Chapter 96 - A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (Part 1)

Chapter 96 - A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (Part 1)

The Li Clan was situated at the east of Pine Mist City, and it occupied an area of over 600 km. Its structure was magnificent and lofty, containing artificial mountains and flowing water, waterside pavilions, and zigzagged walkways were distributed in a well-proportioned manner. At the center was even a lake that occupied an area of 500km. It was a picturesque scene with servants that were numerous like the clouds, and it possessed the atmosphere of a rich and powerful clan.

At this moment, within the great hall.

It wasn’t Li Yizhen that sat at the host’s seat but it was Li Ming instead.

“How is it? Is there any news from the Su Clan? Didn’t Su Jiao return already? I’ve helped her kill over 10,000 people, could it be that she still won’t agree to marry me?” He was drinking the fine wine in his cup, yet Li Ming’s expression was extremely gloomy, and his entire body possessed a bloody and ruthless aura that caused him to seem extremely fierce.

Sweat streamed down the face of Manager Wu who was nearby, and he hurriedly explained. “The Su Clan is extremely satisfied with our actions. But they said Young Master must acquire a place in the top ten ranks of the Hidden Dragon Rankings next year, and only then would Young Master have the qualifications to marry Miss Su.”

“Hidden Dragon Rankings?” Li Ming spoke in amazement.

In the southern territory’s Dragon Lake City, the eight great sects, six great clans, and three great institutions would join together every 10 years to hold a competition, and they used this to pick the experts in the younger generation that possessed natural talent that swept through all opposition.

The entry threshold for the Hidden Dragon Rankings was extremely high, it required that young cultivators must attain the Violet Palace Realm before the age of 30 to possess the qualifications to participate.

The young cultivators ranked in the top 100 were able to obtain the reward of a huge amount of medicinal pills and cultivation techniques.

Those ranked in the top 50 would even obtain formidable Magic Treasures as their reward.

Those ranked in the top 10 already possessed the qualifications to be absorbed into one of the eight great sects, six great clans, or three great institutions to become a core disciple.

Those ranked in the top 3 would instead be taken as closed door disciples by great Rebirth Realm cultivators!

After all, the entire southern territory possessed a population of tens of billions, and selecting the strongest 100 young experts from this tens of billions of people was a great honor that would tempt anyone.

So much so, that even some of the ordinary disciples and core disciples from the eight great sects, six great clans, and three great institutions would participate in the Hidden Dragon Ranking. On one hand, it was to make a name for themselves, on the other hand, it was for the sake of obtaining even more resources or taking some formidable cultivator as their Master.

At the same time that the rewards were tempting, the competition was extremely harsh and brutal as well.

“Young Master, with your natural talent, your strength would surely advance a level after a year of bitter cultivating. There is great hope for Young Master to participate in the Hidden Dragon Rankings and rank amongst the top ten.” Manager Wu flattered with a smile.

“Hmph! There are tens of billions of people in the southern territory, and geniuses are innumerable like a school of carps moving down a river. That Hidden Dragon Ranking competition isn’t as simple as you think.” Li Ming snorted coldly, then spoke arrogantly. “However, since the Su Clan has put this request forward, I naturally have to work hard and advance my cultivation. For the sake of Miss Su, I must charge into the top ten of the Hidden Dragon Rankings!”

“This old servant will first congratulate Young Master to win from the very start, greatly display your martial prowess and become famous throughout the world!” Manage Wu let loose a wave of flattery, and it caused Li Ming to raise his head and ceaselessly roar with laughter.

“Report! Young Master, Chen Xi has returned! He’s returned!” It was at this moment that a guard ran swiftly into the great hall and cried out loudly.

Chen Xi!

Li Ming swiftly stood up with an expression of wild joy, then he laughed loudly. “Good! Good! Good! This kid has returned at long last. Capturing him and sending him to the Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan would undoubtedly be a great merit!”

“Where’s Chen Xi?” asked Manager Wu.

“He… He’ll be approaching our Li Clan right away!” The guard wiped off the sweat on his forehead and replied while breathing heavily.

“He’s giving himself up?” Manager Wu was stunned, then sneered silently. “He’s truly courting death. Looks like he’s already noticed that his home has been destroyed and all the people close to him have lost their lives. He wants to trespass into my Li Clan by himself? Perhaps he’s already lost his head to rage, and that’s why he’s doing such a stupid thing, right?”

“This trash isn’t worthy of me making a move myself. Manager Wu, you take along my Li Clan’s elite guards and quickly capture him. Remember, you must not injure him. HAHAHA!” Li Ming waved his hand indifferently, as now that he’d advanced to the Violet Palace Realm, he naturally wouldn’t take Chen Xi seriously.

Before the Li Clan’s front door.

Two squads of 1,000 plus black clothed troops were lined up in proper order and wore black armor and white armor respectively. They were created from the most elite disciples of the Li Clan, with a cultivation at least at the Congenital Realm. The highest even possessed a cultivation at the perfection stage of the Congenital Realm.

They were the Unicorn Guard and Whitemail Guard that were well renowned within Pine Mist City. At the same time, they were the core strength of the number one clan in Pine Mist City, the Li Clan.

At this moment, they held heavy crossbows in their hands and had sabers hanging at their waists. They stood there with solemn and respectful expressions, like two army squadrons that were adept in battle. The cold killing intent from their entire bodies were mixed together, and when seen from afar by an ordinary person, it would cause the person to be scared stiff.

The heavy crossbows in their hands was called the Flyingsoul Heavy Crossbow. The arrows were like spears that possessed a range of 500km, and when 1,000 people shot in unison, it was even able to annihilate a Violet Palace Realm cultivator!

The sabers that hung at their waists were called Tigerstab. They was made from Dark Steel and were sharp and tough, and could compare to a graded Magic Treasure. When 2,000 people swung their sabers together, they were able to instantly form a Yin-Yang Thousandblade Formation. In the history of the Li Clan, this formation had successfully annihilated invading enemies on many occasions, and the reason was that it was powerful and dominating with extraordinary might.

Manager Wu stood with his hands behind his back, and a trace of worry was contained within his heart.

At the Spiritcave Lake one year ago, he’d once lead a squad of guards for the sake of offering tributes to the Violet Rhino greater demon, yet he’d unexpectedly encountered Chen Xi. What caused him to be unable to believe it, was that Chen Xi’s Congenital Realm cultivation was actually able to kill the numerous guards like sweeping through dry leaves, and even forced him to have no choice but to flee.

Later on, he even heard that the Violet Rhino greater demon was killed by Chen Xi, and from that time onwards, he was even more afraid of Chen Xi’s strength in his heart.

Whereas now, one year had already passed. Would this fellow’s cultivation have improved?

Manager Wu was unable to be sure, but when he saw the two squads of guards with an imposing aura that shot into the sky like a rainbow, the last strand of worry in his heart vanished without a trace.

The fully deployed Unicorn Guard and Whitemail Guard was sufficient to annihilate an ordinary Violet Palace Realm cultivator. Chen Xi came here alone, do I even have to be worried?

Step! Step! Step!

In this oppressive atmosphere of slaughter, a wave of footsteps resounded out in the desolate street. It was wispy like the wind, heavy like a drum, and it carried along a trace of a strange rhythm that caused one’s heartbeat to be unable to help from speeding up.

He’s arrived!

A tall and thin figure walked out from the shadows. The setting sun that was like blood elongated his shadow to a long length and he was all alone, seeming bleak and lonely.

His expression was icy cold and indifferent, with completely dark red eyes that seemed to be filled with blood. Like a pair of torches that were fiercely blazing, they seemed to want to burn, crush, and wipe out everything before him.

Hiss! Hiss!

The air in the places he passed seemed to be unable to endure the monstrous killing intent in his body, and it violently warped and distorted, causing his figure to become blurry.

What dense killing intent!

Manager Wu’s pupils constricted and he couldn’t help but gasp. Why is this fellow’s killing intent so dense like lava? Even gazing at it from afar causes one to shudder with fear. Could it be that he’d just walked out from a mountain of corpses and bones?

“Look, it’s really the Jinx!”

“Haha! He’s truly courting death. I just recalled how Young Master Li Ming casually said the word a few months ago, and it caused the blood of over 10,000 to flow into a river. Even the General’s Estate didn’t dare make a sound. Truly satisfying!”

“He’s indeed courting death. Does he think that he can trespass into our Li Clan by himself? What a pitiable fellow, he’s obviously lost his mind from rage and become an idiot!”

“Jinx, Jinx, alas, you’ve caused the death of everyone close to you, and now you’re going to bury your own life. With him gone, our lives will lose a type of pleasure.”

On the walls of the Li Clan, there were numerous Li Clan disciples, female attendants and servants watching. They couldn’t help but discuss excitedly when they saw Chen Xi’s figure.

Manager Wu restrained his thoughts, and he couldn’t help but feel a wave of embarrassment when he thought about his loss of composure earlier. He instantly switched his expression and looked at Chen Xi who was 300m away with a savage expression and laughed arrogantly. “Chen Xi, you want to take revenge? It looks to me like you’re giving away your life. HAHAHA!”

Step! Step! Step!

Chen Xi didn’t speak, moving forward step by step and only the sounds of footsteps resounded.

“Hmph! Stop acting, obediently allow yourself to be captured and you can still live for a while longer. Otherwise, you’ll surely die today.” Manager Wu’s expression went cold and he shouted out explosively with a stern voice.

Chen Xi moved forward indifferently and paid no attention to Manager Wu. Under the setting sun, the shadow behind him grew longer and longer, and it seemed as if hell was at the end of his shadow. Whereas he instead was like a dead soul that had walked out from hell, only possessing killing intent and not knowing how to speak.

“You’re courting death!” When he saw there was only 150m of distance away, Manager Wu waved his hand, and the squad of over 100 Unicorn Guards moved out fiercely.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Over 100 sharp arrows that were thick like a child’s arm shot out explosively from the Flyingsoul Heavy Crossbow, and they covered the heavens and the earth, tearing through the sky as they emitted sounds that seemed as if ghosts were wailing.


At practically the instant the heavy crossbows shot, the 100 plus Unicorn Guard withdrew the Tigerstab Sabers that hung at their waists in unison, then they leaped up to follow the crossbow arrows to charge towards Chen Xi.

Shoot the crossbows, draw the saber and charge, a string of movements were completed smoothly in one stretch and were completed in an instant, displaying the extremely ferocious combat attainments of the 100 plus Unicorn Guards.

The crossbow arrows were like locusts, seeming like a rain of arrows. There were even 100 plus ferocious Unicorn Guards that gushed over like tidewater, practically fully locking down all of Chen Xi’s paths of retreat.

In the eyes of everyone, Chen Xi who still walked forward step by step seemed as if he was scared stiff, and actually didn’t even react in the slightest!

Could it be that this fellow came to look for death?

This thought had only just flashed within the minds of everyone when they felt something flash before their eyes in the next moment, and Chen Xi’s figure had actually vanished into thin air, completely disappearing!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The crossbow arrows that were shot out from the Flyingsoul Heavy Crossbow nailed themselves to the ground, the ferocious and swift energy directly pierced over 100 holes into the ground, and caused fragments of rocks to scatter all over.

Where is he?

The hearts of the 100 plus Unicorn Guards that had pounced forward jerked, and they were all stunned.

It was at this moment that the over 100 Unicorn Guards noticed, to their terror, that within their field of vision, a wisp of sword light that seemed like an arc of lightning was like a trace of a gale that whistled beneath the sky, breathtaking, beautiful, and chilly, gushing forth as soon as it appeared.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Strings of blood were like lit firecrackers, exploding forth all along the way and shooting up into the air, forming a bloody scene.

It wasn’t even one tenth of an instant when a bloody hole that was the size of a copper coin had appeared on the throats of 13 Unicorn Guards. Their expressions froze on their faces, and they didn’t understand what had happened even until death.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Chen Xi’s figure was like a strand of smoke, like a bolt of lightning, and due to his speed being too swift, he left behind layer upon layer of afterimages in the sky. Whereas the Netherezim Flying Sword in his hand was instead like a wisp of flowing light, accurate and vicious as it harvested lives successively with an extremely swift speed. He was like a farmer that was eliminating weeds in the field, cutting a patch of weeds into half with a single swing of the sickle.

At this moment, these Unicorn Guards that charged forward were like a group of goats waiting for slaughter, and it wasn’t that they were too inferior, but their enemy was too strong.

A cultivation at the 5th star of the Violet Palace Realm, a complete Wind Dao Insight, and a terrifying strength that was able to battle Golden Palace Realm cultivators, how could these Congenital Realm cultivators be able to withstand him?

Moreover, the Netherezim Flying Sword in his hand didn’t fail to live up to the might of a top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasure. It was sharp and icy cold, and just the icy sword qi that was emitted from it was able to easily crush the Tigerstab sabers in the hands of these Unicorn Guards. In the hands of Chen Xi, it displayed incomparable penetrating ability and sharpness!

Flowers of blood scattered into the air, like blood colored fountains that gushed out in unison. In the blink of an eye, another 30 plus Unicorn Guards had their throats pierced and crashed onto the ground.

“Violet Palace Realm! But what cultivation in the Martial Dao is this? It’s only been one year, yet this trash’s cultivation has advanced to such a terrifying extent?” In the distance, Manager Wu’s expression became gloomy and his eyes were filled with an expression of disbelief. The 100 plus Unicorn Guards in the distance were already almost about to be slaughtered to the end. He didn’t dare hesitate and abruptly raised his right hand to shout explosively with all his strength. “Release!”

On the sides, the 1,900 Unicorn Guards and Whitemail Guards had all been prepared since long ago. When they heard this, the Flyingsoul Heavy Crossbows in their hands released in unison, and the crossbow arrows that were like a dense rainstorm shot out explosively!

At this moment, Manager Wu had actually disregarded the remaining Unicorn Guards in the distance for the sake of killing Chen Xi!

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