Chapter 958 – Hexavoid Bloodgod

Cui Ruyin soared to the sky and teleported over. The fingers on his palm clenched together slightly like he was capturing a dragon or a chain that could imprison the heavens. His speed was unbelievably swift like a bolt of lightning.

This was his full forced strike, and he was confident that it was sufficient to easily capture Bei Ling.


However, an unexpected scene appeared. Bei Ling flipped her palm, and it was like a blade that pierced through the sky as it formed a peerlessly fierce penetration force that actually dealt with Cui Ruyin’s strike head on!

How could this be possible?

In a short seven days of time, how could her strength have suddenly risen explosively by a great deal?

Cui Ruyin’s pupils constricted. After all, it was as easy as flipping his palm for him to pursue and kill Bei Ling seven days ago, and it was as easy as how a tiger pounced on a sheep. Yet now, she’d equally fought him on par!

“A born freak like you really is an idiot!” Bei Ling’s figure flashed as she retreated 3km away. Her expression was cold while a wisp of a mocking arc hung on the corners of her mouth.



These words provoked Cui Ruyin to the point the veins on his forehead bulged, and he boiled with rage. He howled right away with the intention of charging over before torturing and killing Bei Ling.

However, before he could make a move, he felt the back of his neck was held abruptly, causing him to be unable to exert strength in his entire body. He instead seemed like a doll that was lifted up by someone from behind.

“Ridiculing you as a freak is rude indeed, but not only is your body freakish, even your heart is freakish. You deserve being looked down upon for eternity.” Chen Xi held him up like a rag before fiercely exerting force with his fingers.

“You… You…” Cui Ruyin’s breathing became difficult, and he was on the verge of suffocating. His face that was young like a baby suddenly flushed dark reddish while his eyes seemed to pop out, causing him to seem extremely hideous. He struggled repeatedly, yet it was completely in vain.

Moreover, he seemed like an ugly monkey instead, and his appearance was extremely amusing.

“Haha! Young Big Brother is so mighty. I simply love you to the bones.” Fourth Brother clapped and roared with laughter while standing in the distance, and his gaze was gentle like water while revealing excitement and infatuation as he gazed at Chen Xi. It was even to the extent that he couldn’t refrain from stretching out his scarlet red tongue to lick his lips.

Chen Xi’s entire body felt cold. At this instant, he was almost unable to control himself from killing Cui Ruyin.

“Watch him. I’ll go kill that disgusting fellow that seems to be neither a man or woman!” Chen Xi took a deep breath as he sealed up Cui Ruyin’s entire body with the Grand Confinement Dao Art, and then he tossed Cui Ruyin to Bei Ling before his figure flashed towards the distant Fourth Brother.

Chen Xi had truly had enough of this bastard. He was clearly a man yet dressed up in an alluring and gaudy manner while seeming to be neither a man nor woman. Moreover, he even liked men and spoke coquettishly. It simply caused Chen Xi to wonder why such a detestable fellow would exist in this world.

“Ah, do you want me? I’m so happy…” Fourth Brother actually didn’t dodge when he saw Chen Xi charging towards him, and he let out a shrill cry of excitement instead while his face that was covered in heavy makeup was suffused with a slight flush and was extremely seductive.

Chen Xi’s face darkened, and his sword slashed down with a swish.


A thick strand of sword qi that could reach the skies soared up, and it contained a myriad of talisman markings as it shattered the heavens and the earth while revealing a monstrous impetus. Moreover, it was fierce and terrifying to the limit. The nearby space exploded into pieces in moments, and it rumbled as it transformed into a chaotic tide that caused the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shade.

He’d executed a lethal move as soon as he made a move, and this obviously showed the level of detest Chen Xi possessed towards Fourth Brother.

Fourth Brother was clearly only at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, yet he was actually not afraid in the slightest when facing Chen Xi’s full forced strike.

“Young Big Brother, unless an Immortal that has grasped the energy of the Laws descends, otherwise, no one can kill me.” He covered his mouth with his hand while he giggled and flashed to the side.

In the next instant, his figure had already transformed into a myriad of bloody lights that were fine like the hairs of a cow, and they rumbled as they surged out in all directions.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Under the destruction of the sword qi, large expanses of the fine bloody lights were slashed into pieces, yet the sword qi was entirely incapable of destroying all of the because those bloody lights were truly too dense and numerous in number. They seemed like a tide of locusts that couldn’t be wiped out, and they bore into space and vanished with a flash, causing them to seem extremely strange.

Hmm? Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when facing this. What sort of cultivation technique is this?

“Young Big Brother, I’ll be waiting for you at the Six Path Royal Region. You better not make me wait for long…” Fourth Brother’s voice lingered and spread through space, and it was excited and seductive. It only dissipated and returned to silence after a long time.

This damnable bastard! The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

“That person has probably comprehended the Hexavoid Bloodgod Technique. This cultivation technique came from the bloody river in the Netherworld, and according to rumor, it was created by the Master of the Bloody River Sect during the primeval times. The cultivator was capable of transforming into 368,000 Bloodgod Seeds, so defeating him was easy, yet killing him is extremely difficult.” Bei Ling flew over, and she obviously possessed deep knowledge about this, so she explained in a low voice. “This cultivation technique achieves the same goal as my Netherlord Undying Technique through different means. But this cultivation stresses upon the idea that if the body remains, then the heavens, earth, and all living beings must be killed. It’s an extremely brutal and bloodthirsty cultivation technique that causes one’s natural disposition to vanish and become vicious like a devil. It’s far from being able to be compared to the Netherlord Undying Technique.”

“Kill the heavens, the earth, and all living beings. Ha! What high sounding sentiments.” Chen Xi finally understood why Fourth brother would be so abnormal and detestable. It turned out that Fourth Brother had cultivated a brutal cultivation technique that eliminated one’s natural disposition.

He’d heard that during the primeval times, the cultivation technique of the Bloody River Sect’s Master was extraordinary, and his ferocious might was renowned throughout the three dimensions. Moreover, he’d once discussed the Dao and engaged in a fierce battle with the Demon Ancestor Rahu, and they were on par.

Later on, a Kṣitigarbha Buddha of the Buddhist Sects that possessed great wisdom, will, and benevolence arrived and stood on guard at the banks of the bloody river. Moreover, he made the great aspiration of vowing to not ascend unless hell was empty, and only after this was the Bloody River Sect’s Master heavily injured and didn’t make another appearance in the world.

Subsequently, Chen Xi cleaned up the battlefield and was just intending to enter Sal City with Bei Ling before interrogating Cui Ruyin who he’d captured alive to obtain some information.

Right at this moment, Cui Ruyin who was sealed up by the Grand Confinement Dao Art had utilized some sort of secret technique, causing his entire body to expand like a ball.

Moreover, a wisp of resentment and madness still appeared on his face.

Shit! Chen Xi’s eyes focused, and his figure practically instinctively flashed along with Bei Ling and vanished on the spot.


A ray of light that shot into the sky suddenly appeared where they stood earlier, and it rumbled like thunder as it drowned the surrounding heavens and earth in an area of 5,000km, causing everything to be on the verge of destruction and obliteration.

Cui Ruyin had actually chosen to detonate himself!

As he stood 500km away and gazed at the terrifying and destructive fluctuation in the extreme distance, Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and said, “I never expected that this fellow would actually be so ruthless. If all the members of the Cui Clan are like him, then it won’t be easy to deal with.”

“I don’t share the same view. He clearly knew that he would surely die, and he was unwilling to reveal some secrets of the Cui Clan, so he could only choose death to end everything.” Bei Ling shook her head.

Chen Xi thoughts for a moment and approved of Bei Ling’s way of thinking.

Subsequently, they didn’t delay any longer and entered the teleportation formation in Sal City with Cui Qingning. 

Meanwhile, within the Cui Clan Estate in the Six Path Royal Region.


The jade slip in Cui Fangjun’s hand was crushed into pieces while his dignified face revealed a wisp of gloominess. He raised his gaze and swept the surroundings as he said, “Only Cui Rushan returned, and the rest were wiped out.”

His voice was like muffled thunder and shook the hall.

All the elders glanced at each other, and they were silent as cicada’s in the winter.

Qing Xiao who was renowned in the world for having never failed was dead, whereas Wang Chong from the Asura Path and Liu Jun and Rui Qing from the Ghost Path had fallen in Darkcliff City.

Now, even Cui Ruyin and another 10 plus Earthly Immortal Realm experts had actually suffered a mishap…

Everyone was truly unable to imagine why a fledgling little girl would be so difficult to deal with.

“Rushan, tell everyone exactly who did all of this.” Cui Fangjun noticed the bewilderment in the gazes of everyone, and he waved his hand while he instructed.

After that, a seductive man in heavy makeup shook his body in a graceful manner as he walked into the hall and stood in the center. His watery eyes swept everyone in the hall, and the hearts of everyone that was swept by his gaze shook while they felt extreme disgust in their hearts.

This person was precisely ‘Fourth Brother,’ Cui Rushan.

Rushan, it meant like a mountain. It was such a lofty name, yet it was completely unsuitable when used on him.

“Oh, it was a handsome Young Big Brother. His strength is extremely formidable, and his valiant and powerful imposing aura caused my tiny heart to feel weak…” Cui Rushan spoke with a coquettish voice that caused everyone to frown without end, and even the Second Elder, Cui Fangjun, felt disgust in his heart.

But he forcefully endured it in the end because amongst everyone that was present here, only Cui Rushan had witnessed everything.

After a short moment and when Cui Rushan finished speaking, everyone actually heaved a sigh of relief in unison while the disgust in their hearts gradually dispersed. But when they thought about that ‘Chen Xi’ who Cui Rushan spoke about, a wisp of shock surged into their hearts once more.

The 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

An extraordinary combat strength!

Peerless Sword Dao!

When did such a formidable figure appear in the Netherworld? Why have we never heard of his name?

Everyone was surprised and bewildered. With such an expert protecting her, no wonder even Cui Ruyin who was at the 7th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm failed.

“Chen Xi wouldn’t be someone deployed by the other powers that intend to seize this opportunity of the internal strife in our Cui Clan to take a share of our Cui Clan?” An elder frowned and pondered deeply before he spoke.

“Hmph! That’s sheer nonsense. With our Cui Clan’s Ancestor holding down the fort, which power would dare act in this way?” Second Elder Cui Fangjun instantly overruled, and then he took a deep breath and said, “Everyone, the internal strife of our Cui Clan has already caused the other powers to laugh at us. Under such dangerous circumstances, the time that we must deal with everything has already come.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “I have the feeling that Chen Xi will surely escort Qingning to the Six Path Royal Region very soon, and this will be our final chance as well. If we’re unable to deal with her, then we can only determine the victor during the grand ceremony of worshipping the ancestors of the clan. I don’t wish to delay it until that moment!”

The hearts of everyone shook while their expressions became serious.

“Second Elder, you’re extraordinarily shrewd. Why don’t you clearly tell us what we should do?” Cui Rushan spoke in a soft voice.

Cui Fangjun couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about how disgusting this fellow’s voice was, and his dignified face was suffused with a wisp of a ruthless expression. “Utilize all the strength in our possession, and we’ll kill the target without mercy so long as the target enters the city!”

He gave the final word.

After everyone left with their orders, Cui Fangjun rose up and strode up and down within the empty hall. After a short moment, he suddenly stopped moving while a wisp of bright light flashed past his eyes.

“Chen Xi… No wonder I felt that this name was so familiar…” In the next moment, his figure had flashed out of the hall. He wanted to pay a visit to a great figure and find out exactly what sort of background this little fellow called Chen Xi possessed.

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