Chapter 941 – Ghost Emperor’s Bodhi Heart

The black shadow that covered the sky moved at an extremely swift speed, and it instantly arrived here.

Shockingly, it was a 90m long pitch black and icy cold coffin that was suffused with a metallic sheen. But at this moment, the surroundings of this coffin surged with black colored ghastly mist that was like a tide, and it seemed to be bearing down menacingly.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he instantly realized that he’d seen this coffin in the past. At that time, he’d seen the strange phenomenon of nine spirits carrying a coffin.

According to his estimation, the spirit within the coffin was at least around the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.

But why would this coffin appear here? When this thought had just flashed through his mind, a crude and sharp roar sounded out abruptly in the sky. “Bei Ling! Are you trying to ruin my transformation!?”

The roar was like thunder that shook the night sky.

It was precisely emitted by the enormous skeleton. Its eyes blazed with dark green ghost flames, and it seemed to be extraordinarily terrifying.

Chen Xi instantly understood that the owner of this coffin was probably intending to ruin the fortune of this skeleton that was about to advance in cultivation.

When two tigers fought, one was bound to be injured.

When he realized this, Chen Xi temporarily restrained himself and watched coldly from the sidelines.

Meanwhile, the coffin had already suddenly stopped in midair, and it opened up silently. The first thing to appear was a pair of slender and tender white hands that seemed to have been carved from jade, and it was beautiful and flawless.

It was clearly only a pair of hands, yet it emanated lethal temptation.

“Xue Kong, you seized the opportunity when I was in closed door cultivation to steal my Netherblood Pearl, yet you dream of advancing into a Spirit King? If you didn’t cause such a huge commotion, you might have really succeeded.” A low voice that carried a hoarse feeling faintly sounded out from within the coffin, and accompanying this voice was a woman that was completely bathed in dark blue flames. She stretched her graceful figure and stood up from within the coffin.

Her jet black and smooth beautiful hair hung down to her waist, and she wore a dark blue colored wide dress that had bell patterns on it. Her features were picturesque, and she was cold, yet peerlessly beautiful.

Only her pair of cherry lips were pale, and it didn’t have the slightest tiny of red on it.

This woman was extremely beautiful. She was chilly like ice and possessed a noble bearing. Every single move she made revealed an elegant aura that was pleasing to the eye, and she seemed like a Young Miss that had come from a noble clan.

If she didn’t walk out from within the icy cold and pitch black coffin, Chen Xi would even not dare confirm that she was actually a spirit!

“Hmph! That Netherblood Pearl is a precious object of the heavens and the earth, and it belongs to someone who’s fated to possess it. How could it possible be yours? Bei Ling, leave swiftly. This king will leave the Bloodbasin Hardlands and not compete with you if I’m able to advance successfully this time. How about it?” The skeleton called Xue Kong grunted coldly. As he spoke, his entire body blazed with surging dark red ghost flames, and he seemed to be making the best use of his time to refine the energy from the group of spirits that had been sacrificed.

“So its another idiot! Everything in this Bloodbasin Hardlands belongs to me. I couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to you when you used my precious territory to cultivate, yet you actually dared to seize things that shouldn’t belong to you. Then don’t blame me for being merciless!” Bei Ling’s expression was cold while her words were like icy cold blades, and she suddenly made a move as soon as she finished speaking.

Hiss! Hiss!

Strands of dark blue flames seemed like lively flame dragons as they sprayed out from her palm, tore through the sky, and enveloped Xue Kong.

“Bei Ling! Know your limits! Do you think this king is afraid of you?” Xue Kong couldn’t help but be infuriated when he saw her make a move just like that.


He transformed into a middle aged man in green robes who had a gloomy expression, and he lifted his hand and swung it in the air, causing a sword light formed from dark green flames to slash out and collide with Bei Ling.


Both of them entered into battle and raged through the sky. Peerless dark green and dark blue ghost flames interweaved together and erupted with strands of terrifying fluctuation, and it swept towards the surroundings and shattered the layer of clouds in the sky.

Amidst this was waves of extremely sharp, savage, and horrifying wailing of ghosts, and it caused the entire heavens and the earth to seem like a place where ghosts and spirits roamed freely.

Even though they were spirits, yet their strengths were at the Earthly Immortal Realm, so the destruction caused by their collision completely wiped out everything within 5,000km in the surroundings, causing rocks to be shattered and mountains to collapse.

That woman’s strength isn’t bad. She’s only at the 4th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, yet she’s actually able to suppress that fellow at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm to the point he can’t hold his ground. Her natural talent and the cultivation technique she cultivates is obviously greatly superior to that skeleton.

Coupled with that skeleton being clearly on the verge of transformation, his strength would surely be reduced greatly from being disturbed, and he’ll probably perish in the end.

Chen Xi hid in the distance and watched the fierce battle, and he instantly determined who was stronger amongst the two.

He took a deep breath and decided that he would seize the opportunity to suppress Bei Ling if she won later, and then he would gather the Netherworld Energy in the heavens and the earth here.

10 minutes later, one of Xue Kong’s arms were torn off, and it hurt to the point he roared fiercely. “Bei Ling! Do you really intend to exterminate me!?”

Bei Ling refused to answer. Her pair of slender and practically flawless hands moved about repeatedly as she executed numerous dark blue blades of flame. They were like blades that could slash open the sky and split the earth, and they were sharp, murderous, and completely merciless.


Xue Kong was caught off guard, causing a terrifying scar that bled without end to appear on his right chest.

“Dammit! Bei Ling you bitch! Just you wait! There’ll come a day when I’ll capture you, raise you as a slave, and at last trample on you until you die!” Xue Kong roared repeatedly as he was already infuriated to the limit. Yet his words hadn’t finished resounding out in the air when his figure flashed and dragged out a long bloody light as he actually intended to flee.

“Can you even flee before me? Leave your life behind. The energy in your body just happens to be suitable for my use. So long as I’ve absorbed it, it’ll be sufficient for me to advance once more!” Bei Ling spoke in an indifferent tone. Her figure was elegant and composed, yet her movements weren’t slow at all. She stretched out her white and slender palm before making a clawing motion.


She directly clawed space open into pieces before grabbing onto Xue Kong’s neck, and then lightly pulled him back to stand before her.


She didn’t hesitate and didn’t even give Xue Kong the chance to beg for mercy before she flipped her palm and killed him.

“You even made such a great commotion like the phenomenon of a group of spirits worshipping the moon. Hmph! Didn’t it benefit me, Bei Ling, in the end?” A wisp of disdain appeared on the corners of Bei Ling’s mouth, and her palms started absorbing the Netherworld Energy within Xue Kong’s body.

A good opportunity! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he accumulated energy and was about to launch an attack.


However, right at this moment, there was someone that made a move before Chen Xi!

A wisp of fine and lusterless sword light silently tore space apart before it swiftly appeared in the sky above Bei Ling, and then it struck down towards Bei Ling’s head.

This strike was extremely swift, ruthless, and resolute. It was sudden and seemed as if it appeared out of thin air, causing it to be impossible to dodge.

Shockingly, it was Qing Xiao!


Needless to say, Bei Ling’s reaction was similarly swift. She dodged at practically the exact same instant she noticed danger was approaching, allowing her to barely avoid it hitting her weak points, and it only left behind a bloody hole on her right shoulder.

“You’re courting death!” Bei Ling’s expression was icy cold like ice. She seemed as if she couldn’t feel pain as she raised her hand to strike towards Qing Xiao. But the latter had already dodged 3km away upon noticing that his attack had failed.

“You really deserve to be the female Spirit Exalt that controls the Bloodbasin Hardlands, Bei Ling. I can spare your life so long as you give up all resistance and serve me.” Qing Xiao’s figure was enveloped beneath a black colored cloak, and he only revealed a pair of eyes that were sharp like blades.

“You came especially for me?” Even though she was injured, Bei Ling’s bearing was still composed and elegant. Her cold yet beautiful face and slender and graceful body caused her to seem extremely gorgeous, and she didn’t possess the slightest ghastly aura of a spirit.

“I was only passing by and heard that the Bloodbasin Hardland’s female Spirit Exalt Bei Ling was formed from a strand of the Ghost Emperor’s Bodhi Heart that attained the Dao. Now that I’ve met you, you really deserve your reputation, and I can’t refrain from desiring to forcibly making you mine.” Qing Xiao’s voice didn’t carry the slightest fluctuation of emotion, yet it revealed arrogance of complete control, and it was confidence towards his own strength.

Obviously, he was filled with confidence towards his ability to capture Bei Ling.

Ghost Emperor’s Bodhi Heart?

The distant Chen Xi frowned and was slightly puzzled.

“In the Netherworld, those that could be addressed as Ghost Emperors only existed in the primeval times, whereas only a single person was capable of cultivating a Bodhi Heart as a Ghost Emperor, and that was Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin. Before the Third Netherworld Emperor appeared in the world, Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin was an extraordinary figure that was renowned in the three dimensions.” Meanwhile, the tiny cauldron spoke and explained. “If that woman is a strand of Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin’s Bodhi Heart that attained the Dao, you can capture her and refine a strand of Bodhi Heart from her, and it’s extremely beneficial to your cultivation.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised in his heart as he never expected that Bei Ling actually possessed such great origins.

“Looks like you aren’t a nobody since you were able to find out about my origins. Could it be that you’re someone from the Netherhell?” Bei Ling’s expression became even colder and almost emotionless, and she seemed to be talking about something that wasn’t related to her.

“Exactly. According to my knowledge, many great figures from the Netherhell came to the Bloodbasin Hardlands a long time ago with the intentions of capturing you. Unfortunately, you’ve always been able to avoid them, and they were unable to meet you at all.” Qing Xiao spoke slowly. “Fortunately, I bumped into you, and this is called luck. How about it? Will you consider pledging your allegiance to me? I don’t have much time, so I’ll give you three breaths of time to consider it.”

“Pledge allegiance to you? Isn’t it for the sake of refining me into a strand of Bodhi Heart?” A wisp of dense ridicule appeared on the corners of Bei Ling’s mouth. “Unfortunately, not to mention you, even a great figure from the Six Paths of Hell can’t do anything to me because all of you are utterly unaware exactly what wonders the Bodhi Heart possesses.”

As she spoke, she gestured with her white hand, causing a dark blue and wavy flaming light to condense before swiftly enveloping her body, and then her body actually slowly transformed into speck of light that gradually vanished in space.

Obviously, it was an extremely strange escape technique.

“How laughable! I’m an assassin that’s most skilled in concealment and assassination. How could I possibly allow you to escape?” Qing Xiao’s figure flashed and suddenly vanished on the spot. In the next moment, space shook before he arrived at the place where Bei Ling stood earlier, and the narrow and long black sword that was fine like a finger suddenly pierced the space before him.


A clear sound that was like glass shattering resounded out as space suddenly exploded, and then Bei Ling’s graceful figure staggered out from within it.

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