Chapter 960 – Thousandeye Ghost Ape

In the third room on the fifth floor of Omniscient Pavilion.

The black robed man slowly sat down behind the table before he raised his eyes to glance at the steaming hot tea on the table, and he thought in his heart. At this moment, that little fellow would probably already be trapped within the Bloodtransformation Divinelight Formation. Perhaps the outcome will be determined in another ten minutes.

When he thought up to here, he flicked his sleeve and then a figure fell down to kneel on the ground with a thump.

This person had grey hair and an aged appearance. As soon as he appeared, he roared furiously with the intention of rising from the ground, yet the black robed man stomped on his face and completely suppressed him on the ground.

“Mo Kun, you geezer. Didn’t I just borrow this room for a moment? Is there any need to be so furious?” The black robed man chuckled and spoke slowly.

“This is the Omniscient Pavilion. So do you think you’ll be able to survive after you offended me?” Mo Kun’s eyes almost split apart as he stared fixedly at the black robed man, and he roared with a hoarse voice.

He’d stopped struggling because the black robed man’s strength was too much stronger than him, so struggling was useless.

“I’m handling something on behalf of the Cui Clan, and I’ll be returning to the Cui Clan once everything is done. At that time, your Omniscient Pavilion will have to go through the Cui Clan in order to capture me.” The black robed man raised the tea cup as he slowly blew on it and said, “Moreover, you’re merely a small elder of the Omniscient Pavilion. Do you think that they’ll stand up for you?”

The Cui Clan!

Mo Kun’s expression changed indeterminately when he heard this, and then he said abruptly after a short period of time, “You took the appearance of Hall Master Ren of the Omniscient Pavilion’s Netherdark Hall. Could it be that you’re not worried that he’ll look for trouble with you?”

“Idiot. To think that you’re an elder of the Omniscient Pavilion. Could it be that you don’t understand that since I’m able to take the appearance of that old fellow, Ren Changfeng, I naturally am capable of taking the appearance of another? At that time, would anyone be able to discover my identity?” The black robed man said proudly, “Not to mention, besides fellows that possess the Eye of Divine Truth, the Flaming Golden Eyes, or the Ghastlysun Jade Eyes, even a Heavenly Immortal would find it difficult to discern my identity?”

Mo Kun’s face sank, and then he seemed to have thought of something and said with shock, “You’re surnamed Hou, could it be that you’re a descendant of the Thousandeye Ghost Ape Clan?”

Thousandeye Ghost Apes were an unusual race that had become extinct in the Netherworld a long time ago. They were like vicious apes in appearance, yet their bodies were covered in strange eyes and possessed an ultimate innate ability, God Mirroring Technique!

After they executed this technique, Thousandeye Ghost Apes were capable of transforming into anyone in the world. Moreover, the aura, appearance, and even voice of the person would be completely copied without the slightest difference. So even gods were unable to distinguish it, causing it to be rather terrifying.

But a very long time ago, an elder of the Thousandeye Ghost Ape Clan had taken the appearance of the Third Netherworld Emperor and caused extreme trouble. In the end, he infuriated the Netherworld Emperor and the clan suffered the calamity of annihilation.

Since then, it was extremely difficult to see traces of the Thousandeye Ghost Ape Clan in the Netherworld.

“You were actually able to see through my identity. Looks like members of your Omniscient Pavilion does know something. Unfortunately, it’s too late, and it makes no difference to the situation.” The black robed man chuckled and didn’t care at all.

“It really is like that. I never expected that the Cui Clan actually dared to go against the orders of the Netherworld Emperor and took in a descendant of the Thousandeye Ghost Ape Clan. If the Emperor was still alive, he would surely wipe out the entire Cui Clan!” Mo Kun gritted his teeth while he revealed dense resentment and anger.

As soon as these words were spoken, the black robed man seemed as if a scar in his heart had been torn open, and he suddenly stomped on Mo Kun before he cried out resentfully in a sharp voice. “The Netherworld Emperor? That old geezer that deserves to be sliced into a thousand pieces has already been annihilated by the gods of the world. Even his corpse was obliterated. What’s the point in mentioning him!?”

The force he exerted was extremely great, and it pressed down onto Mo Kun to the point that countless bones in his entire body broke. Mo Kun curled up on the ground in pain, yet no matter how he struggled, he was unable to escape, and he fell unconscious in the end.

After he finished venting the flames of rage in his heart, the black robed man, Hou Zhan, finished the tea in his cup before he muttered. Why is there still no news? Nevermind, there’s no need to continue waiting so as to avoid anything unexpected from happening.

He stood up as he spoke, and then lowered his head and stared at Mo Kun who as on the ground while killing intent suddenly appeared in his eyes.


Right at this moment, the door to the room was pushed open before a tall figure that had a calm expression and a handsome appearance walked in. It was precisely Chen Xi.

He glanced at Mo Kun who was on the ground before taking a glance at the black robed man, and then a wisp of a piercingly cold arc couldn’t help but arise on the corners of his mouth. “Sorry, but you won’t be able to escape.”

Hou Zhan was stunned, and then he suddenly said with a smile, “Fellow Daoist, you returned so quickly. Have you already investigated the whereabouts of the Netherworld Disk?”

As he spoke, he suddenly exerted force with his leg with the intention of wiping out Mo Kun’s life. But before he could complete his actions, he felt his leg shake as an enormous force that was impossible to resist assaulted him, causing his entire body to stagger back and almost fall to the ground.

On the other hand, Mo Kun had already been rescued by Chen Xi and brought to his side.

“You deceived me, then intended to kill someone before my eyes. Aren’t you being too presumptuous?” Chen Xi’s gaze was icy cold as he glanced indifferently at Mo Zhan.

“Fellow Daoist! What’s the meaning of this?” Mo Zhan spoke with a low voice.

“Alright! Since you’re still acting ignorant, then I’ll let you die an enlightened man.” Chen Xi flicked his sleeve.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

A wave of muffled bangs sounded out as over 10 bloody heads appeared on the table before Hou Zhan and were lined up in a row. They seemed to have encountered extreme terror before their death, causing all their appearances to be warped and covered in horror while revealing unwillingness and despair.

Hou Zhan’s entire body froze when he saw this scene, and then he said after a short moment, “Who’re all these people? Why do I not know any one of them?”

“These are all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts in the Heroes Pavilion. Unfortunately, they didn’t know the whereabouts of the Netherworld Disk, so I could only return to look for you,” said Chen Xi with an icy cold voice. He couldn’t be bothered to care about whether the black robed man continued to feign ignorance or not, and he said directly, “If you don’t give me an explanation today, then I guarantee that the consequences you face will be even more horrifying than theirs.”

“Fellow Daoist, what’re you saying? Why don’t I understand?” Hou Zhan forced out a smile as he spoke.

“This is the Omniscient Pavilion. I presume you’re very worried about being noticed by them as well, right?” Chen Xi suddenly started laughing before slowly closing the door with a backhanded push.

Hou Zhan’s heart jerked when he saw the grin on Chen Xi’s face, yet he still said, “I’m an elder of the Omniscient Pavilion. How could I harm one of my own?”

“We’ll know whether you’re afraid or not with a test.” Chen Xi smiled even more brilliantly.

In the next moment, a miserable and shrill cry suddenly sounded out within the room, and it continued for the time for an entire incense stick to burn. The cry was extremely horrifying, and it could cause the countenance of anyone to go pale.

But not a sound could be heard from outside the room because this was the Omniscient Pavilion. Every single room had restrictions set up within it, and it caused even Immortal Perception to be impossible to enter, let alone sound?

“I’ll speak! Please, I beg you to let me off…” Hou Zhan’s miserable and despaired howl sounded out within the room, and then all sound stopped abruptly.

Hou Zhan’s entire body was bloody as he knelt on the ground. His face was mangled while inch by inch of his skin had been charred. At this moment, even if he were to remove the black robe, there would probably be no one that recognized him.

“You better be truthful. Don’t force me to search your soul because that feeling of overwhelming pain is something that you might know better than me.” Chen Xi sat on the chair before him and gazed silently at Hou Zhan.

Hou Zhan’s entire body trembled while the gaze he shot at Chen Xi seemed as if he was looking at a devil that would stop at nothing, and it revealed dense terror and horror.

At this moment, he didn’t dare conceal anything and confessed without holding anything back.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly surprised when he finished hearing what Hou Zhan had to say.

Even though he’d guessed since the beginning that the Cui Clan’s Second Elder would surely utilize extremely forceful methods to stop Cui Qingning from entering Violetsilk City, yet he still never expected that the Cui Clan’s Second Elder would set up large numbers of forces in all 380 cities within the Six Path Royal Region because this force had already exceeded the scope of the word ‘terrifying.’

This obviously showed that as one of the formidable powers in the Netherworld, the Cui Clan’s resources and reserves were extremely deep and terrifying.

“As for the Netherworld Disk, it was privately lent to the Second King of Hell, King Chu Jiang, by Second Elder Cui Fangjun. Even the ancestor of the Cui Clan doesn’t know about this, and the person in charge of this matter was me…” Hou Zhan had indeed been tortured to the point of being terrified. Earlier, Chen Xi didn’t hold any hopes at all towards finding out about the whereabouts of the Netherworld Disk, yet he never imagined that Hou Zhan would actually give him a pleasant surprise.

Through the fluctuations of Hou Zhan’s soul, Chen Xi was aware that Hou Zhan hadn’t lied.

As for why King Chu Jiang would want to lend the Netherworld Disk from Cui Fangjun, it was actually very easy to guess. It was surely because King Chu Jiang had received the instructions of Bing Shitian, and it was for the sake of relying on the might of the Netherworld Disk to bring Qing Xiuyi into the Netherworld at the critical moment!

King Chu Jiang!

Cui Fangjun!

Very good! You two actually dared to interfere in the matters between me and Bing Shitian, then wait to suffer the consequences of offending me!

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi’s expression became even gloomier, and his gaze was ghastly and filled with killing intent.

“I’ve told you everything I know. I beg you, kill me! Please don’t continue torturing me!” Hou Zhan was utterly terrified when he saw Chen Xi’s expression change indeterminately, and he begged repeatedly for death.

“Death?” Chen Xi stared at him for a short moment before he swung a slap at Hou Zhan to directly knock Hou Zhan out. After that, Chen Xi restrained Hou Zhan and tossed him into the Buddha’s Pagoda.

At the first floor of the Omniscient Pavilion, the old man behind the table that was in charge of receiving guests had a calm expression, and he was still looking through the accounts meticulously.

Chen Xi walked forward and knocked the table before he said, “I suggest that you better to take a look at the third room on the fifth floor right now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi’s figure had vanished.

The old man raised his head with displeasure, and he muttered with a frown. “Nonsense. Would anyone in the Netherworld dare to cause trouble in my Omniscient Pavilion?”

He lowered his head and intended to continue looking through the accounts once more, yet he couldn’t help but keep feeling slight anxiousness. He couldn’t help but rub his brows with irritation, and then stood up before walking towards the fifth floor with large strides.

After a short moment, a furious shout suddenly sounded out from the passageway in the fifth floor. “What? The Cui Clan took in a Thousandeye Ghost Ape? Damnable bastard! He actually dared to humiliate and bully an elder of my Omniscient Pavilion! We absolutely can’t take this lying down!”

After that, everything returned to silence.


Chen Xi chose to enter into closed door cultivation after he returned to the Young Phoenix Residence.

The Ancestral Worship Ceremony of the Cui Clan was in ten days. It wasn’t a long time, yet it wasn’t short as well. At that time, he would bring Cui Qingning along and kill his way into Violetsilk City!

Before that, he intended to work hard to bring himself to his peak state.

The Cui Clan was a dragon’s lair!

With Chen Xi’s confidence towards his current strength and coupled with the assistance of the tiny cauldron, he still had to make complete preparations.

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