Chapter 956 – The River of Forgetfulness

Seven days later.

Rahu City.

Within an ordinary courtyard house.

Bei Ling slowly woke up from her meditation, and her clear eyes were lustrous and flowed with colorful light.

She’d broken through!

Consuming four Paramita Fruits allowed her to successfully attain the 9th level of the Advanced Realm in the Paramita Dao Insight, and she was only three levels away from attaining perfection.

Especially delightful to her was that through these seven days of cultivation, her strength had broken through once more and advanced into the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

Unlike other Nether Clan cultivators, she was a strand of a Ghost Emperor’s Bodhi Heart that had attained the Dao, so she didn’t suffer the might of the heavenly tribulation during the process of her cultivation.

But there was a flaw to such a path of cultivation, and it was that she had to exhaust extremely great efforts and time in order to advance every single time. It was extraordinarily difficult.

Bei Ling was very clearly away about why it was like this. Strictly speaking, she was actually roughly equivalent to a clone of Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin’s, whereas Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin had experienced numerous tribulations long ago during the primeval times and attained the Grand Dao to become renowned in the three dimensions.

As a strand of Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin’s Bodhi Heart, she naturally didn’t have to experience the heavenly tribulations in each level.

Simply speaking, Bei Ling was like a strand of the vitality of Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin that still existed until now. Even though her strength wasn’t as formidable as Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin was in the past, and even her memories were only a mere thousandth of what they were in the past, so long as she persisted in her cultivation, there was great hope that she could regain Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin’s former glory!

Bei Ling took a deep breath and muttered. The 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. According to my combat strength, I ought to be unafraid of ordinary 7th level Earthly Immortal Realm experts. Moreover, I’m already capable of cultivating the Netherlord Undying Technique. So long as I cultivate it successfully, no one in this world will be capable of refining and absorbing me…

The Netherlord Undying Technique!

The supreme inheritance that Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin relied on to become renowned in the world. After it was cultivated successfully, one’s body would transform into a Nethersoul that was eternal, and one was capable of condensing 360 million strands of consciousness!

Even if one suffered a heavy injury, so long as a single strand remained, one would be able to reconstruct one’s life and exist eternally in the world. It was extremely formidable.

For example, Bei Ling was actually formed from a strand of Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin’s consciousness from all those years ago. But Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin had already cultivated to the point of attaining the perfect and pure Bodhi Realm in consciousness.

As far as the Buddhist Sects were concerned, the Bodhi Realm was perfection in the Grand Dao and a supreme realm that was untainted by karma. In the Buddhist Kingdom, great figures capable of attaining this realm could be respectfully addressed as Venerated Sages or Buddhas!

It has already been seven days, and it ought to be the 10th day since Gu Tian left… Bei Ling stood up and pondered briefly. She was just hesitating about whether she should head to the secret base of the Cui Clan to investigate when she saw Chen Xi had already pushed open the door and entered.

Hmm? Bei Ling couldn’t help but be stunned on the spot while a wisp of dense shock flashed past her clear eyes when she first set her eyes on Chen Xi.

A handsome appearance, tall figure, extraordinary bearing… Chen Xi was still that Chen Xi, yet his cultivation had undergone a tremendous change!

“The 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!” Bei Ling cried out involuntarily.

She was able to clearly notice that every single move Chen Xi made was accompanied by the aura of the Dao, and he faintly carried a frightening imposing aura of a king. It was an aura that could only be possessed after one overcame the Violet Myrtle Lightning Tribulation, and it was like an abyss that contained divined radiance within it!

Just a glance from afar actually caused her uncontrollably feel reverence as if she was a subject that had met the Emperor.

“Due to having suffered heavy injuries, I only recovered completely today.” Chen Xi smiled and spoke frankly.

Bei Ling took a deep breath and restrained the shock in her heart before she said, “No wonder your combat strength was so formidable. It turns out that you’re actually a Peak Sovereign of the Earthly Immortal Realm.” 

When she spoke up to here, she couldn’t help but glance at Chen Xi and size him up. She seemed to still not dare believe that Chen Xi who possessed such a young appearance would possess such a terrifying cultivation.

“Big Brother Chen Xi.” Meanwhile, Cui Qingning walked in as well.

Cui Qingning’s young face was completely pale while the space between her brows carried a wisp of worry that was impossible to eliminate. She arrived before Chen Xi and said in a low voice, “Has Uncle Gu Tian still not returned?”

“Let’s go. We’ll go investigate together. Ten days have already passed. I wonder if Brother Gu has returned…” Chen Xi patted the young woman on the shoulder to display his consolation. 


At the secret base in Rahu City that belonged to the Cui Clan.

When Chen Xi and the others arrived here, this courtyard estate that possessed a tranquil atmosphere had already transformed into an expanse of ruins, and it was extremely desolate.

Cui Qingning bit her cherry lips while tears sparkled in her eyes.

No matter how pure her thoughts were, she was able to guess that Gu Tian would probably be unable to return.

Bei Ling embraced the young woman and lightly stroked her beautiful hair, yet Bei Ling didn’t say anything. At this moment, perhaps allowing Cui Qingning to settle down was the best form of consolation.

Meanwhile, a Nether Spirit drifted over abruptly. “May I know if you’re Young Master Chen Xi?” This Nether Spirit seemed like a servant that performed odd jobs, and he was respectful and reverent.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Good, this lowly one has been waiting here respectfully for a long time. This is a jade slip that a senior placed in my Omniscient Pavilion. That senior instructed that if he was unable to return in time, then I should pass this over to you.”

The Nether Spirit stretched out his hand that held a scroll, and on the scroll was Chen Xi’s portrait. He compared it to Chen Xi who stood before him and knew that Chen Xi was exactly the person he was looking for, so he immediately withdrew a black colored jade slip from his pocket and passed it over.

“Please take this, Young Master. I’ll be taking my leave.” He bowed and drifted off.

Omniscient Pavilion, a Nether Spirit, a jade slip… This sudden event caused Chen Xi to faintly sense that all of this was probably set up by Gu Tian.

When he thought up to this point, he started sizing up the jade slip right away.

“Brother Chen Xi, when you receive this jade slip, it proves that I’m already unable to return. I hope you can take care of the Young Miss in my stead and send her to the Six Path Royal Region…”

Sure enough, this jade slip was left behind by Gu Tian, and it seemed like he was leaving his last words.

A place was marked at the end of the jade slip, and it was called Young Phoenix Residence. According to what Gu Tian said, Chen Xi only had to send Cui Qingning to the Young Phoenix Residence, and there would naturally be someone to receive them there.

“The Young Phoenix Residence?” Chen Xi frowned.

‘That’s an estate my Sixth Cousin Brother bought himself. Besides my Sixth Cousin Brother, only Uncle Gu Tian and I know about it.” Cui Qingning explained from the side.

As soon as she finished speaking, she couldn’t help but ask. “Big Brother Chen Xi, has Uncle Gu Tian really died?”

Chen Xi went silent.

He couldn’t bear to deceive a young woman that was only 11 or 12 years old.

However, unexpectedly, Cui Qingning didn’t reveal any sorrow, and her young face surged with a wisp of a firm grin instead. “Big Brother Chen Xi, you don’t have to worry. I already understand what I should do.”

Her voice was calm and gentle, yet it caused Chen Xi’s heart to jerk. He faintly sensed that the young woman before his eyes seemed to have instantly become a different person. She seemed to have become emotionless and only carried an indifferent and cold will.

Bei Ling obviously noticed this sort of change as well, and she couldn’t refrain from asking. “Qingning, what…do you intend to do?”

Cui Qingning raised her tiny face and gazed at Bei Ling and Chen Xi before a wisp of a grin actually suffused the corners of her mouth. “Return home, of course.”

This wisp of grim appearing on the young face of a young woman ought to be likeable, but at this moment, it caused Chen Xi to have a slight feeling that it wasn’t good. 

It was a feeling that was very difficult to describe. It was like if Cui Qingning continued to act in this way, then she would completely become another person, and the person she would become at that time wasn’t someone he was willing to see her become.

In next to no time, Chen Xi shook his head and drove out this strand of strange thought from his heart.

Subsequently, Chen Xi exchanged for a large amount of Nether Crystals in one of the top stores in Rahu City before heading towards the teleportation formation with Bei Ling and Cui Qingning.

Nether Crystals were just like Spirit Crystals, and they contained pure Netherworld Energy.

The Nether Crystals Chen Xi exchanged for were King Grade Nether Crystals, and a single one was equivalent to an Immortal Stone in value.

Earlier, he’d killed many Earthly Immortal Realm experts in Rahu Gorge and gathered a great amount of spoils. Now, he’d completely transformed all of these spoils into King Grade Nether Crystals, and there was a total of 8,000 of them.

This amount of King Grade Nether Crystals was sufficient to purchase over 10 ordinary Immortal Artifacts. They were of shocking worth, and ordinary Earthly Immortal Realm experts would probably be unable to accumulate such an amount after striving for it for all their lives.


After spending 300 King Grade Nether Crystals, the teleportation formation in Rahu City flashed before Chen Xi and the others vanished.

This teleportation formation was a regional teleportation formation, and it directly led to the River of Forgetfulness Region from the Nether Spring Region. There were countless kilometers between the two regions, and it would probably require a few days to surmount by teleportation.

This caused the Nether Crystals paid to utilize the teleportation formation to seem extremely expensive. Passage for a single person required 100 King Grade Nether Crystals, and it was almost the value of a Quasi Immortal Artifact. 


River of Forgetfulness Region.

This boundlessly vast territory was controlled in the hands of Granny Meng Hall, and the mysterious river that was renowned in the three dimensions, the River of Forgetfulness, flowed within it!

The River of Forgetfulness came from the depths of the Netherworld, and it converged within the sea of misery.

According to legend, the supreme immortal wine of Granny Meng Hall, the Soup of Forgetfulness, was refined from the water of the River of Forgetfulness that was mixed with various precious materials. It was capable of cleansing one’s memories and overcoming disaster, causing it to be extremely miraculous.

Something worthy of mention was that the sea of misery wasn’t in the River of Forgetfulness Region, and it was within the Six Path Royal Region.

Just like the River of Forgetfulness, the Sea of Misery was a mysterious existence renowned in the three dimensions, and it was controlled by the Hell Path. It suppressed countless vengeful and evil spirits, and it was equally as famous as the blood river in the Netherworld. Both of them were existences that were like restricted areas.


A bright light flashed before Chen Xi and the others appeared outside an ancient city.

“This is probably the River of Forgetfulness Region’s Sal City. There’s no time to lose, let’s go. We’ll use the teleportation formation within the city, and we’ll be able to arrive at the Six Path Royal Region by today.” Chen Xi briefly sized up the surroundings before he decided.

Bei Ling and Cui Qingning naturally had no objections.

But right at this moment, an unexpected event occurred abruptly.

A young and clear voice resounded abruptly. “After making me wait here bitterly for seven days, it would truly be too disappointing if I allowed all of you to leave.”

Along with this voice, a group of people suddenly appeared out of thin air, and they stopped Chen Xi and the others from entering the city while faintly obstructing all their paths of retreat.

The person in the lead of this group was a one meter tall white haired boy that possessed a strange and extremely striking appearance. Shockingly, he was the Cui Clan’s Cui Ruyin!

Obviously, they hadn’t given up on their mission to pursue and capture Cui Qingning.

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