Chapter 944 – Ghost Path’s Judge Of Life

Meanwhile, Cui Qingning had walked out from the carriage, and a wisp of excitement appeared on her face when she saw the young man in golden robes and she said, “Sixth Cousin Brother!”

The young man roared with laughter and said, “When I heard you were actually going through the Bloodbasin Hardlands this time, I was worried to the point I couldn’t sleep properly for a few days. I can finally heave a sigh of relief now that you’ve arrived here safely.”

Cui Qingning eyes turned red as she said in a low voice, “Thank you for your concern, Sixth Cousin Brother.”

The young man waved his hand and said, “Qingning, don’t treat me like an outsider. This is something I ought to do. Alright, let’s return to the city together. I’ve already arranged for a place for all of you to stay, and I’ll host a banquet to celebrate your arrival after everything is arranged!”

As he spoke, he’d pulled on Cui Qingning’s hand and walked towards the city.

“Get ready! Return to the city!” One of the servants that stood behind the young man roared.

After that, all the well-equipped and brave looking guards rumbled as they gathered around the young man and Cui Qingning before heading towards Darkcliff City, and it was a magnificent sight.

Gu Tian led the group of guards to follow closely behind.

“That’s the Cui Clan’s Third Elder, Cui Fang Hu’s, eldest son, and he’s the sixth amongst the younger generation in the clan. He’s called Cui Ming, and he’s the Young Miss’s cousin brother. Presently, he’s in charge of Darkcliff City and holds the position of City Governor.” Gu Tian swiftly explained to Chen Xi via voice transmission. “Young Master Cui Ming’s natural talent has been extraordinary since a young age, and he was born along with the soul of a Qilin. He’s an outstanding genius in the Cui Clan, and he possesses a cultivation at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. If it wasn’t for the internal strife within the clan, his natural talent and strength would be sufficient for him to hold a post in the Punishment Bureau.”

Chen Xi nodded. “He really is an outstanding figure.”

Gu Tian’s expression couldn’t help but stiffen when he heard this, and he said to himself, This kid at the Golden Core Realm looks to be modest, yet I never expected that he speaks rather arrogantly… If it was any other expert at the Golden Core Realm, would any of them dare to judge Young Master Cui Ming like this?

Chen Xi acutely noticed the subtle changes in Gu Tian’s expression, and he couldn’t help but be amused. I’m a Peak Sovereign at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, could it be that I can’t judge an existence at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm?

But he didn’t reveal his thoughts and avoided another misunderstanding from occurring.

“Brother Gu Tian, what sort of existence is the Punishment Bureau? Why isn’t it grouped together with the Six Paths of Hell?” Chen Xi couldn’t refrain from asking.

Gu Tian was stunned, and then he recalled that Chen Xi wasn’t someone from the Netherworld and it was understandable that Chen Xi didn’t know this. So he explained right away. “The Punishment Bureau is the Netherhell’s Judgment Hall that used to exist in the past, and it specializes in judgment and the measurement of penalty. It possesses extraordinarily great authority that’s higher than the Six Paths of Hell, yet it’s lower than the halls of the Ten Kings of Hell. It’s a central organization in the Netherhell.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart. In this way, since the Cui Clan that Cui Qingning is from is able to control the Punishment Bureau, it’s surely an extraordinary colossus in the Netherhell. 


Darkcliff city was prosperous. Buildings with a rough and simple style yet didn’t lose a sense of magnificence and vastness could be found all over the city, and it was completely different from the gorgeous and exquisite style of the Mortal Dimension.

This was the first city of the Netherworld that Chen Xi had entered, and the first feeling that came to mind was — strangeness!

Strands of ghost flames that were in a multitude of colors like indigo, sky blue, crimson red, and orange drifted all over through the streets and seemed extremely gorgeous.

Beneath every single strand of ghost flame was a drifting spirit. Just like the other people that walked through the street, these spirits were selling various items, and there were old people,  young girls, and little children amongst them, causing it to be a rather magnificent scene.

These spirits weren’t like evil spirits and fierce spirits, all of them had serene expressions that revealed a trace of meekness.

“These Nether Spirits are formed from the souls that are unwilling to be reborn, and they stay in the Netherworld and assist the Nether Clans in carrying out errands. They’re loyal and steadfast. Some Nether Spirits that do well are even able to obtain techniques to cultivate.” Gu Tian couldn’t help but explain with a smile when he saw Chen Xi’s interested expression.

“My horizons have indeed been broadened.” Chen Xi sighed in his heart. Such a scene can be considered to be unique in the three dimensions.

“If you’re interested, there’s no harm in taking some Nether Souls as servants. They’re absolutely loyal, steadfast, and will obey every word of yours,” said Gu Tian.

Chen Xi shook his head and said, “Forget it.”

Gu Tian smiled and didn’t speak any further.

Meanwhile, a wave of agitated movement and chaos arose abruptly in the street ahead.

“Hmm? Someone actually dared to obstruct Young Master Cui Ming’s path?” Gu Tian was stunned and muttered. “This shouldn’t happen. He’s the City Governor of Darkcliff City. Who would dare do this?”

Chen Xi’s Immortal Perception stretched out, and he instantly saw the scene ahead down to the slightest detail in his mind. 


Cui Ming that wore golden robes had a slightly gloomy expression.

There was a man and woman standing before Cui Ming. The man was tall and valiant, and there was a striking evil spirit tattoo on his forehead that seemed to intend to swallow his enemies, causing him to emanate a ferocious and savage aura.

The woman had red hair, snow white skin, and black leather clothes that vividly drew out the lines of her graceful and hot body while her beautiful face was gorgeous and charming

The auras of this man and woman was actually on par with Cui Ming, and they were obviously experts at the Earthly Immortal Realm.

At this moment, it was exactly the two of them that had obstructed the group’s path.

“Brother Cui, you really disappoint me by being willing to go against the two of us for a little girl.” The man shook his head and sighed, and his face was covered in an expression of pity.

“Could it be that Brother Cui feels that the conditions we provided aren’t sufficient? If it’s like that, everything can be discussed. So long as you hand that little girl over, I can even decide on behalf of my Lord to transfer you into the Ghost Path and hold the position of Judge of Life!” The red haired and black clothed woman smiled delicately and spoke slowly.

“Liu Jun, Rui Qing, don’t blame me for being rude if the two of you don’t move aside!” Cui Ming frowned while an icy cold expression appeared in the space between his brows, and his voice was resolute and without any room for discussion.

“So you’ve decided to go against us?” Liu Jun frowned, and the evil spirit tattoo on his forehead seemed to have come to life and was suffused with a horrifying dark red color.

“That’s enough. Liu Jun, could it be that you haven’t perceived that Sixth Young Master Cui extremely treasures that little girl?” Rui Qing smiled delicately as she interrupted, and then she slowly stretched out three fingers and shook it before Cui Ming as she said, “Sixth Young Master Cui, we won’t make it difficult for you, and we’ll give you three days to consider. We’ll come again then. But if you still act in this way at that time…then you know the consequences.” She didn’t finish speaking about the consequences, but the threatening intent within it was vividly displayed.

In the next moment, Rui Qing grabbed Liu Jun’s hand before tearing space apart and vanishing swiftly.

“Hmph!” Cui Ming grunted coldly while his face became extremely gloomy. Never had he imagined that they would be arrogant to such an extent and obstruct him right on the streets. They were simply lawless!

“Sixth Senior Brother, what happened?” Cui Qingning came down from the carriage, and her tiny face was filled with worry. She was in the carriage earlier and coupled with Cui Ming, Liu Jun, and Rui Ming utilizing voice transmissions to communicate, she didn’t hear what they’d said.

But even then, she still acutely noticed that they seemed to be rather hostile towards her sixth cousin brother.

“It’s fine. Quickly get on the carriage. Let’s return to the estate first.” Cui Ming smiled, and his expression instantly became warm and bright.

“Yes.” Cui Qingning nodded.

The group continued forward but the atmosphere of the group seemed to be slightly oppressive.

Earlier, Chen Xi had noticed everything that occurred, yet due to him being afraid of disturbing them, he didn’t pry into the conversation between Cui Ming and the other two people.

However, he was faintly able to sense that they seemed to have come for Cui Qingning because their gazes imperceptibly locked onto the carriage that Cui Qingning resided in as they talked.

Looks like even if we’ve entered Darkcliff City, the little girl’s situation is still very bad. Now it all depends on whether Cui Ming is trustworthy… Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

“If I’m not wrong, those two people are probably two Judges of Life from the Ghost Path.” Gu Tian spoke abruptly. “The Ghost Path is in charge of suppressing evil and delivering souls. They’re like the executioners of the Mortal Dimension and are most skilled in torturing and punishing evil spirits. Just like the Hell Path, the hands of every single Judge of Life are tainted with the blood of countless spirits. All of them are ruthless, bloodthirsty, and extremely cold and emotionless. I wonder why Young Master Cui Ming would be entangled with them.” 

Chen Xi knew that within the Six Paths of Hell, those that are in control of the six paths were called Grand Ministers and below them were Judges of Life that specialized in dealing with the affairs of every single path and possessed extremely great authority.

Every single Judge of Life passed through rigorous selections, and the only criterion in the selection was strength!Supposedly, practically all the experts that held the position of Judge of Life in the Six Paths of Hell were formidable figures, and their strengths were at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm or above. Moreover, their combat strength was extremely formidable and all of them were ruthless figures that killed without batting an eyelid.

As for the Grand Ministers, they usually rarely made an appearance, and their strengths were unfathomable. They were existences equivalent to the Nether Spring Grand Emperor, the Granny Meng Hall’s Master, and the five Ghost Emperors.

I wonder in the hands of which great figure of the Netherhell did Xiuyi fall into. I should try to inquire about it if I have the chance and see who is capable of utilizing a Saint Artifact like the Netherworld Disk… The more he understood about the Netherworld, the more worried Chen Xi was towards Qing Xiuyi’s situation. But he was clearly aware that his worries were futile until his strength recovered.

So he could only slowly make plans step by step. 


Darkcliff City, City Governor’s Estate.

This was an extremely enormous estate that contained a small bridge over flowing water, pavilions, and a rather elegant environment.

Only when one observed carefully would one notice that the entire City Governor’s Estate was strictly guarded. There was layer after layer of well-equipped guards standing on duty all over, and they were protecting the safety of the entire estate either openly or secretly.

After they arrived here, Chen Xi was arranged to reside in a courtyard to bathe and rest. Once night arrived, Cui Ming would hold a banquet in the main hall to celebrate the arrival of Cui Qingning and the others, and Chen Xi was amongst the invited.

Of course, he’d benefitted from being associated with Cui Qingning. After all, the aura he revealed at this moment was truly too weak, and it was even inferior to the guards in the estate.

Chen Xi was helpless towards this because he couldn’t just reveal an entirely new cultivation realm overnight, right? If that were to happen, it would be too dazzling and would easy cause too many misunderstandings.

Nevermind, I’ll seize this time to gather the Netherworld Energy within Spirit King Xue Kong’s corpse and refine the Netherworld Register. After he took a bath, Chen Xi felt refreshed and he pondered for a moment before he decided.

He was very curious about exactly what sort of secrets would be hidden within the Netherworld Register after its energy was recovered to the point it could be opened. 

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