Chapter 965 – Intense Confrontation

The remnants of her clear and young voice curled up into the sky while the expressions of everyone changed slightly.

Second Uncle?

That young woman has returned?

The ground was still shaking, and it reminded everyone that a shocking bang had resounded out earlier and caused the entire Cui Clan Estate to be shaken.

On the other hand, Cui Fangjun’s expression was covered in gloominess.

At this moment, time seemed to have been lengthened, and it became slow.

No one continued paying attention to Cui Fanghu as the faces of everyone was covered in shock, surprise, bewilderment, and so on and so forth. But the gazes of everyone shot towards the distance in unison.


In their fields of vision, a black figure flashed over, and it was tossed over from far away. The figure was still in midair when he coughed up blood repeatedly, and the scarlet red blood was suffused with a beautiful yet horrifying sheen under the dark violet colored sunlight.

He fell to the ground like a pile of mangled mush, and they were faintly able to discern that he was Cui Rushan, the alluring and coquettish voiced man.

He was obviously on the verge of death. But at this moment, his watery eyes were still glowing as he muttered. “Little Big Brother is so ferocious. I can die happy and without regrets since I was able to perish at your hand…” His voice grew weaker until he passed away.

The hearts of everyone couldn’t help but go cold when they saw this scene, and they felt both furious and terrified.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before all of them could recover from their shock, another three figures were tossed flying and died on the spot.

The expression of Cui clansmen had become extremely gloomy because Cui Rushan, Cui Rulin, Cui Ruhuo, and Cui Rufeng were instructed to leave by the Second Elder a moment ago.

Now, after merely a short moment had passed, they’d been killed and even their corpses had been tossed back. It was obviously a show of force!

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

A wave of footsteps sounded out from extremely far away in the distance.

Under the dark violet colored sunlight, three figures appeared in everyone’s fields of vision.

The person in the lead was a handsome young man with a tall and graceful figure, and he possessed an extraordinary bearing. Every single move he made carried a frightening might of controlling the world.

To most of the Cui clansmen, the appearance of this young man was too unfamiliar, and they were utterly unaware exactly who he was. But when their gazes descended to his left, their pupils constricted abruptly.

It was a young woman around the age was 12. She seemed to be young, yet her expression was calm and icy cold, and she carried a composed bearing that didn’t conform to her age. Moreover, the outline of her face actually carried great resemblance to the last Patriarch of the Cui Clan, Cui Fanglin.

Cui Qingning!

Instantly, a name jumped up into the minds of all, and it caused their expressions to reveal slight shock. She really has returned!

At this point, the bewilderment in the hearts of everyone was finally cleared.

They finally understood why the Second Elder, Cui Fangjun, would mobilize such forces earlier and not hesitate to violate the rules of the clan to deploy Cui Lengzhong and the other four peak sovereigns.

It wasn’t just that, Cui Fangjun had even successively deployed Cui Rushan’s group of four before sending the Fifth Elder, Cui Fangheng, and the Sixth Elder, Cui Fanglei…

All of this was for the sake of stopping Cui Qingning’s return and to stop her outside the estate.

There were even some people clever people that had even guessed that the reason Second Elder intended to announce his succession of the position of Patriarch in advance was probably for the sake of taking precautions against this scene that occurred before their eyes.

When they understood all of this, their expressions became extremely complicated. Moreover, the atmosphere in the surroundings turned even more deathly silent, and it was almost suffocating. Only the light sounds of footsteps was gradually becoming clearer and nearer.

“Eh! That…that’s!?” Someone suddenly exclaimed with shock, and he revealed an appearance of disbelief and terror.

Everyone was stunned, and they raised their eyes to look over before their figures froze while their faces stiffened.

They saw that each hand of an icy cold black robed young woman who walked on the handsome young man’s right carried a bloody head, and these two heads revealed expressions of terror and were filled with unwillingness.

Shockingly, it was the heads of Fifth Elder, Cui Fangheng, and the Sixth Elder, Cui Fanglei!


Two elders with respected status and possessed great authority had actually been cruelly beheaded, and they’d died with everlasting regret!

Even Cui Fanghu’s brows knit together, and he felt slight disbelief.

Even though his Fifth Brother and Sixth Brother were on opposing sides to him, they were his actual brothers in the end, so how could he not be moved when he saw that they’d died miserably?

“Fifth Elder!”

“Sixth Uncle!”

“Father! All of you actually dared to kill my father! I’ll fight you to the death!”

“Kill! Kill them!”

After a period of deathly silence, a wave of furious howls suddenly resounded in the air, and then over ten figures charged menacingly at Bei Ling while carrying unparalleled rage.


Chen Xi’s footsteps stopped before his gaze swept over coldly like a bolt of lightning. At the same time, a shapeless forcefield stretched out and smashed forward like a myriad of mountains, causing a wave of muffled bangs to resound out as it actually blasted all of these people back.

All of them coughed up blood as they staggered to the ground, and their expressions changed intensely and indeterminately.

“Offending your superiors and defying the rules of the clan. If it wasn’t for me having not succeeded the position of Patriarch yet, merely this would be sufficient cause for capital punishment!” said Cui Qingning. She was very young, and her voice was clear and childish, yet when coupled with her composed and indifferent bearing, it actually faintly possessed an authoritative might.

“As for Fifth Elder and Sixth Elder, both of them intended to kill me and commit crimes against a fellow clansman. They’re doubly guilty, and death is the most benevolent punishment to them!” Cui Qingning swept everyone with her gaze before she said with an emotionless expression, “Now, is anyone disgruntled?”

“How audacious! Who gave a tiny little girl like you the authority to kill as you please. You’re the one who has trampled on the rules of the clan, and your crimes deserve death!” Someone refused to accept this and shouted explosively with rage. He was the son of the Fifth Elder, Cui Fangheng.


The nearby Chen Xi stretched out his hand, and it transformed into boundless talisman markings that enveloped the space before him and smashed down, causing this person to be directly smashed into a pile of mush.

His speed was so swift, and his actions so resolute that everyone didn’t have the time to go to this person’s aid.

At this moment, everyone finally understood why Cui Qingning would be so domineering, and it turned out that this handsome young man was actually a terrifying expert!

But the more it was like this, the more furious those clansmen of the Cui Clan were because relying on the strength on an outsider to wantonly annihilate one’s own clansmen was simply lawless!

Cui Fangjun’s expression seemed to be livid because of this, yet he sneered endlessly in his heart. “Young people really can’t keep their composure. Kill! Feel free to kill! The more you act in this way, the more beneficial it is to me. When all the clansmen arouse resentment towards you, then who would agree to allow you to succeed the position of Patriarch? Truly stupid…”

He’d been enduring in secret while considering how to deal with the matter since Cui Qingning made an appearance. Now that he saw such a scene, it finally allowed him to locate an opportunity, and it was to rely on the fury of everyone to completely isolate Cui Qingning!

Sure enough, just as Cui Fangjun had inferred, all the clansmen of the Cui Clan had been infuriated at this moment, and they stared furiously at Cui Qingning’s group of three while faintly showing signs of erupting.

“Qingning! What’re you doing?” Cui Fanghu couldn’t refrain from speaking out as he’d noticed that the situation wasn’t good.

“Third Uncle, don’t worry. The people Big Brother Chen Xi killed are those that deserved to die.” Cui Qingning’s expression was indifferent like a rock within flowing water, and she remained unmoving no matter how the water surged.

She swept everyone with her gaze before it finally descended onto Cui Fangjun, and then she said, “Second Uncle, if you still have some conscience left in you, then it’s best that you don’t make any more pointless sacrifices.”

Cui Fangjun said in a low voice, “How absurd! Originally, I couldn’t bear to make a fuss about it with a little girl like you out of respect for my Big Brother. But now, you’ve actually colluded with outsides and slaughtered your way into the clan. You’ve committed a grave crime, yet you still don’t repent! It truly hurts my heart!”

His gaze suddenly swept past Chen Xi while a wisp of a cold smile appeared on the corners of his mouth, and then he spoke to everyone present here today. “Everyone, all of you have seen all those scenes from before. I’ve roughly inferred that Qingning who’s still young and ignorant has deceived and poisoned by a villain, and they intend to seize this opportunity to bring calamity to my Cui Clan!”

“Exactly! This man and woman must both die!”

“Right! Kill them! Take revenge for our clansmen!”

Everyone shouted furiously in succession when they heard Cui Fangjun.

“Since it’s like that, then I’ll trouble Elder Wen to quickly capture this pair of man and woman, and we’ll use the opportunity presented by the Ancestral Worship Ceremony to use their souls to mourn our clansmen that have passed away!” Cui Fangjun flicked his sleeve and commanded resolutely.

As soon as he finished speaking, the jade green haired and emaciated Wen Xiaofeng’s figure had flashed over.

“It’s fine if you want to make a move against us. But before that, I want to allow everyone to have a look at this jade slip.” Cui Qingning’s expression remained unchanged. As she spoke, she’d already taken out a Mirage Jade Slip.

Cui Fangjun’s heart jerked for no reason or rhyme when he saw this, and he said with a grim voice, “It wouldn’t be too late to have a look at it after these two villains are killed. Elder Wen, why haven’t you made a move!?”

Wen Xiaofeng’s figure flashed and transformed into jade green light that covered the sky, and he carried along surging killing intent as he assaulted Chen Xi.

This old man was hunchbacked and had a cane in hand, and his appearance was ordinary. However, once he made a move, he actually controlled the heavens and the earth, emanated an imposing aura that was like an abyss, and caused the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shade.

Cui Fangjun heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw this. Wen Xiaofeng was a peak sovereign that was a Jadesky Ghosteye Wood that had attained the Dao, and he’d cultivated for no less than ten thousand years.

Besides those seniors in the Cui Clan that lived in seclusion and the ancestor of the Cui Clan, Wen Xiaofeng’s strength was the strongest in the clan!

So wouldn’t his enemies be easily dealt with when Wen Xiaofeng made a move?

However, before this thought could completely vanish from Cui Fangjun’s mind, an unexpected event occurred. Wen Xiaofeng charged over swiftly, yet returned at an even swifter speed, and merely a single strike had actually blasted him back.

He was in a sorry state!

He was actually not a match for a single move of his enemy!

At this moment, everyone felt suffocated, and they stared their eyes wide open and looked with disbelief.

Even Cui Qingning and Bei Ling seemed to be slightly surprised as they never expected that Chen Xi would actually be so ferocious and be capable of forcing an expert back with a single strike.

Only Chen Xi was clearly aware exactly what had happened, and he couldn’t help but glance at Wen Xiaofeng while a wisp of surprise flashed within his eyes.

“Second Uncle, your patience is a bit too terrible. There’s no hurry to kill me, and it’s better to first allow our fellow clansmen to have a look at this jade slip.” As she spoke, a glow gushed out from Cui Qingning’s palm as she activated the Mirage Jade Slip. After that, a screen of light floated up into midair before the scenes on the screen changed gradually like a brief glance into the past, and it instantly drew the attention of everyone that was present here.

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