Chapter 943 – Ghost Qilin

When Gu Tian and the others stopped moving, they instantly noticed that Chen Xi wasn’t present in their group.

“Shit! That fellow is only at the Golden Core Realm, he wouldn’t have been unable to keep up, right?” A guard spoke while ridden with worry.

“Did he perish?” Someone spoke with bewilderment.

The scene of the group of spirits worshipping the moon was too terrifying. Not to mention a Golden Core Realm cultivator, even an expert at the Nether Transformation Realm or Earthly Immortal Realm would probably suffer calamity if the expert didn’t avoid it in time.

“Shut up!” Gu Tian frowned as he berated. “Rest on the spot. If Chen Xi doesn’t arrive after the time for an incense stick to burn passes, then all of you guard the Young Miss and carry on, I’ll turn back to search for him.” 

A guard couldn’t help but say. “If he really…”

Gu Tian waved his hand and interrupted the guard. “Don’t make rash conclusions!”

Everyone went silent. They faintly felt that Chen Xi would probably be unable to return. The scene of spirits worshipping the moon meant a Ghost King was being born, so how could it possibly let a little fellow at the Golden Core Realm go?

“Young Miss? Why aren’t you staying in the carriage?” Gu Tian glanced to the side and noticed that Cui Qingning had come down from the carriage.

“Uncle Gu Tian, Big Brother Chen Xi will be fine, right?” The young woman puckered her lips while her pale and young little face carried a wisp of worry and self-blame that couldn’t be concealed.

She seemed to feel that Chen Xi had been left behind and his whereabout unknown because she’d been too neglectful and careless, and she didn’t take proper care of Chen Xi.

“Young Miss, Chen Xi is a lucky fellow. He ought to be fine. You don’t have to worry.” Gu Tian consoled in a warm voice.

“Right, Big Brother Chen Xi can even dodge the assassination of Qing Xiao. He’ll surely be fine.” Cui Qingning’s eyes lit up while her face was covered in confidence.

Gu Tian couldn’t help but sigh and think to himself when he saw this. I hope it’s like that.

When he thought up to here, Gu Tian suddenly raised his head and pondered deeply before he said, “Young Miss, is Young Master Cui Ming in Darkcliff City trustworthy?”

Cui Qingning was stunned and said, “Sixth Cousin Brother has always looked after me since a young age. Moreover, his father is my Third Uncle that’s very close with my father. He probably won’t stand on Second Elder’s side.”

Gu Tian heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and said, “That’s good. Once we arrive at Darkcliff City, we’ll rely on Young Master Cui Ming’s ability to activate the teleportation formation in the city and head to Nether Spring City. In this way, our enemies will surely be unable to catch up to us.”

Cui Qingning nodded, and then she seemed to have thought of something, causing a sense of loss and disappointment to appear in her eyes. “But I’m worried that even if we return to the clan, we’ll…”

Gu Tian patted the young woman on the shoulder and stopped her. “Young Miss, there’s no need to worry. I’ll get into contact with my old friends from the Punishment Bureau once we return to the clan, and they’ll protect and escort you, Young Miss.”

“Eh! Look! Quickly! That looks like Chen Xi…” Meanwhile, a guard seemed to have noticed something and spoke in surprise.

“It really is Chen Xi. But why is there another person following by his side?” The others noticed as well that there were two figures swiftly rushing over here from the extreme distance, and the person in the lead was Chen Xi. But there was an unfamiliar woman following behind him.

“Could Chen Xi have been coerced by that woman with the intention of acting against us?” A guard frowned, and a wisp of a cold and fierce expression suffused his eyes.

Gu Tian waved his hand to indicate that all of them should calm themselves.

But his expression was similarly serious as well because he clearly noticed that the woman with an icy cold appearance was surprisingly on par with him in terms of strength!

In other words, she was at least around the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.

This was too strange because only a short 10 minutes had passed. So how could Chen Xi become acquainted with a woman with such formidable strength? Thus, there was surely something strange going on!

Gu Tian imperceptibly protected Cui Qingning behind him when he realized this, and he took precautions in secret.

“I’m sorry for making everyone wait.” Chen Xi slowed down 3km away, and he walked over step by step with an upright bearing.

He similarly noticed that Gu Tian’s gaze carried a trace of vigilance. Obviously, it was because Bei Ling was by his side.

“Oh, this is…” Chen Xi spoke and was intending to introduce Bei Ling’s identity in order to dispel the misunderstanding in everyone’s hearts.

Meanwhile, Bei Ling spoke before him and said, “I’m Bei Ling, and I’m his maidservant now.”

It wasn’t just Gu Tian and the others who were stunned when they heard this, even Chen Xi the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch, and he glanced at Bei Ling with a strange gaze.


He swore to god that he’d never discussed this with Bei Ling beforehand, and in other words, this was an excuse that Bei Ling decided on herself.

Unfortunately, this excuse was truly too shoddy.

Chen Xi sighed in his heart, and he suddenly felt slight regret towards maintaining his aura around the Gold Core Realm.

Sure enough, the gazes of Gu Tian and the others carried a trace of vigilance when they looked at Chen Xi in the next moment.

Probably, as far as they were concerned, this was a lie that was simply full of flaws because would there be any Earthly Immortal Realm expert that was willing to be the maidservant of a fellow at the Golden Core Realm?

Moreover, this maidservant was so beautiful. Not only were her clothes exquisite and gorgeous, even her bearing was elegant and composed. She was like a young lady that came from a noble clan, so how could she lower herself to be a maidservant?

It was unusual!

Too unusual!

Chen Xi opened his mouth and wanted to explain, yet Cui Qingning had already spoken with a clear voice. “Big Brother Chen Xi, it’s good that you’ve returned. I was very worried about you just now.”

As she spoke, she actually ran over happily to Chen Xi’s side and hugged his arm.

Noticing this scene caused Gu Tian to be terrified to the point his entire body trembled, and he cried out. “Young Miss!”

Cui Qingning raised her head and asked. “What is it, Uncle Gu Tian?”

Gu Tian glanced at Chen Xi then glanced at Bei Ling before he shook his head in the end. “It’s nothing.”

Chen Xi was very well aware of what Gu Tian was thinking in his heart, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel speechless. He walked forward and swiftly sent a voice transmission to Gu Tian.

“Really?” Gu Tian was shocked, and a wisp of astonishment flashed within his eyes.

Chen Xi nodded.

Gu Tian stared blankly at Bei Ling for a moment before he shook his head, and a wisp of pity actually suffused his face.

Subsequently, they didn’t dally and started hurrying along on their journey.

According to what Gu Tian said, they would be able to arrive in Darkcliff City in less than two days if they dashed at full speed. Once they were there, their situation would become much safer.

On the way, Bei Ling asked abruptly. “What did you tell him earlier?”

Chen Xi sighed and said, “You really want to know?”

Bei Ling nodded with a serious expression.

“I said you’re slow witted and accidentally consumed Granny Meng’s Soup, causing you to lose your memories. In the end, you mistakenly considered me as your clan’s Young Master. You pledged your life to follow by my side and couldn’t be driven away no matter what I did, so I could only bring you along by my side.” Chen Xi spoke truthfully and was slightly apologetic.

Unexpectedly, Bei Ling actually seemed to not be irritated, and she seemed to be lost in thought as she nodded and said, “This reason isn’t bad.”

Chen Xi was stunned. He never expected that this woman who seemed cold and proud would actually have a good temper.

All along the way, the sudden addition of Bei Ling caused all the guards to be extremely vigilant. But when Gu Tian told them the reason Chen Xi gave him, all of them instantly revealed a wisp of pity towards Bei Ling.

Granny Meng’s Soup was a treasure that could even wipe the memories of a god.

No one had expected that this expert at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm would actually accidentally consume Granny Meng’s Soup and lose her memories. This was slightly pitiable…

Of course, they had their doubts towards this reason in the beginning, but along with Bei Ling not doing anything strange throughout two days of travelling with them and because she followed by Chen Xi’s side from the beginning until the end, this sort of doubt gradually reduced.

Everyone started to feel slight envy towards Chen Xi instead. They felt that this fellow at the Golden Core Realm had similarly bumped into great fortune and unexpected romance by somehow obtaining this beautiful and elegant Earthly Immortal Realm expert as his maidservant.

Two days later, a great city could be seen far away in the hazy sky, and it was like an enormous ferocious beast that resided on the horizon and was extremely striking.

Darkcliff City!

Gu Tian and the others revealed a wisp of a relaxed and delighted expression when they saw the outline of that great city in the extreme distance.

“I never expected that we wouldn’t encounter even a bit of danger in these past two days. Could it be that those damnable bastards have given up?” said a guard with a smile on his face.

The others were slightly surprised as well.

Only Chen Xi was clearly aware that Qing Xiao originally intended to make a move two days ago. But he unfortunately encountered Chen Xi, and Chen Xi had imperceptibly dealt with this danger for Gu Tian and the others.

“You bastard! Could it be that you wish for nothing more than for someone to obstruct and kill us?” Gu Tian derided before he waved his hand and continued forward.

As they drew closer to Darkcliff City, they were able to clearly notice that the great city was completely pitch black. Merely the walls of the city were 300m in height, and torches that were thick like pillars were placed densely in the surroundings of the wall, causing them to seem like an enormous flame dragon that lay on the city walls. The surging radiance of the flames dispersed the haze in the sky and illuminated the surroundings.

At this moment, there were already numerous beings moving in and out of the entrance, and it seemed to be rather bustling.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi noticed two men with vicious appearances. They held 4m long whips while driving a group of spirits that were enshrouded in black mist and headed into the city, and it seemed rather bizarre.

Those were ‘Spirit Drivers’ that were unique to the Netherworld, and their profession was to capture vengeful spirits and fierce spirits as a means of earn a living.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi’s attention was drawn by a group of people.

The person in the lead was a young man in golden robes. He held a jade fan while he sat on a pitch black ferocious beast that was almost 10m in height, and he revealed a leisurely bearing and seemed to be waiting for someone.

There was a group of around 100 plus well equipped followers behind him All of them were capable, powerful, and emanated shocking ferocious auras, and they forcibly occupied the center of the entrance to the city.

Not only did the people that passed by not reveal any dissatisfaction, they even looked at those people with gazes that revealed a wisp of dense terror and reverence.

It wasn’t this that drew Chen Xi’s attention, but that the mount beneath the young man in golden robes was surprisingly a Ghost Qilin!

Qilin were terrifying divine beasts of the heavens and the earth, and they were equally famous to Phoenixes, Azure Phoenixes, Black Tortoises, White Tigers, and various other divine beasts. The Ghost Qilin had obviously perished and was obtained by the young man in golden robes after its soul had entered the Netherworld, and the young man had raised it into his mount.

“Cousin Sister! You’ve finally arrived!” The eyes of the young man in golden robes lit up when he saw Gu Tian and the others from afar, and he leaped off the Ghost Qilin before roaring with laughter as he walked over.

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