Chapter 963 – Seal And Annihilate All Techniques

Then leave it to me.

It was spoken extremely flatly and casually, as if it was as easy as helping another harvest their crops, and his tone wasn’t strong in the slightest, nor was it resounding or resolute.

But when these words entered into the ears of the Cui Clan experts, it was arrogant and domineering to the limit, and it was also laughable and rude to the extreme!

The person in the lead of these people was an emaciated old man with greying hair, and he emanated a gloomy and ghastly aura. His entire body emanated Immortal Energy that fluttered down like a rain of light, and it seemed as if it had been soaked in a pool of blood, causing it to be suffused with specks of scarlet red light and seem extremely horrifying.

This was a formidable Peak Sovereign at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

Moreover, his entire body emanated a bloody aura of battle, so his combat experience was surely abundant to the extreme.

He was Cui Lengzhong, one of the four Guardian Elders of the Punishment Bureau. Perhaps very few people from the Netherworld had heard his name, yet once the name Iron Butcher was mentioned, then he was someone that was known to all, and his name caused the faces of all to go pale and capable of stopping the tears of children at night.

The four people by his side similarly possessed formidable strengths at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and they were usually holding down the fort in the Punishment Bureau. They possessed lofty status, and they were existences of senior rank.

When this group of Peak Sovereigns that had lived for countless years, killed innumerable living beings, and had hands that were stained with boundless amounts of blood heard what Chen Xi said, the thoughts in their hearts were obvious.

So in the next moment, the gazes they shot at Chen Xi had become icy cold and gloomy, and they seemed as if they were staring at a tiny ant that dared to provoke an eagle.

“Cui Lengzhong, even you’ve betrayed my father?” Suddenly, Cui Qingning spoke while her eyes swept towards Cui Lengzhong and the others, and her young face was filled with indifference.

“We’ve always been serving the Punishment Bureau and served the Cui Clan, so how could we have betrayed the clan? Young Miss, don’t make slanderous charges against us.” Cui Lengzhong spoke with an indifferent expression.

The other sneered endlessly as well, and they remained completely indifferent.

“Qingning, these are the past subordinates of your father’s?” Chen Xi asked directly.

“Exactly. That’s Cui Lengzhong, a branch disciple of the Cui Clan that was impoverished. All those years ago, if it wasn’t for my father feeling pity towards the difficulty he faced in surviving and taught him how to cultivate, how could he possibly possess his current status?” Cui Qingning spoke coldly. “As for those other four, they’re roughly similar to Cui Lengzhong. But I never imagined that they would actually betray my father and side with Cui Fangjun.”

“Young Miss, you’re being too mischievous. You actually colluded with outsides and took us to be traitors. Merely this has already violated the rules of the clan. Quickly admit your guilt right now and perhaps you might be able to live.” A peak sovereign spoke with a low voice and an indifferent bearing, and he revealed a sense of looking down upon all beings.

“Colluding with outsiders?” Cui Qingning chuckled lightly while her eyes were completely devoid of emotion. “As traitors, do all of you have the qualifications to speak these words?”

She took a deep breath and spoke word by word. “Actually, I knew since a long time ago that the reason the internal strife of the Cui Clan wasn’t able to be dealt with was because you traitors helped Cui Fangjun in his crimes. Perhaps that first thing I should do upon taking control of the Cui Clan is to annihilate all the traitors in the clan. Only in this way would I be able to attain generations of peace for my Cui Clan in exchange!”

Internal peace was the first step.

It was like this since the ancient times until now. If the poison within a clan wasn’t eliminated, then a calamity would still occur sooner or later.

So her words weren’t wrong at all.

But when these words entered into the ears of Cui Lengzhong, it caused his eyelids to twitch before he said coldly and indifferently, “You really are immature!”

When he saw this, Chen Xi knew that it was useless no matter what Cui Qingning said.

“Allow me.” Chen Xi patted the young woman on the shoulder before he stepped forward.


In the next instant, a terrifying fluctuation suddenly stretched out from Chen Xi’s body, and he emanated divine radiance that shot out 30km into the distance while his entire body was suffused with a myriad of talisman markings. He seemed like an emperor of talismans that had awakened, and his imposing aura shot into the sky and terrified the world!

The pupils of Cui Lengzhong and the others constricted while a wisp of shock appeared on their faces. They seemed to have never imagined that an extremely young little fellow would actually possess a strength at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.

“Young Miss, no wonder you’re fearless. So it turns out that you’ve found the assistance of an expert. Unfortunately, this little bit of strength isn’t enough at all.” Cui Lengzhong shook his head without end.

“Guardian Cui, don’t waste your breath with them. Allow me to kill this kid first!” A peak sovereign wasn’t able to restrain himself, and he took a step forward in space before blasting out with his fist.

This punch seemed as if it had opened the doors to hell, and numerous savage yaksha and ferocious evil spirits surged out from within the force of this punch, and they were like a tide that smashed down onto Chen Xi.

Chen Xi didn’t move at all when facing this. His eyes suddenly became deep, and it seemed as if the secrets of the universe were circulating within his eyes as they emanated strands of profound and icy cold jet black light that caused time and space to warp.

The Eye of Divine Truth — The Light of Eradication!


A yaksha that charged at the front exploded abruptly and transformed into specks of light that dispersed and vanished.

After that, shrill cries resounded out successively. As Chen Xi’s gaze swept over, these yaksha and evil spirits that were formed from the force of his punch seemed as if their bodies were lit up, and they exploded into pieces like paper. They couldn’t even withstand a single strike.

“Hmm? Bastard! I underestimated you! Take another punch of mine!” The peak sovereign was stunned before his face sank, and he suddenly blasted another punch at Chen Xi.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

As soon as this punch was executed, its force was intense while killing intent whistled along with it. Peerless killing intent converged on it, causing it to seem as if purgatory had descended into the world, and it transformed the expanse of space into a ghastly region.

Ancient Slaughter Purgatory Fist!

A terrifying Dao Art that crushed purgatory and refined the universe!

But Chen Xi remained completely unmoved, and he only said a few words. “You’re overestimating your ability!”

The vertical eye between his brows opened, and everyone instantly felt that the heavens and the earth seemed to have fallen into darkness. Time and space warped while a terrifying force field appeared in midair.

After that, they saw the Ancient Slaughter Purgatory Fist executed by that peak sovereign exploded apart inch by inch while its might collapsed. No matter how he swung his fist, it actually didn’t carry the slightest amount of might, and it seemed as if it’s might and energy had been completely sealed up.

This was the Light of Eradication that was said to seal and annihilate all techniques in the world, so how could it possess an unearned reputation?

At the same time, this strike exhausted all the Shaman Energy in Chen Xi’s entire body. After all, the body refinement cultivation of his main body was too low, and it was impossible for him to utilize it over a long period in battle.

“You take a punch of mine as well!” But this was already sufficient. In the next instant, Chen Xi’s eyes turned cold as he casually swung out a punch, and it was like a path illuminated by fire that was scarlet red like blood covered the space before him and led directly to the other side!Bang!

The body of the peak sovereign started burning without any suspense, and his entire body became a ball of flames.

“AHHH!!!!” A horrifying cry sounded out. In merely an instant, the vital qi, blood qi, and Immortal Energy within his body was completely eliminated and incinerated into ash.

Moreover, his soul was drawn away by the Flare Godfist, and it actually transformed into a wisp of peerlessly pure energy that surged into the Netherworld Register.

At this point, this peak sovereign of the Cui Clan had only executed two punches before he was blasted to death by a single punch from Chen Xi!

This scene instantly shocked everyone present at the scene.

This was a peak sovereign that only needed sufficient time before being able to charge through the heavenly tribulation and restraints of the heavens and the earth at any time to ascend and become a Heavenly Immortal that lived eternally with the ages.

But now, merely a gaze and punch from Chen Xi had blasted such an existence to death without even the chance to seek for help. So exactly how formidable was Chen Xi?

Even Bei Ling revealed a wisp of surprise. Even though she knew Chen Xi was a peak sovereign at the Earthly Immortal Realm since a long time ago, when she saw Chen Xi easily kill another peak sovereign at this moment, she still couldn’t help but be slightly shocked.

Such heaven defying combat strength had already exceeded her understanding!

Chen Xi would naturally not tell her that he’d already slaughtered the clone of a Golden Immortal a long time ago in the Mortal Dimension…

Now he’d grasped the Paramita Dao Insight to perfection and cultivated the Grand Rebirth Technique and Flare Godfist, so even he didn’t know exactly how much his limits had expanded.

But he was very confident that he was at least invincible amongst those of the same cultivation!

“This kid is difficult to deal with. Let’s join forces and kill him!” Cui Lengzhong’s expression was heavy as he knew they’d encountered a great enemy. So he didn’t dare dally, and he immediately shouted and instructed the others to join forces and crush Chen Xi.

“Strength can’t be made up for with numbers…” Chen Xi shook his head before his figure flashed, and he emanated a myriad of talisman markings while he stopped holding back. 


Within the Cui Clan Estate and before the ancient sacrificial altar.

The solemn and serious atmosphere had suddenly become oppressive. Moreover, even the violet sun in the sky was enveloped by a thick layer of haze, causing the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shade.

Along with the passage of time, strands of gloominess surged into the space between Cui Fangjun’s brows, and he’d lost the complacent and high spirited aura he had from before.

The gazes of everyone present here was extremely discerning, so all of them had acutely noticed this trace of change, causing all of them to be slightly puzzled in their hearts. He has already sent out Cui Lengzhong and another five peak sovereigns, could it be that these forces still aren’t able to allow Second Elder to be at ease?

What exactly has occurred in the outside world?

“A storm is approaching!” The nearby Cui Fanghu sighed emotionally in his heart. He faintly felt that an extremely great unexpected event would probably occur soon, and it was precisely something he wished to see happen.

Presently, the entire Cui Clan was in endless internal strife and covered in a foul atmosphere, causing countless great powers in the outside world to cast covetous gazes towards the Cui Clan. If the internal strife wasn’t dealt with soon, then the entire Cui Clan and Punishment Bureau’s status would be in imminent danger.

On the other hand, the source of all of this was the moment the last Patriarch, Cui Fanglin, passed away…

“The Ancestral Worship Ceremony will be starting after the time for an incense stick to burn. Everyone, I have something to announce during this period of time!” Second Elder, Cui Fangjun, suddenly took a stride forward and faced everyone before he spoke in a clear voice.

His voice was like a resounding bell that shook through the surroundings of the sacrificial altar.

Everyone present was slightly stunned when they heard this. Could it be that Second Elder wants to succeed the position of Patriarch beforehand?

On the other hand, the expressions of Cui Fanghu and the others sank.

“Everyone is probably clearly aware that my Cui Clan has been plagued by endless conflict lately, causing the business of our clan to be neglected, the opinion of everyone to be divided, and the clan to be in a state of disunity.” Cui Fangjun said with a low voice, “The reason for all of this is that the position of Patriarch has been empty, and our Cui Clan is lacking a leader. So seizing the moment before the Ancestral Worship Ceremony starts this time, I suggest that from today onwards, I, Cui Fangjun, will succeed the position of Patriarch, eliminate all evil in the clan, and rebuild the rules of the clan!”

When he spoke up to here, his eyes glowed brightly like lightning, and it was filled with peerless majesty as he swept everyone with his gaze. “What does everyone think?”

The entire scene was perfectly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard, and only Cui Fangjun’s dignified voice resounded in the air.

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