Chapter 947 – Chen Xi Making A Move


Beneath the pitch black night sky, a wave of rumbling and collapsing suddenly resounded from within the City Governor’s Estate of Darkcliff City, and then bright lights shot into the sky, causing the entire city to be alarmed.

Numerous figures charged into the sky and entered into fierce combat. Thunder raged while divine lights surged, and it transformed an area of 5,000km in the vicinity into a horrifying battlefield.

This was a battle that pertained to Earthly Immortal Realm experts. Mountains and rivers collapsed while the sun and moon were cast beneath a shadow with a flick of the finger, and their might shocked the people in the city to the point of fleeing for their lives as they were deeply afraid of being affected.

For a time, exclamations of shock and cries for help filled the surroundings, and it was a complete mess.

Amidst this chaos, Chen Xi brought Cui Qingning over to stand silently outside the battlefield, and his bearing was calm like a rock while his gaze stared fixedly at the battlefield.

The situation was very bad!

No matter if it was Gu Tian or Cui Ming, both of them weren’t a match for their opponents. They were in a suppressed state as soon as they entered into fierce battle, and if it wasn’t for them fighting with their lives on the line and without fear of death, they would have probably lost a long time ago.

The only person that Chen Xi wasn’t worried about was Bei Ling. This woman that was formed from a strand of a Ghost Emperor’s Bodhi Heart that had attained the Dao possessed an undoubtedly formidable strength. She was cold and murderous, and she faintly occupied a slightly advantageous position.

Especially surprising to him was that every single move Bei Ling made actually carried the aura that belonged to the Paramita Dao Insight. Even though it hadn’t attained mastery, yet its might couldn’t be underestimated.

It was precisely because of this that the Judge of Life from the Ghost Path, Rui Qing, was suppressed to the point of dodging repeatedly.

The Paramita Dao Insight was one of the three supreme Grand Dao Insights of the Netherworld, and it was on par with the Oblivion and Terminus Dao Insights. Originally, Chen Xi thought that no one else in the world besides him was able to comprehend its profundities now, yet obviously, this sort of understanding seemed to be slightly mistaken…

Right at this moment, a loud shout that shocked the heavens resounded out abruptly. “Brother Chen! What’re you standing there for? Quickly take Qingning and leave!”

It was Cui Ming that was looking over at him with a furious expression.

Never had he imagined that not only had Chen Xi not left, Chen Xi was even standing and watching the battle from afar like an idiot, and this scene infuriated him to the point his lungs almost exploded.

He was fighting desperately for the sake of striving for a chance at survival as wanted to allow Chen Xi and Cui Qingning to escape safely, so how could he have imagined that he would see such a scene?

Could it be that this fellow has been scared stiff?

Cui Ming’s expression was livid and gloomy. He was both shocked and furious while his heart fell to rock bottom, and he felt that he’d misjudged Chen Xi this time… Right, it’s only a little fellow at the Golden Core Realm, how could he be of great use?

“Sixth Cousin Brother, I won’t go.” Cui Qingning suddenly shouted loudly with agitation. “If you die, then I don’t want to live as well!”

“Chen Xi! I’ll kill you right now if you don’t fucking get going! Fuck off! Fuck off right now!” Cui Ming roared with a savage expression.

“Alas, Young Master Cui, this fellow you entrusted her with is good for nothing. How could you hand over such an important matter to a piece of trash? Obediently accept your fate because none of you will be able to escape from my hands today.” Wang Chong roared with laughter while his fists were like dragons, and he bent his elbow before punching, causing it to tear through the sky while it transformed into a myriad of fist shadows that forced Cui Ming to retreat repeatedly. Wang Chong didn’t give Cui Ming any time to catch his breath.


At the same time, a ruthless expression flashed on Liu Jun’s face, and his fists suddenly shook as if they were pushing a mountain, and it fiercely smashed onto Gu Tian’s chest.


Gu Tian suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood while he was blasted flying over 3km away like a kite that had its string cut, and his chest had collapsed while his countenance dimmed and turned pale. He’s suffered a heavy injury.

“Uncle Gu Tian!” Cui Qingning exclaimed with shock, and her countenance turned ghastly pale and translucent.

“Bastard! Leave! Could it be that you want to see all of us die?” Cui Ming’s hair was disheveled as he gritted his teeth and howled like a madman.

At this point, Chen Xi finally decided to stop concealing his strength!

Even if he would be misunderstood by them after the battle, he could just leave because…he’d been shocked by Cui Ming and Gu Tian’s actions of being willing to die for a cause.

He couldn’t allow himself to continue standing idly by!

“Haha! It’s too late. Once I deal with this impenetrable thing, a little ant at the Golden Core Realm can be killed at my whim, so where can he escape to?” Liu Jun roared with laughter while his figure flashed towards Gu Tian, and his palm was like the beak of a crane and sharp like a needle as it stabbed fiercely towards Gu Tian’s throat.

At this instant, Liu Jun was even able to clearly notice the trace of helplessness and despair that surged into Gu Tian’s eyes, and Gu Tian’s dying appearance caused the blood in his entire body to become excited.

As a Judge of Life from the Ghost Path, his hands were tainted with the blood of countless souls. Every single time he killed, it was capable of allowing him to feel excited and as if he was walking on air. It was so wonderful, so alluring…

However, right at this critical moment, an enormous fist suddenly appeared within Liu Jun’s field of vision.

Hmm? This is… Before Liu Jun could react, he felt his face had been knocked by a mountain, and his entire face sunk down and was badly mutilated. His cheekbone, forehead, and nose had all been shattered, and he was rendered dizzy.

If it wasn’t for him having dodged in time, this punch would have almost blasted his head apart.

But even then, Liu Jun let out an extremely miserable shrill cry, and he swiftly dodged backward as if his butt was on fire.

“Who is it!? You’re courting death! How dare you launch a surprise attack! I’ll fucking kill you!” Liu Jun roared madly, and his badly mutilated face caused him to see hideous and horrifying.

This scene instantly caused everyone in all the fierce battles to stop successively.

They raised their eyes to look, and they saw a tall figure was suddenly standing before Gu Tian. His face was handsome, his eyes profound like stars, and as he stood there casually, it seemed like his backbone was a spear that could pierce through the sky while he seemed as if he intended to compete for supremacy with the Grand Dao!

Chen Xi!

Wait! Why has his aura become so strong?

No matter if it was Cui Ming or Gu Tian, both of them were stunned, and they acutely noticed that Chen Xi’s aura was like an ocean and was actually not inferior to the might of an expert at the Earthly Immortal Realm!

On the other hand, Wang Chong, Rui Qing, and Liu Jun were shocked. Never had they imagined that a tiny ant at the Golden Core Realm would suddenly transform into an Earthly Immortal Realm expert.

After that, regardless of friend or foe, the same thought appeared in their minds simultaneously — This fellow concealed his strength since the beginning!

The atmosphere instantly became oppressive.

When faced with this situation, Chen Xi said apologetically to Cui Ming, “Brother Cui, I didn’t conceal it intentionally, and I’ll apologize to you after I deal with these fellows.”

Before Cui Ming could reply, Liu Jun had already howled madly while charging over. “You damnable Bastard! You actually dared to launch a surprise attack against me! Die!”

His mind was already muddled from that punch of Chen Xi’s. His face had collapsed and was badly mutilated, causing him to seem hideous and horrifying. As a Judge of Life from the Ghost Path, how could he have even encountered such a situation?

Not to mention that even though Chen Xi had concealed his strength, the aura Chen Xi revealed was merely equivalent to the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.

To the proud and conceited Liu Jun, a fellow like this actually daring to launch a surprise attack against him was simply an extreme humiliation!


His fist was like a thunderclap that smashed the space before it, and it carried an imposing aura that was violent and vast like an ocean as it smashed down explosively.

At this moment, Liu Jun was completely furious, and he attacked with hatred. So he utilized a trump card as soon as he made a move.

Chen Xi stood silently and without moving when faced with this. He was like a rooted pine tree and like a rock, and he stood there in a carefree and composed manner. When the might of Liu Jun’s fist had enveloped towards him, he stretched out his arm, grabbed, shook, and smashed.

These three simple movements were completed in one go, yet they contained boundless profundities. It was like a spirit crane fluttering in the sky and like an ancient turtle’s head floating out from within a jade green pond, and it was utterly otherworldly.

In the next moment, everyone saw something flash before their eyes. Liu Jun’s neck was grabbed by Chen Xi as if he was holding up a chick, and it was actually as relaxed and easy like taking something out of his own pocket.

Chen Xi’s hand shook, causing Liu Jun’s entire body to shake violently as if he was shivering. The bones and tendons in his entire body swished as they crumbled like soft noodles, and he couldn’t rouse the slightest strand of energy anymore.

Finally, Chen Xi’s wrist smashed down. A bang resounded out, and Liu Jun didn’t even have the time to let out a shrill cry before his entire body shattered and transformed into a rain of blood that rained down beneath the night sky.

This grab, shake, and smash seemed to be slow, yet it was actually completed in an instant, and it was unbelievably swift. It was swift to the point that Liu Jun had died miserable on the shot when everyone returned to their senses.


The pupils of everyone constricted, and they couldn’t help but gasp.

Liu Jun was a Judge of Life from the Ghost Path and possessed a cultivation at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. He’d crushed countless ferocious and evil spirits, and his hands were soaked with blood while his live combat experience was extremely abundant.

Yet now, he’d been killed with a single move! Moreover, he didn’t have the slightest room to resist. So how could they not be shocked?

Instantly, the gazes everyone shot at Chen Xi became serious.

“Brother Cui, take Brother Gu along and rest for a while. Leave these two people to me,” said Chen Xi in a calm tone.

Cui Ming glanced at Chen Xi with a complicated expression. He knew that this wasn’t the time to get to the bottom of the matter, so he immediately retreated to the side with the heavily injured Gu Tian.

Even he didn’t realize that he actually didn’t arouse the slightest thought of resisting. It seemed as if Chen Xi’s words were the truth, and it imperceptibly caused him to believe that Chen Xi was enough to deal with the situation before him.

“Friend, I never expected that you’re an expert that keeps his own counsel. But you’re biting off more than you can chew by acting in this way.” Wang Chong took a deep breath while he stared at Chen Xi with a gaze that was like a hawk, and he said slowly, “To tell you the truth, the Ghost Path, Asura Path, Hell Path, Punishment Bureau, and various other organizations are involved in this operation. Acting in this way will only cause harm to yourself, so I advise you not to get mixed up in it.”

Chen Xi said indifferently, “Are you done?”

This indifferent attitude caused Wang Chong to frown while ruthlessness flashed within the depths of his eyes, but he forcefully restrained the killing intent within his heart in the end and said, “If you leave right now, I can take it as if nothing happened earlier.”

The meaning behind his words were that in terms of Liu Jun’s death, he would let bygones be bygones.

This obviously showed how shocked Wang Chong was from Chen Xi’s strike that killed Liu Jun earlier. If it wasn’t for him being afraid, then with his nature, he would probably not lower his voice and stifle his anger like this.

Unfortunately, he never imagined that Chen Xi wasn’t someone from the Netherworld at all, so how could Chen Xi care about his threats?

“If you’re done, then you can be on your way.” In the next moment, Chen Xi spoke a few words lightly and in a calm tone, and he seemed as if he was talking about an extremely ordinary matter. 

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