Chapter 95 – Storm In The City

Chapter 95 – Storm In The City

The Zhang General Store that was situated on the busiest street of Pine Mist City had transformed into ruins within a single night.

Three months had already passed since then.

On the busiest street, there were rows upon rows of stores and a bustling crowd, everywhere was so bustling, yet only this place was deathly silent like a grave. So long as pedestrians were to pass by this place, they would surely avoid it from far away, as if they were extremely afraid they would be tainted with a trace of misfortune.

This place was still in ruins, and there still was dark red mottled blood stains between the cracks of the shattered roof tiles. This was the blood of the owner of Zhang general goods store and the 37 talisman crafting apprentices. Even though their corpses had already decayed and vanished, the blood was impossible to erase, and it seemed to be narrating the terror, rage, and resentment in their hearts…

A merchant brought along a group of tall and strong servants to arrive here, he’d taken a fancy on this plot of land and wanted to build a store on the ruins.

“Tear it down! I’ve already asked the Li Clan and I’ve spent a great fortune buying this plot of land. In the future, this is the territory of I, Lord Cui. Quickly clear up these ruins and this dirty and smelly blood, and use water and flush it clean for me!” The big-bellied merchant yelled loudly and instructed, yet he noticed that the group of powerful servants behind him had reluctant expressions and were unwilling to step forward, and he couldn’t help but burst into rage. “What’s there to be worried about? Are all of you afraid of being tainted by the Jinx’s misfortune, or afraid of being dealt with by the Li Clan? Didn’t I fucking say that I’ve already asked the Li Clan?!”

“My Lord, so many people have died here, even if we open a store here, it seems to be unlucky, right? Moreover, the Jinx stayed here for four years, who knows if we will be tainted by his misfortune…” A servant had a bitter expression on his face as he explained.

“Yeah, presently, everyone in the city that was related to the Jinx has been killed, and even the things he’d used before have been completely burnt by them.”

“My Lord, it’s alright if we don’t take this plot of land!”

All the servants spoke out at once and voiced the worries in their hearts.

“Do all of you still want to live or not?” Merchant Cui roared loudly. “Get to work! If you don’t clean up this ruins by tonight, I’ll fucking have the heads of you lowly servants!”

The servants went silent like cicadas in the winter, they could only grit their teeth and walk forward before starting to clean up the Zhang general goods store that had already turned into ruins.

Merchant Cui’s expression eased up when he saw this and muttered in disdain. “A group of trash, trash like the Jinx. If I’m a fucking member of the Li Clan, I would kill all of them for daring to disobey me…”

“Hiss, who’s that fellow. What dense killing intent, it’s simply as if he’d walked out from an ocean of corpses and blood!”

“It’s Chen Xi! It’s Chen Xi! He… He’s returned!”

“Chen Xi? The Jinx?”

“Shit, I have to quickly avoid him. The Li Clan will probably annihilate my entire family if I have even the slightest relationship with him.”

On the distant street, numerous high-pitched cried suddenly sounded out from the bustling crowd, it was as if they’d seen an inconceivable fierce beast, and their faces all went deathly pale as they fled desperately.

Instantly, the entire street was filled with streams of people that cried and shouted as they fled as if they’d encountered something extremely terrifying.

“My Lord, the Jinx has returned!”

“Let’s quickly flee as well!”

“Yeah, yeah.”

All the servants had long faces, and if it wasn’t for them being afraid of Merchant Cui’s power and influence, they’d probably have fled long ago.

“Shut up!” Merchant Cui’s expression flickered between a variety of expressions, yet he gritted his teeth and shouted out explosively. “He’s only trash that just knows how to craft talismans, what are all of you afraid of? Those people fled because they’re afraid of the Li Clan, but I have a close relationship with the Li Clan, is there any need to flee?”

During the time Merchant Cui was speaking, the streets that were weaved with streams of people had become completely devoid of a single figure, and the stores on both sides of the street closed their doors with a bang, seeming to be avoiding a god of plagues.

The atmosphere became deathly silent, strange, and oppressive, as if it was the calm before a storm.

“There’s no need to be alarmed, do what you’re supposed to do, you’ll receive an additional ten times of your wages for today!” Merchant Cui took a deep breath before speaking slowly.

Money moved the hearts of people, and it was also able to order about the gods and ghosts.

When they heard they would receive an additional ten times their wages, although the servants still had extremely unsightly appearances, no one chose to leave. This was exactly the charm of money.

Step! Step! Step!

A wave of footsteps resounded out in the cold and dreary street, the sound was soft like drifting wind, yet heavy like pounding on drums. Every step smashed onto their hearts, causing their vital energy and blood to surge, and their breathing to become heavy.

A tall and thin figure walked over amongst this strange sounds of footsteps that caused one to shudder with fear, His expression was icy cold like an emotionless corpse, yet his eyes were blood red, and his dark red eyes were like the evil spirits and devils of legend.

His killing intent was like dense and thick blood that couldn’t be dissolved, like an icy cold sharp blade that had entered the marrow.

Whereas he himself was like an unsheathed sharp sword that had been soaked in a sea of blood, yearning to drink fresh blood and souls.


Merchant Cui’s legs went weak and he fell to sit on the ground, the strength within his entire body seemed to have been completely sucked out and it was like a shapeless hand had choked his throat. His eyes sprang wide open as he looked at the approaching figure that possessed monstrous killing intent, and he couldn’t restrain himself from emitting a shrill cry any longer. “Chen Xi, you Jinx! What do you want to do? The Li Clan is backing me, you can’t touch me!!”

At the side, all the servants had been scared out of their wits since long ago and collapsed to sit on the floor with shivering mouths, and their expressions were a mix of livid and ashen. Only until they saw that figure did they realize, no matter how much money it was, it couldn’t compare to the value of their lives.

Chen Xi paid no attention to them, he only looked at the ruins as the past scenes flashed through his mind.

Pitiable little fellow, since no one is buying your talismans, then sell them to me. Supporting a family at such a tiny age is too difficult.

Haha! Chen Xi, you’re talisman crafting skill has improved again. For the sake of your grandfather, younger brother, and most importantly, yourself, you must continue to be hardworking, and you must not become arrogant.

I knew that this day would come. Go on, Uncle’s place is too small and your life shouldn’t be confined here. Continue working hard, and no matter what, you must remember to come see Uncle when you’re free. Hahaha, am I too greedy?

Two rows of dark red tears of blood silently slid down his face. Chen Xi knelt on the floor, facing the ruins, facing the former Zhang general goods store, facing Uncle Zhang that always encouraged him and helped him, and he heavily kowtowed on the ground.

Uncle, Little Xi has already grown up. I’ll take revenge for you!

Chen Xi stood up and left without looking back.

Whereas at the side, Merchant Cui and all the servants had terrified and hideous expressions as their seven apertures bled, and they died without a sound.

There was a talisman drawn by blood on the ground, the first-grade Flamecloud Talisman Chen Xi was most skilled at crafting. The blood colored talisman markings bloomed like a flower, and it seemed to be mourning the souls of the dead within the ruins.

Clear Stream Restaurant.

On the void and dreary ruins, there were bones, there was blood, and there was Chen Xi wholeheartedly cooking delicious delicacies. He seemed to be muttering something, and broken bits of words like Old Man Ma, Pei Pei, and Qiao Nan could be faintly heard.

Ruins, blood, bones, and a person speaking as he cooked food, a scene like this was extremely bizarre and could even be called terrifying.

After the time for an incense stick to burn.

Four dishes and a jug of wine were placed before the ruins, whereas Chen Xi’s figure wasn’t there any longer.

A wild dog smelled the fragrance and run over, but it hadn’t even come close to the extremely delicious food when it abruptly let out a whimper before its body crashed onto the ground, dead on the spot.


Chen Xi has returned!

This news seemed to have grown wings and had spread throughout the entire Pine Mist City within the blink of an eye, and it caused the entire city to be stirred.

Chen Xi, a Jinx that had grown up in Pine Mist City since a young age, a Jinx whose Clan was annihilated when he was born, then his parents went missing, his marriage contract was torn apart, his grandfather died a miserable death, his younger brother’s right hand was crippled…

A few months ago, it was even because of him that the Li Clan annihilated commoners in an area of 500km, annihilated the Zhang general goods store, and annihilated the Clear Stream Restaurant. So long as it was someone that had the slightest relationship with him, they’d all died miserably. How unjust!

Presently, this Jinx that was known to every household had returned. Could it be that he wanted to smear the city with a layer of misfortune and blood again?

The streets were already devoid of people.

The bustling stores had all closed their doors as well.

The various institutions had even prohibited all their disciples from going out.

The entire city seemed to have become an empty city in the blink of an eye.

Even the cultivators that boasted about their strong cultivations were silent and looking on from the sidelines, as they seemed to be already able to see that Chen Xi was bound to die miserably under the butchering knife of the Li Clan today.


General’s Estate.

The number one expert under the command of General Qin, Luo Chong, knitted his brows and was filled with worry.

It was at this moment that a guard swiftly ran over, then knelt down on one knee. “Reporting to Commander Luo, the General sends words that our General’s Estate will not interfere in this matter.


Luo Chong fiercely slapped his palm onto the nearby table, and wood fragments swirled about.

“We watched idly by as the Li Clan slaughtered over 10,000 commoners, we watched idly by as the Zhang general goods store and Clear Stream Restaurant was annihilated. If this goes on, will the dignity of my General’s Estate still exist? What will we use to convince the masses?” The rage that Luo Chong had accumulated for a few months was unable to be restrained any longer and fully exploded out at this moment. His expression was savage and livid as he roared loudly without stopping. “Why? Why do we turn a cold shoulder to it? Just because the Li Clan had the support of the Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan behind it, so they can trample on the dignity of my General’s Estate?”

“Luo Chong, you’re too rash!” An extremely dignified voice sounded out, then a violet robed middle aged man walked over with slow and even steps. He was 3m tall with a back that was straight like a spear, and he seemed like an oppressive tall mountain as he approached, full of dignity. This person was precisely the supreme number one person in the General’s Estate, and the actual ruler of Pine Mist City, Qin Han.

“General!” Luo Chong was startled when he saw the violet robed middle aged man, then he took a deep breath before standing up and cupping his hands.

“The Su Clan is extremely terrifying, all those great powers in Dragon Lake City are extremely terrifying. Even though you and I represent the will of the Darchu Dynasty, we can only choose to compromise when facing these ancient clans.” Qin Han sighed. “Not to mention me, even if it’s within Dragon Lake City or the entire southern territory, there isn’t any city’s General’s Estate that dares openly go against them.”

Luo Chong knew that what Qin Han said was the truth, yet the rage in his heart increased, and he gnashed his teeth and said, “We’re dealing with the Li Clan, not the Su Clan!”

Qin Han shook his head. “Do you think the Li Clan dared be so brazen without the Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan supporting them from behind?”

Luo Chong said in a daze, “Could it be that we’ll do nothing like this? Watch idly by as Chen Xi is killed? Hongmian’s relationship with him is extremely good.”

“I know, so I locked that little girl up.” Qin Han casually replied. “This is something that can’t be helped. Once Chen Xi is dead, perhaps the entire Pine Mist City would be peaceful. Besides that, offending the Li Clan and Su Clan for a disciple from an impoverished family is undoubtedly burying my General’s Estate into a pit of hell. It’s not worth it.”

“Are great clans and great powers so terrifying?” Luo Chong muttered in powerlessness and dejection.

“It’s indeed so.” Qin Han nodded, yet he didn’t explain any further.

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