Chapter 946 – Asura Path’s Judge Of Life

The voice reverberated through the hall and carried a strand of domineering arrogance. There was no need to glance at Cui Ming’s expression because everyone was clearly aware that this person had come with ill intent!

Instantly, everyone looked towards the entrance of the hall.

They saw three people walking beneath the veil of the night and slowly walking into the hall. The person in the lead was an extremely handsome young man that was brimming with energy and vitality. His features seemed as if they were carved out of jade, and he emanated an evil aura.

There was another man and woman following behind him, and they were surprisingly the Judges of Life from the Ghost Path, Lie Jun and Rui Qing.

Even Chen Xi frowned when he saw these three people as he was clearly aware that they’d probably come from Cui Qingning again.

“How audacious! You actually dare to trespass into the City Governor’s Estate!?”

“Quickly capture these villains!”

A wave of rapid footsteps sounded out from outside the hall. It was the guards of the estate who wore black armor, and they surged over like a tide.

Cui Ming couldn’t help but frown when he saw this, and he stood up from his seat before he waved his hand and said, “All of you withdraw yourselves.”

Those guards were slightly stunned when they saw this, and they glanced at Cui Ming before looking at the three people in the hall and they finally obeyed their orders and withdrew.

“Haha! These ignorant dogs actually took distinguished guests to be villains. Truly laughable! Young Master Cui, you have to properly teach them so as to prevent them from not only being unable to guard the entrance but cause trouble for your estate instead.” The young man in the lead roared with laughter as he brazenly criticized, and he was utterly blunt and emanated an oppressive and domineering imposing aura.

“Wang Chong, did you come here to make fun of my subordinates?” Cui Ming’s expression was slightly gloomy.

“Of course not. I came to attend a banquet. I heard the Cui Clan’s Young Miss is here, so how could I not pay her a visit?” Wang Chong roared with laughter while his gaze was like a blade as it descended onto Cui Qingning, and a wisp of ridicule couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth when he saw that her little face had gone pale while she seemed to be slightly fearful and uneasy.

“What about the two of you? Didn’t you agree to give me three days to consider?” Cui Ming’s gaze looked towards Liu Jun and Rui Qing, and he didn’t conceal his rage at all.

He wouldn’t be afraid if it was only the two of them, yet there was also Wang Chong here tonight, so he had no choice but to be careful.

Wang Chong was a Judge of Life that came from the Asura Path, and he specialized in suppressing the river of blood in the Netherworld and preventing it from bringing calamity to the Netherworld. The bloody river within the Netherworld was filled with countless vengeful spirits and fierce spirits, and they were formed from the six thoughts of resentment, hatred, detest, hatred, infatuation, and terror. They couldn’t be completely wiped out, so the only way to prevent them from bringing calamity to the world was to suppress them beneath the river of blood.

Wang Chong himself was from the Asura Clan that was the bravest and most skillful in battle within the Netherworld, and he’d always been standing on guard at the banks of the river of blood. Even though he was only at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, he fought battles all year long, causing his strength to be even more terrifying than an ordinary expert.

Since he’d made an appearance here, how could Cui Ming not be fearful?

“There was no other way. We were worried that undue delay may bring trouble. What if Brother Cui seized the opportunity to send Young Miss Cui away, then wouldn’t we have come for nothing?” Liu Jun spoke slowly, and the evil spirit tattoo on his forehead was suffused with a savage sheen.

“All of you are going too far! There’s no place for all of you to interfere in the matters of my Cui Clan, right?” Cui Ming’s expression was gloomy, and his tone became completely blunt.

“Oh, I’m sorry. The operation this time just happened to be ordered by someone from your Cui Clan. As for who it is, I presume Young Master Cui is probably clearly aware.” Wang Chong roared with laughter, and he revealed a haughty bearing.

Cui Ming was stunned while his face darkened even more and was completely livid, and his eyes almost seemed to emanate flames. The internal strife of the clan is a matter within the clan in the end. Yet now, he has actually colluded with outsiders to deal with members of the clan. He truly deserves death!

There was no need for him to guess. He knew that someone that could do such a despicable deed was surely the Second Elder because only the Second Elder was secretly in communication with members of the Ghost Path and Asura Path.

Cui Qingning, Gu Tian, and the others were furious as well. Three Judges of Life from the Ghost Path and Asura Path were deployed at once, the Second Elder obviously desires to spare no one!

After all, these forces were sufficient to sweep through any city in the Netherworld.

“Young Master Cui, since we’ve spoken to this extent, then I might as well be frank. So long as you hand Young Miss Cui over, the higher-ups of your Cui Clan will arrange an excellent future for you.” Wang Chong restrained his smile and stared at Cui Ming as he said slowly, “Otherwise, don’t blame us for using force. You ought to be clearly aware that your strength isn’t a match for us at all.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the atmosphere was silent, deathly silent.

Liu Jun and Rui Qing crossed their arms before them and glanced proudly at everyone in the hall, and they only sized up Bei Ling and Gu Tian before withdrawing their gazes.

Obviously, they were clearly aware that besides Cui Ming, only Bei Ling and Gu Tian were worthy of attention amongst everyone within the hall. Of course, it was merely worthy of attention and not fear.

With how highly they thought of their own strengths, they were confident that they would be able to easily capture Bei Ling and Gu Tian if a battle erupted.

Cui Qingning’s tiny face was ghastly pale while the space between her brows was filled with worry and terror that couldn’t be concealed. At this moment, no matter how this young woman that was around the age of 11 or 12 suppressed the feelings in her heart, it seemed to be extremely futile and powerless at this moment.

Chen Xi sighed lightly in his heart, and he said warmly via voice transmission, “There’s no need to worry. Believe in me, just take it as you’re watching a show.”

Cui Qingning was stunned, and she couldn’t help but feel warm in her heart when she saw the expression of consolation on Chen Xi’s face. But the worry in her heart didn’t disperse in the slightest, let alone watch the show coldly from the sidelines.

Chen Xi was aware as well that the young woman’s heart was pure and kind, and she was still a child that hadn’t become accustomed to the ways of the world. So when such an unexpected event occurred, even an ordinary person would probably not put on a better display than her.

“So in this way, all of you’ll even kill me if I don’t agree?” Cui Ming’s expression was livid as he spoke, and his voice was ghastly, icy cold, and seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth.

“I hope it won’t come to that.” Wang Chong shrugged in a very lighthearted manner and with a relaxed bearing, and he completely disregarded Cui Ming’s attitude.

“Sixth Cousin Brother, why don’t…” Cui Qingning gritted her teeth, and her voice couldn’t help but trembled while she seemed to have made some sort of decision.

“Qingning! Don’t say another word. Even if I die today, I won’t give you over to these bastards!” Cui Ming knew what she wanted to say, and he immediately interrupted her with a wave of his hand while he spoke with a firm and resolute tone.

“Young Master Cui, I’ll assist you in battle!” Gu Tian suddenly stood up and walked over to Cui Ming’s side in large strides.

“You’re overestimating yourself!” Wang Chong glanced coldly at Gu Tian, and he lightly spat out a few words.

“Oh, leave this fellow to me. I hate impenetrable idiots like this the most.” Liu Jun chuckled while the evil spirit tattoo on his forehead seemed savage and ferocious, and it seemed to be on the verge of coming to life.

“Little Sister over there, don’t just sit there. Why don’t we play?” Rui Qing’s gaze swept over to descend onto Bei Ling, and she frivolously licked her fiery red lips as she smiled delicately.

Bei Ling’s beautiful brows knit together while her cold face revealed a wisp of detest. She seemed to extremely detest this sort of provocative actions, and she shot her gaze at Chen Xi and seemed to be seeking his opinion.

“Oh, Little Sister, it wouldn’t be that you have to listen to the instructions of a little fellow at the Golden Core Realm, right?” Rui Qing seemed to be surprised as she glanced at Chen Xi, and her expression was filled with disdain and contempt. “Alas, you’re really throwing the face of us women. Do you want me to kill him before we fight?”

“Can you make her shut up?” Chen Xi was indifferent towards all of this, and he looked at Bei Ling and asked with a calm voice instead.

“Yes.” Bei Ling answered without the slightest hesitation.

“How much certainty do you have?” Chen Xi continued.

“Killing her is easy, but only making her shut up is slightly troublesome.” Bei Ling frowned and spoke in a very serious manner.

“Alright, then kill her and make her shut up.” Chen Xi decided right away.

The conversation between the two of them wasn’t conducted via voice transmission, thus it entered clearly into the ears of everyone, and it was actually indescribably strange amidst this oppressive and deathly silent atmosphere.

A little fellow at the Golden Core Realm making an Earthly Immortal Realm expert kill someone? 

This is fucking absurd!

At the very least, Wang Chong, Liu Jun, and Rui Qing thought in this way, and it was even to the extent that they felt this kid had gone mad from fear, causing him to speak such idiotic words.

Even Cui Ming was slightly surprised. Even though he found out from Gu Tian a long time ago that Chen Xi had somehow obtained a maidservant that was at the Earthly Immortal Realm while at the Bloodbasin Hardlands, he was doubted it slightly at the time.

But when he saw the scene that occurred before his eyes, he had no choice but to believe it.

But this is good as well. If we have the assistance of this icy cold woman, then under the circumstances that it’s three on three, even if we’re not a match for them, we’ll at least be able to strive for an opportunity for Qingning to escape.


No one had expected that Bei Ling would actually disregard everything and directly stand up as soon as she obtained Chen Xi’s answer, and her clothes fluttered as she charged at Rui Qing.

Obviously, she was thoroughly carrying out Chen Xi’s order.

“You really are a stupid woman to actually listen to a little fellow at the Golden Core Realm!” Rui Qing glared at Bei Ling with her clear eyes while her gaze surged with a wisp of ghastly killing intent. Her figure flashed as she formed a blade with her hand and slashed fiercely towards the space before her, and it moved to obstruct Bei Ling’s attack.

“Brother Chen, please help me take Qingning away. There will naturally be someone to bring you to the teleportation formation in the city once you leave the hall. If we have the fortune to meet again next time, then I’ll surely invite you to Snowind Palace to have a jug of Nethergod Wine!” Cui Ming’s swift voice transmission sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears.

His voice hadn’t finished resounding out by Chen Xi’s ears when Cui Ming had already roared and charged towards Wang Chong.

At the same time, Gu Tian charged bravely at Liu Jun.

For a time, fierce winds criss crossed through the hall while bright lights blazed, and it was like numerous volcanoes had suddenly erupted and shattered everything within the hall.

Chen Xi was stunned, and a wisp of a faint grin couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth as he looked at Cui Ming and Gu Tian who calmly looked death in the eye.

He flashed over to arrive by Cui Qingning’s side, and he carefully protected her behind him before he asked. “Do you want to leave now?”

Cui Qingning shook her head repeatedly while revealing a sense of loss and sorrow, and she said in a low voice, “I would rather die with Sixth Cousin Brother here than return to the clan by myself.”

Chen Xi patted her on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, no one will die.”

As he spoke, he raised his head, and his eyes narrowed while a cold light flashed within them.

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