Chapter 964 – In Confrontation

According to the rules of the Cui Clan, the new Patriarch would only be selected before all the clansmen of the Cui Clan once the Ancestral Worship Ceremony was completed.

But now, the Ancestral Worship Ceremony hadn’t even begun, yet Cui Fangjun was unable to maintain his composure and spoke bluntly about succeeding the position of Patriarch and commanding the entire Cui Clan. Such a scene caused everyone present here to be slightly stunned and fall into silence.

Exactly what has occurred to actually make Second Elder Cui Fangjun act in advance?

Suspicion arose in the hearts of everyone because they were clearly aware that the position of Patriarch would be established after the Ancestral Worship Ceremony today. Moreover, the position of Patriarch would most probably be occupied by Cui Fangjun.

Even though it seemed abrupt to be done in advance, if it was combined with the scene of Cui Lengzhong and the others leaving earlier, it caused this string of incidents to seem unusual.

Some sort of unexpected event has surely occurred!

As for what sort of unexpected event it was, everyone was unable to determine it.

The atmosphere was very oppressive and calm, and no one put forward any questions. The corners of Cui Fangjun’s mouth couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of an imperceptible smile that vanished in a flash when he saw this scene.

In the next moment, his expression became solemn as he said in a deep voice, “Since there are no objections, then from today onwards, I, Cui Fangjun, will succeed the position of Patriarch…”

“I object!” He hadn’t finished speaking when a voice that was deep like thunder resounded out abruptly, and it was extremely ear piercing amidst this silent atmosphere.


The gazes of everyone shot over in unison onto the 3m tall, strong, and extraordinary figure that stood at the front row.

It was the Cui Clan’s Third Elder — Cui Fanghu!

Everyone revealed expressions of sudden understanding when they saw this, and they seemed to have guessed since the beginning that this would happen. Moreover, some of them shook their heads without end as they seemed to be clearly aware that even if they objected, it would probably be useless.

Similarly, some people revealed a wisp of a cold expression. They were the forces of the Second Elder, and the gazes they shot at Cui Fanghu faintly turned hostile.

Only Cui Fangjun maintained an emotionless expression as he glanced indifferently at Cui Fanghu and said, “Third Brother, since you object, then let me ask you. Which person in the Cui Clan is it that you think is more qualified than me to succeed the position of Patriarch?”

Cui Fanghu remained completely indifferent when stared at by so many gazes. Or perhaps, he was already ready to risk everything, so he seemed to be extremely composed and calm instead.

“Who is qualified to succeed the position of Patriarch? I presume Second Brother knows better than me.” Cui Fanghu spoke in a low voice. “I just want to ask you. According to the rules of the clan, isn’t it only someone that possesses the bloodline of judgment who’s capable of becoming the Patriarch?”

Cui Fangjun seemed to have expected that Cui Fanghu would say this, and he nodded and said without hesitation, “Exactly.”

Everyone was stunned as they seemed to have never expected that Second Elder would give such a reply, so they couldn’t help but be slightly surprised. Because if it was carried out according to the rules of the clan, then there was still one more person in the clan that possessed the natural endowments to succeed the position of Patriarch. Moreover, it was the one and only person.

Cui Fanghu’s voice became even deeper as he said, “Since it’s like that, the position of Patriarch ought to be succeeded by Qingning because only she her natural endowments conform to the rules of the clan!”

This time, Cui Fangjun shook his head instead and said, “Third Brother, you’re mistaken. Not to mention that Qingning isn’t here now, even if she takes control of the Cui Clan, how would she command the entire Cui Clan with her current age and strength?”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly raised his voice, and it carried a resolute tone. “This isn’t a game! If others were to find out that the position of Patriarch in our Cui Clan was succeeded by a little girl around the age of twelve, then how would my Cui Clan and my Punishment Bureau maintain its foothold in the Netherworld in the future?”

Cui Fanghu’s brows knit together tightly as he said, “She’s young, yet she can mature. With Qingning’s natural endowment, it would be sufficient for her to become an expert in a short period of time after she enters the secret realm in the ancestral grounds and obtains the inheritance of our clan’s ancestor.”

Cui Fangjun waved his hand and said, “Third Brother, you’re wrong. The current situation can’t wait for her to mature!”

He turned around and swept everyone with his gaze before he said confidently, “Not to mention that I can swear to the heavens that so long as I succeed the position of Patriarch, I’ll surely retrieve the Saint Artifact of our clan, the Netherworld Disk, within one hundred days! At that time, would anyone in the entire world dare to look down on the Punishment Bureau again? Would any power dare to cast covetous gazes upon our Cui Clan?”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present was excited!

It was indeed as Cui Fangjun had said, the Cui Clan had been in endless internal strife lately, whereas the whereabouts of the Netherworld Disk were unknown, so it caused the might of the Punishment Bureau to suffer doubt while the various great powers in the Netherworld were casting covetous gazes upon the Cui Clan.

As members of the Cui Clan, how could they have possibly not noticed such changes? So, when they heard Cui Fangjun actually solemnly promised that he was able to retrieve the Netherworld Disk and rebuilt the might of the Cui Clan, the hearts of everyone was filled with excitement.

When he saw this, Cui Fanghu opened his mouth and intended to say something, yet he was interrupted by a wave of voices.

“Third Elder! Second Elder is thinking for the sake of the clan. Please help him to achieve his aim.”

“Third Uncle, Qingning’s whereabouts are currently unknown. What’s the point in you arguing so much with Second Uncle?”

“Yes, Third Elder, you should listen to Second Elder. The situation of our Cui Clan is greatly inferior to the past. Do you have the heart to allow such a situation to continue?”

Numerous members of the Cui Clan spoke in unison, and they seemed to be persuading Cui Fanghu, yet they were actually starting to publicly support Cui Fangjun.

Cui Fanghu’s expression became even darker when he saw this, and he raised his eyes to glance at everyone before he glanced at Cui Fangjun who revealed a dignified appearance, and a wisp of powerlessness couldn’t help but surge out from his heart.

Right, Qingning hasn’t returned. At this moment, could it be that I’m going to continue opposing Second Elder until the end? Are my actions exactly right or wrong?

Cui Fanghu went silent, and his mind was in complete chaos.

The corners of Cui Fangjun’s mouth couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of coldness when he saw this, and then he shook his head and said proudly in his heart, This Third Brother of mine is still too inexperienced. Could anyone in the Cui Clan compare to me in terms of tactics?

He took a deep breath and made himself maintain his calm because this was the critical moment, and he couldn’t make the slightest careless mistake.

In the next moment, Cui Fangjun had already recovered his dignified and solemn appearance, and he said, “Since no one objects, then…”

“I object!” He was interrupted once again.

This caused Cui Fangjun’s face to darken while a wisp of rage flashed within his eyes. He swept everyone with his gaze yet didn’t notice exactly who had objected, and he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.

“It seems to have come from outside the estate.” An elder spoke swiftly in a low voice.

Outside the estate? Cui Fangjun’s heart jerked while he had a bad premonition. Because up until this moment, Cui Lengzhong and the others still hadn’t returned, and there was no news from them!

On the other hand, Cui Fanghu’s tightly knit brows eased up bit by bit because this voice was too familiar to him. It was clear, young, and tranquil, and it was precisely Cui Qingning’s voice!

“Rushan, Rulin, Rufeng, and Ruhuo. All four of you go take a look and see exactly who dared to come cause trouble in my Cui Clan!” Cui Fangjun made a decision immediately and instructed with a low voice.

“Yes!” The group of four flashed and were already rushing towards the extreme distance.

He thought for a moment and Cui Fangjun was still not assured, so he said via voice transmission in a low voice, “Fifth Brother, Sixth Brother, both of you follow them. No matter who it is, kill without showing any mercy!”

His Fifth Brother was called Cui Fangheng, and his Sixth Brother was called Cui Fanglei. They were the right hand and left hand of Cui Fangjun, and they were both peak sovereigns at the Earthly Immortal Realm who possessed secret treasures and shocking combat strengths.

Both of them nodded silently when they heard this, and they left imperceptibly.

“I’ll go take a look as well.” Cui Fanghu’s eyelids couldn’t help but twitch when he saw this, and he turned around with the intention of leaving.

“Third Brother! It’s only some tiny villains. They aren’t worthy of you making a move. It’s better for you to stay behind and help me preside over the Ancestral Worship Ceremony!” As Cui Fangjun spoke these words, a black figure had already flashed over to stand in Cui Fanghu’s path.

It was an emaciated old man with jade green hair. He was hunchbacked, had a cane in his hand, and he was thin to the point his bones could be seen, causing him to seem as if he could be blown away by a gust of wind.

But Cui Fanghu’s face sank when he saw this old man.

This jade green haired old man was called Wen Xiaofeng, and he was a Guest Elder of the Cui Clan. He was a piece of Jadesky Ghosteye Wood that had attained the Dao. Even though he was only at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, he’d lived for an entire ten thousand plus years, causing his accumulation of strength to be shockingly deep.

There were rumors that said that if he wasn’t a piece of Jadesky Ghosteye Wood that was most afraid of the might of the ninth level of the heavenly tribulation, he would have been able to ascend into the Immortal Dimension a few thousands of years ago.

So Cui Fanghu was very clearly aware that even though an old freak like this might not be able to do anything to him, yet if this old freak intended to keep him here, then Wen Xiaofeng would be able to accomplish it with ease.

“Elder Wen, if you don’t move aside today, then don’t blame me for being merciless!” Cui Fanghu didn’t dare delay, and he spoke immediately with a grim voice. The Immortal Energy in his entire body rumbled while his 3m tall and lofty figure was like a mountain that was extremely oppressive.

Everyone was in an uproar as they never imagined that such an unexpected event would occur. First a group of experts rushed outside the estate, and then Third Elder Cui Fanghu seemed as if he wanted to enter into battle, causing the solemn and serious atmosphere to be completely wiped away and transform into an aggressive atmosphere where a fight could break out at any moment.

“Third Brother!” Cui Fangjun berated with a frown on his face. “What’re you doing!? You’re simply causing trouble for no reason!”

He waved his hand as he spoke, causing a few more elders to move out and faintly obstruct Cui Fanghu’s path with Wen Xiaofeng.

“That voice from before belongs to Qingning! Could it be that you intend to send people to kill her?” Cui Fanghu’s expression darkened when he saw this, and he shouted explosively with a grim voice.


Could it be the one and only child of the previous Patriarch, Cui Qingning?

The eyes of everyone focused, and all of them were slightly shocked.

“Third Brother, it looks to me like you’re suffering from qi deviation. You should head to the Devil Elimination Cave along with Elder Wen to calm down!” Cui Fangjun instructed with an expressionless face.

As soon as he finished speaking, Wen Xiaofeng had already raised his head, and his jade green eyes stared at Cui Fanghu as he said, “Third Elder, please come with me.”

“What if I won’t?” Cui Fanghu’s expression was extremely gloomy, and he didn’t conceal his rage in the slightest.

“Then I can only bring you along with me.” Wen Xiaofeng spoke calmly.

“How dare you!” Cui Fanghu roared before he turned to look at Cui Fangjun. “Second Brother! You actually intend to kill Big Brother’s daughter for the sake of the position of Patriarch. How could you have the heart to do this!?”

“How absurd!” Cui Fangjun’s expression was similarly gloomy, and he waved his hand and said, “Elder Wen, quickly take him away so as to avoid him disturbing the progress of the Ancestral Worship Ceremony. If that were to happen, then no one can endure the responsibility for it!”


However, right at this moment, a bang that sounded like a thunderclap suddenly resounded out from the extremely far in the distance, and it shook the entire Cui Clan Estate to the point of trembling.

At the same time, a clear and young voice sounded out. “Second Uncle, this little bit of strength can’t kill me!” 

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