Chapter 962 – Killing Their Way Into The City

Dong Yunhai intended to buy time and investigate the background of these people. 

Unfortunately, his wishful thinking didn’t work out.

Chen Xi paid no attention to him at all. He held Cui Qingning’s hand while walking forward directly with a tranquil expression. He seemed to have already disregarded the heavens and the earth, so how could he possibly pay attention to Dong Yunhai and the others?


Bei Ling erupted. Her cold and extraordinary figure drifted like a dark blue ball of flames that was in full bloom. A myriad of sharp blade lights surged out like a blue ocean of crescent moons, and they struck out in all directions.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The city wall, ground, and space had narrow and long rifts torn open all over on them while the surrounding rocks were shattered, and Dong Yunhai and the others were forced to retreat repeatedly by it.

Even though she made a move by herself, she revealed an all-powerful bearing!


A wisp of dark blue blade light flashed like a sudden ray of light, yet it caused a bloody head to fly into the air as another Earthly Immortal Realm expert died miserably.

Dong Yunhai and the others were furious, and they practically couldn’t believe that merely a single young woman had actually utterly suppressed them to the point they weren’t even able to fight back.

The dark blue blade lights were too terrifying. They were in the form of crescents, and they were peerlessly fierce and seemed capable of slashing through everything in the world.

“AH!!” Another shrill cry sounded out as another Earthly Immortal Realm expert wasn’t able to dodge in time, causing his body to be slashed into two at the waist, and multicolored internal organs mixed with blood poured all over the ground. The smell of blood assaulted the nose, and it was nauseating.

At this moment, Dong Yunhai and the other two that remained finally felt terrified, and they sensed lethal danger. The woman seemed to be only at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, yet her combat strength wasn’t inferior to the 7th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. She was simply like a female maleficent existence!

“Hmm? I remember now! That young woman is the daughter of the previous Patriarch — Cui Qingning! She has come for the sake of ruining the Ancestral Worship Ceremony!” The expression of one of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts turned grim as he recognized Cui Qingning’s identity.

But his voice had just finished resounding out when his figure was slashed into two by a sharp dark blue blade light that was an entire 30m long, and he perished on the spot.

“Flee! Quickly inform the Second Elder! The situation is bad!!” Dong Yunhai roared with a grim voice while his figure flashed and charged towards the city.

On the other hand, the other Earthly Immortal Realm expert didn’t need his notification at all. This Earthly Immortal Realm expert’s will to fight had crumbled from fear a long time ago and he fled in terror.

But right at this moment, Chen Xi who’d been moving forward silently all along suddenly raised his head, and then a wisp of a piercingly cold bolt of lightning flashed within his eyes.

In the next instant, a shapeless forcefield instantly enveloped the surroundings and sealed up the surrounding space, whereas Dong Yunhai and the other Earthly Immortal Realm expert had just executed teleportation techniques when they were shackled in space.

The Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s peak-grade Dao Art — Grand Confinement Dao Art!

Bang! Bang!

Two clear bangs resounded out as space shattered, and the figures of Dong Yunhai and the other Earthly Immortal Realm expert had already transformed into tiny pieces of blood and flesh that rained down to the ground.

Killing was just so simple.

At this moment, a single thought of Chen Xi’s could cause a myriad of techniques to be executed and bring obliteration to all things. So dealing with two 5th level Earthly Immortal Realm experts was no different from crushing two ants to death to Chen Xi.

In merely less than ten minutes of time, the east entrance to Violetsilk City had fallen. The city wall had crumbled, the ground had cracked apart, and it seemed like an enormous hole had been torn apart forcefully by the hands of god.

The forces that were on guard before the entrance had been completely annihilated!

At this moment, Chen Xi was holding the young woman’s hand and had just stepped foot on the straight street within the city that was paved with limestones. His figure was extraordinary, and a long shadow was drawn out behind him by the violet sunlight from above.

Sunlight descended onto Cui Qingning’s young face, yet there was no noticeable fear or excitement on her face. There was only calmness like the surface of water, and she revealed a tranquil feeling.

Her gaze would only reveal an extremely bright glow when she raised her face to look at Chen Xi.

Bei Ling walked at the other side of the young woman. She wore black tight clothes, and she possessed an icy cold appearance and a graceful and extraordinary figure.

This was an extremely shocking scene.

Amidst the crumbled entrance, empty streets, and deathly silent world, three people walked side by side and seemed to intend to go against the entire world.



The Cui Clan Estate resided at the center of Violetsilk City, and it occupied an innumerable area of land. It was covered in pavilions and reflected the profundities of the universe, causing it to forcefully transform the entire Cui Clan Estate into a paradise.

An ancient limestone sacrificial altar stood towering at the southwest area of the estate. The limestone’s surface was mottled, and it emitted an ancient aura as if it had existed since ancient times.

A flat and clean square lay before the sacrificial altar, and it was sufficient to accommodate ten thousand people.

The yearly Ancestral Worship Ceremony was held here.

At this moment, no matter if one was a direct descendant of the Cui Clan or not, so long as the blood of the Cui Clan ran in their veins, all of them stood silently and solemnly according to seniority before the sacrificial altar. Everywhere that met the eye was a dense mass of people, and they revealed a solemn and vast aura.

Those that stood right before the sacrificial altar were all the higher-ups of the Cui Clan. There were both men and women amongst them, and of them had restrained bearings that were like an abyss. In the outside world, they were sufficient to become formidable existence that held great responsibility.

However, at this moment, they were similarly standing solemnly, and they didn’t dare reveal any disrespect.

Amongst them was the Second Elder, Cui Fangjun. He stood at the position that was closest to the center, and everyone else in the surroundings faintly seemed like a host of stars that were surrounding a bright moon. This imperceptibly proved exactly how monstrous the authority Cui Fangjun possessed in the Cui Clan was.

But there were a few figures in the row closest to the sacrificial altar that didn’t conform to the crowd. The person in the lead was a dignified middle aged man, and his appearance was 60 or 70% similar to Cui Ming. However, at this moment, his brows were knit tightly together, and he had an extremely gloomy expression.

He was Cui Ming’s father, the Cui Clan’s Third Elder, Cui Fanghu!

In terms of personal strength, he was even more formidable than the Second Elder. But he had no interest towards power, and the only thing he sought was the Martial Dao. He was a figure in the Cui Clan that was renowned for slaughtering boldly.

“The Ancestral Worship Ceremony is about to begin in another two hours and forty five minutes. At that time, the Martial Uncles and Ancestor of the clan that were in seclusion would make an appearance. If Qingning doesn’t return by then, then I’m afraid…” A voice resounded by Cui Fanghu’s ear. He didn’t have to turn his head to know that the person who spoke was his youngest brother, Cui Fangtu.

“So long as she’s alive, she’ll surely return!” Cui Fanghu said resolutely, “Even though she’s young, Qingning is soft on the outside and firm on the inside. Moreover, she possesses a firm disposition. So long as she returns, let me see if Second Brother dares to continue doing as he pleases!”

“But the entirety of Violetsilk City has been placed into lockdown now, whereas we’ve been placed into house arrest as well. How will Qingning return?” Cui Fangtu sighed with a frown on his face.

“Then we’ll just have to see if the heavens give us face.” Cui Fanghu took a deep breath as he raised his head to gaze at the sky.

“Actually, the thing I’m most worried about isn’t all this.” After he hesitated for a short moment, Cui Fangtu couldn’t refrain from saying. “I’ worried that Second Brother will seize this opportunity to…suppress all of us!”

Cui Fanghu went silent, and he said after a long time, “There’s no need to worry. I’ll endure everything if it really comes to that.”

Cui Fangtu was stunned, and he was just about to send a voice transmission to say something.

Right at this moment, a figure ran over hastily and directly arrived before the Second Elder, Cui Fangjun. It was unknown what the figure had told Cui Fangjun, but his expression sank in the next moment.

This scene drew the attention of many people amidst this deathly silent and solemn atmosphere, and they couldn’t help but be slightly bewildered when they saw this. Could it be that something has occurred?

After that, Cui Fangjun’s expression had already recovered its calm, and he instructed the people by his side before a few eighth level Earthly Immortal Realm inner court elders turned around and left.

Everyone was in an uproar.

This was the Ancestral Worship Ceremony, so unless a major unexpected event occurred, otherwise no one could leave arbitrarily before it ended. This was a rule set by the ancestor of the Cui Clan.

Yet now, there were actually a few inner court elders that had left hastily, so didn’t this mean that something major had occurred?

“Hmm? Third Brother, do you think it’s related to Qingning?” Cui Fangtu’s eyes lit up.

Cui Fanghu’s expression remained gloomy as he said, “The person in the lead of those who left was Cui Lengzhong, and he has always been serving in the Punishment Bureau. Besides that, the others were all Peak Sovereigns at the Earthly Immortal Realm as well. Could it be that he deployed such a great force to obstruct Qingning that’s only around the age of twelve?”

Cui Fangtu frowned, and his expression dimmed down.

It made sense when he thought about it. This was Violetsilk City, and it was firmly controlled by the Second Elder and tightly locked down at this moment. Now, Second Elder had deployed a terrifying force. If it was merely for the sake of dealing with Cui Qingning, then he was really mobilizing too many troops.

“However, we can’t rule out the possibility because the little girl actually didn’t suffer any mishaps after travelling all the way until now. Perhaps she received the assistance of an expert.” Cui Fanghu’s tone changed, and he pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “But no matter what, it’s good so long as there’s a variable. The greater the variable, the greater the opportunity it can provide us.”

Cui Fangtu thought for a moment and sighed lightly. “I only hope that this internal strife doesn’t harm the foundation of our Cui Clan…”

Cui Fanghu patted Cui Fangtu on the shoulder when he heard this, and he didn’t say anything further.



Chen Xi raised his head to glance at the sky above him, and the violet colored sun was gradually moving towards the center of the sky.

There was another two hours left.

They weren’t too late.

He glanced at the young woman by his side and said, “Once a battle erupts later, you won’t blame me for harming some family and friends of yours, right?”

Cui Qingning shook her head. “My heart wouldn’t ache even if you annihilated all of them.”

This reply caused Chen Xi to be stunned. He knew very well that Cui Qingning had really changed, and she wasn’t that kind and pure ignorant young woman from before.


Bei Ling raised her hand and casually waved it, causing a dark blue blade light to flash. After that, a string of muffled groans sounded out within the shadows of a building at the side of the street.

“This is already the thirteenth batch since we entered the city. Unfortunately, their strengths are too inferior, and they’re like utter trash. Their actions are simply no different from giving their lives away, and it isn’t challenging in the slightest.” Bei Ling knit her beautiful brows together and said in a light voice, “Could it be that the experts of the Cui Clan can really bear to see their subordinates giving their lives away in batches?”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle because he never expected that someone who was icy cold like Bei Ling would actually have such a mad side once she entered into battle.

He was just about to say something when his brows raised, and then he said, “The experts have arrived.”

Swish! Swish!

As soon as he finished speaking, the sound of space being torn apart suddenly resounded out. After that, five mighty figures emerged from the rift in space in single file. All of their bodies emanated boundless divine radiance and vast divine might, causing them to seem like rising scorching suns.

Bei Ling’s brows knit together even more tightly when she saw this, and then she said helplessly in the end, “This won’t do. I’m not a match for them.”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Then leave it to me.”

His voice was flat, and it seemed as if he was speaking about an extremely ordinary matter.

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