Chapter 940 – Spirits Worshipping The Moon

One month later.

On an expanse of plains that was covered in scorched earth, blood dyed the entire boundless plains red.

It was at dusk now, and the dim violet colored sun silently sunk from high above amidst the clouds, and only piercingly cold and gloomy winds whistled through the blood red plains, and it was an expanse of deathly silence.

Gu Tian looked up at the sky and ordered the group to start setting up camp and resting on the spot.

The guards started working in an orderly manner, and Chen Xi chose an empty space to sit down cross-legged and cultivate instead.

No one spoke, and the atmosphere seemed to be slightly oppressive.

This sort of situation had continued for a month. Since they encountered Qing Xiao’s assassination that day, Cui Qingning had always been staying within the carriage and didn’t show her face at all.

After Gu Tian failed to persuade Chen Xi to leave once more, he stopped trying to persuade Chen Xi and concentrated on the journey instead.

To the bewilderment of Gu Tian and the others, they didn’t encounter any obstruction or surprise attacks all along the way here, and those people that were pursuing them seemed as if they’d evaporated into thin air. It was an extremely strange situation.

But Gu Tian knew very well that their enemies would surely not give up.

Perhaps their enemies were enduring silently for the sake of choosing the best opportunity to annihilate all of them!

“We’ve already arrived at the borders of the Bloodbasin Hardlands, and we’ll be able to enter Darkcliff City in another three days. If those damnable bastards are going to make a move, then they’ll probably do it in the next few days, right?” Gu Tian frowned for a long time, and he had an even heavier feeling in his heart. He swept everyone with his gaze before he said in a low voice, “Everyone be more vigilant tonight. Once anything unexpected occurs, remember to protect the Young Miss at the first possible moment.” 

The other guards knew the weight of things, and they nodded solemnly in succession.

Only Chen Xi was like a statue that was calm, silent, and didn’t move, and he was making use of his time to cultivate.

This kid doesn’t let any time for cultivating escape him. Unfortunately, his cultivation realm is too low in the end, and he’s too weak no matter how he cultivates… Gu Tian glanced at Chen Xi and sighed in his heart.

He knew very well that Chen Xi had probably refused to leave repeatedly because Chen Xi wanted to head to the Netherhell. But most importantly, Chen Xi wanted to put in the effort to assist them.

He was very thankful towards Chen Xi’s intentions. After all, a person like Chen Xi was truly too rare in the current world.

But Gu Tian was similarly clearly aware that Chen Xi was still too young. Having a strong sense of justice and being ready to help the weak was a good thing, but if one’s strength was too weak, then not only would one be unable to provide any help, one would become a burden instead.

Just think about it, if Chen Xi encountered danger, then would they rescue him or not?

The answer was obvious, they had to!

Even if it was only luck that allowed him to rescue the life of Cui Qingning from Qing Xiao on that day, it was still sufficient for them to be boundlessly grateful. So if he encountered danger, how could they do nothing to save him?

If we survive until Darkcliff City, I’ll surely give this kid lavish gifts and persuade him to leave. I can’t allow him to be continue being involved in the matters of the Young Miss… Gu Tian decided in his heart. As far as he was concerned, Chen Xi was still very young and possessed a bellyful of hot blood and righteousness. Even though such a person was an idiot in the eyes of most, it was the type of person that was most worthy of respect.

Presently, there were too many selfish people in the world. The lines between good and evil had become blurred while black and white had already mixed together, so this seemed to be even more rare and precious, right?

It was a mystery how Chen Xi would feel if he knew that he’d become the embodiment of hot blood and righteousness in the eyes of Gu Tian…

The veil of night descended, and the blood red moon hung once more beneath the pitch black sky and emanated a gorgeous glow.

Chen Xi awoke from his meditation and stood up.

Not bad, I’ll be able to recover my entire strength in around half a month from now. As he felt the exuberant vitality and surging Immortal Energy that was vast like an ocean in his body, a wisp of an arc of satisfaction couldn’t help but curl up on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.

After experiencing a month of recuperation and repair, the strength he possessed had already recovered to around the perfection-stage of the Nether Transformation Realm. At this moment, he didn’t have to continue dodging and avoiding even if he encountered an Earthly Immortal Realm expert.

But for the sake of avoiding the misunderstanding of Gu Tian, he still maintained an aura at around the Golden Core Realm.

It couldn’t be helped. His strength had risen too quickly, and they would probably suspect that he’d intentionally concealed his strength for the sake of approaching Cui Qingning with other intentions…

Of course, Chen Xi would naturally be frank with them when the time was right.

But it wasn’t now. He was completely ignorant towards the Netherworld, whereas harsh conditions had to be met in order to enter the Netherhell according to one of the guards, so following Gu Tian and the others was undoubtedly the best choice.

As for the dangers that might appear along the way, perhaps he would be deeply hated by Cui Qingning’s enemies, yet he didn’t care. So long as he was able to enter the Netherhell and rescue Qing Xiuyi, everything else didn’t matter.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right at this moment, numerous black spots suddenly surged into appearance in the pitch black sky, and they converged densely beneath the blood red moon. In the time for a few breaths, more than 1,000 had converged together.

When he looked carefully, they were surprisingly spirits in blood red robes who had ghastly pale countenances and crimson red eyes.

At the center of them all was an enormous blood colored skeleton floating there.

The skeleton was crystalline and enormous like a mountain. Its teeth were sharp like numerous daggers, and two balls of shiny green colored ghost flames blazed where its eyes should be. The flames shot into the sky and tainted the surrounding space in a dark green glow.

As soon as it appeared beneath the sky, the over a thousand of blood robed spirits kowtowed in unison and prostrated themselves in worship while they emanated a wave of obscure and sharp cries that shook through the heavens and the earth and were extremely shocking.

“A group of spirits worshipping the moon! My god! How could this be possible! This is a phenomenon that’s even more terrifying than the phenomenon of nine spirits carrying a coffin!” Gu Tian’s expression instantly became extremely heavy, and he swiftly sent out voice transmissions. “Quickly! Quickly restrain your auras and be in full alert!”

All the guards were shocked, and they circled around the carriage while they revealed expressions of horror that was impossible to eliminate.

A group of spirits worshipping the moon!

Even if it was in the Bloodbasin Hardlands, such a phenomenon was extremely rare because it was an omen of great danger!

According to legend, the appearance of this phenomenon usually meant the birth of a Spirit King, and the strength of a Spirit King in the Netherworld was at the 5th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm at least!

This was merely its strength. Most importantly, the appearance of every single Spirit King meant that a vast calamity was about to occur in the Netherworld!

This was like an omen that was spread throughout the Netherworld since the ancient times.

What raging Netherworld Energy, so this is a Spirit King? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the skeleton in the distant sky that was enormous like a mountain, and he was extremely surprised in his heart.

During this past month that he was with Gu Tian and the others, he’d obtained a rough understanding of the forces of the Netherworld.

For example, the path of cultivation of the myriad of beings in the Netherworld wasn’t different to the Mortal Dimension, and the only difference was the energy they absorbed was different.

These beings of the Netherworld were similarly capable of cultivating and becoming immortals. Their peak strength was around the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and they had to be drawn to the Immortal Dimension if they passed into the 9th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.

The only difference from the Mortal Dimension was that the Netherworld was filled with various vengeful spirits, fierce spirits, ferocious spirits, and evil spirits. All these spirits originally had to be sent into the six paths of reincarnation to be reincarnated.

However, along with the great chaos that arose in the Netherworld, all the organizations like the Nether Spring Hall, Granny Meng Hall, the 10 Kings of Hell, the Six Paths of Hell, and so on and so forth within the Netherhell were seizing authority, killing each other, and engaging in internal strife, causing the entire Netherworld’s order to be in chaos.

These vengeful spirits couldn’t be restrained and drawn over to be reincarnated any longer, so they’d become a calamity in the Netherworld. If they were allowed to grow, then it would even affect the situation in the entire Netherworld!

For example, along with the strange disappearance of Kṣitigarbha, the order of the City of the Wronged that suppressed the most vengeful spirits in the Netherworld had collapsed, causing the spirits that were restrained within it to escape, and it had become an empty city a long time ago.

Of course, the raging spirits and escaped vengeful spirits didn’t mean that the might of the Netherhell was weak.

Conversely, the resources and reserves of the Netherhell were extraordinarily formidable. There were many great figures holding down the fort, and all of them were existences above the Heavenly Immortal Realm. For example, the one that manages the Six Paths of Hell, the 10 Kings of Hell, the Master of Granny Meng Hall, and the Nether Spring Grand Emperor that controls the Nether Spring Path even possess terrifying strengths above the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Unfortunately, all these great figures didn’t have time to care about the chaotic situation in the Netherworld, and they’d placed all their thoughts towards fighting for authority, and this is what that caused the current chaotic situation.

Bang! Bang! Bang!Meanwhile, strands of jade green ghost flames actually surged out from the thousand plus blood robed spirits in the sky, and their bodies self-combusted, causing their entire bodies to dissipater in succession before transforming into strands of abundant Netherworld Energy that surged into the mouth of the enormous skeleton.

It felt as if they were offered up as sacrifices.

They offered up their own strength as sacrifice to the skeleton.

At the same time, a thick ray of blood colored light surged out from the blood red moon in the sky, and it directly poured into the enormous skeleton.

In merely an instant, the entire world surged with violent waves of blood red Netherworld Energy, and the center of the energy was the skeleton.

It was absorbing this energy, and it was undergoing a shocking transformation!

“Shit! This Spirit King is too vicious, and it actually sacrificed its subordinates to complete its transformation in a single night! Quickly! Seize this opportunity to leave this place, otherwise we’ll become its sacrifices as well once it transforms into a true Spirit King!” Gu Tian’s expression had become extremely gloomy and heavy as he swiftly instructed before leading all of them to dash towards the distance at full speed because he wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

Everyone was clearly aware of how dangerous the situation before them was, and they tightly puckered their lips while guarding the carriage that Cui Qingning resided in as they silently dashed towards the distance at full speed.

Dur to them leaving too hastily, no one noticed that Chen Xi was missing from their group. 


“I’ll seize this opportunity to kill it and repair the Netherworld Register. Otherwise I’ll probably be unable to encounter such an opportunity once I leave this Bloodbasin Hardlands…” Chen Xi stood on the spot and gazed from afar towards the direction Gu Tian and the others left to, and then he moved his gaze and looked up into the sky.

It was only a 5th level Earthly Immortal Realm Spirit King, and his current strength was sufficient to fight it.

Hmm? However, right at this moment, he seemed to have noticed something, causing his brows to knit slightly before he flashed and vanished on the spot.

Right when Chen Xi had just concealed tracks, an enormous pitch black figure silently flew over from the extremely distant and pitch black horizon, and it covered the heavens and the earth.

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