Chapter 954 – Paramita Descending Into The World

The Paramita Fruits were bright and rosy. They were the size of pigeon eggs and strands of the marks of the Grand Dao flowed on their surface and wove together like crimson red arcs of lightning that were flowing without end.

Chen Xi stretched out his hand to grab one, and he felt a peerlessly copious amount of Paramita Dao Insight assault his face from within the fruit. The Paramita Dao Insight was pure and enticing, and it emanated a profound fragrance of the Dao.

“Junior, how dare you! Quickly let me go and I’ll let you live!” A deep roar suddenly sounded out from within the fruit, and Chen Xi could faintly see a tiny person who wore a tall crown and ancient clothes was standing within the fruit. The tiny person had an upright bearing, and he seemed like an immortal.

Chen Xi was surprised as he never expected that the Paramita Fruit would possess such intelligence.

But he directly swallowed it without another thought.


A strand of powerful Grand Dao Insight transformed into a burning stream that suffused his soul with a bang, and Chen Xi was able to clearly notice that his grasp of the Paramita Dao Insight was gradually increasing at a swift pace!

At the same time, various comprehensions were floating up into appearance within his heart.

It was knowledge of the Paramita Dao Insight, and it was the most quintessence profundities of the Paramita Dao Insight. Only by completely comprehending and grasping these profundities would Chen Xi be able to exert the greatest might of this Dao Insight.

In his daze, Chen Xi seemed to have seen a path illuminated by fire that connected the three dimensions, and it was covered in countless bright red Paramita Flowers that seemed as if they were on fire.

This path existed in every single corner of the three dimensions. So long as it was a place with living beings, then it would be illuminated by the flames of the other side, yet the harmonious brilliance emanated by it wasn’t noticed by the myriad of living beings in the world.

Only at the moment when light faded and living beings were about to perish, their souls would be drawn by the Paramita Flowers onto the path illuminated by fire and guided to the Netherworld…

It was like the embodiment of the Netherworld’s order, and it maintained the process of leading souls into the cycle of reincarnation. It was profound and formidable, and it allowed those who’d passed to have a place of rest and reincarnation.


If there was no guidance, then how would those who’ve perished find their way back?

This was the profundity of Paramita. It allowed those who’d perished to arrive on the other side instead of becoming wandering spirits, and it represented the simplest, natural, and fair law and order.

Chen Xi was immersed in his comprehension, and he was completely unaware of the passage of time.

Three days later, after he consumed the 12th Paramita Fruit, his entire body was effused strands of flames that seemed like burning petals, and they fluttered about around him.

At the same time, a profound and mysterious fluctuation of the Dao suddenly stretched out.

Instantly, the dense layers of Paramita Flowers that covered the entirety of Rahu Gorge suddenly started swaying at the same moment.

They were like numerous lanterns filled with candlelight that were worshipping sincerely, and they were cheering with delight.

Especially in the sky, a path that was like a divine ray of light suddenly lay across it. The path was fiery red and seemed like it was burning, and it emanated a divine and profound glow.

“The heavens are illuminated by fire, the Paramita has descended into the world!”

“My god! Someone has comprehended the profundities of Paramita to perfection!”

“How could this be possible!? That’s one of the three supreme Dao Insights of our Netherworld. In the countless years of the past, only the Netherworld Emperor attained perfection in this Dao Insight, allowing him to develop Paramita Laws and attain a supreme status.”

“Amazing! Truly amazing! It’s simply a miracle!”

Within Rahu Gorge, there were countless cultivators that came every day to search for Paramita Flowers. After they noticed this scene, all of them exclaimed endlessly with shock, and they seemed as if they’d witnessed the descent of a miracle.

At the same time, numerous peerlessly formidable perceptions swept over from all directions, and they searched the entirety of Rahu Gorge for a long time yet came up empty handed in the end, causing them to withdraw their perception.

“Perfection in Paramita. Since the ancient times until now, existences in the Netherworld that were capable of attaining this at such a cultivation are as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.” The tiny cauldron withdrew the glow of divinity after those formidable perceptions had vanished, and it spoke endlessly in a low voice. Earlier, it was exactly the tiny cauldron that had helped Chen Xi avoid the detection of those formidable perceptions.

But Chen Xi was completely unaware of all of this.

He was able to clearly sense that everything had changed after he grasped the Paramita Dao Insight to perfection. With the slightest use of his soul, he was actually capable of faintly sensing the fluctuations in the order and laws of the heaven and earth in the Netherworld.

Undoubtedly, this was all the contribution of the Grand Dao of Paramita.

Similarly, after he passed through this barrier, Chen Xi’s strength had risen by a great deal along with this, and his experience and comprehension were greatly different than before.

Regretfully, the internal injuries in his body hadn’t been completely healed, so he was temporarily unable to find out exactly how much his strength had increased from his attainment of perfection in the Paramita Dao Insight.

Ten days! I’ll be able to recover my peak strength in 10 days. At that time, so long as I don’t encounter an expert at the Heavenly Immortal Realm or above, my strength would be sufficient to sweep through the Netherworld. Chen Xi took a deep breath as he gradually calmed the excitement in his heart.


Right at this moment, a message talisman within the Buddha’s Pagoda in his body exploded into pieces, and a voice resounded out by Chen Xi’s ears at the same time.

“Young Master, quickly come to our aid!”

This was Bei Ling’s voice, and it was filled with anxiousness and uneasiness.

Chen Xi was shocked, and then a brilliant glow of lightning flashed through his eyes. In the next instant, he’d entered space and vanished in the blink of an eye.

That message talisman was something he left with Bei Ling when he came over to Rahu Gorge, and he told her that she only had to crush it when something unexpected occurred and he would be able to return in an instant.

Bei Ling’s responsibility was to protect Cui Qingning. Now that she’d crushed the message talismans, the strength of the enemies was obviously formidable. At the very least, they were at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm or above. Otherwise, Bei Ling wouldn’t have to trouble him at all.


Rahu City, in midair above a desolate hill 5,000km away.

A young woman that wore a dark blue and loose dress was surrounded at the center by a group of people.

Her beautiful hair flowed down like a waterfall until her waist while her appearance was cold and peerlessly beautiful, and it was exactly Bei Ling. However, her aura was in a mess at this moment. Moreover, her clothes were slightly tainted by blood, her brows were locked tightly together, and she faintly revealed a wisp of anxiousness and uneasiness.

There was around eight people surrounding her. All of them revealed murderous expressions, formidable auras, and their entire bodies effused strands of terrifying fluctuations of Immortal Energy. Obviously, they were Earthly Immortal Realm experts!

Moreover, based on their appearance and dressing, they’d obviously come from the same power.

Especially the person in the lead, he was actually a one meter tall boy!

He wore a fiery red Daoist robe and had skin that was jade white like a baby, yet he possessed snow white long hair. Moreover, as his eyes opened and closed, there was no innocence that belonged to a child, and there was an experienced and icy cold aura instead.

A fiery red Daoist robe, snow white hair, and a figure that was like a one meter tall boy. Such a person was extremely conspicuous. Especially his aura, it was actually much higher than everyone else!

“Beauty, why aren’t you trying to flee anymore? Tiring you to the point of sweating and gasping for breath like this really causes Big Brother’s heart to ache.” An Earthly Immortal Realm expert by the side of the white haired boy rubbed his chin frivolously and grinned as he spoke.

Bei Ling puckered her lips and kept silent, and she didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to this person. She stared fixedly at the white haired boy instead because amongst the people present here, only this white haired boy posed the biggest threat to her.

His terrifying imposing aura even caused her to feel despair and helpless. According to her estimation, his cultivation was at least at the 7th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

She was truly unable to imagine why they would send out such a terrifying figure merely for the sake of capturing Cui Qingning, and if it wasn’t for her noticing the situation was bad and fled along with Cui Qingning in time, she would have almost been trapped within Rahu City.

Unfortunately, even if she’d fled out of the city, she’d still been stopped by them…

“You’re the female expert from the Bloodbasin Hardlands that’s a strand of a Ghost Emperor’s Bodhi Heart that attained the Dao?” The white haired boy spoke abruptly with a young and clear voice that was no different from a child. However, the more it was like this, the more it revealed a strange and horrifying feeling.

Bei Ling still remained silent, and she was just swiftly pondering about how to deal with the situation in her mind.

“Ghost Emperor’s Bodhi Heart?” The eyes of the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts lit up. Perhaps Bei Ling’s beauty was unable to shake their Dao Hearts, yet when they found out she was a strand of the Ghost Emperor’s Bodhi Heart, the Dao Hearts of these experts instantly started to burn while they revealed expressions of greed.

“Hand over my clan’s Young Miss and I’ll let you live.” The white haired boy spoke. “But I want you to become my concubine and my cultivation vessel to extract Yin energy. Only in this way would you be able to survive, otherwise I’ll refine you right now!”

His appearance was like a child while his voice was young and clear, yet he spoke of taking Bei Ling as his concubine, and it gave others a very weird feeling. It was even to the extent that it was laughable. However, it just happened that he spoke extremely seriously, so no matter how amusing it seemed, it wasn’t amusing any longer.

At the very least, Bei Ling was unable to laugh because she knew very clearly that since he dared to speak in this way, then he was surely capable of accomplishing it. This wasn’t boasting because he really possessed the strength to speak in this way.

So no matter how furious she was in her heart, she had to admit this.

“Haha! Beauty, having my Martial Uncle Cui Ruyin fancy you is an extremely great fortune. Quickly hand over my clan’s Young Miss and then return with my Martial Uncle. Isn’t it better than being all alone and without any support?” The frivolous expert spoke with a smile on his face.

“There’s no need to hope that someone will come rescue you. If my Cui Clan desires to capture someone, then even the Nether Spring Grand Emperor wouldn’t dare obstruct us if he were here!”

“Quickly! I’ll count to three. Don’t blame us for being rude if you still don’t agree by then!”

The others berated successively.

Bei Ling’s countenance instantly became ghastly pale. She gritted her teeth and was just about to say something when a low and deep voice suddenly resounded out at this moment. “Not only are all of you causing trouble in my territory, you even said that I wouldn’t dare stop you. All of you little kids from the Punishment Bureau are being too haughty!” 

This voice was icy cold, low, deep, and carefree, yet when it entered into the ears of all, it was no different than a thunderclap, and it shocked them to the point they went pale while their entire bodies stiffened.

Even the white haired boy’s brows knit together tightly, and his expression became heavy as if he was facing a great enemy.

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor!

Someone that dares to speak in this way and cause me to be unable to locate him can only be the Nether Spring Grand Emperor that controls this region and is a supreme figure in the entire Netherworld!


Suddenly, the entire body of one of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts stiffened before his entire body exploded into pieces with a bang, causing blood to spray and rain down. From the beginning until the end, everyone was utterly incapable of noticing exactly who did this!

“Calamity comes from the mouth. This is your punishment.” The low and deep voice resounded once more.


The sudden and unexpected event caused an indescribably torrent of coldness to surged into the hearts of all. Even if they were distinguished as Earthly Immortal Realm experts, they still felt unspeakable terror when facing a practically legendary and supreme figure like the Nether Spring Grand Emperor.

Even Bei Ling felt boundless shock in her heart because such an imperceptible method of killing was sufficient to be described as ‘extraordinary like the heavens’!

Could it be…that he really is the Nether Spring Grand Emperor?

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