Chapter 953 – Nether Spring Grand Emperor

All along since he started cultivating until now, he’d always been wondering how were there so many haughty, arrogant, and domineering fellows?

Later on, he finally figured out that there was a difference between noble and lowly; high and low in this world. Moreover, there was the idea that people were divided into different levels of importance and the system of hierarchy that was strict to the point of being impossible to surmount. So all these things couldn’t be avoided at all.

Just like now, these three groups felt they possessed formidable cultivations and monstrous backgrounds, so they were naturally fearless and lawless when facing him who was all alone.

This was a common failing of most people in high positions, and it couldn’t be avoided.

But when such unfair treatment was inflicted upon him, Chen Xi wouldn’t let the matter rest.

A nice man invites the bullying of others. Not to mention that they didn’t just want to rob him, they even intended to silence him. This had completely infuriated Chen Xi.


The first group that charged over to attack were extremely formidable, and all of them were around the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm in cultivation. All of them withdrew their magic treasures and charged over in an aggressive manner, and they seemed to carry the domineering bearing of intending to annihilate Chen Xi with a single blow.

In an instant, the glow of treasures covered the world while the tune of the Dao resounded out in all directions. Moreover, terrifying fluctuations were like a screen that covered the heavens as they struck down towards Chen Xi.

As he looked at their savage, greedy, excited, and cruel expressions, and as he saw how they’d taken him to be a piece of meat on their plate…

Chen Xi’s expression turned icy cold and indifferent, and he didn’t hesitate any longer to suddenly erupt with a myriad of rays of brilliant light. The tune of the Dao rumbled as a peerlessly thick and large strand of sword qi that could reach the sky was slashed out from the Talisman Armament, and it was brilliant, vast, lofty, and eternal.

He was furious, so he exerted his entire strength as soon as he made a move!


The various attacks and magic treasures that covered the heavens and the earth as they approached were slashed into pieces, and even space had a narrow and long pitch black rift that was impossible to heal slashed open on it.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

The rift roiled like a black hole, and it surged with temporal storms. Many cultivators were caught off guard by this, and they were directly swallowed by the black hole, causing them to emanate horrifying shrill cries as they perished.

“What?” Everyone was shocked, and their scalps went numb.


The brilliant strand of sword qi Chen Xi slashed out hadn’t vanished. After it dealt with their attacks, it didn’t lose momentum in the slightest as it slashed down like a sword that could crush the sky, and it enveloped numerous people from the Nether Spring Hall.

“No!” They screamed in panic, and their entire bodies glowed as they circulated their entire cultivations to execute their strongest techniques. However, it was completely useless. In the next moment, they were crushed into pieces by the sword qi. Their bodies shattered inch by inch before transforming into mush, and they were obliterated on the spot.

At this moment, everyone came to realize their error. They’d bit off more than they could chew!

Even though he was merely a handsome young man, and even though the aura he revealed was only at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, his extraordinary and terrifying combat strength wasn’t something an ordinary Earthly Immortal Realm expert could possess at all!

They wouldn’t have been afraid if it was only this. After all, they were from great powers in the Netherhell, and they were confident that their backgrounds were sufficient to frighten him.

But the scene before their eyes caused them to be shocked, and even terrified because the young man clearly knew of their background yet still dared to fearlessly kill their companions. This sort of resolute killing undoubtedly proved that this young man either possessed an extraordinary background and didn’t care about the powers behind them at all, or he was mad.

However, he was obviously not mad!

When he realized this, the elegant and unrestrained Yan Shaoling couldn’t refrain from letting out a sharp cry while his face turned pale from fear, and his soul almost left his body while he turned and fled.

In the end, he hadn’t even moved when Chen Xi caught up to him and stomped him to the ground.

“You still want to flee after seizing things that belong to me? Does the power behind you know that you’re so arrogant?” Chen Xi stepped forcefully onto Yan Shaoling’s face while glancing coldly at the other two groups.

All of their hearts went cold when Chen Xi’s icy cold gaze swept past them, and they felt as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

“Daoist Brother, it’s a misunderstanding! Don’t do it, everything can be discussed. We’re willing to compensate you with generous gifts.” The expression of Big Brother Qian from the Nether Spring Hall was extremely unsightly.

“Hand over the Paramita Fruits first and I’ll give all of you a swift end.” Chen Xi spoke with a cold voice. As he spoke, he exerted force with his leg, causing Yan Shaoling’s head to explode with a bang like a watermelon.

This scene shocked all of them to the point their figures trembled.

The expression of the young woman from Granny Meng Hall was livid and fearful, yet she still reluctant to admit her mistakes and was extremely domineering as she cried. “Do you know that we’re from Granny Meng Hall? You can’t afford to offend some people! Watch out or you’ll bring great calamity to the sect that stands behind you!”


Instantly, Chen Xi teleported to her with the Wings of Disruption, and then slapped her flying before he said, “How laughable! Is Granny Meng Hall very formidable? I despise trash like all of you that are like dogs who count on their master’s backing!”

The beautiful young woman’s face was swollen like a well-done pig’s head, and she cried out in a sharp voice, “You’re bringing death upon yourself by doing this! Granny Meng Hall is in charge of cleansing souls and leading them to reincarnation. If you dare offend us, then the members of the power behind you won’t be able to rest in peace after their deaths!”


Chen Xi slashed down, and it tore through the sky before causing a wisp of bright red blood to spray into the sky. In the next moment, the beautiful young woman’s head had already flown up into the sky while she perished on the spot.

Chen Xi glanced at the young woman’s corpse with detest before he withdrew his gaze. He even wondered whether there was something wrong with this young woman’s head because she still tried to threaten him with the power that stood behind her even when she was at death’s door. It was just as the saying, one reaps what one sows.

“Hurry up! Attack together and kill this fellow!”

Meanwhile, Big Brother Qian roared abruptly because he’d already discerned that this incident couldn’t be resolved peacefully, and if they didn’t take any action, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Sure enough, a battle erupted.

Before Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Sword Dao that had already attained the level of grandmaster and was fused with the profundities of the Talisman Dao, various attacks and magic treasures rumbled as they shattered like paper.

His oppressive imposing aura that was powerful, arrogant, and resolute in slaughter could be said to be all powerful!

In next to no time, everyone including Big Brother Qian was crushed!

The pungent smell of blood effused the air while blood dyed the ground red. Moreover, blood gurgled as it flowed through the clusters of Paramita Flowers, and it completely soaked those fiery red flowers to the point they seemed even more gorgeous.

After he annihilated these bastards, Chen Xi felt the resentment in his heart reduce greatly, and he felt at ease.

He started to clean up the battlefield. In the end, he merely gathered another 10 plus Paramita Fruits and a large pile of storage magic treasures that contained miscellaneous items like Nether Crystals, medicinal pills, spirit materials, and other similar items.

Unfortunately, as far as Chen Xi was concerned, the value of all of this couldn’t compare to the value of the Paramita Fruits.

Including the fruits I obtained myself, I’ve obtained a total of 16 Paramita Fruits. It ought to be sufficient for me charge into the Perfection Realm of the Paramita Dao Insight. Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment, and he didn’t feel much regret.

In fact, even if no one disturbed him, it was impossible for him to capture all of them, and it would at most be at this number he possessed right now. After all, the Paramita Fruits possessed intelligence of their own and formidable combat strengths, so they would absolutely not sit there and wait for death to arrive.


Without any further delay, Chen Xi’s figure flashed towards the bottom of Paramita Peak.

He desired to find a quiet place to attain perfection in the Paramita Dao Insight in one go. 


Not long after he left, a black clothed old man that was thin like a bamboo appeared out of thin air on the mountain.

His figure was indistinct and imperceptible, and he actually didn’t suffer the pressure from the restrictions on the mountain. He seemed to be move in an extremely relaxed manner as if he was taking an idle stroll in a courtyard.

“What a ruthless little kid. The Nether Spring Hall, Granny Meng Hall, and the Yan Clan that’s in control of the Beast Path were actually annihilated at his hand…” The black robed and thin old man stretched out his hand and grabbed, causing water vapor to arise in midair, and it was like a mirror that actually reflected all the scenes that occurred earlier.

“When did such an expert appear in the Netherworld? Could it be that I’ve been in closed door cultivation for too long?” The black clothed and thin old man pondered deeply for a moment before he waved his hand, causing another ball of water vapor to arise, and it reflected the scenes when Chen Xi lured the Paramita Fruits over.

“Eh! This is…” A wisp of shocking crimson red lightning flashed abruptly in the old man’s eyes.


But right when he intended to make a detailed investigation, the ball of water vapor instantly exploded into pieces.

This scene occurred too quickly, and even the old man never expected it, causing him to be stunned before his expression became serious. “He really did possess the assistance of an expert to gather so many Paramita Fruits. But, who exactly is that person. Even my Nether Divination technique is actually unable to deduce it…”

The black robed old man stood there and pondered deeply for a long time before a wave of clamorous noise suddenly sounded out from afar.

“Junior Brother Qian’s Soulfate Tablet has shattered. Quickly investigate exactly what happened!”

“Someone actually dared to kill the disciples of my Nether Spring Hall! That person is simply tired of living!”

“The pressing matter at hand is to find the tracks of the enemy. We absolutely can’t allow the murderer to escape.”

Accompanying these voices was a group of people that swiftly appeared on the mountain.

It was a group of formidable Earthly Immortal Realm experts, and all of them emanated strong imposing auras that caused them to seem like numerous scorching suns that rose into the sky.

“Withdraw yourselves. I’m already aware who that person is.” The black clothed old man returned to his senses from his deep contemplation, and he looked at these people with a frown on his face before he waved his hand and spoke.

“Who the fuck are you to actually dare to command us? AH!!” A robust middle aged man with a ferocious expression started cursing as soon as he spoke, yet he instantly seemed as if he was struck by lightning when he saw the appearance of the old man clearly, and he was terrified to the point of standing still on the spot without moving.

“Grand Emperor!” Meanwhile, the others reacted to the old man’s identity, and all of them were awestruck while they hurriedly bowed. Their respectful and reverent appearance caused it to simply seem as if they were prostrating themselves before a supreme overlord.

“Taking advantage of others, arrogant, domineering, and terrible behavior…” The thin old man shook his head while he sighed lightly, and then his entire body completely vanished into space.

Everyone glanced at each other, and they only recovered from their shock after a short while. However, the terrified expressions on their faces were impossible to eliminate in a short period of time. 

Because that was the Nether Spring Grand Emperor!

One of the supreme experts of the Netherworld that controlled Nether Spring Region for a few thousands of years!

Chen Xi hadn’t gone far, and he found a hidden place within Rahu Gorge before he relied on the Paramita Fruits to improve his comprehension in the Paramita Dao Insight. He was completely unaware that the tiny cauldron’s entire body emanated the brilliance of divinity that enveloped his entire body, and it helped him ward off the detection of a terrifying figure.

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