Chapter 942 – Accompanied By An Expert

Bei Ling coughed up blood while her beautiful face turned ghastly pale.

Especially striking was a bloody hole that had surprisingly been torn open on her right shoulder, and black qi hissed in the surroundings of the injury and was corroding her flesh and skin.

Even then, her expression was still icy cold, but the gaze she shot at Qing Xiao carried a wisp of deep terror. “It’s actually the Oddflow Indistinction Sword! You’re a disciple of the Hell Path?”

Qing Xiao was stunned, and then he laughed lightly. “I never expected that your gaze would be so discerning.” The meaning within his words was tacit approval.

“Amongst the Six Paths of Hell, the Hell Path manages pursuing and suppressing, and they’re called Penal Officers of Hell. But according to my knowledge, Penal Officers of Hell must receive as assignment from the Punishment Officer in the Punishment Bureau before making a move. Acting without authorization and making things difficult for me this time is a great taboo!” Bei Ling said calmly, “Because I’m not a criminal or evil spirit, and I’ve never violated the laws of the Netherhell. In other words, you’re intentionally harming me, and if news of this spreads back to the Netherhell, the Punishment Officer will probably not forgive you.”

Not only was Qing Xiao unafraid when he heard this, a wisp of dense disdain surged out into his eyes instead, and he seemed to glance at Bei Ling with pity. “If it was during the reign of the Netherworld Emperor, I might be extremely afraid of what you spoke of.”

He paused for a moment, and then shook his head and continued. “Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten something. Not only is the entire Netherworld in chaos, even the Netherhell is in a mess. The Six Paths of Hell are acting on their own, and the Ten Kings of Hell have been divided into two factions. Even the Punishment Bureau is filled with endless internal strife now.”

“As for the Nether Spring Hall, Granny Meng Hall, City of the Wronged, and the Five Gates of Hell. All of them are gathering their armies and casting covetous gazes with the intention of taking a share. Who would continue to follow the laws that were set by the Netherworld Emperor in the past?”

When he spoke up to here, Qing Xiao’s voice carried a wisp of pity. “You’re probably been cultivating for too long and forgot that it hasn’t been the time the Third Netherworld Emperor reigned in the Netherworld for a long time. How pitiful is it that you’re still thinking that the Punishment Bureau would uphold justice for you? You’re truly pitiable.”

Bei Ling was stunned. She lightly puckered her cherry lips while her cold face revealed a wisp of disappointment for the first time, and she seemed to have never expected that the current situation had become so chaotic.

Looks like I’ve been in closed door cultivation for too long… She sighed faintly in her heart.

Qing Xiao became even more complacent when he saw this, and he said slowly, “Now, you’re already trapped, and it’s impossible for you to escape. I’ll give you one more chance. Obediently submit to me, otherwise don’t blame me for refining you right now!”

Bei Ling sighed. “The world has crumbles and the laws have ceased to exist. What a pity that the Netherworld Emperor’s painstaking efforts are gone with the wind now…” Her voice went lower and lower.

“This is the effect of time and fortune. No matter how formidable the Netherworld Emperor was, he was still buried at the hands of the gods and buddhas of the world all those years ago. I advise you to understand the situation that you’re in,” said Qing Xiao.


His voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air when Bei Ling had suddenly made a move, and the tip of her finger surged with a wisp of dark blue blade light that tore space apart and assaulted Qing Xiao.

“You…don’t know what’s good for you!” Qing Xiao couldn’t help but be infuriated when he saw that this woman actually remained stubborn even after he’d wasted his breath like that, and killing intent surged into his eyes while he stopped hesitating to kill Bei Ling.


The dark blue blade light was easily shattered, and Qing Xiao laughed gloomily and said, “Little bitch, I, Qing Xiao, have tortured and killed countless women. I’ll let you have a taste of it today!”

As he spoke, he’d suddenly flashed, and the narrow and long black sword in his hand droned before erupting with a myriad of specks of sword lights that whistled as they enveloped her.


But right when he was about to make a move, a hand suddenly appeared out of thin air behind him, and it took him by surprise and grabbed tightly onto his neck. The bones in his neck shattered and emitted clear cracking sounds.

Instantly, Qing Xiao’s eyeballs bulged out while breathing became difficult for him, and he was like a dying fish that was struggling violently and repeatedly while on the verge of drying up and dying.

Unfortunately, the hand was like a rock that didn’t move in the slightest, and it tightened gradually.

“Ah… Ah…” A wave of strange sounds was emanated from Qing Xiao’s neck, yet he wasn’t able to speak a single word, and he wanted to turn around to take a look. Unfortunately, even such a simple action was impossible to complete.


Qing Xiao’s throat exploded and transformed into a rain of blood that poured down from midair along with his corpse.

This assassin that was renowned in the Netherworld, an existence that had assassinated a 7th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert while at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm had suffered a surprise attack from behind and perished, and he didn’t even get to see the appearance of his murderer before his death.

“Is this what it’s like when the mantis stalks the cicada while unaware of the oriole behind?” Bei Ling spoke with a tone that carried a wisp of ridicule. She gazed at the handsome young man that had appeared abruptly, yet she noticed to her surprise that his cultivation was actually merely at the perfection-stage of the Nether Transformation Realm!

She was shocked in her heart when she realized this. How could this be possible? That Qing Xiao’s strength is even more formidable than me. How could he suffer a surprise attack and be killed by a little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm?

This person is probably not as simple as he seems!

Even though numerous thoughts were arising within her mind, Bei Ling’s expression remained cold, and her bearing was elegant and composed. But the gaze she shot at the young man carried a wisp of detest.

Obviously, she felt that Chen Xi was just like Qing Xiao and had come to capture her.

If he were to face Qing Xiao head on, then perhaps he would have to expend a great deal of effort. But if he seized the opportunity to launch a surprise attack, then relying on his combat instinct at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, he was entirely capable of dealing with Qing Xiao easily.

Of course, the key was that Qing Xiao and Bei Ling didn’t notice his existence from the beginning until the end, and this provided a superb opportunity for him to assassinate Qing Xiao.

“You can leave.” Chen Xi spoke casually before he flashed over to Xue Kong’s corpse, and then he sized it up briefly before feeling quite satisfied in his heart. The Netherworld Energy in Xue Kong’s corpse was still present, so he could gather it to refine the Netherworld Register.

As for Qing Xiao’s corpse, the Netherworld Energy in his body had effused out completely on his death because he wasn’t a spirit, and it was impossible to gather the Netherworld Energy.

Bei Ling was stunned. “You didn’t come for me?”

“I did indeed come to kill you in the beginning. But since you aren’t an evil spirit and haven’t committed any crimes, I intend to let you off.” Chen Xi spoke in a very relaxed manner.

There was one more thing that he didn’t say. Earlier, he’d listened to the conversation between Bei Ling and Qing Xiao, and he knew that this woman had actually always been following the laws set by the Third Netherworld Emperor and had never violated it. This caused him to arouse a wisp of admiration in his heart.

After all, if he were to consider it carefully, there could be said to be a relationship of master and disciple between him and the Third Netherworld Emperor because he’d obtained the Paramita and Oblivion Dao Insights from the Netherworld Emperor through the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush.

With this relationship between him and the Third Netherworld Emperor, he naturally lost his intention to kill Bei Ling.

“You don’t want the Ghost Emperor’s Bodhi Heart?” Bei Ling couldn’t help but ask. She felt this young man was too strange because all through these years, everyone either tried to frame her or directly made a move against her when they found out she was a strand of the Ghost Emperor’s Bodhi Heart that had attained the Dao. There was rarely anyone capable of refusing this temptation.

But it just so happened that this young man before her remained indifferent to it, and this was slightly surprising to her.

“I don’t have the hobby of killing and seizing treasures.” Chen Xi shrugged and intended to take Xue Kong’s corpse with him.

“Wait.” Bei Ling shouted from behind.

“Is there something else you need?” Chen Xi turned around.

Bei Ling bit her cherry lips, yet she remained silent.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head, and then he stopped hesitating and turned around to leave.

Gu Tian and the others were travelling ahead, and it wouldn’t be worth it if he was split up from them. After all, he wanted to enter the Netherhell, and he had to rely on Cui Qingning to accomplish that.


Chen Xi had just moved when he noticed Bei Ling was actually chasing after him from behind.

He couldn’t help but frown and stop before he said, “Why’re you following me?”

“Where’re you going?” Bei Ling replied with a question.

“The Netherhell.” Chen Xi replied very directly because he didn’t have anything to conceal.

“I’m coming as well.” Bei Ling’s clear eyes lit up. “I haven’t left the Bloodbasin Hardlands for many years. Now that the world is in chaos, I want to go take a look and see if the Netherhell is really in extreme chaos like that Penal Officer of the Hell Path said.”

“Then why are you following me?” Chen Xi frowned.

“I…” Bei Ling didn’t know how to answer him. She felt that she’d already spoken clearly, yet the young man that stood before her seemed to still reject her. This caused her beautiful brows to be unable to help but knit together lightly and coupled with her icy cold and peerlessly beautiful face, it actually emanated a pitiable feeling.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart when he saw this, and he pondered briefly before he said, “You can follow me, but you have to agree to a condition of mine.”

Bei Ling swiftly raised her head, and her eyes were bright and sparkled like stars as she said, “Alright!”

If it wasn’t for her elegant bearing and icy cold expression, Chen Xi would almost think that she was a pure hearted little girl and wouldn’t be vigilant against her in the slightest.

After all, an ordinary person would probably listen to the condition and weight the advantages and disadvantages before deciding and agreeing.

But she didn’t even ask before agreeing directly, and she even agreed so readily, causing Chen Xi to feel slightly embarrassed to make a request that went too far.

It was only later on that Chen Xi found out that since she attained the Dao, Bei Ling had always been staying in the Bloodbasin Hardlands by herself, and she used all her time on cultivation and rarely communicated with others. Thus it caused her to know nothing about the ways of the world.

Moreover, all of her knowledge and mentality was still maintained at a time very far in the past.

That time in the past was the time when the Third Netherworld Emperor reigned over the Netherworld, and it was probably a million years ago from now…

In other words, this Bei Ling was an extremely old senior that had lived for a shockingly long time. But it was understandable when one realized that she was a strand of Ghost Emperor’s Bodhi Heart that attained the Dao.

After all, the meaning of existence of first-rate and rare spirits like this couldn’t be determined by time at all.

It isn’t bad to be accompanied by an expert like this. At the very least, she can help me deal with a lot of trouble before my strength recovers… Chen Xi glanced at Bei Ling who followed step by step behind him, and he seemed to be lost in thought.

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