dimension’s forces could only enter into war because all the powers had already been completely divided up between them, so if they wanted to expand their territory, they could only act against the other side.

Chen Xi finally came to a complete understanding at this moment, and he sighed in his heart. The relationships between the powers of the Netherworld is truly chaotic. If the Third Netherworld Emperor was still alive, there would probably be no one from the Immortal Dimension and Buddha Dimension that would dare set foot in the Netherworld…

But in next to no time, he stopped thinking any further. No matter how chaotic the Netherworld was, it wasn’t very related to him. The only thing he had to pay attention to was how to rescue Qing Xiuyi from King Chu Jiang.

If Chen Xi’s inference wasn’t wrong, then the strength of the current King Chu Jiang would surely be at least on par with Cui Zhenkong, and it might even be more formidable. In other words, King Chu Jiang was at least an existence at the Saint Immortal Realm.

If he wanted to rescue Qing Xiuyi from the hands of such a terrifying existence, the difficulty of succeeding was obvious.

“Don’t worry, I’ll surely help you when the time comes.” The tiny cauldron spoke and gave Chen Xi a great boost in confidence. But the tiny cauldron didn’t mention how it would help him or the possibility of success, and this caused Chen Xi’s heart to unavoidably become heavy.

“Are you still thinking about how to rescue your wife?” Meanwhile, Bei Ling walked over. She wore simple white clothes while her jet black and beautiful hair was casually tied into a bun behind her head with a wooden hair clasp, and her entire body emanated a cold, graceful, peerlessly beautiful, and moving aura.

“Actually, I feel you’ve overestimated that King Chu Jiang. Perhaps his status and authority are greater than the Grand Minister of the Punishment Bureau, but his strength might not be as formidable as Cui Zhenkong.” Bei Ling sat casually by Chen Xi’s side and lightly puckered her cherry lips before she said in a serious tone, “Not to mention Cui Zhenkong isn’t the Grand Minister of the Punishment Bureau. If you consider it carefully, Qingning’s late father is the true existence that’s on the same level as King Chu Jiang.”

Chen Xi’s entire body stiffened when he heard this, and he seemed as if he was struck by lightning!

He suddenly noticed that he’d really committed a laughable mistake. Cui Zhenkong and King Chu Jiang were indeed existences that didn’t belong on the same level!

On the other hand, he’d constantly mistakenly compared the two of them, and he even felt King Chu Jiang was even more formidable than Cui Zhenkong…

When he thought up to here, besides feeling relaxed, he couldn’t help but be slightly ashamed. I truly became too confused from being overly concerned and worried.

“Thank you. For the sake of repaying the kindness of your guidance, I’ll help you vent your anger right now!” said Chen Xi with a smile.

When she saw Chen Xi’s mood recover greatly, the corners of Bei Ling’s mouth couldn’t help but be suffused with a slight smile, and she blinked as she asked. “How will you do that?”

“Just watch.” Chen Xi smiled before he took a deep breath, and his expression became calm and composed.


In the next moment, a strange fluctuation stretched out from his body, and it was like a shapeless ripple that instantly stretched out of this gorge before surging into Violetsilk City. After that, it continued spreading and finally arrived silently within the Cui Clan Estate…

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