Chapter 950 – Dog Eat Dog

Rahu Gorge.

When Chen Xi arrived at a flatland before the gorge, there were already many Nether Clan cultivators gathered here. There were men and women of all ages, and there was even no lack of Nether Spirits wandering about there.

Before all of them was Paramita Flowers that were bloomed all over the ground, and they were scarlet red like blood seemed to blaze like flames.

Especially striking of it all was a lone mountain within the gorge. This lone and chilly mountain was 30km tall and pierced into the sky. Chen Xi was able to clearly see that countless Paramita Flowers grew on the mountain, and it was like a burning volcano that was extremely striking.

At this moment, numerous Nether Clan cultivators were climbing up the mountain, and they seemed to be searching for something. Shadows of people moved about on the mountain, and it seemed to be extremely popular.

“Alas, I’ve been searching here for a month now, yet amongst the grades of flame, scorch, blaze, and inferno, I’ve only obtained two scorch grade Paramita Flowers. I’m truly unlucky!”

“Don’t be discontent. I’ve been here for more than half a year, yet I’ve only obtained three scorch grade Paramita Flowers. I wonder when I’ll be able to comprehend the Paramita Dao Insight.”

“Unfortunately, the restrictions on Paramita Peak are too strong, and only fellows that have comprehended a strand of Paramita Dao Insight may step foot on it. Otherwise, I’d want to go try my luck there as well. If I’m able to obtain a Paramita Fruit, then I’d have no worries for my entire lifetime!”

“Pfft! Wishful thinking! That Paramita Peak isn’t something anyone can ascend!”

A wave of discussion sounded out in front of the gorge, and it entered completely into Chen Xi’s ears.

Only know did he understand that the Paramita Flowers in Rahu Gorge had different grades according to their quality.

Flame was the most basic, and there was only a trace of imperceptible Paramita Dao Insight within it, so it was utterly impossible to comprehend and grasp the Paramita Dao Insight from it. But this sort of Paramita Flower was a spirit medicine with extraordinary worth, and it could be sold for a good price at many stores.

Scorch grade was slightly better. According to what those Nether Clan cultivators said, the cumulated Paramita Dao Insight from over 10,000 scorch grade Paramita Flowers was equivalent to the Paramita Dao Insight contained within the most ordinary Paramita Fruit.

In this same way, 1,000 blaze grade Paramita Flowers and 100 inferno grade Paramita Flowers were roughly equivalent in Paramita Dao Insight to the most ordinary Paramita Fruit.

There was no lack of Paramita Flowers of the four grades within Rahu Gorge, and if one were to consider it carefully, the flame grade Paramita Flowers were the most, scorch was lesser than it, and blaze grade was even rarer. As for inferno grade Paramita Flowers, it could only be found on Paramita Peak.

Paramita Peak was the 30km tall mountain within the gorge that had countless Paramita Flowers bloomed atop it, causing it to be like a blazing mountain of flame.

This mountain was extremely peculiar, its entirely was filled with a formidable natural restriction, causing only those that had comprehended Paramita Dao Insight to be able to step foot on it.

Moreover, Paramita Fruits could only be found on Paramita Peak.

After he understood all this, Chen Xi raised his eyes to glance at the distant mountain before heading towards the gorge without the slightest hesitation.

He’d grasped the profundities of Paramita a long time ago, so he naturally fulfilled the conditions required to ascend Paramita Peak. As for the flame, scorch, blaze, and inferno grade Paramita Flowers, he wouldn’t even give them a thought.


As soon as he entered into the gorge, a strange fluctuation assaulted his face, and it seemed as if it intended to draw one’s soul into the cycle of reincarnation. This was obviously the aura of the Paramita Dao Insight.

He noticed many Nether Clan cultivators weren’t searching for Paramita Flowers in the gorge, and they were seated cross-legged at various corners while comprehending in meditation.

Just think about it, since this place was filled with the aura of the Paramita Dao Insight, it was surely extremely helpful towards cultivating and comprehending its profundities.

Unfortunately, my time is limited. Otherwise, I would really like to cultivate in meditation for some time. But if I’m able to ascend Paramita Peak and obtain some Paramita Fruits before attaining perfection in my comprehension of Paramita Dao Insight, I wouldn’t have to waste time cultivating here. Chen Xi sensed the strange fluctuation within the gorge as he moved forward, and he was able to clearly sense that this fluctuation grew stronger as he approached Paramita Peak.

But this little bit of pressure was utterly nothing to him, and he dealt with this pressure by circulating his cultivation slightly.

Suddenly, the tiny cauldron suggested. “If you intend to gather Paramita Fruits, then I suggest you gather some inferno grade Paramita Flowers.”

“Senior, are the Paramita Flowers important in some way?” Chen Xi stopped abruptly and asked with surprise.

“Paramita Fruits are spirit treasures of the heavens and the earth, and they possess intelligence like spirits and phantoms. How could it be so simple to obtain them?” The tiny cauldron reminded. “Remember the Cage Etching technique I passed down to you? This technique is sufficient to allow you to easily gather inferno grade Paramita Flowers. Once you’ve gathered a sufficient amount, I’ll pass down another formula to you that’ll guarantee you’ll be able to easily capture and obtain Paramita Fruits.”

Chen Xi was surprised, and he never imagined that the tiny cauldron would actually be so knowledgeable about this.

But this was a good thing. If it was as the tiny cauldron had said, then it would be extremely likely for him to attain perfection in the Paramita Dao Insight from the Paramita Fruits he gathered this time!

Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Xi started to approach Paramita Peak.

Right when he’d just ascended the mountain by a little over 3km, a female Nether Clan cultivator woke up from her comprehension and saw Chen Xi when she turned around, and then she said warmheartedly, “Fellow Daoist, you have to watch out. The pressure from the restrictions on this mountain is too great, and the slightest mistake might cause your soul to suffer backlash.”

“Thank you for the warning.” Chen Xi nodded. He was able to sense that the aura of Paramita on this woman had roughly attained the Initial Realm, and her cultivation wasn’t very high and was only around the Nether Transformation Realm.

Perhaps she felt Chen Xi was very young, handsome, and had a warm attitude, so the woman grinned as she guided. “Based on how you look, this is probably the first time you’ve come to Paramita Peak. Perhaps you still don’t know some of the taboos here.”

After she spoke up to here, she described everything to him.

It turned out that this 30km tall peak supposedly possessed varying strengths in its restrictions, and it was divided into 12 areas that just happened to correspond to the four realms and 12 levels of Dao Insight.

For example, cultivators that had just grasped the Paramita Dao Insight were only able to move about in the lower 9km of the mountain, those that had comprehended it to the Initial Realm were able to move about until a height of 18km on the mountain, and those that had comprehended it to the Advanced Realm were able to arrive at a height of 27km.

If one rashly challenged a height that didn’t belong to one’s comprehension of Paramita Dao Insight, one would suffer backlash from the restriction, and it would cause one’s soul to be heavily injured and even perish on the spot in serious cases.

“So there’s actually something like this to pay attention to.” After he understood everything, Chen Xi cupped his hands to the female Nether Clan cultivator and thanked her before he asked. “Then may I know at what height are the Paramita Fruits located at?”

The female cultivator smiled and said, “There’s nothing to pay attention here. Paramita Fruits exist on more or less the entire mountain, but their numbers are very scarce, and it’s extremely difficult to obtain them. I’ve been here for a few months, yet I was only barely able to obtain one.”

She paused for a moment, and then couldn’t help but continue guiding him when she saw that he was listening seriously. “Fellow Daoist, according to my observation, the higher one goes, the higher the chances that one would obtain a Paramita Fruit. But you better be careful. The top experts of various powers in the Netherhell reside there, and you must not go against them if a conflict arises.”

Chen Xi frowned and said, “They’ll kill to seize the treasure of others?”

The female Nether Clan cultivator sighed and said, “Of course. It can’t be helped that the temptation of Paramita Fruits is too strong! I’ve witnessed numerous tragedies occur in these past few months, so I advise you to stay at the lower area as well. Even though it can’t compare to the higher areas, it’s much safer.”

When she spoke up to here, she suddenly seemed to have realized something, and she sized up Chen Xi from top to bottom before she said with a smile, “I forgot that based on how young you are and that it’s the first time you’ve come to Paramita Peak, even if you’ve grasped the Paramita Dao Insight, it’s probably not very high. So I don’t have to worry about any danger befalling you.”

This woman was very frank and warmhearted.

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist.” Chen Xi smiled. He was able to sense that she didn’t have any intention of looking down upon him. Conversely, she was rather warm towards an unfamiliar person like this, and this kindness was rare.

After he found out about all this and thanked the female Nether Clan cultivator, Chen Xi didn’t stay here any longer. However, right when he intended to leave, an unexpected event occurred.

“Senior Brother Qin, it was this woman that seized a Paramita Fruit of mine yesterday!” A group of five suddenly charged up the mountain and surrounded that female Nether Clan cultivator before a hideous fellow amongst them spoke fiercely.

“Oh? Is that true? Miss, since it’s like this, hand over that Paramita Fruit and the slate will be wiped clean, alright?” The person called Senior Brother Qin was a middle aged man with a ruthless expression and surging aura, and he was actually an Earthly Immortal Realm expert. Obviously, he was the leader amongst these people.

The expression of that female cultivator from the Nether Clan turned grim, and she took a few steps back. “That belongs to me! I didn’t seize it from him at all!”

“Junior Brother Li, could it be that you deceived me?” Senior Brother Qin frowned and glanced at the hideous fellow.

“Senior Brother Qin, how could I dare deceive you? I swear!” The hideous fellow cried out with a wronged expression.

The female Nether Clan cultivator cried out abruptly. “I remember you! You were hiding nearby when I obtained the Paramita Fruit yesterday! I never expected that you would make slanderous and unfounded charges against me now. How detestable!”

“Hmph! So, in this way, that Paramita Fruit is indeed in your possession?” Senior Brother Qin’s eyes lit up before his face sank. “I’ll give you the time of three breaths. Don’t blame me for being ruthless if you don’t hand it over!”

“No! I’ve searcher here bitterly for a few months and obtained a single Paramita Fruit with great difficulty. I’ll absolutely not hand it over to shameless fellows like all of you!” The female Nether Clan cultivator was extremely agitated, and her eyes blazed with flames of rage.

“Hmph! You don’t know what’s good for you!” Senior Brother Qin grunted coldly while the others sneered while revealing ferocious expressions, and they’d already aroused killing intent.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw this. He’d just spoken about killing others to seize treasure, yet he never expected that it would occur right before his eyes. Looks like Paramita Peak really is dangerous. Not only must one defend one’s self against those restrictions, one has to be vigilant against the greed and ruthlessness of others.

“All of you pieces of trash, fuck off!” Without wasting his breath, Chen Xi’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning as he glanced coldly at Senior Brother Qin and the others, and he spoke directly with a deep voice.

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