Chapter 93 – Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation

Chapter 93 – Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation

The Universal Book was divided into over 100 categories, like medicinal pills, talisman formations, rare treasures, etc. Amongst them, the number of Magic Treasures was undoubtedly the highest and it occupied half the Universal Book.

The make of the Universal Book was exquisite beyond compare as well, and a Formation Master had placed a Minor Illusory Rainbow Formation on it. The treasures that were displayed on every page were lifelike, as if the real objects were emitting dazzling lights as it was displayed before one’s eyes, and it was extremely beautiful.

High-grade yellow rank, profound-rank, earth-rank…. There’s actually heaven-rank Magic Treasures! Chen Xi repeatedly sighed in surprise in his heart as he flipped through the Universal Book.

The Magic Treasures in the book started from sabers, spears, swords, halberds, axes, battle-axes, hooks, tridents… Even treasure bottles, glazed crystals, lanterns, lotus thrones, etc. It simple contained everything, and it indeed could be said to cover all things within the universe.

“Chen Xi, if you flip through it like this, then you wouldn’t finish even after three days and three nights.” Duanmu Ze reminded from the side. “The Universal Book is known to be covering all things within the universe, the Magic Treasures gathered within it is an astronomical figure!’


Chen Xi lightly let out a mouthful of air and cleared his head, then he tossed away the disorderly and distracting thoughts in his mind, then found the sword formation category right away before starting to flip through it one by one.

After all, even if there were more Magic Treasures in the book, most of them weren’t suitable for him. Only by finding the Magic Treasure he was skilled in would he be able to make full use of his strength.

This Azureflame Splitlight Sword Formation is too violent. It uses 39 Azureflame Flying Swords to form a grand formation that condenses Azureflame Skyfire, and its might is probably not inferior to the attack of a Golden Hall Realm cultivator. As expected of a profound-rank sword formation diagram. Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for me. After Chen Xi sighed in surprise, he shook his head. The eight Netherezim Flying Swords were all of the icy attribute, and the Ice Crane Technique he cultivated was an icy attribute cultivation technique. Water and fire didn’t mix, so no matter how formidable the Azureflame Splitlight Sword Formation was, it was still unsuitable for him.

This Nine-Yin Sword Formation is extremely formidable as well, but it’s too soft and lacks offense, and it can only be used to trap an enemy.

Heavenly Oppression Sword Formation? It actually requires one to ceaselessly sacrifice and refine souls to absorb the baleful qi of vengeful spirits? This is obviously not a righteous method, so even if it’s might was any stronger, it would still be a committing a sin. I’d rather not have it!

What a formidable Jadesea Tiderise Sword Formation, a single sword formation is actually able to control 108 flying swords. It’s like the rising and falling of the tide when executed, and the might of every layer is more formidable than the previous one. If I cultivated the Tidal Dao Insight like the Roc King, then I would surely buy it!

One by one, Chen Xi flipped through the sword formation diagrams.

Even if it was one that Chen Xi wasn’t adept in using, he would still be extremely covetous when he looked at it, yet only a few sword formations truly moved his heart.


The Universe Book was lifted open once again.

The nearby Le Qi couldn’t refrain from reminding when he saw this. “Fellow Daoist, you seem to still be at the Violet Palace Realm, right? Continuing hereafter in the Universe Book are profound-rank sword formation diagrams that are things Golden Palace Realm cultivators choose. I’m afraid you’re unable to use it.”

Ordinarily, man-made yellow-rank, profound-rank, earth-rank, and heaven-rank Magic Treasures of every grade had their own requirements for the strength of the soul and True Essence. For example, a profound-rank Magic Treasure required a cultivation of at least at the Golden Hall Realm to bind it, or an earth-rank Magic Treasure required a cultivation at least at the Gold Core Realm to bind it.

However, Chen Xi was an exception.

His soul had already condensed into Spiritual Perception, and it even surpassed ordinary Golden Hall Realm cultivators, whereas the Ice Crane Technique he cultivated caused his True Essence to be incomparably thick and pure. Although he was only at the 5th star of the Violet Palace Realm, his True Essence was even thicker than some perfection-stage Violet Palace Realm cultivators, and this was the benefit of cultivating a treasured qi refinement cultivation technique.

According to Chen Xi’s current cultivation, it wouldn’t be strenuous to control a profound-rank sword formation.

After all, a sword formation was able to control numerous flying swords according to a profound formation in battle. In essence, it still tested the strength of the soul towards the flying swords, and together with the True Essence, they decided the might of the sword formation together.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Chen Xi paid no attention to him and silently flipped through the sword formations.

Le Qi didn’t continue offering advice when he saw this. Chen Xi was the buyer after all, and if Chen Xi wanted to buy a heaven-rank Magic Treasure, he couldn’t interfere with it, right?

Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation! The first level is able to control eight flying swords, and annihilating ordinary Golden Hall Realm cultivators was nothing difficult. The second level used eight flying swords to form a minor sword formation, and each minor sword formation formed a greater sword formation! What a formation, it controls 64 flying swords! Until what level would its might attain? Eh, why is there nothing after that? Chen Xi was stunned, and only now did he clearly see the label on the corner ‘Incomplete,’ and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. Such a formidable sword formation. If it was complete, I’m afraid it would be impossible for it to be tossed into the ranks of these profound-rank sword formations, right?

“Master Le, how much spirit liquid is this Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation worth?” Chen Xi raised his head and asked.

“400,000 kgs.” Le Qi was extremely afraid that Chen Xi would misunderstand and explained. “Even though this Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation is incomplete, its might is one of the most formidable amongst profound-rank sword formations. If it wasn’t for it being incomplete, its worth would be greatly higher.”

400,000 Kgs?

No matter how coolly Du Qingxi’s group of three were, they couldn’t help but be speechless when they heard this amount, and they all moved forward to inspect this formation.

“The might of this sword formation is indeed formidable, as only an incomplete formation is able to attain the ranks of profound-ranks sword formation, but its requirements towards True Essence and the strength of the soul is extremely harsh. Chen Xi, although you’ve already attained the Violet Palace Realm now, buying it is probably slightly inadvisable, right?” Du Qingxi advised as well. “No matter how great a sword formation is, it’s still trash if it can’t be used after purchase. I suggest you pick another and find one that suits you better, as only then would you be able to make full use of your entire strength.”

“Yeah, don’t strive to outdo yourself.” Duanmu Ze said as well.

“Chen Xi, please think it over!” Even Song Lin who was always had sleepy eyes and was in a daze had spoken out.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.” Chen Xi lightly smiled, then said to Le Qi right away, “I’ll take this Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation!”

“Alright, I’ll send this sword formation diagram over later. I wonder if Fellow Daoist still requires anything else?” Le Qi answered with an expressionless face, yet he sighed in his heart. This fellow had only just acquired three million Kgs of spirit liquid and he’s already started spending lavishly without restraint. Alas, why are young people these days so impractical?

“56 flying swords, all of the high-grade yellow-rank.” Chen Xi had thought it over before saying this. He possessed eight top-grade yellow-rank Netherezim Flying Swords, so if he wanted to execute the second level of the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation, he naturally required another 56 flying swords. However, the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation was a profound-rank sword formation after all, and he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control it very well, so he could only take the second best and choose high-grade yellow-rank flying swords.

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi suddenly recalled his younger brother, Chen Hao. Chen Hao has joined the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect for more than a year, and relying on his intelligence, he ought to have already advanced to the Violet Palace Realm. His heart is only focused on the sword and has no money on him, I’m afraid he still doesn’t have some flying swords of superb quality. I ought to take this opportunity to prepare some presents for him.

Instantly, Chen Xi said once more, “Besides that, I’ll purchase another 64 high-grade yellow-rank flying swords.”


Even if Le Qi had already recognized Chen Xi as a rich man’s son that threw money about, he couldn’t refrain from gasping when he heard this and said with a stutter, “Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, one high-grade yellow-tank flying sword is worth 10,000 kgs of spirit liquid, so many flying swords are worth 1.2 million kgs of spirit liquid!”

At the same time, he felt inexpressible excitement in his heart. That is 1.2 million kgs of spirit liquid, coupled with the 400,000 kgs of spirit liquid for purchasing the sword formation diagram earlier, this fellow has lavishly spent an entire 1.6 million kgs of spirit liquid in a short moment!

A huge customer!

Look at his bearing and style in handling money, he’s absolutely a huge customer amongst huge customers!

Oh, how many percent should I take from this bill?

Le Qi started counting swiftly in his mind, and a strong feeling of happiness surged through his entire body, causing him to be unable to restrain a trace of a silly smile from appearing on his face.

The nearby Du Qingxi and the others were startled by Chen Xi’s actions as well, but they didn’t question him when they saw Chen Xi’s calm expression, as he didn’t seem to have gone mad. But even then, these direct line disciples born of the great clans couldn’t help but be endlessly amazed by Chen Xi’s lavish spending.

If he said it didn’t pain him to spend 1.6 million Kgs of spirit liquid in a short moment, that would be a lie. However, when he thought of how his strength would be able to increase greatly, and when he thought of the happy smile Chen Hao would have when he gifted the 64 flying swords to him, Chen Xi felt that all this was worth it.

Because he had the Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token in his possession, Le Qi gave Chen Xi a discount of 100,000 Kgs of spirit liquids. When he walked out of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, not only did Chen Xi’s storage ring have an additional sword formation diagram, there were also 120 high-grade yellow-rank flying swords and another 1.5 million Kgs of spirit liquids that was the remainder after selling the spirit materials and deducting the cost of buying the sword formation diagram and flying swords.

Originally, Chen Xi intended to buy some Magic Treasures for Du Qingxi and the others, but he encountered constant refusal from the three. According to what Duanmu Ze said, “You should keep these spirit liquids for your cultivating. As for the three of us? We don’t lack money!”

It was already deep into the night, yet it was still dazzling within Misty Sea City, and it seemed like a city that never sleeps as it stood beneath the night sky.

The clans behind Du Qingxi and the others all had a branch in Misty Sea City that was used for auctioning and purchasing goods, and their scales were rather big, possessing numerous Golden Hall Realm experts holding down the forts.

After they left Treasure Heaven Pavilion, the three of them had all invited Chen Xi to head to their clan’s outpost to stay, but Chen Xi refused, as he was anxious to return home as soon as possible.

Compared to Du Qingxi’s group of three, Chen Xi actually was only too anxious to return to Pine Mist City as soon as possible, and return to the home that he’d been separated from for a year.

Compelled by their helplessness, the three of them could only bring Chen Xi to the largest Immortal Indulgence Restaurant in Misty Sea City, as they planned to eat a banquet full of flavor and spirit energy as a form of farewell.

The Immortal Indulgence Restaurant’s size was large beyond all doubt, and its layout was elegant and refined, thus influential people within Misty Sea City were greatly fond of it.

It was already dawn when Chen Xi’s group arrived at the Immortal Indulgence Restaurant, yet the flow of customers within were still numerous like the clouds. Its business was extremely explosive and there were already no more rooms, thus they could only helplessly sit at a place nearby the window.

Drink wine, enjoy dishes and chat.

Unknowingly, the four youths had recalled the scene when they first met each other. They recalled the sorrows and happiness throughout their journey. They made fun and cursed angrily, ridiculed and cracked jokes, and the atmosphere was unrestrained. It was extremely satisfying and extremely comfortable.

Even the smiles on Chen Xi’s face grew more and more. Friendship that had experiences life, death, trials and tribulations, was like strong wine that was rich and suffused the mouth. The longer it lingered, the more fragrant the wine tasted, until the point one would always remember and recollect it.

Where there was happy gathering, there was also parting.

Outside the city gates of Misty Sea City, Chen Xi waved his hand in farewell towards Du Qingxi’s group of three who were atop the city walls, then leaped onto the treasured vessel before swiftly flashing towards the distant sky.

“Chen Xi, we’ll be waiting for you in Dragon Lake City for the southern territory’s Hidden Dragon Rankings a year from now, you must come!” Duanmu Ze’s screaming at the top of his lungs sounded out from afar.

Chen Xi stood on the bow and boundless lofty sentiments surged out from within his heart. The Hidden Dragon Rankings, I’ll come for sure!

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