Chapter 966 – Ancestor Of The Cui Clan

The scenes formed by the Mirage Jade Slip flickered repeatedly and revealed the scenes of numerous extremely dangerous attacks.

There were some of them that Chen Xi had never seen, and there were some that he had. For example, the sudden attack of the assassin Qing Xiao at the Bloodbasin Hardlands, the sudden arrival of Wang Chong, Liu Jun, and Rui Qing at Darkcliff City, the pursuit of the white haired boy, Cui Ruyin…

All the scenes were lifelike and were fully revealed down to the slightest detail before the eyes of everyone.

It was even to the extent that the sounds and voices during these scenes were completely recorded by the Mirage Jade Slip.

Even Chen Xi had never expected that this pure and young woman, Cui Qingning, would actually record everything all along the way, and she seemed to have expected that she would encounter such a situation since the beginning.

This caused him to be slightly surprised, and a wisp of horror that was difficult to describe faintly arose in his heart as he glanced at the young woman by his side. This feeling came without reason, and it flashed momentarily before vanishing.


Ten minutes later, the Mirage Jade Slip collapsed into pieces and turned to dust.

Meanwhile, the expressions of everyone that was present here had become extremely complicated, surprised, shocked, furious, bewildered…

No one had imagined that Cui Qingning had actually encountered so many incessant attacks all along the way, and they’d never imagined that all of these attacks had actually come from their own clansman!

This made it difficult for them to accept, and it was precisely because it was difficult to accept that they felt boundless rage. The gazes all of them shot Cui Fangjun had changed, and their expressions of rage carried indescribable disappointment.

Even all the others that had spoken in favor of Cui Fangjun had become silent at this moment.

“Second Brother, what else do you have to say?!” Cui Fanghu took a deep breath and questioned with a grim voice.

“How absurd!” Cui Fangjun’s expression was livid, and he frowned as he said, “I’m extremely furious towards all of this as well. But if you say that all of this was instructed by me, then you’re making slanderous charges against me! Perhaps someone is intentionally framing me.”

“It has already come to this, yet you still intend to make excuses!?” Cu Fanghu burned with rage. His hair fluttered while he gnashed his teeth with hatred. As the saying goes, even a vicious tiger wouldn’t eat its cubs. Cui Fangjun’s despicable actions had touched the limits he could accept and infuriated him.

“Third Uncle, calm your anger.” At this moment, Cui Qingning seemed to be especially composed, and her expression was extremely calm. She seemed to be completely emotionless as she stared at Cui Fangjun and said, “Second Uncle, you’re right. I do indeed have no proof that proves all of this was instructed by you.”

Cui Fangjun grunted coldly and said, “That’s exactly how it is!”

Cui Qingning’s expression remained calm. In the next moment, she said word by word, “But I possess proof that proves my Cui Clan’s Saint Artifact, the Netherworld Disk, wasn’t stolen by someone, and it was instead privately given away by you, Cui Fangjun!”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present was horrified and extremely astounded.

He gave it away?

If this is true, then it’s simply unforgivable!

The Netherworld Disk was the key to controlling the Punishment Bureau, and it was the supreme inherited Saint Artifact of the Cui Clan that possessed a renowned reputation in the Netherworld.

To the entire Cui Clan, losing the Netherworld Disk was no different to destroying the foundation of their clan!

Instantly, the gazes of everyone towards Cui Fangjun carried a wisp of rage and suspicion that couldn’t be concealed, and they seemed as if they were staring at someone whose sins would be remembered through the ages.

On the other hand, Cui Fangjun’s expression had become unsightly and gloomy to the extreme. He took a deep breath and worked hard to suppress the enormous waves in his heart as he said, “Qingning, there’s a limit to making slanderous charges! If you continue causing trouble for no reason, then don’t blame Second Uncle for being merciless!”


Cui Fangjun’s voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air when Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, and a figure appeared on the ground.

This person had a vicious appearance. His features were flat, and his entire body was covered in strange eyes. He was precisely the Thousandeye Ghost Ape, Hou Zhan.

Cui Fangjun couldn’t control himself any longer when he saw Hou Zhan, and his face turned grim as he cried out involuntarily. “How could this be possible?”

Everyone was shocked, and they were slightly puzzled because the Thousandeye Ghost Ape Clan had been annihilated in the annals of history. Who could have imagined that this fellow before their eyes would be a member of the Thousandeye Ghost Ape Clan?

But the changes in Cui Fangjun’s expression allowed everyone to suddenly realize that this person was probably the ‘proof’ that Cui Qingning spoke of.

“Looks like Second Uncle has recognized him as well,” said Cui Qingning in a calm tone.

“Nonsense!” Cui Fangjun shook his head immediately. “How could I possibly recognize him?”

“Elder Cui, I’m hoping on you to preserve my life! Could it be that you’re unwilling to admit what you’ve done?” Hou Zhan suddenly shouted with a sharp voice.

“I’m sure everyone has noticed that this person is a member of the Thousandeye Ghost Ape Clan, and his illusionary techniques are peerless beneath the heavens. It was precisely by relying on him that the Netherworld Disk was sent out of the clan.” Cui Qingning lowered her head to look at Hou Zhan before she said, “What appearance did you take all those years ago in the Cui Clan? Transform into it so that everyone may recognize you.”

Hou Zhan hesitated for a moment, and then he looked at Cui Fangjun instead.

The situation developing to this extent had already caused Cui Fangjun’s mind to be thrown into chaos, and he was agitated and furious to the extreme. At this moment, when he saw Hou Zhan actually looked at him and faintly revealed the intent to seek help from him, he couldn’t help but berate immediately. “Bastard, what’re you looking at me for? You’re courting death!”

As he spoke, he suddenly raised his hand and directly moved to annihilate Hou Zhan.


Unfortunately, this strike was obstructed by Chen Xi who was prepared since the beginning, and then he exerted force with his fingers, causing Cui Fangjun’s figure to be shaken to the point he couldn’t help but retreat repeatedly by a few steps.

“Little Bastard! You’re courting death!” Cui Fangjun was furious and was just about to make a move when something flashed before his eyes, and then a figure was already blocking his path. It was exactly Cui Fanghu.

“Second Brother, it wouldn’t be late for you to make a move after he finishes!” Cui Fanghu spoke coldly.

Cui Fangjun’s expression changed indeterminately, and he stared fixedly at Cui Fanghu for a long time before finally forcefully restraining himself because he was clearly aware that perhaps his ability in tactics far exceeded Chen Xi, yet his combat strength was inferior. Once he made a move, he would have no way to back out.

“How could you!? Cui Fangjun! You actually intend to silence me when the matter is exposed! Even if I fucking die, I’ll drag you down with me!” Hou Zhan exploded with rage when he saw this scene, and his figure flashed before he transformed into another person. This person’s appearance was ordinary, and he possessed a robust figure and a loyal appearance.

He pointed at himself and said, “Everyone, take a look. Do all of you still recognize this face?”

As he spoke, his voice had become coarse, and it was like he was a completely different person.

“You’re…Wei Hu!?” Someone exclaimed with shock.

“Right! I remember now! He’s exactly that slave that followed by Second Elder’s side!”

“Wei Hu! It really is him!”

Everyone recalled that this person frequently followed by the side of the Second Elder, Cui Fangjun, and he was like the Second Elder’s shadow.

“Exactly, it’s me! One year ago, it was precisely this old geezer, Cui Fangjun, that stole the Saint Artifact of your clan, the Netherworld Disk, and then he asked me to change my appearance and secretly send it away!” Hou Zhan stared at Cui Fangjun with resentment, and he gnashed his teeth and said, “Unfortunately, I was loyal and faithful, yet I received such an outcome in return. I was truly fucking blind!”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was completely sure that this matter was absolutely related to Cui Fangjun.

Instantly, the gazes they shot at Cui Fangjun carried extreme fury.

He’s stolen the Saint Artifact of the clan and given it to another, and then he attacked the daughter of the past Patriarch repeatedly. This was simply despicable and shameless to the limit, and his crimes deserved death!

“Second Uncle, do you have anything else to say now?” Cui Qingning spoke coldly.

Cui Fangjun was silent while he revealed a livid and pale expression. After a long time, he suddenly raised his head while his eyes were already filled with the color of madness. “Haha! Who cares about proof!? Isn’t it just for the sake of the position of Patriarch? The loser is always in the wrong, so I, Cui Fangjun, will absolutely not admit defeat just like this!”

As he spoke, his figure flashed, and he actually intended to flee.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he was just about to make a move and stop Cui Fangjun. However, right at this moment, an unexpected event arose abruptly…

An enormous hand that was crystalline like jade suddenly tore through the sky and grabbed lightly, and it seemed as if it was catching a fish from a river. It actually easily captured Cui Fangjun’s figure.


In the next moment, Cui Fangjun was pressed down to a kneel on the ground, and no matter how he struggled and roared furiously, he was unable to stand up again. It seemed as if a myriad of mountains were pressing down onto him.

How formidable! Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Cui Fangjun was a peak sovereign at the Earthly Immortal Realm at any rate, yet he was actually easily suppressed like an ant, and he didn’t even have room to resist. So exactly how high was the cultivation of the person that did this?


Meanwhile, a golden door suddenly floated into appearance in midair. As soon as it appeared, it emanated divine radiance that shot out 30km into the distance, and auspicious qi surged while it revealed a gorgeous and vast scene.

After that, numerous mighty figures strode out from within the golden door, and they were like numerous brilliant suns that had made an appearance as they illuminated the entire sky!

The person in the lead was a grey haired old man with a tall figure and an icy cold bearing. His entire body emanated strands of golden rain, and they wove together to form the energy of the laws that suffused the heavens and the earth, causing him to seem divine and mighty.

He seemed like a saint of legend that had descended into the world.

“Greetings, Ancestor!” When they saw the figure of this old man in the lead, all the clansmen of the Cui Clan that were present here swiftly knelt down on the ground, and their faces were covered in reverence.

Obviously, this old man was the ancestor of the Cui Clan — Cui Zhenkong!

A supreme existence that was comparable to the Nether Spring Grand Emperor, the Hall Master of Granny Meng Hall, and the Grand Ministers of the Six Paths of Hell!

As for those mighty figures behind Cui Zhenkong, they were probably the seniors of the Cui Clan that lived in seclusion. This was the true might of the Cui Clan, and it was terrifying, shocking, and awed the world.

Amongst everyone present here, only Chen Xi and Bei Ling didn’t kneel down, and they seemed to be extremely conspicuous.

“Today is the day my Cui Clan worships its ancestors. Guests, please head to the pavilion for distinguished guests and rest for now.” Cui Zhenkong’s gaze was like a golden sharp blade that could tear open the heavens and the earth, and it swept down to descend onto Chen Xi and Bei Ling, causing both of them to feel a wave of horror in their hearts and sense a terrifying pressure.

“Fanghu, you lead them away.”

“Understood!” Cui Fanghu rose and arrived by Chen Xi and Bei Ling’s side before he said via voice transmission, “Just leave for now. With the Ancestor present here, no mishaps will befall Qingning anymore.”

Chen Xi and Bei Ling glanced at Cui Qingning and left with Cui Fanghu when they saw her nod back at them.

“What about me!?” Hou Zhan stood up with a swish, and he intended to leave along with them.


A senior by Cui Zhenkong’s side made a move. He lightly pressed down with a single finger, and a strand of the energy of the laws wove together before it tore through space towards Hou Zhan. It annihilated Hou Zhan on the spot, and it was as easy as crushing an ant.

Chen Xi was shocked once more in his heart when he noticed this scene, and he had a completely new understanding towards the resources and reserves of the Cui Clan.

But this wasn’t the main point, the main point was that Chen Xi suddenly had the feeling that all the scenes that had occurred earlier seemed to have already been noticed by these seniors of the Cui Clan that lived in seclusion.

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