Chapter 961 – Flare Godfist

Ten days later.

Chen Xi woke up from his meditation, and as his eyes blinked, two strands of blazing flames surged out from within them. If one were to look carefully, it seemed as if two paths that were illuminated by fire had been paved within his eyes, and they connected the heavens and the earth and intended to burn the heavens.


He stood up and stretched before his backbone seemed like a dragon that swung its tail while his elbow seemed like an old turtle that had settle in within its shell, and he punched in an extremely simple manner. Even though it didn’t contain a trace of Immortal Energy, it shook space to the point that circle after circle of ripples surged out like the tide.

It was the might of his fist, and it contained the aura of the Paramita Dao Insight, causing it to be deep, vast, and awe-inspiring!


His back straightened like a spear while he clenched his fingers together, and then he swung out his fist like a spear that caused an extremely astonishing sight of space shattering like glass.

He hadn’t utilized any Immortal Energy when he struck this punch either, and merely the Fist Insight it emanated had easily shattered space!

Chen Xi seemed as if he didn’t notice all of this, and his figure moved about through every inch of space in the room as he executed a profound and unfathomable fist technique.

Space shattered, yet the room was unharmed.

Fist Insight surged, yet it didn’t effuse out in the slightest.

When looked at from afar, the punches he struck were like numerous paths that led to hell, and they carried profundity that shook the soul.

This was the Flare Godfist!

A supreme Dao Art that was recorded on the second page of the Netherworld Register!

This fist technique seized the fortune of the heavens and the earth to merge the Paramita Grand Dao with Fist Insight, and its might was extremely terrifying when executed along with the Grand Rebirth Technique.

When cultivated to a supreme level, a single punch was even capable of creating a path illuminated by fire that connected the heavens and the earth, and everywhere the might of one’s punch arrived, the souls of all living beings would be drowned!

Similarly, this fist scripture was a supreme technique that the Third Netherworld Emperor was renowned for, and it had once left behind deep marks in the annals of history in the Netherworld.

If I had a little bit more time to merge the Paramita Dao Insight into the Dao of Talismans, then the might of the Flare Godfist would probably be even stronger… Chen Xi withdrew the might of his fist and stood on the spot while he carefully felt the subtle changes in his strength.

After a long time, his expression recovered its calm, and he pushed open the door and left.

The Cui Clan’s Ancestral Worship Ceremony was being held today, and according to what Cui Qingning said, the ceremony would be held late in the morning today. Presently, there was less than four hours left before this time arrived.

In the courtyard, Bei Ling and Cui Qingning were already well prepared long ago.

Bei Ling wore black colored tight clothes that vividly drew out her graceful figure, and she seemed valiant and heroic. Coupled with her peerlessly beautiful appearance that was cold as ice, she revealed shocking beauty that was unique to her.

On the other hand, Cui Qingning was completely different from before. Even though the small face of this young woman that was around the age of twelve was still pale as before, her expression was tranquil while she revealed a focused bearing, and it actually caused others to be unable to see through exactly what she was thinking in her heart.

This sort of change had occurred since she found out about the news of Gu Tian’s death.

Up until now, even Chen Xi sometimes couldn’t avoid having the impression that he wasn’t facing a young woman around the age of twelve, but an extremely shrewd adult.

Moreover, Cui Qingning only revealed a slight grin when she was facing him and Bei Ling, and she was like a statue that was completely emotionless and without feeling at any other time.

“Let’s go.” Chen Xi glanced at Bei Ling and Cui Qingning, and he didn’t say anything else because those simple two words had already said everything.


In the next moment, Chen Xi tore through space and vanished instantly with the two of them.


Violetsilk City.

The extremely bustling streets that were usually streaming with people were extremely deserted now. The various stores, inns, and restaurants had closed their doors, whereas the Nether Spirits that loved to wander about all over seemed as if they’d vanished into thin air.

All four entrances to the city were guarded by row after row of elite guards, and every single entrance had at least five Earthly Immortal Realm experts present there.

Entrance was prohibited, and so was exit.

Simply speaking, the city was on lockdown!

Figures could only be seen outside the city. But they seemed to have already become accustomed to this a long time ago, and they didn’t reveal any surprise or frustration.

The reason was extremely simple, today was the day of the Cui Clan’s yearly Ancestral Worship Ceremony!

The Cui Clan was a peak power even in the entire Netherworld, and it controlled the Punishment Bureau, causing its status to be even higher than the Six Paths of Hell.

Moreover, Violetsilk City was the place the Cui Clan originated from. Since the ancient times until now, it had always been firmly controlled in the hands of the Cui Clan. So it was extremely normal for the Cui Clan to lockdown the city for the sake of smoothly carrying out the Ancestral Worship Ceremony.

Not to mention the Ancestral Worship Ceremony this year was unlike the previous years, and it was related to the inheritance of the position of Patriarch in the Cui Clan. So it might cause a bloody conflict to erupt. Thus, the guard the Cui Clan set up on Violetsilk City had arrived at an unprecedented height.

It was quickly almost noon. The violet sun hung high in the horizon and effused a dim glow.

Before the east entrance to Violetsilk City.

The Cui Clan’s Guest Elder Dong Yunhai and four other elders were garrisoned here, and their strengths were all around the fifth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.

In their vicinity was a troop of elite guards that were five hundred strong, and they took turns to guard the entrance.

Not to mention a single person, even a fly couldn’t pass through such a formidable array.

“Looks like nothing unexpected will occur, and Second Elder can receive the position of Patriarch in peace.” Dong Yunhai lay on a rocking chair before the entrance, and he narrowed his eyes while speaking slowly. His figure was thin, his nose was high, and he had hawk-like eyes. He seemed to be relaxed, yet he revealed a capable and cold bearing.

“Hehe! Of course! Does anyone in the entire Netherworld not know that today is the day of our Cui Clan’s Ancestral Worship Ceremony? So long as one isn’t an idiot, no one would dare come cause trouble.” Another Earthly Immortal Realm expert roared with laughter.

“It’s better to carefully take precautions. None of us will be able to bear the consequences if any mistake occurs.” Another one of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts reminded.

“Right, Big Brother Dong, I heard that Second Elder will make an example out of Third Elder during the Ancestral Worship Ceremony this time, and he’ll completely crush all those related to the Third Elder. I wonder if it’s true?” Someone asked abruptly.

Dong Yunhai’s eyes narrowed, and he pondered deeply before he said, “Perhaps. After all, it’s common knowledge that the Third Elder had always been at odds with Second Elder, and he privately supported the daughter left behind by the last Patriarch to inherit the position of Patriarch. This violated a taboo to most of the clansmen of the Cui Clan.”

“What taboo?”

“Do you think that if a woman took over the position of Patriarch, she would be able to control the Punishment Bureau?” Dong Yunhai replied with a question, and then he sighed lightly and said, “The divergence in the clan came from this. I remember that young woman is only around twelve, yet she just happened to possess a special bloodline and was born fated with the Judgment Dao Insight. It was precisely because of this that she won the support of any elders.”

“Haha! It’s only a little girl. No matter how unique her natural talent is, how could she compare to the outstanding ability of the Second Elder?” The others chuckled and deeply agreed in succession.

Dong Yunhai couldn’t help but shake his head when he heard the discussions of everyone because he knew that the little girl would probably be unable to return anymore, so continuing to compare her with the Second Elder was meaningless.


Right at this moment, space shook before three figures appeared outside the east entrance.

It was a handsome young man, a cold woman, and a young woman. If it was in the past, these three people wouldn’t draw much attention.

But at this moment, the area outside the east entrance was completely empty, so the appearance of these three people seemed to be extremely striking, and it instantly alarmed everyone outside the entrance.

These three people were naturally Chen Xi, Bei Ling, and Cui Qingning.

“The three of you, listen up! The city is on lockdown today. Leave right away, otherwise, die!” A guard on the city wall berated in a loud voice. Even if he was clearly aware that only Earthly Immortal Realm experts were capable of teleporting, but as a guard of the Cui Clan, he was utterly unafraid.

Moreover, not to mention there were five Guest Elders of the Cui Clan present at the entrance, and merely their identities was sufficient to awe others to the point of having no choice but to be fearful.

Because they were members of the Cui Clan.

It was just so simple.

On lockdown? That Second Elder is really a great figure, he continues to fight and make arrangements without being discouraged after failing repeatedly. Chen Xi shook his head before he headed towards the entrance of the city with Bei Ling and Cui Qingning.

“Bastard! Could it be that you’re deaf!? Leave now!” A group of Cui Clan guards were agitated and berated sternly.

From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi paid no attention to all of this, and he continued heading towards the entrance.

“Refusal to submit leads to death! Kill!” A guard roared before a few hundred guards that wore fine armor appeared on the city wall with a swish. All of them drew their bows and nocked their arrows before they released the force of their arm, causing numerous arrows to swoosh out.

The arrows tore through the sky and emanated sharp whistling and strong winds. They carried peerless might as they enveloped down like a black cloud.


Chen Xi’s body suddenly surged with a shapeless force field that expanded out with a bang, and it instantly blasted back those arrows that covered the heavens and the earth.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

Numerous rains of scarlet blood appeared on the city wall. Those guards were caught off guard, and their heads were penetrated by the arrows, causing them to emit miserable shrill cries as they perished.

In merely the time of a single breath, the city wall was already dyed red in blood and covered in corpses. There were at least a few hundred that had perished.

This scene instantly terrified those guards that hadn’t drawn their bows to suddenly let out sharp cries, and their legs trembled while they were actually terrified to the point of wetting themselves.

“Junior, how dare you!?” A violet cloud that was coiled by lightning enveloped down. Divine light soared from it, and it effused a myriad of rays of violet brilliance as if enveloped down towards Chen Xi.

The person that attacked was an emaciated idle aged man that dragged along mountain shaped magic treasure in his hand. Violet lightning surged while Immortal Energy coiled around it, and the entire violet cloud was created by him.

“You don’t know what’s good for you!” Bei Ling formed a blade with her fingers when facing this, and then she slashed out a dark blue strand of blade qi. 


It slashed the expanse of violet clouds into pieces before its peerlessly sharp edge struck down towards the emaciated middle aged man’s head.

The emaciated middle aged man was shocked, and he hurriedly utilized the mountain shaped magic treasure in his hand and smashed it down fiercely at the strand of blade qi.


The both of them collided like volcanoes colliding with each other, and the collision emanated dazzling brilliance and deafening rumbling.

However, before the emaciated middle aged man could heave a sigh of relief, he saw the dark blue blade qi he shattered had actually transformed into strands of dark blue light that enveloped him like an array of stars that covered the sky.


In the next moment, his entire body had exploded, and he perished on the spot!

This scene caused the pupils of Dong Yunhai and the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts to constrict, and they knew that these people had come with ill intent. Moreover, these people possessed extremely formidable strength.

“Fellow Daoist, stay your hand! May I know why you’ve come to my Violetsilk City?” Dong Yunhai didn’t dare be disrespectful, and he flashed forward while he spoke with a voice that rumbled like a thunderclap as it spread out towards the surroundings.

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