Chapter 968 – Mysterious Ancestral Treasure

Gu Tian!

This guard commander that had escorted Cui Qingning all along the way had left by himself long ago in Rahu City, and he left behind a jade slip ten days later. At that time, Chen Xi even felt furious because of Gu Tian’s death.

Yet now, Gu Tian was standing alive and well before his eyes!

Chen Xi’s eyes instantly narrowed, and he stared at Gu Tian for a long time before he said, “You have your own difficulties, and I have my own principles. Good luck.”

His voice was calm and didn’t carry any emotion, and he left with large strides as soon as he finished speaking.

Bei Ling didn’t even spare him a glance before she followed closely behind Chen Xi and left.

Gu Tian’s entire body stiffened while he laughed bitterly, and then he recalled the instructions of the Ancestor and hurriedly followed up to them before he said, “Brother Chen Xi, Miss Bei Ling, my Clan’s Ancestor requests your presence…”

His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when Chen Xi and Bei Ling had already vanished without a trace.

Gu Tian sighed dejectedly when he saw this, and he muttered. “I’m helpless in my position!”

He knew that from today onwards, he would probably be unable to regain the forgiveness of Chen Xi and Bei Ling. 


Outside the Cui Clan Estate, Chen Xi couldn’t help but heave a long sigh as he looked up to the sky.

His good intentions had been repaid with schemes and deception. He couldn’t be said to be really furious, yet it was impossible for Chen Xi to face all of this with his previous attitude.

“I was truly worried that you would kill him earlier,” said Bei Ling from the side.

“Why would I kill him? I can only blame my own strength for being insufficient. If I was a figure like the Netherworld Emperor, then would anyone dare include me in their schemes?” Chen Xi shook his head, and he sighed emotionally without end in his heart. Regardless of whether I was used by the Cui Clan’s Ancestor, after all is said and done, it’s still because my strength isn’t strong enough.

“Let’s go.”

“Where to?”

“The Kings of Hell Region. Let’s go meet the Second King of Hell, King Chu Jiang, whose status and strength is even more formidable than the Cui Clan’s Ancestor.”




But right when Chen Xi and Bei Ling intended to leave, the space droned as it fluctuated, and then a mighty figure suddenly appeared before them.

It was a chubby old man with rosy cheeks and a benign expression. He had a smiling appearance while his figure flowed with mysterious energies of the Laws that aroused horror in the hearts of others.

Obviously, this was a terrifying existence that at least possessed a cultivation at the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

“Youngsters, has my Cui Clan treated you badly in any way?” The old man grinned as he spoke, and he carried a benign attitude.

Chen Xi was stunned, and he was clearly aware in his heart that he had no choice but to meet the Cui Clan’s Ancestor this time.

“Senior, please lead the way,” said Chen Xi directly.

The chubby old man seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi would be so direct, and he was slightly stunned before he laughed heartily and said, “Good! The young men nowadays really do have character. Not bad, not bad.”

As he spoke, he brought Chen Xi and Bei Ling along as he executed a teleportation technique, and he instantly vanished on the spot.

The ancient limestone sacrificial altar was mottled with the signs of age, and it was suffused with the heavy aura of time.

Presently, the square before the sacrificial altar was completely empty, and it was very difficult to imagine that the clansmen of the entire Cui Clan were gathered here not long ago. Moreover, an intense confrontation and battle had occurred here.

At this moment, there was only a single tall, thin, and mighty figure standing proudly on the sacrificial altar. His hair seemed to be grey like silver while strands of bright and golden energy of the Laws wove around him, causing a rain of light to pour down, and he seemed like a saint that had descended to the world.

This person was naturally the Cui Clan’s Ancestor, Cui Zhenkong!

A supreme figure that possessed monstrous authority and awed the world.

When Chen Xi and Bei Ling arrived here, the chubby old man had already left without making a sound, and only the three of them remained standing within the entire area before the sacrificial altar.

As they looked at the vast and mighty figure on the sacrificial altar, the hearts of Bei Ling and Chen Xi didn’t carry the slightest bit of reverence instead, and their feelings were only shrouded by complications.

“Look, Qingning has already entered the secret realm within the ancestral grounds, and she’s about to start comprehending the inheritance left behind by the first ancestor.” Cui Zhenkong didn’t turn back. He flicked his sleeve and caused a passageway to faintly appear in the space above the sacrificial altar, and there was a delicate and graceful figure walking within it.

Within the dim passageway, the delicate and small figure seemed as if she would be completely swallowed by the surrounding darkness in the next moment. But she seemed to have not noticed all of this, and her footsteps were firm and composed, causing her to seem as if she was traversing through flat ground.

She was naturally Cui Qingning.

“The bloodline Qingning possesses is extremely rare, and it’s most compatible with the Judgment Dao Insight. In the history of my clan, only less than seven or eight people in total possessed such a unique natural endowment like her.”

“So only she possesses the qualifications to succeed the position of Patriarch and take control of the entire Punishment Bureau. I can even predict that a Queen of Judgment with extraordinary ability will surely appear within my Cui Clan one hundred years from now!”

When he spoke up to here, Cui Zhenkong suddenly turned around while his eyes were like golden sharp blades that swept past Chen Xi and Bei Ling, and then he said, “Do the two of you know the name of my clan’s first ancestor?”

“Cui Jue. One million years ago, he was a leading figure in the Netherhell, and he held the book of life and death and the brush of souls as he controlled the entire Six Paths of Hell. He was the most extraordinary and monstrous figure in the Netherworld besides the Netherworld Emperor, and he was called Judge Cui and was renowned throughout the three dimensions.” Even though she was slightly curious about why Cui Zhenkong would ask this, Bei Ling still answered in a light voice.

Cui Zhenkong nodded and said, “Exactly. But what both of you don’t know is that since the first ancestor left, my Cui Clan’s forces in the Netherworld were gradually declining as the days went by. Not only did my Cui Clan lose control of the Six Paths of Hell, even its status is far inferior from before. Moreover, even the Nether Spring Hall, Granny Meng Hall, and other such powers faintly show signs of being superior over my Punishment Bureau!”

His voice carried a wisp of fury that couldn’t be restrained.

Chen Xi and Bei Ling were silent, yet they weren’t really touched in their hearts. The river of life flows without end, and there were countless powers that were even more prosperous and formidable than the Cui Clan, yet they’d been washed away along with the boundless ages and were obliterated amidst the annals of time.

Comparatively speaking, the Cui Clan’s ability of surviving until now could be considered to be not bad.

Cui Zhenkong suddenly shook his head and said, “Actually, this isn’t anyone’s fault, and the blame can only be placed on my Cui Clan for having no capable figures, causing it to be impossible for the mantle left behind by the first ancestor to be inherited. So how could we take control of the Six Paths of Hell?”

When he spoke up to here, his spirits rose while his gaze became deep, and they seemed like two suns that were blazing within his eyes as he said, “Fortunately, the heavens didn’t betray the long wait of I and the Cui Clan, and we finally waited for the arrival of someone that could inherit the mantle of the first ancestor! Moreover, my Cui Clan finally has the hope to rebuild its supreme glory of the past! This person is Qingning!”

As he spoke, he raised his hand and pointed, and they saw the Cui Qingning within the screen of light that appeared in midair had already walked to the end of the passageway to arrive before a peerlessly ancient Dao Platform.

The Dao Platform was round like the symbol of Tai Chi, and it was completely pitch black, dim, and covered in most. Merely a glance from afar caused others to sense an aura that was like an ancient torrent assault their faces.

On the Dao Platform was a strangely shaped and dark treasure floating and revolving there. It seemed like it was shaped like the top of an axe, yet it also seemed like a sharp blade or an irregular fragment.

Cui Qingning sat cross legged on the Dao Platform and seemed to have formed a slight connection with the nameless treasure, and she held her breath in concentration while she fell into deep levels of comprehension.

Coupled with what Cui Zhenkong had said, ripples couldn’t help but arise in Bei Ling’s heart when she looked once more at the young woman within the screen of light that sat cross-legged at the center of the Dao Platform.

Bloodline inheritance that’s exceedingly difficult to come by?

The only hope for the Cui Clan to prosper?

The future Queen of Judgment in the Netherworld?

Before all of this, who could have imagined that a young woman around the age of twelve like this would actually possess such extremely brilliant halos surrounding her?

But Bei Ling didn’t feel envy because he was confident that she wasn’t inferior to Cui Qingning in the slightest. The reason for this was that so long as she persisted in her cultivation, then she would sooner or later be able to regain her former glory and become an existence like Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin from the past.

Bei Ling only sighed slightly with emotion in her heart. Are the actions of completely placing the fate of an entire clan on a young woman exactly right or wrong?

At this moment, regardless of whether it was Bei Ling or the Cui Clan’s Ancestor, Cui Zhenkong, both of them hadn’t noticed that Chen Xi’s expression at this instant carried slight astonishment, bewilderment, and uncertainty…

Because the mysterious treasure on the Dao Platform in the screen of light actually gave him an extremely familiar feeling!

After that, he finally understood exactly what sort of treasure it was, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but reveal a strange expression that swiftly vanished in a flash.

“See that? Qingning is receiving the cleansing of the Ancestor’s inheritance, and only someone with natural endowment like hers is capable of withstanding such an inheritance.” Cui Zhenkong had an excited expression, and the pride between his brows was impossible to conceal.

“Senior, if there’s nothing else, then we’ll be taking out leave.” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

No matter if the Cui Clan went into decline or regained its glory, everything related to the Cui Clan had no relationship with him at all.

Most importantly, it was impossible for him to arouse the slightest bit of a good impression towards this old man with peerless might and a matchless status after he’d experienced the events from before.

“Leave?” Cui Zhenkong was slightly stunned, and he felt slightly displeased from being interrupted by Chen Xi. But when he thought of how Chen Xi had helped Qingning greatly in the end, he didn’t flare up and just glanced indifferently at Chen Xi before he said, “Youngster, everything from before was only a game. You have to understand that even if some people desire to join in, they would be utterly unqualified to do so, let alone be personally granted an audience by me.”

The meaning behind his words was that Chen Xi should feel honored that he was able to enter the plans of Cui Zhenkong and be personally granted an audience by him. So Chen Xi  was truly a little too disrespectful and didn’t know what was good for him by actually daring to take the initiative to mention his intentions to leave.

Chen Xi was naturally able to discern this, and he was extremely curious in his heart. Where exactly did he get such a great feeling of superiority? This so-called receiving me was something that you took the initiative to invite me to, right? When did I ever make such a request?

Not to mention Chen Xi didn’t care about being receiving an audience like this because he’d even killed the clone of a Golden Immortal while even a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert had once been his bodyguard. So how could he care about this sort of formal audience?

“I still have urgent matters to attend to, so I won’t continue to disturb Senior.” Chen Xi thought for a moment and still decided to leave.

Cui Zhenkong’s brows knit together even more tightly, and he even emanated an oppressive imposing aura. He seemed like a tall figure that was looking down upon an ant in the world as he said with a calm and indifferent voice, “If it wasn’t for Qingning mentioning her desire for me to reward you, you’d have already died countless times for daring to speak in this way to me.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he stared directly at Cui Zhenkong as he said, “If it wasn’t for Young Miss Cui, I wouldn’t stay here for another moment.”

“Oh?” Cui Zhenkong’s aura changed abruptly, and his gaze was like a bolt of icy cold lightning that locked onto Chen Xi. At the same time, a terrifying pressure enveloped down like the rage of a Saint! 

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