Chapter 945 – Grand Rebirth Technique


Within the room, strands of thick and seemingly material Netherworld Energy flowed out from Xue Kong’s corpse, and then Chen Xi formed seals to drawn it into the Netherworld Register before him.

Netherworld Energy was very special, and it was completely different from the various types of spirit energy in the Mortal Dimension. It was filled with an icy cold, deep, pure, thick, and merciless feeling.

It was like icy cold metal and unlike spirit energy that was exuberant with vitality and extremely lively. But undeniably, Netherworld Energy was similarly an extremely formidable energy.

This sort of energy was even better than spirit energy, yet it was inferior to Immortal Energy.

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi was able to subdue and gradually draw the Netherworld Energy into the Netherworld Register with the Immortal Energy in his body.

Om! Om!

Along with the Netherworld Energy surging into the Netherworld Register, the palm sized and completely jade white book shaped Netherworld Register’s surface silently surged with a wavy glow, and its aura was grand, vast, and profound.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be delighted in his heart when he saw this. Sure enough, Netherworld Energy is the key to opening the Netherworld Register. No wonder I was unable to discover the secrets hidden within it in the past…


After 10 minutes had passed and when the Netherworld Energy within Xue Kong’s corpse had almost been completely absorbed, the Netherworld Register glowed before opening abruptly. It was like an extremely mysterious door had been opened, and the scene behind the door was reflected into Chen Xi’s eyes for the first time!

Grand Rebirth Technique!

The first thing that entered his eyes was words written in extraordinary style. The strokes of the words were sharp, forceful, and vigorous, and every single word was exquisite and emanated boundless light that pierced Chen Xi’s eyes to the point they hurt. 

After a short moment, all the phenomena vanished.

Chen Xi looked over and was shocked to see a small figure sitting cross-legged on the first page of the Netherworld Register. The tiny figure seemed to have been condensed from light, and it was breathing and meditating, and every inhale and exhale caused the apertures in every inch of its body to be lustrous.

When Chen Xi looked carefully, the specks of light converged into a line that winding and circulated in the meridians within the body, and it formed a complicated and profound diagram of cultivation circulation and meditation!

“Rebirth! It really is a rebirth technique! I never expected it to be hidden within the Netherworld Register. After the gods and buddha’s killed the Third Netherworld Emperor all those years ago, they exhausted great effort and care to bitterly search for the techniques and inheritances in his possession, yet they came back empty handed. I never expected that it would be obtained by you instead. Sure enough, fortune is determined by the heavens, and deception and trickery are futile.” The tiny cauldron spoke abruptly, and its actually revealed a rare moment of sighing with emotion.

“Senior, is this Grand Rebirth Technique very formidable?” Chen Xi was surprised.

“It isn’t just formidable. When the three dimensions were divided, each of the three dimensions possessed its own profound techniques, and rebirth techniques were the most supreme and unequalled in the Netherworld!” The tiny cauldron said slowly, “The Netherworld is the foundation of rebirth, and both life and death revolves within it. This Grand Rebirth Technique played a great part in allowing the Netherworld Emperor to be  capable of being unparalleled in the world and exalted in the Netherworld all those years ago.”

Chen Xi sighed endlessly with admiration when he heard this. Never had he imagined that the first page of the Netherworld Register would actually contain an unprecedented and supreme cultivation technique!

“Presently, your aura is unlike those from the Netherworld, and it just happens that you can cultivate this technique to conceal your own aura. In this way, you won’t draw the attention of others. Moreover, you’ll need the Grand Rebirth Technique if you desire to inherit the mantle and unfulfilled wishes of the Third Netherworld Emperor in the future.” The tiny cauldron said, “After all, this Grand Rebirth Technique isn’t just a cultivation technique, and it symbolizes the inheritor of the Netherworld Emperor. Once you’ve grown, you’ll be entirely capable of taking over the Netherhell in a perfectly justifiable manner and become the next Netherworld Emperor!”

Control the Netherhell?

Become the next Netherworld Emperor?

Even with Chen Xi’s calm Dao Heart that was tempered to the point it was hard as a rock, his heart couldn’t help but ripple when he heard this.

But in next to no time, he sobered up and laughed bitterly as he shook his head. “With my current strength, I don’t dare to harbor extravagant hopes of taking over the Netherhell. I only desire to rescue Xiuyi and return to the Mortal Dimension.”

The tiny cauldron said, “You can do it in the future as well.”

“How can anyone predict the matters of the future?” Chen Xi sighed as he recalled his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, that was confined in the Immortal Dimension’s Iris Immortal Prison, and he recalled his father, Chen Lingjun, whose whereabouts were unknown.

He had too many things to do, so he didn’t dare have any extravagant hopes, and he could only continue all the way forward while being deeply afraid of being even a little bit slow. 


The Netherworld Energy within Xue Kong’s corpse was completely gathered, yet it could only open the first page of the Netherworld Register, and it required an unknown amount of Netherworld Energy to open the next page.

Chen Xi didn’t insist on this, and he concentrated his attention onto the Grand Rebirth Technique.

The cycle of life and death is a cycle of time!

The essence of the Grand Rebirth Technique was within these few words, and the exact method of circulation was to transform the energy in one’s body into life and death qi before circulating it according to a profound diagram for 36 large circuits and 72 small circuits of circulation.

At the bottom of it all, the Grand Rebirth Technique was actually a qi refinement cultivation technique. But comparatively speaking, it was even more obscure and miraculous. Life and death alternated and circulated, and it contained the profundities of rebirth within it.

With Chen Xi’s comprehension ability, it was naturally not difficult for him to see through the profundities and secrets within it.

10 minutes later, Chen Xi had already completely understood all the profundities of the Grand Rebirth Technique.

Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Xi started to try cultivating this technique. The vital energy in his body rumbled before transforming his Immortal Energy into life and death qi, and they circulated repeatedly along the meridians and apertures in his body…


If was like an icy cold torrent and scorching lava were alternating at the same time within his body. One cold, one hot, one life, and one death. They were black and white, and they alternated according to the principle of the cycle of life and death.

Chen Xi quickly noticed that his Immortal Energy actually carried a strand of the aura of the Netherworld. It was icy cold, thick, pure, profound, and vast, and when this energy converged within his Blackhole World, it instantly caused a shocking change!

The Blackhole World was originally a brilliant, beautiful, and peaceful world. Yet now, along with the entrance of this Immortal Energy that carried Netherworld Energy with it, the entire heavens and the earth instantly surged with lightning while storms rages and gales whistled. Everything seemed to intend to return to chaos, and it seemed as if the world was being rebuilt.


It seemed as if the bolt of lightning that split the chaos apart struck down in the heavens and the earth, and it forcefully split open a vast space in the world.

This space was completely dark and boundlessly vast. An ancient stone bridge, a muddy sea of misery, spirits, ghosts, and various other strange and bizarre phenomena could be faintly seen in this space.

“The Netherworld! I understand now!”

“The Blackhole World corresponds to the outside world and reflects the heavens and the earth. Life and death are heavenly principles and circulate in the world. Thus, the creation of the Netherworld allows everything in the world to undergo the cycle of life and death!”

“Moreover, when everything cycles within the world and evolves with each passing day, that’s the true profundity of the cycle of the universe!”

At this instant, various comprehensions arose in Chen Xi’s heart.

In his body, the Blackhole World had already transformed into a completely different appearance. Dawn and dusk circulated, day and night alternated, and time flowed within it, causing the changes of the four seasons to be developed within it. Everything in the world varied, and the living beings underwent a cycle of life and death.

Death wasn’t the end, and birth was the beginning.

It was like how fallen leaves returned to the roots for the sake of accumulating energy and breaking out of the ground with new life.

All of this came from the Netherworld Energy in the Blackhole World!

The Grand Dao is incomplete, yet it can be complemented to attain perfection. The paths of mortal and nether both return back within the Grand Dao… As he meditated and sensed the changes in the energy in his body, Chen Xi suddenly obtained a sort of comprehension towards the Grand Dao of the world, and it was the feeling of seeing through the quintessence of everything and discerning the essence of the world.

Knock! Knock!

Right at this moment, knocking sounded out from outside the courtyard. After a short moment, Bei Ling’s footsteps sounded out from outside the door. “Young Master, Young Master Cui Ming has sent someone over to invite you to over to attend the banquet that he has prepared in the grand hall within the estate.”

Chen Xi woke up from his meditation when he heard this, and a wisp of a smile of amusement couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth. Bei Ling really entered into her role quickly, and she seems to have already taken herself to be a dutiful maidservant. 


The grand hall of the City Governor’s Estate was illuminated brightly with lanterns, and the entire hall was bright and gorgeous.

When Chen Xi arrived here, Cui Qingning, Gu Tian, and the others had arrived a long time ago, and they were seated cross-legged before the table.

The Darkcliff City’s Governor, Cui Qingning’s sixth cousin brother, Cui Ming, was sitting on the seat at the head of the table, and he was chatting with Cui Qingning who sat beside him in a light voice.

There were no other guests here, so the atmosphere was rather relaxed.


But to Chen Xi’s surprise, the gazes of everyone actually descended onto him in unison at the instant he and Bei Ling entered the hall, and all of them revealed friendly expressions.

“Haha! This must be Brother Chen Xi, quickly take a seat.” Cui Ming stood up and walked over with large strides, and he welcomed Chen Xi warmly.

At this moment, Chen Xi was slightly surprised. After all, the aura he revealed now was merely at the Golden Core Realm, whereas Cui Ming was an expert at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm and was the Governor of Darkcliff City. At this moment, he actually took the initiative to welcome Chen Xi, so how could Chen Xi not be surprised by this solemn courtesy?

“Thank you, Young Master Cui.” Chen Xi restrained his thoughts and spoke with a grin.

“Brother Chen saved Qingning, so you’re a great benefactor of my Cui Clan. I hope Brother Chen doesn’t treat me as an outsider, and please forgive me if I’ve been a poor host in any way.” Cui Ming laughed heartily, and he only returned to his seat after Chen Xi took his seat. He revealed satisfactory etiquette and proper levels of warmth.

Disregarding what sort of figure Cui Ming was exactly, merely this was sufficient to make Chen Xi have a good impression of him because Chen Xi was able to clearly sense that Cui Ming wasn’t acting in a perfunctory manner, and Cui Ming’s attitude was sincere and genuine.

Something especially worthy of mention was that Chen Xi’s seat was actually even closer to the head of the table than Gu Tian and the others, and it was equal to Cui Qingning’s seat. This was the treatment for an honored guest. 

This obviously showed that Cui Ming did indeed sincerely intend to express his gratitude to Chen Xi during this banquet today, and the reason was that Chen Xi had rescued Cui Qingning’s life.

Moreover, this displayed exactly how important this cousin sister of his, Cui Qingning, was in Cui Ming’s heart.

“What a sumptuous banquet. Young Master Cui Ming wouldn’t blame me for arriving uninvited, right? HAHAHA!” After the rows of servants placed the food and wine on the table, Cui Ming had just raised his wine cup with the intention of saying something, yet right at this moment, a wave of roaring laughter suddenly sounded out from outside the hall, and it was resounding like a bell.

Cui Ming’s face sank when he heard this, and his hand that held up his wine glass was lowered once more before his cold and fierce gaze looked towards the distance.

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