Chapter 949 – Judgment Profundity

At the teleportation of Darkcliff City.

A bright light flashed before Chen Xi, Cui Qingning, Gu Tian, and Bei Ling vanished.

Those guards that protected Cui Qingning along with Gu Tian had been left behind instead. On one hand, it was because their strengths were too low, and on the other, it was because the addition of Chen Xi and Bei Ling caused there to be no need for them at all.

Cui Ming personally sent Chen Xi and the others off and gave Chen Xi a jade token, and he said someone would contact Chen Xi with information related to the Netherworld Disk when Chen Xi arrived at the Netherhell. Moreover, the jade token was proof of Chen Xi’s identity to that person.


Nether Spring Region, Rahu City

The teleportation formation outside the city flashed before Chen Xi and the others walked out from within it.

The first thing that was reflected within their eyes was an expanse of gorgeous red that seemed as if it was flaming!

The ground, the area before the walls, the sides of the roads… Everything was paved with an expanse of flowers that were scarlet red like blood. Expanse after expanse of scarlet flowers that seemed as if they were burning grew there and covered the world.

When looked at from afar, it seemed like it was a carpet dyed in fresh blood, and it seemed like raging flames of blood.

Paramita Flowers!

They were also called Red Spider Lilies. They were the flowers that led the souls towards reincarnation, and they were the flowers of death that implied calamity, suffering, and separation.

According to legend, after the one perished, one’s soul would be led by these flowers into the Netherworld to be reincarnated, whereas this path that was covered by Paramita Flowers was also called ‘the path illuminated by fire,’ and it led the souls to the other side.

Even if it was in the Mortal Dimension, Chen Xi had heard of Paramita Flowers and the legends related to them, so he couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise when he saw them with his own eyes at this moment.

According to his knowledge, it was said that Paramita Flowers blooms and wilts in a cycle of a thousand years, yet leaves and flower never meet, as one brings the end of the other, just like a pair of star-crossed lovers, and it guides souls across to the Netherworld at the other side. At the same time, one of the three supreme Grand Dao profundities of the Netherworld, the Paramita Dao Insight, was developed from the Paramita Flowers in ‘the path illuminated by fire.’

It could be said that the Paramita Flowers were like a type of sacred flower in the Netherworld, and it was loved by all beings in the Netherworld.

“These are all ordinary Paramita Flowers, and the truly valuable Paramita Flowers grow in Rahu Gorge. If you’re lucky enough to obtain a Paramita Flower’s fruit, then you’ll even be able to comprehend a trace of Paramita Dao Insight from it.” Gu Tian explained in a low voice. He knew that Chen Xi had come here for the first time and didn’t know anything about all this.

Fruit of the Paramita Flower? Chen Xi thought in his heart and aroused a trace of deep interest, and he gazed at Bei Ling while seeming to have thought of something before he said, “Could it be that the Paramita Dao Insight you possess was comprehended from it?”

When she fought Rui Qing from the Ghost Path yesterday, Bei Ling had revealed a Dao Art that faintly contained a strand of Paramita Dao Insight. At that time, Chen Xi was rather surprised, yet when he heard what Gu Tian said, he instantly understood that as one of the three supreme Grand Dao profundities of the Netherworld, there were probably numerous people that had grasped it.

Sure enough, Bei Ling nodded and said, “Exactly. All those years ago, I once obtained three Paramita Flower fruits after killing an opponent of mine in the Bloodbasin Hardlands, and it allowed me to comprehend the Paramita Dao Insight.”

Chen Xi’s interest grew even stronger when he heard this, and he said, “If we have the chance, I’d like to go have a look at Rahu Gorge.”

Without any more delay, their group traversed through the path that was covered with Paramita Flowers and headed towards Rahu City.




According to Gu Tian, the Netherhell was a core location in the Netherworld, and it was divided into the Nether Spring Region, River of Forgetfulness Region, the Six Path Royal Region, and King Yama Region.

Every single region was boundlessly vast and densely covered with cities, and it was like a small world of the Mortal Dimension.

Entering Nether Spring Region was equivalent to entering within the boundaries of the Netherhell.

Moreover, Rahu City was a strategic defense frontier in the Nether Sprint Region, and it possessed an extraordinary status and had always been firmly controlled in the hands of the Nether Spring Hall.

The Nether Spring Hall’s responsibility in the Netherhell was extremely important. It was in charge of leading souls towards reincarnation. After the souls of the perished beings in the three dimensions pass through the Gates of Hell controlled by the five Ghost Emperors, they would be led away by the disciples of Nether Spring Hall.

In other words, the disciples of the Nether Spring Hall were almost equivalent to ox-headed and horse-faced demons of hell in the legends of the mortal world, and they were especially in charge of leading the souls to reincarnation.

The master of Nether Spring Hall was the Nether Spring Grand Emperor, and his status was roughly equivalent to the Grand Ministers of the Six Paths of Hell, the Master of Granny Meng Hall, Granny Meng, and the Master of the City of the Wronged, Kṣitigarbha. In the Netherworld, he was absolutely one of the supreme existences that possessed monstrous authority. 


According to legend, during the primeval times, the Demon Ancestor Rahu had once entered into the Netherworld and discussed the Dao for a hundred days with the Netherworld’s Ancestor Blood River, and in the end, due to their Daos being conflicting, they decided to determine the superior one amongst them in battle.

It was already impossible ascertain how terrifying that battle was anymore, but after that battle, Ancestor Blood River hid beneath the river of blood and didn’t reveal himself again, whereas Demon Ancestor Rahu entered into eternal slumber here due to his injuries being too severe. Only a strand of his Soul Core had left the Netherworld.

According to legend, Rahu City was the place Demon Ancestor Rahu entered into eternal slumber in all those years ago.

Rahu City. In a quiet and secluded courtyard within an estate.

This was a secret base of the Cui Clan in Rahu City, and it was controlled by the Cui Clan’s Third Elder, Cui Fanghu. Cui Fanghu was exactly Cui Ming’s father, so they didn’t have to worry about being noticed while resting here.

“Brother Chen Xi, I’ll come back to get the Young Miss in three to ten days of time, so I’ll be troubling you to protect the Young Miss during this period of time.” After he arranged everything, Gu Tian called Chen Xi to the side before he instructed in a light voice.

The Cui Clan resided in the Six Path Royal City, and out of considerations for safety, Gu Tian was heading over first to investigate the situation and contact some forces of the Cui Clan before coming back to take Cui Qingning back.

After all, the Cui Clan was in endless internal strife now, so directly returning to the clan was too risky and was no different from courting death.

Chen Xi was very well aware of this, so he agreed immediately.

On that very night, Gu Tian left Rahu City by himself.

Within a courtyard in the estate, starlight suffused the sky and emanated a tranquil aura, Chen Xi, Bei Ling, and Cui Qingning were gathered around a stone table while drinking tea and chatting. When the Netherworld Disk was mentioned, Cui Qingning suddenly raised her head and asked with curiosity. “Big Brother Chen Xi, can you tell me about your wife?” Within a courtyard in the estate, starlight suffused the sky and emanated a tranquil aura.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he nodded. “Alright.”

As he spoke, he slowly described every detail about the course of how he got to know Qing Xiuyi.

Of course, there were some inappropriate things that he skipped, but he didn’t conceal anything else.

There wasn’t anything to conceal because everyone in the Mortal Dimension knew of the relationship between him and Qing Xiuyi.

Even though Chen Xi spoke in a flat tone, it still caused Cui Qingning’s eyes to open wide while frowning sometimes, being furious sometimes, and revealing a wisp of a smile sometimes. She was extremely immersed into the story.

Even Bei Ling was extremely stunned when she heard it. She seemed to have never imagined that so many twists and turns and heart-stirring events would have actually occurred between Chen Xi and his wife.

When Chen Xi finished, Cui Qingning and Bei Ling were still immersed in those scenes of joy and sorrow, and they were unable to free themselves from its hold.

Chen Xi grinned endlessly in silence when he saw this.

Perhaps others would feel that this journey was too filled with hardships, but he didn’t think so. No matter if it was for the sake of Qing Xiuyi or for the sake of his son, Chen An, he felt that all of this was worth it.

He couldn’t be said to blame the heavens, nor did he take pride in it because she was his woman, and merely this was sufficient.

“If I have the chance, I’ll surely help Big Brother Chen Xi find the Netherworld Disk and allow you to be reunited with that Big Sister.” After a short moment, Cui Qingning raised her head, and her face was covered in a serious expression.

Chen Xi smiled and said, “What about you? Why have you caused so many people to pursue you with the intent of killing you at such a young age? If it’s merely for the sake of power in the Cui Clan, there seems to be no need to eliminate you, right?”

Cui Qingning hesitated for a moment before she said with a light voice, “Big Brother Chen Xi, there’s something you’re not aware of. Within the Cui Clan, only the bloodline I possess is capable of activating a ‘secret realm’ left behind by the ancestor of my clan. According to legend, the supreme inheritance left behind by my clan’s ancestor is stored within it.”

She paused for a moment and continued. “According to the rules and the words left behind by my clan’s ancestor, only descendants that obtained the inheritance of the first ancestor were capable of taking control of the Cui Clan and controlling the Punishment Bureau. It’s precisely because of this that Second Uncle and the others would take me as a thorn in their side and be unwilling to allow me to return to the clan. They’re worried that I would enter the Ancestral Grounds and obtain the inheritance within it.”

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi gazed at the sense of loss and sorrow on the young woman’s face, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. This is really like how a man’s wealth is his own ruin by arousing the greed of others. Because of her unique bloodline, a young woman at the age of 11 or 12 became someone her clansmen wish for nothing more than to kill. This is truly too chilling.

“The Cui Clan’s supreme inheritance? Could it be the Judgment Profundity?” Bei Ling spoke abruptly.

Cui Qingning was stunned, and then she laughed bitterly. “So Big Sister knows as well that the meaning behind the existence of the Punishment Bureau is to trial, judge, and punish. It’s precisely because my Cui Clan possesses the Judgment Profundity that we’re able to rely on the Saint Artifact, the Netherworld Disk, to firmly control the Punishment Bureau in our hands.”

Judgment Dao Insight? Chen Xi frowned. He roughly guessed that it was surely a rare Grand Dao profundity, and when he heard what Cui Qingning said, it seemed that only the Judgment Profundity could bring forth the might of the Netherworld Disk.

“Could it be that no one else in the Cui Clan has grasped the Judgment Dao Insight?” asked Chen Xi.

“There are, but it isn’t complete, and only by relying on the complete inheritance could one obtain the complete profundities of Judgment.” Cui Qingning sighed faintly and said, “Actually, they didn’t try to kill me for the sake of the Judgment Dao Insight, and it’s merely because they’re worried that I would enter the Ancestral Grounds and seize the position of Patriarch after I returned to the clan.”

When she spoke up to here, a relaxed and lighthearted expression appeared on her face. “Big Brother Chen Xi, you’re probably unaware but there are numerous elders in my Cui Clan, and there are plenty of seniors that have entered into seclusion within the clan. They’ll come to support me so long as I’m able to obtain the inheritance in the Ancestral Grounds, and this is my only chance. No matter if it’s for myself or for the sake of the Cui Clan, I’ll work hard to accomplish it!”

At this point, Chen Xi finally understood the ins and outs of all this, and he couldn’t help but heave a long sigh before he patted the young woman on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. For the sake of the Netherworld Disk, I’ll help you smoothly arrive within your clan.”

Early in the morning on the next day, Chen Xi pushed the door to his room open and determined the direction before flashing towards the northwest of Rahu City.

In next to no time, a gorge that was covered in brilliant Paramita Flowers appeared within his gaze, and it was Rahu Gorge. According to legend, this was the place where one of the three supreme Grand Dao Insights of the Netherworld, the Paramita Dao Insight, originated from! 

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