Chapter 934 – Aura Of Righteousness

Outside Pine Mist City.

A middle aged man in dark violet colored Daoist robes and a sage-like bearing walked over with his hands behind his back.

As his eyes opened and closed, it seemed like arcs of lightning were surging within them, and he emanated an oppressive imposing aura of supremacy and control.

Along with his arrived, the sky above Pine Mist City suddenly surged with an extremely oppressive aura. It seemed like the sun had been swallowed, and the clear sky had been enveloped.

Wu~ Wu~

Piercingly cold winds that were like blades swept through the heavens and the earth, and it actually carried traces of blood. It was extremely alike to the blood winds of legend, and it was an omen of slaughter that usually meant a calamity was about to occur.

Instantly, regardless of man, beast, cultivator, or demon, everyone in the entirety of Pine Mist City felt cold, and a wisp of horror that couldn’t be restrained surged out from their hearts.

The bustling and clamorous streets became perfectly silent.

Everyone had stopped what they were doing at this moment, and they instinctively looked up into the sky. Suddenly, the heavens and the earth had actually been enveloped by bloody haze, and it oppressed them all to the point of being unable to catch their breaths.

Even if Pine Mist City was the number one city in the southern territory now, at the bottom of it all, it was still a small city in a dynasty within a small world. No matter if it was the residents that lived in the city or the cultivators that passed by here, how could they have even witnessed such a terrifying scene?

Boundless terror and restlessness came after the bizarre silence.

Under the stimulation of the oppressive and lethal aura in the heavens and the earth, they instinctively started letting out sharp cries while fleeing, causing the entire city to fall into disorder.

All the streets were filled with fleeing crowds of people. But if one were to look carefully, one would notice that everyone in the entire city was intentionally or unintentionally fleeing towards the same direction.

At the end of that direction was the Chen Clan.

This sort of instinctive actions just happened to prove that the power and influence of the Chen Clan had been planted deeply into the hearts of everyone in the city. At this moment, the Chen Clan had become their one and only choice to take shelter.

The middle aged man in violet Daoist robes had already walked into the city, and he raised his eyes to look over. His gaze seemed capable of seeing through the heavens and the earth, and he instantly noticed this scene.

“I never expected that such a tiny clan would possess rather high power and influence…” The middle aged man seemed to be lost in thought. His speed wasn’t swift, his sleeves fluttered as he walked at a relaxed pace, and he seemed to be extremely graceful.

Crowds of people moved about before the enormous Chen Clan Estate, and there was a dense mass of people everywhere that met the eye.

When facing such a situation, the Chen Clan had already opened up the grand formation that guarded the clan while the well trained Chen Clan disciples passed through the crowd and organized everyone to enter the grand formation to take shelter. They acted in an orderly matter, and no disorder arose.

In midair, Chen Hao gazed towards the distance, and his expression gradually became heavy.

He was able to clearly sense that the entirely of Pine Mist City was already enveloped by a vast and terrifying force field, and it covered the sky, blotted out the sun, and was extremely terrifying.

In other words, the entirety of Pine Mist City at this moment seemed to have a cage created around it, and unless one killed the owner of the cage, it was impossible to escape.

Who exactly is it? Chen Hao thought in his heart.

Presently, Emperor Chu hold the authority in the entire Darchu Dynasty, so there’s utterly no one that would dare to take my Chen Clan as their enemy. Unless the enemy this time isn’t from the Darchu Dynasty!

When he thought of to here, Chen Hao’s eyelids twitched. Could it be the Zuoqiu Clan?

“The strength of this person is terrifying and is at least at the Earthly Immortal Realm. It’s probably difficult to deal with such an enemy even if Big Brother Bei Heng is here.” Fei Lengcui stood by Chen Hao’s side, and her beautiful brows were knit together tightly while a wisp of worry appeared on her face.

“No matter who it is, I can only fight a bloody battle until the end for the sake of the Chen Clan.” Chen Hao took a deep breath and said firmly, “Lengcui, head directly to the isle in the middle of the lake once the battle begins and take Yu’er and An’er away along with Senior Ji Yu!”

Fei Lengcui was stunned. Her fists unconsciously clenched together tightly when she saw the firm expression on her husband’s face, and she forced out a smile. “The situation is probably not so serious.”

Chen Hao opened his mouth with the intention to speak, yet his gaze suddenly focused because he noticed a middle aged man in violet colored Daoist robes walking over in the desolate and empty streets with his hands behind his back.

Just a glance from afar caused Chen Hao to feel a piercing pain in his eyes, and his heart instantly sank because the strength of this person was absolutely terrifying and impossible for him to resist!

“Hand over Chen Xi’s son and I’ll let all of you live. Otherwise, this entire city will be buried along with all of you.” The middle aged man stood there while looking at the Chen Clan Estate from afar, and he spoke indifferently with a calm voice, yet it was like a thunderclap that shook everyone present to the point their eardrums almost split open.

Chen Hao’s eyes focused, and he finally understood that this enemy before him had actually come for the sake of Chen An!

When he thought up to here, a wisp of uneasiness surged out from his heart. Could it be that something has occurred to Big Brother in the Dark Reverie? Why have enemies come here to capture An’er?

“I’ll give you the time of three breaths to consider.” The middle aged man in violet clothes spoke calmly. Even though he stood alone in the empty street, he possessed a dignified imposing aura that was impossible to shake. He seemed like a ruler that controlled this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and he was looking down at a group of tiny ants.

Everyone in the city felt suffocated, and the atmosphere was oppressive to the limit.

Chen Hao’s face sank, and his eyes burned with flames of rage.

He glanced at his wife, Fei Lengcui, that stood by his side, and she understood what he meant. She felt both rage and hatred in her heart, yet she puckered her lips in the end and nodded with difficulty.

Chen Hao took a deep breath when he saw this, and a wisp of resolution flashed within his eyes. An’er was his Big Brother’s son, so how could he possibly hand An’er over?

Since it was like this, he could only fight!

Both for the sake of An’er or the clansmen that stood behind him!

However, before he could take any action, a clear howl suddenly sounded out in the sky. It was like the chime of a bell in the morning, and it resounded throughout the heavens and the earth while completely sweeping away the oppressive and heavy aura in the air.

Accompanying this sound was Qiu Xuanshu’s handsome figure that appeared abruptly on the street. He felt bowed with cupped hands towards the Chen Clan Estate from afar before he said, “Everyone, there’s no need to panic. Sect Master Lu is just joking.”

Chen Hao was stunned, and he was extremely bewildered in his heart. Who’s this fellow?

It wasn’t just him, everyone present at the scene didn’t know who this young man was. But it was obvious that this young man knew the middle aged man that had suddenly appeared in the city.

When they realized this, the oppressed and nervous feelings in the hearts of everyone unconsciously reduced greatly.

Meanwhile, Qiu Xuanshu had turned around to face the middle aged man, and he greeted the man modestly. “I never expected that I would be able to see the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s Master Lu here. It’s truly surprising.”

The violet robed middle aged man was shockingly Lu Beiyu.

“Qiu Xuanshu?” Lu Beiyu’s gaze was like a bolt of electricity as he glanced coldly at Qiu Xuanshu. “A disciple of the Unknown Lands like you isn’t related to the people here, so why do you obstruct my path?”

Qiu Xuanshu smiled warmly and explained patiently. “Sect Master Lu, there’s something you’re unaware of. Not only is Pine Mist City related to me, there’s a great relationship between us. Since Sect Master Lu wants to kill, then I can only rescue.”

Lu Beiyu’s face sank, and he grunted coldly. “I’ll give you a chance, move aside!”

Qiu Xuanshu shook his head and said seriously, “Forgive me for being unable to comply.”

Lu Beiyu started laughing instead from extreme rage, and he said, “You’re truly a bookworm. Do you think you’re a match for me?”

Qiu Xuanshu’s expression became serious, and he thought for a moment before he replied seriously. “I currently possess a cultivation at the 7th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, so defeating you who’s at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm shouldn’t be difficult.”

At this moment, Lu Beiyu was stunned instead, and his eyes narrowed as he sized Qiu Xuanshu up and said, “I don’t know where you got your confidence from. But I’m very curious, even if you’re able to protect the people of the city today, then what about in the future?”

Qiu Xuanshu smiled warmly and replied courteously. “There won’t be such a future because I’ve decided to resolve all troubles today, including you.”

Lu Beiyu’s face turned cold while a wisp of fury couldn’t help but surge out into his eyes. “You think your strength is capable of looking down upon the entire world like Chen Xi?”

Qiu Xuanshu was stunned. He didn’t quite understand the meaning behind these words, but he still replied modestly. “I’m indeed unlike Chen Xi, because he’s my Martial Uncle.”

Lu Beiyu felt that it was truly too strenuous to talk to a young man that was modest, warm, yet stubborn like Qiu Xuanshu, and he almost passed out from the roundabout way this young man spoke.

“How ridiculous! You’re a disciple from the Unknown Lands, whereas Chen Xi is an elder of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. When has there been such a relationship between the two of you?” Lu Beiyu berated with a deep voice. He felt that Qiu Xuanshu was absolutely intentionally harassing him, and it caused him to be infuriated in his heart. The young men these days don’t know how show respect and reverence at all. Could it be that all of them think they’re Chen Xi? 

Qiu Xuanshu didn’t understand why Lu Beiyu would suddenly become enraged, but he still assumed a warm and gentlemanly bearing as he replied. “Chen Xi really is my Little Martial Uncle. As for the reason, if Sect Master Lu would like to know, you can ask that Master of mine.”

The corners of Lu Beiyu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. This young man is truly too good at changing the topic, and if this continues, I’ll surely suffer from an internal injury from my pent-up anger.

He took a deep breath, causing his expression to become indifferent and icy cold once more, and he stared at Qiu Xuanshu as he spoke word by word. “I’ll ask you one last time. Will you move aside or not?”

Qiu Xuanshu withdrew a one meter long and three inch wide ruler that was completely pitch black, and then he bowed with cupped hands and said, “Sect Master Lu, please provide me with your guidance.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qiu Xuanshu seemed to have changed completely. His expression was solemn while his backbone became ramrod straight, and he had a strict expression as he held the ruler while a strand of the aura of righteousness suddenly surged out from his body and charged into the sky!

It felt as if an ancient safe had been revived, and he revealed an upright and awe-inspiring bearing. He seemed as if he desired to rebuild the order of the mortal world and return a world of peace to everyone.

The aura of sages he emanated was the energy of Confucianism, and it was called the aura of righteousness!

Instantly, every single inch of the heavens and the earth emanated waves of the sound of scriptures being read. It was divine, beautiful, magnificent, and brilliant, and it completely swept away the perturbed, nervous, terrified, and various other feelings that everyone present felt in their hearts, causing only an expanse of peace and calm to reside in their hearts.

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