Chapter 948 – The Whereabouts Of The Netherworld Disk

As soon as he made a move, Chen Xi’s entire bearing had changed.

Strands of exceedingly profound talisman markings coiled around his body and erupted with blazing light, and it was like an ocean of talismans. His stalwart figure moved in space while revealing an imposing disposition of control.

Even though he possessed a young appearance, he was like an emperor that had descended into the world and emanated monstrous might at this moment!

His cultivation had recovered to around the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm after he cultivated the Grand Rebirth Technique, and it was sufficient for him to exert 50% of his peak combat strength.

Even though it was only 50%, it was sufficient to easily annihilate an expert at the 7th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and this had been proved a long time ago in the countless battles that he’d experienced in the Mortal Dimension.

As the felt the tremendous change in Chen Xi’s imposing aura, the expressions of everyone revealed shock at this instant.

This sort of imposing aura was murderous, deep, and seemingly material. It covered the heavens and the earth, and it was absolutely tempered from thousands of battles. It was utterly impossible for an ordinary Earthly Immortal Realm expert to possess such an imposing aura!

Who exactly is this fellow?

Even Gu Tian, Cui Qingning, Bei Ling, and the others were slightly surprised and bewildered, and it was as if it was the first time they were getting to know Chen Xi. They knew very clearly that Chen Xi’s true identity was absolutely not as simple as it seemed on the surface!

“Attack!” Wang Chong’s gaze suddenly erupted with bright lights, and he’d already moved out bravely as he shouted explosively.

At the instant Chen Xi’s bearing changed, a rare palpitation from a wisp of danger surged out from within his heart, and his combat instinct that had been tempered for many years allowed him to instantly understand that if he didn’t make a move now, it would probably be too late.

“Kill!” Rui Qing let out a delicate shout as she assaulted Chen Xi from the other side with Wang Chong.

Amongst the two of them, one was a Judge of Life from the Asura Path while the other was a Judge of Life from the Ghost Path. Both of them were experts that possessed monstrous authority in the Netherhell, and it was obvious from the strength and combat experience they possessed.

At this moment, as soon as they made a move, strong winds rose into the sky while killing intent shot into the heavens, and it threw the wind and clouds into chaos while emanating an extremely oppressive imposing aura.

Unfortunately, they’d encountered an existence who possessed an even more abnormal combat strength and abundant combat experience than them today, and all the advantages they possessed didn’t exist before him.

Practically at the instant they made a move, Chen Xi made a move as well. 

He held the Talisman Armament and struck with an extremely simple sword strike, yet it tore through space, slashed apart Yin and Yang, and emanated a brilliant aura that seemed to have come from an epic of the ancient times, and it easily dispersed their attacks.

What a terrifying cultivation in the sword!

Wang Chong and Rui Qing’s face revealed astonishment as they gritted their teeth to charge at Chen Xi once more. They had no way to back down, and the only path they could take was one where they risked their lives.

Chen Xi was completely unfazed when faced with this. His figure moved through space as if he was taking an idle stroll in a courtyard, and it caused them to be utterly incapable of even touching a sleeve of his, causing him to seem extremely elegant and carefree.

“This fellow really is an expert that keeps his own counsel!” When he saw such a scene, Cui Ming’s heart that was in his throat completely relaxed, and the gaze he shot at Chen Xi carried both surprise and bewilderment. He couldn’t help but ask. “Qingning, tell me about this fellow in detail once more.”

Cui Qingning had recovered a bit of composure at this moment, and she was looking at Chen Xi revealing extraordinary martial prowess with an expression of pleasant surprise. She couldn’t help but be stunned when she heard this, and then she gathered her thoughts before telling Cui Ming about everything that happened since she encountered Chen Xi in the Bloodbasin Hardlands.

“So he isn’t from the Netherworld?” Cui Ming acutely captured a detail, and he couldn’t help but speak with surprise.

“Yes, that’s what Big Brother Chen Xi said.” Cui Qingning nodded.

“Strange, if one wants to enter the Netherworld from the Mortal Dimension, then it’s either by death or utilizing some special methods. But those methods are grasped in the hands of the various organizations in the Netherhell, so how could he possibly appear in the Bloodbasin Hardlands?” Cui Ming frowned as he pondered deeply, and he actually couldn’t be bothered with the battle in the distance.

After a short moment, he made a decision, and he instructed Cui Qingning with a strict expression. “Qingning, don’t mention Chen Xi’s origins to anyone in the future. Once he’s noticed by those powers in the Netherhell, he’ll probably suffer disaster.”

Cui Qingning was shocked and said, “Why?”

“Mortal and Nether are two extremely different paths, and this is the law of the world. Chen Xi hasn’t attained the Heavenly Immortal Realm yet was able to appear in the Netherworld while completely unharmed. He’s like a variant that’ll be taken as an enemy and suppressed.” Cui Ming said slowly, “But there’s no need for you to worry as well. Presently, the Netherworld is in great chaos, and the various powers of the Netherhell are in internal strife, so they’re too busy with their own affairs. He’ll surely be safe so long as his identity isn’t exposed.”

When he spoke up to here, he looked from afar at that tall figure that was sweeping through the battlefield, and he said with a slightly complicated tone, “Not to mention, have you not noticed that he has already started to cultivate a Nether Technique? His aura is already no different from someone from the Netherworld, and perhaps only Saint Artifacts like the ‘the Stone of Past, Present, and Future’ and ‘the Mirror of Forgetfulness’ can distinguish his identity.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Cui Qingning didn’t care about all that, and she stopped thinking about it once she knew she didn’t have to worry about any danger befalling Chen Xi.

“AH!!” Right at this moment, a shrill cry sounded out. Wang Chong was slashed into two by a single sword strike from Chen Xi, and his entire body exploded into pieces and perished on the spot.

Everyone present was extremely shocked when they saw this.

Wang Chong was an expert at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, a Judge of Life from the Asura Path that stood on guard at the banks of the bloody river and had fought countless battles. His merits shook the Netherworld, and his name was renowned throughout it.

Yet now, he had actually been slashed apart with a single sword strike from Chen Xi!

Rui Qing was terrified to the point her entire body stiffened. She dodged repeatedly and couldn’t restrain the terror in her heart any longer, and she let out a sharp cry while tearing space apart with the intention of leaving this place.

Chen Xi’s gaze was icy cold while the corners of his mouth were suffused with a piercingly cold arc, and then he lightly raised the sword in his hand and slashed down.

This extremely sarcastic woman had repeatedly humiliated Chen Xi and called him a coward in the hall earlier, and she’d done her utmost to show contempt and insult Chen Xi, so how could he possibly allow her to escape?


In the next instant, space rumbled and exploded 3km away, and Rui Qing’s entire body transformed into a rain of blood that suffused the heavens and the earth as she followed in Wang Chong’s footsteps.

At this point, Wang Chong, Liu Jun, and Rui Qing, these three Judges of Life that came from the Netherhell had perished successively.

This scene shocked everyone present to the point they were at a loss for words for a very long time.

Chen Xi put the Talisman Armament away and sighed in his heart. He was slightly displeased because if it wasn’t for his strength that hadn’t recovered, how could killing those two people have been so troublesome? 

On that very night, in a restaurant within Darkcliff City.

Cui Ming held a new banquet to entertain Cui Qingning and the others.

It couldn’t be helped, after experiencing that shocking battle from before, the City Governor’s Estate had already transformed into ruins, and he could only choose to hold the banquet here.

During the banquet, everyone had a relaxed feeling from surviving a calamity, and they toasted Chen Xi repeatedly. Even Gu Tian dragged his heavily injured body over to toast Chen Xi before leaving to go rest.

No one asked why Chen Xi had concealed his strength because Chen Xi had killed Wang Chong and the others, and he’d proven his strength and intentions. 

So it would seem like they treated Chen Xi as an outsider if they were to ask about it now.

At the very least, Cui Ming was clearly aware that Wang Chong and the others were great figures within the Netherhell, and if Chen Xi had ill intent, then why would he help them slaughter Wang Chong and the others at the critical moment?

He’d already come to accept the situation, and so long as Chen Xi didn’t harm Cui Qingning, then why would he care who Chen Xi was?

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed this. It’s fine so long as they don’t misunderstand me.

“Right, Brother Cui, may I know who’s in control of the Netherworld Disk?” Chen Xi asked abruptly.

The Netherworld Disk!

Everyone was stunned when they heard this, and the atmosphere became silent.

Chen Xi acutely noticed that the expressions of Cui Ming, Cui Qingning, and all the Cui Clan guards had become slightly strange, and the gazes they shot at him carried a trace of suspicion.

Cui Ming laughed and broke the silence as he said, “Before I answer Brother Chen, can you first answer a question of mine?”

Chen Xi said, “Go ahead.”

“May I ask Brother Chen why you’re asking about the whereabouts of the Netherworld Disk?” Cui Ming stared at Chen Xi’s eyes as he asked with a serious tone.

“It’s very simple, to find someone.” There was nothing for Chen Xi to conceal, so he said, “My wife was taken by another, and the only clue I have is the Netherworld Disk.”


Cui Ming was stunned, and then he was moved. “So that’s how it is, no wonder Brother Chen would ask that.”

He knew very well that Chen Xi had come from the Mortal Dimension, and in other words, his wife had probably been taken from the Mortal Dimension into the Netherworld.

Moreover, he was similarly very aware about the power of the Netherworld Disk. So long as it was utilized well, it was sufficient to charge through the boundaries between the Mortal Dimension and Netherworld and capture living beings from the Mortal Dimension.

“To tell you the truth, the Netherworld Disk was the Saint Artifact of the Punishment Bureau, and it was in the possession of my Cui Clan. But later on, because of the internal strife in my Cui Clan, this Saint Artifact was accidentally allowed to be stolen, and its whereabouts are unknown until today.” Cui Ming sighed and said, “That is the shame of my Cui Clan that was kept secret, and that’s why I asked that when Brother Chen mentioned it.”

Never had Chen Xi imagined that the Netherworld Disk would actually have been possessed by the Cui Clan in the past, and he had a slightly complicated feeling in his heart for some time.

After that, he took a deep breath and said, “Brother Cui, since such a Saint Artifact has been lost, could it be that your clansmen haven’t found any clues?”

He seemed to have expected that Chen Xi would ask this, and the corners of Cui Ming’s mouth revealed a wisp of ridicule. “Clues? Of course there are. Unfortunately, the entire Cui Clan is fighting endlessly for the position of Patriarch, so who would care about this?”

When he spoke up to here, Cui Ming sighed and said, “Brother Chen, to tell you the truth. It’s actually very simple if you want to find clues about the Netherworld Disk, but…” He’s spoken halfway yet he’d hesitated slightly and didn’t know if he should continue.

Chen Xi’s brows raised as he said, “Please be frank, Brother Cui.”

The corners of Cui Ming’s mouth twitched before he spoke frankly in the end. “Before it was lost, the Netherworld Disk had always been in the possession of Second Elder. Perhaps only he knows exactly who stole the Netherworld Disk.”

The Cui Clan’s Second Elder?

Chen Xi instantly understood why Cui Ming would hesitate like that. He was probably worried that Chen Xi would think too much and misunderstand that he wanted to rely on Chen Xi’s strength to deal with that Second Elder.

After all, through the conversations he had with Cui Qingning all along the way here, he was very well aware that the members of the Cui Clan that wanted to kill her were precisely from the Second Elder’s side of the clan.

“Brother Chen, I’m not trying to drag you down into the mud of my Cui Clan, but…” Cui Ming explained sincerely. But he’s only spoken halfway when he was interrupted by Chen Xi, and Chen Xi said with a lighthearted smile, “This is fate. Now that I talk about it, I ought to feel fortunate that I was able to encounter you and Young Miss Cui, otherwise, it would be difficult for me to find out about everything by myself.”

Cui Ming heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he noticed Chen Xi didn’t seem to be putting on an act, and he said with a smile, “Since it’s like this, then you should leave with Qingning later. I’ll ask someone to help you obtain some information once you arrive at the Netherhell.”

Chen Xi raised his cup for afar and finished the wine within it. “Then I’ll be troubling you.”

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