Chapter 930 – Killing Intent Of The Heaven Dao

“Who do all of you think will win if the fight continues like this?”

“I suddenly feel that Chen Xi seems to be even more formidable, and it looks like the possibility he wins is greater because it’s a type of miracle that he’s able to go head on against Bing Shitian while at the Earthly Immortal Realm.”

“It’s very difficult to say. Unless they both use their trump cards, otherwise it’s difficult to decide on a victor.”

This battle dazzled them and filled them with fear.

Up until this point in the battle, it had already completely exceeded their understanding. It was like they were observing a collision that occurred between experts of the primeval times, and they didn’t dare make any rash judgments.


In the next moment, Bing Shitian’s palms seemed like they held the sun and moon as an ancient Immortal Seal appeared on them. The seal carried supreme divine might as it charged over ferociously. The violet gold radiance in his palm illuminated the heavens while immortal mountains, immortal palaces, immortal bells, and various other grand phenomena appeared in his surroundings.

This was a type of final strike. The Immortal Art condensed into a seal that revealed various phenomena, and its might was capable of crushing a vast kingdom!

Stomp! Stomp!

Chen Xi was completely unafraid as stepped forward with an extraordinary bearing and charged over with extreme speed without dodging in the slightest. A myriad of talisman markings flowed densely around his body as he howled and unleashed a ferocious attack.

He’d stopped going on the defense and circulated the Immortal Energy in his body to the limit as he went head on against Bing Shitian. As soon as they collided, it emanated shocking rumbles.


Sword and palm collided, causing violet gold radiance to splash out like lava while talisman markings sprayed out like a waterfall. The heavens and the earth were filled with surging rumbling, and it seemed to be on the verge of exploding.

This sort of head on combat was extremely terrifying, and the clanging sound of slaughter it emanated was simply like the pounding of war drums in the nine heavens. It was deafening and almost tore the souls of others apart.

The spectators were dazzled by this sight while their hearts rose and fell, and they were indescribably shocked.

This was absolutely the greatest battle in the cultivation world of the Dark Reverie in the past 10,000 years. A battle of life and death that shook the nine heavens and quaked the nine hells! 


At this moment, Chen Xi walked through the sky with sword in hand. He moved as if he was teleporting while accompanied by talisman markings, and he unleashed his fiercest lethal attacks while emanating a peerlessly terrifying aura!

His combat strength after cultivating and tempering himself in closed door for a few hundred years had completely transformed into the sword light in his palm. Everywhere the edge of his sword reached, the world bowed in submission and everything split open.

Bing Shitian’s expression changed for the first time as he dodged Chen Xi’s sword strike with extreme speed.


The aftershock of Chen Xi’s sword qi struck done and tore open a 30km long and bottomless rift in the ground. It was like an abyss, and the mountains, lake, and forests in the surroundings of the rift were slashed in half and completely shattered.

Everyone was astounded as they never imagined that Chen Xi would take the initiative to unleash a counterattack as well and possess such terrifying might.


Chen Xi turned like an imposing dragon swinging its tail, and his spirit, energy, and essence seemed to be blazing as he struck out with his sword once more without waiting for Bing Shitian to stabilize himself.

This strike could be said to be extremely experienced as it pursued Bing Shitian fiercely and didn’t give him any chance to catch his breath.

Bing Shitian frowned while his face sank. Under the circumstances that he was unable to dodge, Bing Shitian’s body lowered abruptly as his hands seemed to make the gesture of pushing the sun and moon away, and he greeted the sword strike that assaulted him head on.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Both of them exchanged blows and instantly collided a few thousands of times.

However, to the horror of everyone, Bing Shitian was actually shaken to the point of retreating repeatedly in this collision, and traces of blood actually spilled out from the corners of his mouth.

On the other hand, Chen Xi grew more valiant the more he fought, his imposing aura was like a rainbow and was ferocious to the limit.

When he saw his advantage was about to be fully suppressed by Chen Xi, Bing Shitian suddenly struck forward with his leg. It was truly too swift like a fully drawn bow, and it was precise, ruthless, fierce, and ferocious.


Chen Xi dodged with extreme speed, yet his left shoulder was still hit.

Bing Shitian had obviously been accumulating force for this strike for a very long time, and it contained peerless Immortal Energy and Laws. It was executed as a surprise attack while everyone thought he’d been suppressed, and it was rather vicious and ruthless.

Chen Xi was blasted flying while blood spilled out of the corners of his mouth. His entire left shoulder was even shattered while the formidable Immortal Energy and energy of the Laws caused it to be difficult for him to repair the injuries he sustained.

In other words, the left arm of his wouldn’t be able to be of any use for a short period of time in this battle.

“So it turned out that Bing Shitian had been enduring and showing weakness while accumulating strength to attack!” Everyone was astounded as they’d discerned the secrets behind this attack.

“Chen Xi’s in a bad situation!”

“His left arm is crippled. If it was at a normal time, it would naturally be of no consequence. But in this peak battle, this little injury is sufficient to be lethal!”

“Could it be that the curtains to this battle are about to be drawn?”

Everyone was moved, and their eyes flickered as they stared fixedly at the battlefield. Many people felt that this battle was probably about to end because such an injury was sufficient to affect the entire situation of the battle.

“He won’t lose.” Qing Xiuyi spoke abruptly with a composed and tranquil expression. Since the battle began until now, she’d been silently watching the battle and hadn’t spoken a single word.

“Why?” Lie Peng was surprised and asked with a frown on his face.

“Bing Shitian’s strength is almost completely consumed. Otherwise he wouldn’t allow his own image to be damaged in battle in order to launch a surprise attack against Chen Xi.” Qing Xiuyi spoke slowly with eyes that were clear like water, and they reflected the distant battle.

Lie Peng suddenly came to an understanding. Right, if Bing Shitian possessed absolute power to obtain victory, then why would he show weakness and launch a surprise attack?

Perhaps this is a type of tactic, yet it’s unusual if it’s used by Bing Shitian who’s arrogant and thinks highly of himself.

“So in this way, Chen Xi won’t lose?” Lie Peng’s spirits were refreshed.

“If it was in the Immortal Dimension, it would surely be Chen Xi who lose. But unfortunately, this is the Mortal Dimension. The greater the might of the Immortal Arts and energy of the Laws Bing Shitian utilizes are, the greater his consumption will be. He’s utterly incapable of replenishing sufficient energy in a short period of time.” Qing Xiuyi analyzed with a clear voice.

“But Chen Xi’s consumption is even greater…” Lie Peng hadn’t finished speaking when he shut his mouth.

Because he suddenly noticed that Chen Xi’s strength didn’t show any signs of weakening at this point in the battle, and Chen Xi had always been in a peak state and was even becoming more and more valiant in battle!

“These are Chen Xi’s tactics.” Qing Xiuyi spoke in a light voice.


Sure enough, just as Qing Xiuyi had inferred. Even though Chen Xi’s left arm had been crippled, his combat strength didn’t weaken at all, and he fought valiantly beneath the sky.

At this moment, he even made Bing Shitian stagger back over 10km with a single sword strike!

The eyeballs of the spectators that didn’t understand the reason almost fell out, and they didn’t dare believe how Chen Xi was able to turn around a battle where the victor was supposed to be determined earlier.

It wasn’t just them, even Bing Shitian’s face turned grim as he shouted with surprise and bewilderment. “Impossible! How could an ant from the Mortal Dimension like you possess such deep strength!?”


Chen Xi remained indifferent and silent while his Talisman Armament slashed out like a river of stars that fell from the sky, and it shook Bing Shitian to the point he retreated once more while he coughed up blood and caused blood to dye his clothes red.

Chen Xi was clearly aware that at this point of the battle, Bing Shitian was already like an arrow at the end of its flight, so how could Chen Xi possibly waste his breath and give Bing Shitian time to catch his breath?

At this moment, he had to crush Bing Shitian in one go!

“Dammit! So this was what you intended!” After being blasted back successively, it infuriated Bing Shitian to the point his eyes went red, and he shouted explosively with a grim voice.

Obviously, he’d instantly come to an understanding at this moment that Chen Xi surely possessed an extraordinary treasure that was capable of ceaselessly replenishing his Immortal Energy.

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi had decided since the battle began to exhaust all of Bing Shitian’s strength.


Chen Xi turned a deaf ear to all of this while his might grew greater, and he assaulted Bing Shitian while carrying monstrous divine might. Bing Shitian was smashed down to the ground from midair with a single sword strike, and it smashed open a bottomless hole in the ground.

Everyone was in an uproar because this sudden and unexpected change in the situation dazed them.

Only a mere few people noticed some clues, and they were extremely shocked in their hearts. If it’s really like this, then doesn’t it mean that Chen Xi planned everything since the beginning of the battle?

“Bastard! You think you’ve won?” The ground shattered with a rumble as Bing Shitian charged up into the sky with disheveled hair. His expression was savage and livid, and he was furious to the limit and had completely lost the graceful bearing of a Golden Immortal.

Chen Xi remained silent and continued attacking with his sword in hand.

Bing Shitian started laughing from extreme rage when he saw this, and he gritted his teeth while roaring. “Good! Good! Good! You’re actually able to force me to use forbidden arts. You can die without regrets, you little ant!”


As he spoke, numerous black holes crumbled open in the surrounding space while peerless Immortal Energy surged out from Bing Shitian’s body, and it shot into the sky and shattered the layer of clouds before stretching into the universe.

At the same time, a terrifying aura that caused all beings to tremble in horror and cast a shadow on the world suddenly stretched out from his body.

In merely an instant, the originally clear sky was suddenly enveloped by boundless black clouds. The thick layer of pitch black clouds even emanated a strand of the aura of judgment!

“My god! He actually alarmed the Heaven Dao!”

“How terrifying! This means that this strike has exceeded the barriers of the Mortal Dimension, and it’s not tolerated by the Heaven Dao!”

“Could it be that he isn’t afraid of being eliminated by the Heaven Dao?”

The distant spectators felt suffocated while their faces went pale. They felt an irresistible feeling of horror from the phenomena in the sky. It caused their entire bodies to go cold while their Dao Hearts trembled, and they were terrified and uneasy.

Because that was the energy of the Heaven Dao, and it was profound and unfathomable. But once it was infuriated, it was sufficient to eliminate all forces that exceeded the scope that the Mortal Dimension was capable of enduring.

At this moment, Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving as well. He looked up into the sky while his entire body was suddenly suffused with boundless Virtue Goldlight.

He knew very clearly that even though the energy of the Heaven Dao wasn’t targeting him, he had to take precautions because he was taken to be a ‘variant’ by the Heaven Dao.

“Profound Law Immortal Command Token, this decree is the proof!” Bing Shitian howled towards the sky while his palm flipped, and a decree appeared there. It was bright gold and emanated blazing radiance that shot up 30k in the sky. As soon as it appeared, it actually emanated a sense of supreme majesty, and it caused everyone to wish for nothing more than to kneel in worship.

It was the decree of the Immortal Dimension that was branded with the supreme will unique to the Immortal Dimension!


As soon as the decree appeared, the energy of judgment from the Heaven Dao that was converging in the sky seemed to have detected something, and it swiftly vanished without a trace.

But the aura emanated by Bing Shitian didn’t disperse. Conversely, it was more than two times stronger than before!

“Hahaha! Did you see that little ant? I represent the will of the Immortal Dimension and even the Heaven Dao is unable to do anything to me. How could you possibly be a match for me?” At this instant, Bing Shitian revealed a haughty bearing. His long hair fluttered in the wind while he seemed to be insufferably arrogant, and he looked at Chen Xi with a gaze filled with contempt and ghastly killing intent.

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