Chapter 932 – Unprecedented

The black hole was extremely deep and seemed like the entrance to hell, and the completely round disk floated within it while revealing the phenomena of the six paths of reincarnation.

This scene appeared too swiftly, and it instantly appeared above Qing Xiuyi when Bing Shitian had just died and before everyone could recover from their shock.

On the other hand, at the instant Chen Xi turned around, he merely saw Qing Xiuyi’s entire body being swiftly swallowed by the Disk, and from the beginning until the end, she didn’t even have the slightest strength to resist.

“You’re courting death!” Lie Peng roared furiously. He was the closest to Qing Xiuyi and was the fastest to react. He stretched out his hand and clawed with the intention of striking the disk within the deep black hole.


Blood sprayed out as a horrifying scene appeared. Lie Peng’s entire right arm was actually crushed into pieces as soon as it stretched into the deep black hole, and both his flesh and bone were shattered!

If it wasn’t for him dodging in time, even his entire body might have been swept into the black hole and caused him to perish on the spot!

Lie Peng let out a muffled groan of pain while he retreated explosively, and his face turned pale.

The force of the black hole was actually almost impossible to resist and too terrifying, causing an expert at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm like him to have no room to resist or struggle.

“Xiuyi!” Chen Xi roared furiously while his white hair fluttered, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to charge rapidly towards the black hole.

He’d been waiting bitterly for a long time for the sake of taking Qing Xiuyi back, and he’d even expended so much hard work and effort. So how could he possibly stand idly by and allow everything he’d won with great difficulty to vanish before his eyes at this final moment?


Instantly, he’d already charged to arrive before the deep black hole, and the Talisman Armament slashed horizontally with all his strength, causing it to emanate a strand of thick sword qi that could reach the sky and slash fiercely onto the black hole.

This strike was even more formidable than the attacks he’d utilized against Bing Shitian, and it was astonishing and boundlessly radiant.

However, all of this force was swiftly dispersed like snow melting in water as soon as it approached the black hole, and it only caused an expanse of ripples yet was unable to change anything.

It was even to the extent that the Disk emanated a strand of terrifying and icy cold fluctuations with the intention of dragging Chen Xi in and annihilating him. Its force was so terrifying that it actually caused Chen Xi to sense lethal danger.

It was like he was facing a god that was impossible to shake while he was only a ant. He was unable to dodge, unable to struggle, and even unable to arouse the desire to escape!

At this instant, Chen Xi finally understood why with her strength, Qing Xiuyi who was caught off guard didn’t show any signs of struggling before being swallowed by the black hole.

Because the might of the black hole was too terrifying, and it didn’t belong within the scope of the Mortal Dimension at all!


But right when this energy enveloped Chen Xi’s entire body and intended to annihilate him, a wisp of terrifying will suddenly surged out from within the Buddha’s Pagoda, and it actually crushed the force of the black hole!

At the same time, Chen Xi felt as if a book had been opened up in his body, and it surged with a string of obscure and strange fluctuation. After that, his entire body charged uncontrollably into the black hole.

In the fields of vision of everyone else, they didn’t notice anything unusual and only noticed to their astonishment that Chen Xi actually took the initiative to charge into the black hole. Moreover, the Disk was actually like a mouse that encountered a cat, and it suddenly vanished within the depths of the black hole…


Space roiled as Chen Xi’s figure and the black hole that appeared abruptly in midair, and they vanished in unison.

All of this occurred too quickly, and the entire string of events had only occurred in a mere instant.

When everyone recovered from their shock, everything had returned to normal, yet all of them were clearly aware that everything wasn’t the same any longer!

“That’s…the aura of the Netherworld?” Someone stared blankly as he spoke.

“If I’m not wrong, that’s probably the supreme divine artifact of the Netherworld — the Netherworld Disk!” An old man from a Secluded Paradise spoke slowly while his gaze seemed like a bolt of lightning.

The Netherworld Disk!

Everyone was shocked. According to rumor, it was a supreme treasure capable of activating the six paths of reincarnation and delivering all the living beings in the world to the other side. It was grasped in the possession of the great figures of the Netherworld, and it was mysterious, unfathomable, and filled with unbelievable energy of the Netherworld.

“The Netherworld Disk! My god! Could it be that Bing Shitian planned this beforehand with the intention of drawing Qing Xiuyi into the Netherworld so that she and Chen Xi could never meet each other?” Someone exclaimed with shock.

Undeniably, the appearance of the Netherworld Disk was related to Bing Shitian.

Everyone realized this, and they were extremely surprised and terrified. Who could have imagined that Bing Shitian would have made plans before the battle and actually planned for his own death?

This sort of meticulous planning caused the hearts of everyone to go cold.

The curtains to the battle were drawn, and this expanse of the heavens and the earth returned to calm.

But the mountains and lakes in an area of 50,000km in the surroundings were in a state of complete desolation. Enormous rocks were shattered, plants had turned to ash, and numerous cracks and rifts zigzagged on every inch of the ground.

All of this seemed to be silently recounting the terrifying battle that occurred earlier.

The blood red setting sun illuminated the world while mountain winds whistled, and they emanated wailing sounds that aroused feelings of sorrow and desolation in the hearts of all.

“Bing Shitian still won in the end.” Someone sighed lightly.

“No, Chen Xi won. He annihilated the clone of a Golden Immortal with a cultivation at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and such a splendid combat exploit can be said to be unprecedented. It’s bound to be recorded in the history books!”

“But in the end, Bing Shitian only lost a clone, whereas Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi were both annihilated!” Someone objected.

“Annihilated? That may not be the case. How could figures like Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi possibly die so easily?”

Everyone was unable to come to an agreement, and they went silent before turning and leaving.

They knew very well that news of this battle would spread throughout the Dark Reverie in less than a day, and it would cause the myriad of beings in the world to be shocked. Moreover, Chen Xi’s name was bound to become the most dazzling existence in the history of the Dark Reverie, and no one could compare to him! 


The expressions of Lu Beiyu and True Jade were extremely gloomy.

The great figures that had come to observe the ceremony had dispersed successively, and only a mess was left behind for them.

Originally, it ought to have been an unprecedentedly grand ceremony, but now…

As they looked at the expanses of desolation on the ground, the layer after layer of restrictions in the sect that were destroyed, and the disappointment, indignation, dejection, and sense of loss that every single disciple and elder of the Heavenflow Dao Sect revealed, Lu Beiyu and True Jade went silent.

The influence of this battle was too great. It wasn’t simply Bing Shitian’s clone that had fallen, even the prestige and reputation of their Heavenflow Dao Sect had suffered a heavy blow.

If such a blow had occurred at any other time, they would still be able to turn the situation around. However, the upheaval of the three dimensions was at hand, and the consequences of this blow was bound to become even heavier.

On this day, the shocking battle between Chen Xi and Bing Shitian spread throughout the Dark Reverie at an unbelievable speed, and it caused a mighty uproar and shocked everyone in the world.

It was also this day that the Heavenflow Dao Sect announced it was closing its doors and completely separating itself from the outside world. It was like an injured beast that had hidden itself to lick its wounds.

In the boundless annals of history of the Dark Reverie, this day was bound to be branded with a mark that was impossible to eliminate and would be remembered by the later generations. 


The Immortal Dimension. Within a divine hall that was coiled by Immortal Energy.

The entire body of Bing Shitian who sat cross-legged within the hall trembled violently, and then he suddenly couldn’t refrain from spitting out a mouthful of blood while his countenance instantly became ghastly pale.

“Damnable little ant! You actually made me lose a clone! I’ll surely make living worse than death for you once you arrive in the Immortal Dimension!” Bing Shitian roared with a low voice, and his eyes were filled with raging and ruthless killing intent.

“Master, is something wrong?” A young woman came over from outside the hall when she heard this. Her entire body was overflowing with Immortal Energy, and her aura was formidable. The energy of the Laws was faintly being emanated by her, and she was actually a Heavenly Immortal!

“It’s none of your business! Leave!” Bing Shitian’s face sank as he shouted with a stern voice.

The young woman was terrified to the point her entire body trembled, and she hurriedly lowered her head and left the hall.

“Wait!” Bing Shitian seemed to have thought of something, and he suddenly stopped her. “I’m going to enter closed door cultivation for a period of time. If news from the Netherworld arrives, send it over. Don’t disturb me for anything else!”

“Yes!” The young woman bowed before leaving.

“Senior Sister Qing, if I can’t obtain your heart, then obtaining your body…is enough! Believe me, we’ll be able to meet each other again very soon!” Bing Shitian laughed gloomily, and his eyes actually revealed a wisp of deep resentment.

After that, he recovered the proud and composed expression he usually possessed, closing his eyes slowly and entering into a deep level of cultivation. 


Nine Radiance Sword Sect. West Radiance Peak. In the courtyard by the banks of the Sword Purification Pool.

Chen Xi that wore an apricot yellow Daoist robe appeared abruptly, and a wisp of bewilderment that was impossible to eliminate appeared between his brows.

The energy of the Netherworld Register was actually activated, and it swept my main body into the black hole. Could it be that the end of that black hole is the Netherworld? Chen Xi frowned. At that instant, he actually lost all communication with his main body, and he was unable to sense his main body’s existence any longer. This was the first time that something like this had occurred.

No matter what, my main body has probably not perished. Otherwise, this clone of mine would probably suffer violent backlash. Chen Xi muttered.

The Netherworld Disk, the Netherworld Register… I wonder how Xiuyi is… After pondering deeply for a long time, Chen Xi shook his head in the end. Presently, he could only wait calmly, and there was no other way.

But he wrote a letter before returning to the world of stars, and he sent it off to drift down into Mu Kui’s palm.

There was only a short row of words written on it — There’s no danger to my life. Don’t worry too much and cultivate in peace. Wait for my return.

At the same time, outside Pine Mist City in the Darchu Dynasty, a thin and refined young man rode on a black donkey while holding a book in his hand, and he slowly arrived before the entrance to Pine Mist City.

“Pine Mist City, this is the place he lived when he was young…” The young man raised his head. He had warm features and a gentle smile that caused others to feel like they were brushed by a wisp of spring breeze was on the corners of his mouth.

“Donkey, you’ve carried me a great distance, through lakes and seas. Now that we’re going to part, I don’t have anything precious to give you. Nevermind, how about I give you fortune related to the Dao?” The young man got off the donkey before raising his hand and stroking the donkey’s neck, and he seemed to be unwilling to part with the donkey, yet turned around and entered Pine Mist City in the end.

“Hee-haw! Hee-haw!” The black donkey actually seemed as if it possessed intelligence, and it cried twice before suddenly soaring into the sky above a ball of clouds and vanished without a trace.

This scene caused the jaws of everyone in Pine Mist City to almost fall off. An animal can actually cultivate as well?

When their gazes searched for the refined and warm young man once more, he’d vanished within the prosperous streets of Pine Mist City and was impossible to locate.

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