Chapter 957 – Feigning Weakness To Trick His Opponents

All the members of Cui Ruyin’s group were Earthly Immortal Realm experts, and they stood proudly in midair while their bodies surged with Immortal Energy. Moreover, they possessed monstrous imposing auras and seemed like scorching suns that were exceedingly astounding.

This place was outside Sal City’s gates, and there were numerous Nether Clan cultivators and Nether Spirits frequently moving in and out. But when they witnessed this scene, all of the were terrified to the point of scattering and not daring to stay here for a moment.

This was a group of Earthly Immortal Realm experts that had arrived menacingly, and once a battle were to break out, their might would be sufficient to envelop the entire surroundings. So who would dare stay and watch from the sidelines?

In merely the time of a few breaths, this area had become completely desolate, and it was deathly silent.

Bei Ling frowned while her heart felt slightly heavy. Compared to seven days ago, many experts had joined Cui Ruyin’s group, and there was actually a total of around thirteen of them.

Such a force was sufficient to sweep through numerous powers in the Netherworld!

“Take good care of Young Miss Cui and leave the rest to me.” Chen Xi’s voice transmission that suddenly sounded out by her ears caused Bei Ling’s to relax. Only now did she suddenly recall that Chen Xi was a Peak Sovereign in the Earthly Immortal Realm!

But she was puzzled because at this very moment, Chen Xi actually still maintained an aura at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and he seemed to keep a rather low profile.

Could it be that he’s doing this to numb his enemies? A wisp of a cold smile faintly suffused the corners of her mouth when she realized this. These bastards were scared away by the Nether Spring Grand Emperor that last time, yet they’ve actually pursued us once more. They’re really like ghosts that won’t leave and refuse to give up their evil intentions.

With a gesture of her hand, Bei Ling placed Cui Qingning into a treasure of hers.

“You got to escape calamity the last time because of the Nether Spring Grand Emperor. No one will save you again this time.” The white haired boy, Cui Ruyin, said with a gloomy expression, “Moreover, for the sake of taking precautions against any mishaps, I’ve already contacted the members of Granny Meng Hall. Even if the heavens and the earth are overturned here, no one will come to stop us.”

The other Earthly Immortal Realm experts let out a wave of cold laughter when they heard this, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi and Bei Ling seemed as if they were looking at an ill-fated couple. Moreover, their gazes were filled with excitement and mockery.

It wasn’t that they didn’t desire to make a move right away, they were willing.

Because a ball of gloomy flames of rage were burning in the hearts of every single one of them. They’d been forced by the Nether Spring Grand Emperor to withdraw from the Nether Spring Region likes dogs with their tails between their legs, then paid an extremely great price to make Granny Meng Hall watch coldly from the sidelines, and they’d even waited here bitterly for seven days to finally catch Cui Qingning’s group here. So how could they possibly hastily kill Chen Xi and Bei Ling?

Doing that would be letting them off too easily.

So they had the intention of teasing these mice like cats, and they intended to gradually apply the rage in their hearts bit by bit into every single segment of the torture they were about to inflict on Chen Xi and Bei Ling.

They had the patience to do this. Moreover, they were confident that Chen Xi and Bei Ling were like fish on the chopping block and were at their wills.

Bei Ling couldn’t be bothered with all of this at all, and her expression was icy cold while she seemed indifferent to all this.

As for Chen Xi, he was faintly able to sense the excitement and mocking feelings in their hearts, but he was completely indifferent as well.

Their cold and indifferent reactions caused Cui Ruyin and the others to be slightly stunned, and they couldn’t help but become irritated. How can this bastard and bitch be so composed!?

Could it be that they’re unafraid of death?

What happened to kneeling down to beg for mercy?

What happened to heroically sacrificing themselves for their cause?

What happened to their expressions that should change from terror?

Why is the difference from our expectations so great?

“Bastard! Aren’t you going to kneel down and beg for forgiveness?” An Earthly Immortal Realm expert couldn’t help but shout explosively in a grim voice.

“This pair of bitch and bastard have been struck dumb! Dammit! They aren’t reacting in the slightest. We should just capture them and slowly torment and humiliate them bit by bit. I remember that fourth brother is very fond of men. We’ll give that kid to him.” Another person chuckled.

“How hateful! I only like handsome and formidable men. This kid’s appearance is rather gorgeous, yet I wonder if his body is sturdy. I hope he won’t be unable to endure when I haven’t had enough fun, because that would be too disappointing.” An alluring man with a feminine appearance and red color applied on his lips spoke with a coquettish tone. As he spoke, his pair of watery eyes swept through Chen Xi while a wisp of embarrassment was revealed on his face.

Obviously, this person was the ‘Fourth Brother’ that was fond of men.

As soon as these words were spoken, not only did Chen Xi’s heart go cold, he even aroused intense killing intent. Moreover, even the bodies of the man’s companions trembled before they roared with laughter.

“Fourth Brother, since you don’t fancy him, then I’ll kill that kid!” Someone teased.

“How dare you!” Fourth Brother stared while speaking with a delicate voice, and it caused a wave of roaring laughter once again.

“Alright, alright, alright. Since it’s like this, we’ll leave this kid to Fourth Brother to enjoy. As for this woman…”

“We’ll give her to Lord Cui Ruyin of course!”

“Right, we’ll do just this!”

After they made up their minds, all of them looked at Chen Xi and Bei Ling with even more excited expressions, and their gazes carried a wisp of bloodthirsty ruthlessness while they seemed to be eager to make a move.

The reason they hadn’t made a move was because the white haired boy, Cui Ruyin, hadn’t spoken yet.

Cui Ruyin was obviously very pleased with the respectful and submissive attitudes of everyone, and he cleared his throat before looking at Chen Xi and Bei Ling with a deep gaze and was about to speak.

But Chen Xi didn’t give him the chance to speak at all, and he withdrew the Talisman Armament with a clang. “Are all of you done with the crap? Then you can die in peace.”

His tone was calm and carefree, yet it instantly caused Cui Ruyin to choke to the point he was almost unable to catch his breath, and he felt extremely uncomfortable while his expression instantly became gloomy. “Die in peace? Haha! Fourth Brother, I’ve made up my mind. If you don’t please that kid properly, then don’t blame me for not forgiving you!”

Fourth Brother laughed tenderly and clenched his delicate fingers while speaking in a coquettish voice. “Lord, do you still not believe in my ability?”

Everyone felt a wave of coldness.

Chen Xi’s brows knit together tightly. For the first time, he had an extremely urgent impulse to kill someone because this alluring man that seemed neither like a man or woman was truly too disgusting!

Chen Xi didn’t waste his breath before he raised his hand and fiercely slashed with the sword in his hand, and his target was Fourth Brother.

“Aiya! This Young Big Brother is angry. I’m so afraid.” Fourth Brother’s figure flashed and dodged to the side. Even though his movements were delicate, his actions were swift like a bolt of lightning while his reaction speed was extraordinary. He actually instantly avoided the sword qi Chen Xi executed.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel surprised because he’d already recovered his peak strength, yet the alluring man was actually capable of dodging his attack, so the strength of this man was surely not bad.

Unfortunately, the person by Fourth Brother’s side wasn’t as lucky as him. When this sword qi struck down, the Immortal Energy in this person’s entire body surged, and he actually smashed his fists out with the intention of relying on his own strength to blast this strand of sword qi away.

The outcome was obvious. A bang resounded out as his entire body was slashed into two by the sword qi. Before he perished, a wisp of excitement and bloodthirstiness still remained on his face, and it seemed to be extremely strange.


His corpse shattered while a rain of blood rained down.

This sudden scene caused Cui Ruyin and the others to be stunned. Never had they imagined that this kid that seemed to only be at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm would actually possess such a terrifying combat strength.

“He really did do it for the sake of feigning weakness to trick his opponents!” Extraordinary splendor flashed in the eyes of the nearby Bei Ling.

“Aiya! How formidable! How likeable!” Fourth Brother clapped while crying out in a sharp voice. He seemed like an infatuated woman and was completely unaware that the expressions of everyone including Cui Ruyin were gloomy and heavy at this moment.

On the other hand, the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch because of these words. He’s made up his mind that he would surely torture and kill this utterly detestable fellow!

“This kid intentionally concealed his strength. He’s a 7th level Earthly Immortal Realm… No! He’s at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!?” The eyes of the white haired boy narrowed while strands of dim green light surged within them, and it was extremely frightening.

As soon as these words were spoken, the hearts of everyone jerked while terror filled their hearts.

Unfortunately, their realization came too late!


In the next moment, Chen Xi moved. His figure was like a shocking dragon that left its lair, and he relied on his sword to slaughter all his enemies!

He’s concealed his strength earlier for the sake of numbing his enemies and to eliminate all of them. After all, once the enemy noticed his strength and chose to flee, it would be too late.

At this moment, since they’d seen through his cultivation, then how could he continue to hold back? He immediately exerted his cultivation at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. The Talisman Armament soared through the sky and developed boundless terrifying strands of sword qi that assaulted them.

Something worthy of mentioning was that if 8th level Earthly Immortal Realm experts were Peak Sovereigns, then Chen Xi was absolutely a sovereign of sovereigns. It was even to the extent that he could be described as invincible beneath the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

Because since a long time ago in the Mortal Dimension, he was able to slaughter the clone of a Golden immortal like Bing Shitian, so it obviously displayed how terrifying the strength he possessed was.


Another Earthly Immortal Realm expert was unable to dodge in time, and he was slashed into a ball of bloody rain by Chen Xi’s sword and didn’t even have the chance to let out a shrill cry.

“Shit! Join forces and deal with him!” The white haired boy, Cui Ruyin, shouted with fury. At the same time, his hands held a pair of enormous axes that had purple carvings on them, and his figure flashed as he chopped his axes down at Chen Xi.

Needless to say, his strength was indeed extraordinary. He attacked with big movements while the axe light emanated from his axes were like pythons that were coiled with surging jet black light, and they developed a myriad of evil spirits, vengeful spirits, yaksha, and various other terrifying phenomena that let out shrill howls and devoured souls.

This expanse of the heavens and the earth seemed to have transformed into a purgatory of evil spirits.

Unfortunately, no matter how he pursued, he was unable to catch up to Chen Xi’s speed, and Chen Xi had seized this opportunity to kill a few more people instead. Practically every single strike of his sword took a life, and he was mighty, swift, and seemed unstoppable.

His extraordinary bearing could be said to be one where he took a life with every 10 steps and was unstoppable!

This was bound to be a slaughter that was without suspense!

Before the combat strength that Chen Xi possessed at this moment, he was already invincible amongst those of the same cultivation, so annihilating these Cui Clan experts that hadn’t even attained the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm was naturally as simple and easy as killing chickens.

In merely a short moment, only the white haired boy and Fourth Brother remained.

Something that had to be mentioned was that Fourth Brother was unlike everyone else. He actually didn’t reveal any panic or rage when he saw his companions being killed while Chen Xi revealed great martial prowess. He was excited to the point his face flushed red instead, and his gaze towards Chen Xi was extremely gentle and seductive.

Even though he was like this, he was the most skilled in fleeing amongst everyone present. His movement technique caused him to seem like an ethereal spirit, and he avoided Chen Xi’s pursuit on many occasions, causing him to be someone that couldn’t be underestimated.

“I’ll kill this woman if you don’t stay your hand!” Cui Ruyin stopped chasing after Chen Xi, and he flashed to arrive before Bei Ling instead. He stretched out his hand and grabbed with the intention of holding onto Bei Ling’s neck in order to threaten Chen Xi with her life.

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