Chapter 952 – Taking Advantage Of The Situation

Amidst the ocean of Paramita Flowers that seemed to burn bright red, numerous seemingly intelligent fiery red fruits were swaying about while effusing a pure aura of Paramita, and they were like strands of fairies of fire that were rising up like thick mist.

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Paramita Fruits were extremely precious and invaluable, and they were extremely difficult to obtain. For example, that female Nether Clan cultivator had resided here for countless months, yet she was only fortunate enough to obtain a single one.

This obviously showed how difficult it was to obtain Paramita Fruits.

Yet now, there were actually over 10 Paramita Fruits before his eyes. Moreover, along with the passage of time, their numbers were gradually increasing. So how could Chen Xi not be excited?

He took a deep breath in his heart to calm his mood as he waited silently.

These Paramita Fruits were treasures of the heavens and the earth that possessed intelligence, so they’d possessed a cultivation of their own since long ago. Presently, when they were gathered together like this, a brilliant glow of flames surged while suffused with the aura of the Grand Dao, and it actually formed a phenomenon of its own.

In the sky, a myriad of strands of auspicious qi coiled together to form numerous fiery red divine bridges, and they were like numerous paths that were illuminated by fire. These paths seemed as if they led to the realm of the dead and desired to lead souls into eternal slumber.

Chen Xi instantly knew he couldn’t continue waiting when he saw this.

Meanwhile, someone in the nearby area seemed to have noticed something and said with surprise and bewilderment, “What a dense aura of the Paramita! Could it be that a precious treasure has emerged into the world?”

“My god! That’s a group of Paramita Fruits! They’ve actually appeared in a bundle! This is too shocking!” Someone else instantly noticed the scene that was occurring over there as well. This person wore blue clothes and had crimson red hair. He possessed a dignified appearance and seemed to be a figure that assumed the position of a leader in a group. So, he instantly started to gather his companions, and then he commanded. “Everyone go over together and seal up this area. Don’t allow news of it to be spread. Don’t let anyone or anything escape!”

All of his companions instantly understood that he intended to capture both the nearby people and the Paramita Fruits!

“Big Brother Qian, there seems to be people rushing over from the other side. The scene there is too obvious, and it hasn’t just alarmed our group.” Someone suddenly spoke while his face sank.

Sure enough, shadows of people were moving about in the distance and the sound of the air being torn apart frequently resounded out. After that, a group of people flashed over from the other side, and there was a total of 10 plus people, causing them to be an even larger group than their own.

This group of people were all wearing dark grey colored clothes, and they’d obviously come from the same power.

The person in the lead had a jade white complexion, and he was a young man with a casual and elegant bearing. He spoke with an excited tone while his gaze flickered with an extremely blazing light. “Oh! There are so many Paramita Fruits! If we capture and obtain all of them, then I, Cen Shaoling, will surely be able to break through in the Paramita Dao Insight to a shocking level.”

In fact, it wasn’t just the forces of ‘Big Brother Qian’ and ‘Cen Shaoling’ that had arrived, there was another group that had arrived at the same time in the end. All of them stared at that expanse of level ground with excited expressions, and they wished for nothing more than to immediately take possession of it.

This third group was made up of around nine people, and the person in the lead was a gorgeous young woman!

Dammit! It really is as that woman said. The higher areas of Paramita Peak are obviously filled with the forces of various powers! At this moment, Chen Xi acutely noticed the numerous formidable auras that were sweeping their gazes over here, and he didn’t dare hesitate to make a resolute move, otherwise, it would be too late.


His entire body glowed as he executed the Cage Etching technique, and then an expanse of brilliant light condensed with a grabbing motion of his hand. It transformed into a screen of light that covered the sky as it charged towards the ocean of Paramita Flowers and started to capture the Paramita Fruits.

At the same time, those three groups didn’t need any invitation to charge over in unison.

“Eh, there’s actually someone that arrived before all of us!”

“Cut the crap and make a move quickly! These Paramita Fruits are priceless treasures!”

“Hurry up! Faster! Faster! It would be too great a pity if we miss such a fortune that fell from the heavens! Everyone, work together and don’t let a single fruit escape!” All of them shouted as they charged over, and they carried excited and fervent expressions. Moreover, their eyes had even gone red as they raided this area madly and captured those Paramita Fruits, causing this place to fall into complete chaos.

Chen Xi had set up some restrictions in the surroundings beforehand, yet they were mainly for the sake of stopping the Paramita Fruits from escaping, so it was utterly incapable of stopping these people.

Moreover, the most despicable thing was that when they arrived nearby, these three groups didn’t just plunder the Paramita Fruits, they even attacked Chen Xi ruthlessly, and such actions simply caused him to boil with anger.

Chen Xi’s face went cold while boundless killing intent had been aroused in his heart. But he thought for a moment and didn’t flare up in the end. He instead flashed to the side and struck repeatedly to restrain numerous Paramita Fruits and put them away.

These fruits possessed intelligence, so when they suffered such an unexpected event, they were terrified to the point of fleeing in all directions. If he were to fuss about this with all those people at this moment, then even if he annihilated all of them, it wouldn’t be enough to compensate for the heavy losses he would suffer.

“Ah, that kid has some skill!” Someone glanced at Chen Xi with surprise.

“Forget him! It wouldn’t be too late to deal with that kid after we capture all these Paramita Fruits!” Someone else revealed a ferocious expression and spoke ruthlessly.


Suddenly, an unexpected event occurred. Those Paramita Fruits were pressured to the point of having nowhere to escape, so the actually erupted with a blazing glow of flames and emanated layer after layer of waves of flame that surged towards the surroundings.

Someone immediately let out a shrill cry while being swept by the glow of flames, and his soul was sucked out of his body while his body was incinerated into nothingness. He’d instantly transformed into a pile of dried up bones.

At the same time, numerous waves of flaming lights raged violently. They were filled with peerless Paramita profundity and surged down like a cloud of flames that smashed down upon everyone.

“Shit! These Paramita Fruits have been infuriated!”

“Retreat! Retreat quickly!”


Numerous strands of flaming glows that were like divine chains soared into the sky while carrying the aura of Paramita, and they crushed down towards everyone. Extracting souls and obliterating bodies with peerlessly terrifying might.

It wasn’t that these cultivators were too weak. Conversely, since they were able to arrive here, all of them possessed cultivations at the Earthly Immortal Realm. But when these Paramita Fruits launched an attack in unison, they seemed like numerous old experts and their attacks contained the Paramita Dao Insight, so their might was obviously terrifying.

In merely the time of a few breaths, over 10 people from these three groups had fallen on the spot, and it was extremely horrifying.

But those that were able to survive were naturally not weaklings. Moreover, death didn’t dispel the greed in their hearts, and it aroused their ferocity instead, causing them to exert their entire strengths while attacking from the side.

Instantly, the entire expanse of level ground was in chaos.

Those Paramita Fruits were unable to resist such ferocious attacks, and they scattered and fled in all directions because their might was insufficient.

How could all of them let the Paramita Fruits go when they saw this? They attacked madly and pursued all the way, and they reaped a good harvest.

In the end, Chen Xi had only captured and obtained five Paramita Fruits, whereas the others had either fled or were plundered by the members of those three powers. This caused his expression to become icy cold.

He’s taken great pains to gather the inferno grade Paramita Flowers and prepare them according to the tiny cauldron’s formula before he was able to lure over a group of Paramita Fruits, yet it was plundered by these bastards halfway. How could Chen Xi not be infuriated?

“Friend, can you part with your treasures and give those Paramita Fruits to all of us?” That young man called Cen Shaoling shot his gaze onto Chen XI.

Meanwhile, those three groups had converged together once more. More than half of them were injured, yet there were still many of them. Moreover, it was the true experts of their forces that were left behind.

“Friend, we’re members of the Nether Spring Hall. If you’re able to give up those fruits in your possession, we’ll surely give you a satisfactory price.” On the other side, that ‘Big Brother Qian’ brought his group over, and he imperceptibly blocked off Chen Xi’s path of retreat to prevent Chen Xi from fleeing.

“Hmph! What’s with all the crap? If you want to have all the benefits to yourself, then you have to see if my Granny Meng Hall agrees!” The third group spoke, and the person in the lead was that beautiful young woman.

Chen Xi watched coldly from the side while his heart surged with killing intent because after these people had taken what was his, they even intended to rob him, and they even seemed to have taken him to be a piece of meat on their chopping block and had directly started to discuss how to share him!

He’s seen people that were shameless, yet he’d never seen any that were so shameless!

“How about this? Why don’t we share it equally?” Cen Shaoling frowned and said coldly, “Even though both your groups are from the Nether Spring Hall and Granny Meng Hall, but my Yan Clan is formidable as well!”

“Share it equally? Alright, my Nether Spring Hall will take half. After all, it was we that arrived here first.” Big Brother Qian’s face sank as he spoke gloomily.

“Half? What a great appetite!” The young woman sneered and said, “How about this? Let’s see exactly how many we can obtain before we share it.”

As she spoke, she raised her chin and glanced proudly at Chen Xi before she said, “Friend, I presume you’ve understood the situation clearly. Hand over the treasures obediently, so as to avoid suffering any mishaps.”

Chen Xi started laughing as he said, “I’ll be silenced as well after I hand them over, right?”

The young woman was stunned, and then she glanced at the other two groups before she pondered deeply and said, “That will depend on your performance. If you don’t want to die, I can use a soul cleansing technique to wipe out your memories. Even though you’ll become a cripple, and it would become impossible for you to cultivate any longer, yet you’d still be alive in the end. This is sufficiently merciful to you, right?”

“Why waste your breath on him? If he won’t hand it over, then just kill him first before we decide on how to share the fruits.” Cen Shaoling spoke coldly.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and swept all of them with his gaze before he said, “I’ve finished hearing all your conditions. Do you want to hear mine?”

Everyone frowned and felt slightly impatient.

“If you have something to say then hurry up!” The leader of the Nether Spring Hall’s group, Big Brother Qian, berated.

“Obediently hand over the Paramita Fruits in all of your possessions. Let me see how many all of you have. It’s fine if it’s able to make up for my losses, otherwise all of you can only pay with your lives.” Chen Xi spoke calmly. He’d had enough of these bastards since a long time ago. Not only had they spoiled something important to him, they even wanted to rob him and silence him.

“Bastard! How dare you try to take a yard when given an inch!? Are you looking for death?” Big Brother Qian exploded with rage.

“Who is the one taking a yard when given an inch? I exhausted a great deal of effort, yet all of you took advantage of the situation and even want to kill me to seize the fruits in my possession after that. Do all of you really think you can do as you please?” Chen Xi spoked coldly.

“This little bastard obviously doesn’t desire to live any longer. Attack and kill him!” Cen Shaoling spoke with displeasure.

“Since it’s like that, don’t blame us for being ruthless!”


The leaders of the other two groups spoke at practically the exact same moment. In the next moment, they swarmed over while seeming to be afraid of being slow and allowing the others to capture Chen Xi before them.

After all, killing Chen Xi was nothing. But most importantly, the things in Chen Xi’s possession couldn’t fall into the hands of the others.

It was exactly because they held these thoughts that they vied with each other as soon as they made a move, and they revealed extremely despicable bearings.

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