Chapter 931 – Annihilated

Bing Shitian’s might rose explosively as he’d obviously utilized some sort of secret technique. This secret technique disturbed the weather and drew the energy of judgment from the Heaven Dao to surge into appearance, so it was obviously terrifying.

However, when faced with this scene, Chen Xi’s eyes glowed brightly, and he didn’t dodge. His entire body seemed to be blazing with flames while his crystalline flesh emanated a myriad of blazing talisman markings, and they seemed as if they intended to incinerate the nine heavens!

In merely an instant, Chen Xi’s imposing aura changed as well!

His jade black and dense hair suddenly became snow white while his entire body burned like a divine furnace. His vital blood shot into the sky like a rocket, and his entire aura actually suddenly doubled!

“This is…” Many people exclaimed with surprise.

The Yazi Clan’s Ultimate Technique — Godslaughter Burst!” Someone guessed the answer with eyes that seemed to surge with a wisp of shock.

The other spectators came to a sudden understanding when they heard this, and then they were extremely shocked. Only now did they notice it wasn’t just Bing Shitian who possessed a trump card, even Chen Xi had been concealing his ability.

“Godslaughter Burst? Hmph! Laughable!”


In the next moment, Bing Shitian erupted. He charged into the sky while striking like swiftly like a bolt of lightning. His fist smashed out like it traversed through the ancient times, and it carried a magnificent and brilliant aura.

The force of this punch was actually filled with blazing Immortal Energy and energy of the Laws, causing its might to be astonishing to the limit.


Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged. His snow white hair fluttered like a waterfall as he leaped up into the sky, and the Talisman Armament tore through the sky as it went head on against Bing Shitian’s fist.

In the end, both of them were actually on par in this strike.

“Again!” Chen Xi’s vital energy boiled while his combat intent blaze, and he took the initiative to charge at Bing Shitian.

“Hmph!” Bing Shitian grunted coldly. His eyes were like scorching suns and were resplendent to the point of being terrifying, and they seemed as if they were burning and surged with boundless awe-inspiring energy.

This battle was bound to be recorded in the history books of the cultivation world. Both of them charged at each other while their imposing auras were greater than before, and they were like two dragons tearing and biting at each other in midair.

In merely a short moment, they’d fought no less than a thousand times, causing the sky in the surroundings to have numerous horrifying black holes and rifts crushed open in it.


After 10 minutes had passed, both of them were blasted flying as soon as they encountered each other. Because the energy they utilized was too terrifying, both of them were blasted to the point blood spilled out from the corners of their mouths while their retreated without end.

“Dammit!” Bing Shitian howled in a low voice while his eyes glowed, and his pupils radiated strands of the Laws and overshadowed the radiance of the world.

“I’ve said it before, you’re only a clone in the end!” Chen Xi spoke with a light voice while a wisp of a piercingly cold arc curled up on the corners of his mouth.

This sort of expression and tone seemed to be filled with danger no matter how one perceived it, and it caused horror to arise in the hearts of all.


Instantly, both of them charged at each other once more, and battle erupted.

At this moment, a rain of blood started to splatter down while numerous terrifying scars appeared on their bodies. Some injuries even caused their skin and flesh to split apart and reveal the bones beneath, causing it to be extremely terrifying.

“They wouldn’t be wounded and defeated together, right?” Many people guessed the outcome would be like this, and they were anxious and doubtful.

“Miss Qing, are you able to perceive the situation of the battle?” Lie Peng asked modestly.

“They won’t both defeated together. Just calm your heart and watch.” Qing Xiuyi replied in a calm voice, and her eyes carried a profound energy that caused one’s heart to calm down.

Sure enough, it was just as Qing Xiuyi had said. Chen Xi’s body suddenly shook while the joints in his entire body twisted, and his entire body emanated the sound of a dragon’s roar.

In the center of his right palm, the Devour Divine Talisman surged into appearance while his fingers held the Divine Talismans of the five elements, and then he utilized the Talisman Armament to develop layer after layer of phenomena like the sun, moon, stars, Yin and Yang alternating, and wind and cloud resonating, and it was gorgeous and brilliant.

“What’s that?” Everyone was shocked as they felt terror that couldn’t be suppressed, and this thought hadn’t finished passing through their minds when Chen Xi had attacked.


A blazing strand of sword qi slashed down. It was simple and clean, yet it contained a variety of Grand Dao profundities within it.

Everyone felt a piercing pain in their eyes and soul, and they were unable to see everything clearly any longer.


An enormous bang shot into the sky and shook the heavens and the earth.

“How could this be possible! Why doesn’t your strength weaken!? Could it be that you posses the Eternal Divine Bowl or the Grand Heaven Divine Bottle? No! No! No! Amongst these two divine artifacts, one is the supreme treasure of the Buddhist Kingdom and the other is possessed by the Immortal Dimension’s Immortal King Yulin! How could you possibly be able to obtain it!?”

When the field of vision of everyone became clear once again, they clearly noticed that Bing Shitian’s hair was disheveled, his clothes dyed red with blood, and he was roaring repeatedly like a madman. Moreover, his handsome face was warped, savage, and even revealed a wisp of disbelief.

Chen Xi stood opposite him with sword in hand. Chen Xi stood ramrod straight while emanating an aura that surged like an ocean, and his strength actually didn’t weaken in the slightest since the beginning.

Only now did everyone come to an understanding, and they understood why Bing Shitian would lose his composure and become so furious because it was indeed infuriating when one encountered a freak that possessed almost boundless strength and was impossible to suppress in battle.


Chen Xi didn’t waste his breath at all. He flashed out while slashing with the Talisman Armament once more. Clear cracking sounds resounded in the air as countless bones in Bing Shitian’s entire body broke, and his entire body flowed with streams of golden blood, causing it to be a rather terrifying scene.

“You… You…” Bing Shitian was furious to the point he almost exploded. Never had he imagined that he would be forced into such a predicament by an ant from the mortal Dimension.

But it just so happened that his strength was greatly exhausted, and it was impossible to deal with this critical situation with the replenishment of the medicinal pills in his possession. It was exactly this that infuriated him the most.

If it was his main body present here, then he would be able to crush Chen Xi with the flip of his hand!

Unfortunately, this was only wishful thinking and was bound to be impossible to occur because of the restraints of the Laws of the Heaven Dao. Once an expert at the Golden Immortal Realm were to descend into the Mortal Dimension, it would absolutely cause a calamity to the entire world, thus it was rare for a true great figure of the Immortal Dimension to arrive in the Mortal Dimension since ancient times until now.

Chen Xi flashed forward once again while the Talisman Armament soared through the sky, and it broke Bing Shitian’s arms with a bang and didn’t lose momentum in the slightest as the body of the Talisman Armament slapped Bing Shitian’s face.


Bing Shitian was blasted flying like a sandbag while blood sprayed from his mouth and many of his teeth were knocked off, and his handsome face swelled up as he flew.

“I’ll kill you! Kill you!” Bing Shitian roared repeatedly while he almost went mad with rage. Since he attained the Golden Immortal Realm, he was respected, admired, and commanded the winds and clouds no matter where he went. When had he even suffered such humiliation?

Under the gazes of everyone present, not only had he been defeated by a little ant at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, he’d even been humiliated repeatedly, and this sort of extreme humiliation caused him to fume with anger and stamp his feet with rage.

However, no matter how furious he was, Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged. Chen Xi flashed forward while slashing down over and over again, and he slashed Bing Shitian to the point there wasn’t an inch of intact skin left on Bing Shitian’s body, causing him to seem extremely miserable.

All the spectators were shocked speechless, and their mouths gaped wide open while they were filled with disbelief. The atmosphere at the scene fell into deathly silence for a moment, and there was only Bing Shitian’s extremely furious and miserable howls reverberating through the heavens and the earth.

Not one had expected that Bing Shitian would actually lose in such a way, and he was actually like a dog that was repeatedly pursued by Chen Xi and didn’t have any room to counterattack…

This was a clone of a Golden Immortal!

Who could have imagined that Chen Xi would actually be able to defeat it with a cultivation at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm?

This scene was too astonishing and was simply unprecedented. It was precisely because of this that everyone at the scene was shocked speechless.


Bing Shitian suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood while his eyes dimmed down, and his entire body was curled up in midair while dyed in blood. He struggled repeatedly yet was actually unable to even stand.

“Shitian!” Suddenly, a sharp cry echoed out while True Jade appeared in midair, and she intended to rescue Bing Shitian.

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi swiftly raised his head, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning as he lightly swung the Talisman Armament. It emanated a strand of brilliant sword qi that directly blasted True Jade over 500km away, and she coughed up blood without end.

Isn’t this akin to courting death?

All the spectators shook their heads repeatedly when they saw this. Chen Xi’s strength is capable of completely suppressing the clone of a Golden Immortal, so who in this world could be a match for him?

A forsaker of the heavens?

An old senior that lives in seclusion?

Unless they were unafraid of being noticed by the Heaven Dao, then they would be able to go against Chen Xi and even subdue him. But who would dare do this?

Once they were drawn into the Immortal Dimension, then they would have to receive extremely severe punishment!

Not to mention that forsakers of the heavens and seniors that lived in seclusion were the pillars of support in the 10 great immortal sects, so unless it was a moment where the sect was facing destruction, otherwise they would absolutely not make a move rashly.

The reason was very simple. Once they were drawn into the Immortal Dimension, the sect that stood behind them would lose an enormous reliance, and it would cause it to become difficult for the sect to continue to exist in the cultivation world.

“Do you think…that you’ve won? I’ve said it…a long time ago, if I’m unable to obtain… Xiuyi, then no one…can!” Bing Shitian raised his head with difficulty, and his expression was livid while he stared at Chen Xi with resentment and spoke intermittently. “Little ant, you’ll ascend into the Immortal Dimension…one day. At that time, I’ll make living worse than death for you!!”

His finals words were practically howled out with all the strength he possessed, and his voice was extremely resentful and shocked everyone present to the point their hearts went cold.

Being hated by a Golden Immortal was something that caused their scalps to go numb from even thinking about it.

“Once I arrive at the Immortal Dimension, my strength will only be even more formidable.” Chen Xi was emotionless, and he seemed indifferent and filled with killing intent as he stepped forward before slashing the Talisman Armament down at Bing Shitian. He wanted to finish Bing Shitian off as soon as possible so as to avoid anything unexpected or a mishap from occurring.

“Do it!” At the critical moment before life and death, Bing Shitian didn’t beg for mercy not did he make any threats, and he howled something that seemed strange at the moment instead.


Bing Shitian’s head fell to the ground while his soul was shattered completely and obliterated along with his body. There was naturally no possibility that this clone could be revived.


However, right at the same time that Chen Xi annihilated Bing Shitian, a strand fluctuation suddenly rumbled in the air. Instantly, the entire heavens and the earth were enveloped by a mysterious, icy cold, and terrifyingly deep and quiet aura.

All the spectators were horrified, and before they could return to their senses, they saw an enormous black hole suddenly float up into appearance above Qing Xiuyi. It was like an entrance that lead to hell, and a completely round disk floated within it.

The disk was divided into six portions and revealed the scenes of Immortal radiance, a river of blood, a kingdom, a beast, a ghost, and a prison. It actually respectively represented the six paths of reincarnation that were heaven, asura, man, beast, ghost, and hell! 

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