Chapter 951 – Baiting

Chen Xi’s blunt words instantly caused Senior Brother Qin and the others to frown, and Senior Brother Qin couldn’t help but knit his brows together when he saw Chen Xi’s appearance clearly.

Because he acutely noticed that even though Chen Xi possessed a young appearance, Chen Xi was actually an Earthly Immortal Realm expert.

“Friend, this is between us, so you better not interfere so as to avoid hurting yourself!” Senior Brother Qin spoke in an icy cold tone.

“Senior Brother Qin, this bastard called us trash!”

“When have we disciples of the Nether Spring Hall been cursed like this?”

The others revealed ferocious expressions as they stared gloomily at Chen Xi, and their words were filled with hostility.

Nether Spring Hall? The expression of the female Nether Clan cultivator turned grim while she couldn’t help but glance at Chen Xi with worry as she was afraid he would invite disaster to himself. After all, Rahu City was the territory of the Nether Spring Hall, and the consequences of offending these people was obvious.


Chen Xi raised his hand before striking the ground from afar with the tip of his finger. It tore open a rift that stretched to arrive before Senior Brother Qin’s legs at an unbelievable speed before stopping abruptly.

“I’ll say it one more time, fuck off!” Chen Xi’s expression was cold. Amongst all these people, only that ‘Senior Brother Qin’ was at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and the strengths of the rest were below the Earthly Immortal Realm. Chen Xi didn’t take such strength seriously at all.

As for the Nether Spring Hall, he didn’t care at all. After all, he was only a swiftly passing traveler in the Netherworld, and he would be leaving the Nether Spring Region as soon as Gu Tian returned, so how could he care about their threats?

“Kid, you’re courting death!” One of the cultivators by Senior Brother Qin’s side exploded with rage, and he hadn’t noticed how terrifying that strike of Chen Xi’s was at all, so he roared and actually slashed his sword towards Chen Xi.


Chen Xi flicked his finger, causing the imposing word qi and the sword to crumble inch by inch like paper before exploding into powder that suffused the entire sky.


At the same time, the eyes of the cultivator that launched this attack opened wide while a stream of scarlet red and hot blood suddenly sprayed out from his neck, and it drew a horrifying yet beautiful arc in midair as that cultivator crashed to the ground and perished.

“Junior Brother Fan!” The others exclaimed with shock and didn’t dare believe their eyes.

The female Nether Clan cultivator was even dumbstruck. She didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi would make a move just like that, and that he would even wipe out a life as soon as he made a move!

“You’re courting death! No matter who you are, since you dared to kill a disciple of my Nether Spring Hall, then you must atone for it with your life!” Senior Brother Qin’s face sank. He withdrew a black colored and thick chain and waved it in midair before smashing it down at Chen Xi.

This chain was coiled with jet black light, and its imposing aura was ruthless like a black evil dragon. It carried an extremely terrifying impetus as it crushed space apart, and it emanated swishing and rumbling all along the way.

The death of Junior Brother Fan earlier had caused him to be rather vexed because he was very well aware that his Junior Brother Fan’s strength was utterly incapable of shaking the young man before them. Unfortunately, he was a step too late when he intended to restrain his Junior Brother Fan.

Most importantly, he never expected that Chen Xi would actually dare kill his junior right before him, and this caused the flames of rage in his heart to be completely lit ablaze. So he executed a lethal move as soon as he attacked!

Unfortunately, such a lethal move didn’t carry the slightest bit of threat to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi casually stretched out his hand and grabbed, and it seemed as if he’d broken through the limits of space and time. In the next instant, he’d already grabbed the chain before he shook his hand.


The shock that ran through the chain from this was like a myriad of mountains crushing down onto the ground, and it fiercely blasted Senior Brother Qin flying.

Before Senior Brother Qin could fall to the ground, the chain suddenly pierced through space and coiled itself around him. It went around layer after layer before fiercely tightening, and a wave of cracking sounded out while Senior Brother Qin who was at the 3rd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm was constricted to death.

All of this practically occurred in an instant, and his companions hadn’t even made a move when the outcome was decided.


Everyone was shocked and seemed as if they’d seen a ghost, and it was to the point they forgot to breathe as they stood stiff on the spot like wooden puppets.

No one had expected Senior Brother Qin to lose so quickly and die so miserably!

The eyes of the female Nether Clan cultivator were opened wide before she held her hand tightly over her mouth as she was deeply afraid of letting out a sharp cry. This scene had occurred too quickly, and the shock it gave her was too great, so she even doubted whether what she’d seen was real…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the next instant, Chen Xi’s figure flashed and caused a string of muffled bangs to resound out, and when his figure stopped moving, everyone else besides that female Nether Clan cultivator had perished.

The extremely dense smell of blood hadn’t even effused out before it was completely evaporated with a flick of Chen Xi’s sleeve, and he’d completely destroyed their corpses and eliminated all traces. Not even a strand of their blood remained.

This caused the female Nether Clan cultivator to be stunned once more, and her entire mind went blank.

If it wasn’t for her still being wide awake, she’d almost thought that everything she experienced earlier was an illusion!

“Seize the opportunity while no one has noticed what happened here to leave quickly.” Chen Xi instructed with a warm voice before flashing swiftly towards the mountain.

“You…” The female Nether Clan cultivator opened her mouth yet was at a loss for what to say.

She finally returned to her senses after a long time, and she couldn’t help but mutter. “I actually misjudged him earlier. I never expected this his strength would actually be so extraordinary…”

After that, she glanced deeply at the distant tall figure that vanished high above on the mountain before turning and leaving.

All the people that had perished earlier were disciples of the Nether Spring Hall. Even though they weren’t killed by her, the incident had arisen because of her, so it would probably cause endless troubles for her if she didn’t leave now.



After he left, Chen Xi didn’t waste any more time and started searching for Paramita Flowers that were at the inferno grade as the tiny cauldron had instructed.

Paramita Peak might lack a lot of things, yet it didn’t lack Paramita Flowers.

The richer the color of the Paramita Flower, the higher its grade was. Moreover, Paramita Flowers that had attained the inferno grade possessed 24 petals that blazed like flames.

But due to there being truly too many Paramita Flowers to the point they were like an ocean that covered the entire mountain, it was undoubtedly like searching for a needle in a haystack for ordinary people.

But this didn’t trouble Chen Xi at all.

With the strength of his current Immortal Perception, he was able to envelop the entirety of Paramita Peak within it in an instant, so carefully finding some inferno grade Paramita Flowers amongst them wasn’t difficult.

10 minutes later, over 100 inferno grade Paramita Flowers were in Chen Xi’s possession.

Something worthy of mention was that during the process of acquiring these Paramita Flowers, ordinary treasures were utterly incapable of holding them because anything tainted by these flowers would instantly transform into ash.

Chen Xi was only able to put them away by relying on the Cage Etching technique the tiny cauldron had taught him to seal them up one by one.

At this moment, he’d already arrived at a height of 21km on Paramita Peak!

According to what the female Nether Clan cultivator from before told him, only experts that had comprehended Paramita Dao Insight to the Advanced Realm were capable of stepping foot here.

Chen Xi’s grasp of Paramita Dao Insight was at around the 9th level at the Advanced Realm, and it was only three levels away from attaining perfection.

Unfortunately, the comprehension of such rare Dao Insights was truly too difficult, and merely three levels was more difficult than ascending the heavens. For example, his clone had been comprehending and deducing in meditation within the world of stars, yet his clone had only attained the Advanced Realm in the Paramita Dao Insight and Oblivion Dao Insight after a period of innumerable years.

Fortunately, so long as I’m able to obtain some Paramita Fruits, I ought to be able to attain perfection in the Paramita Dao Insight… Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze and noticed only a little over 10 cultivators were moving about in this area, and all of them were experts around the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. Moreover, all of them possessed auras that were deep like oceans, and they were extremely formidable.

His arrival similarly drew the attention of these experts, and a trace of surprise flashed within all of their eyes.

After all, the aura Chen Xi revealed at this moment was only at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm while he possessed such young appearance, so he naturally seemed slightly conspicuous.

But in next to no time, they withdrew their gazes and minded their own business.

After he found a secluded and empty place, Chen Xi asked the tiny cauldron via voice transmission. “Senior, what should I do?”

“Very simple. Crush all the Paramita Flowers and combine them with wine, spray it on those other Paramita Flowers, and then leave the rest to me.” The tiny cauldron guided.

“Combine it with wine?” Chen Xi was puzzled and was unable to guess the secrets hidden within these actions, but since it was the tiny cauldron’s instruction, he still followed them.

He was at a secluded piece of level ground, and an abyss was to his side, whereas, numerous Paramita Flowers that were scarlet red like blood were bloomed all over the borders of the abyss.

After he combined the crushed Paramita Flowers into the wine and sprayed it on the other flowers, Chen Xi moved away from where he stood earlier.


Meanwhile, the tiny cauldron suddenly started glowing and emanated strands of the radiance of divinity, causing a rain of light to pour down and envelop the expanses of Paramita Flowers that Chen Xi had sprayed the mixture on.

In next to no time, Chen Xi smelt a trace of sweet fragrance that struck directly at the soul, causing his mind to be slightly dazed while an instant of a dazed feeling appeared in his Dao Heart, and then he suddenly returned to his senses. “What fragrance is this?”

With the current cultivation of his Dao Heart, he’d actually been enchanted by the strand of sweet fragrance, and even though it was merely for an instant, it was already sufficiently shocking.

After all, his Dao Heart hadn’t been disturbed in the slightest while undergoing the Glass Lightning Tribulation that specially targeted the Dao Hearts of cultivators.

However, this strand of sweet fragrance possessed such might, so it was obviously exceedingly extraordinary.

“It’s just a small technique. You just have to wait to put the Paramita Fruits away.” The tiny cauldron spoke ambiguously.

Rustle! Rustle!

It wasn’t long before a trace of extremely light rustling suddenly sounded out from within the ocean of Paramita Flowers that seemed like blazing flames, and it was like a gentle breeze blowing past the top of a willow tree, and it was soft to the point of being impossible to hear.

But it couldn’t escape Chen Xi’s eyes and ears. His spirits were refreshed as he held his breath in concentration, and he avoided alarming those intelligent Paramita Fruits and didn’t even dare utilize his Immortal Perception to check what was going on.

Before long, a shocking scene appeared. Numerous dove egg sized Paramita Fruits that were completely blazing like flames appeared within the expanse of Paramita Flowers.

These little things seem to have been drawn over by those strands of sweet fragrance. All of them seem as if they’re drunk and are moving about between the leaves and flowers of other Paramita Flowers. With a rough count, there are actually over 10 here! Chen Xi was excited in his heart. If I’m able to capture all of them, then I’ll mostly be able to breakthrough to the Perfection Realm in the Paramita Dao Insight!

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