Chapter 929 – Astonishment

Strands of thick and crystalline violet gold lightning warped like dragons in the sky, and they were interwoven together to form a cage of the Laws that enveloped the surrounding heavens and the earth.

When looked at from afar, it was like a new space was forcefully opened up in the world while Bing Shitian was its ruler. His body was coiled with violet gold Immortal Energy while lightning that awed the hearts of all flickered in his gaze.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was like a prisoner or heretic that had fallen into Bing Shitian’s kingdom!


Everyone in the surroundings gasped. This was an Immortal Art without a doubt, yet it was surely no ordinary Immortal Art. The strands of violet gold lightning were like waterfalls that flowed down from the starry sky, and all of them were condensed from the energy of the Laws. Merely the destructive aura they emanated caused the bodies of the spectators in the surroundings to go cold while horror arose in their hearts.


Violet gold lightning flowed down like the whips of gods, and they whipped madly like a myriad of violet gold colored lightning arcs that smashed out and cracked to the point of almost deafening the spectators.

Its might simply seemed capable of judging the world and annihilating all evil!

Chen Xi felt pressured while residing within this world of lightning. His figure emanated light that transformed into an Obliteration Divine Talisman, and it destroyed and shattered all the violet gold lightning bolts that smashed down madly at him.

At the same time, his figure flashed before he assaulted Bing Shitian while erupting with lethal moves.

This cage formed from the Laws made of violet gold lightning was filled with an unfamiliar yet extremely terrifying pressure. It was the aura of the Laws, and it was slowly eliminating the vital energy, cultivation, and Dao Insights in his entire body. If this were to go on for too long, it would only cause his situation to become even more disadvantageous.


Bing Shitian attacked with a flip of his hand, and he instantly exchanged over 100 strikes with Chen Xi. It was extremely intense and almost too fast for the others to follow.

Bing Shitian’s strength during this battle suppressed Chen Xi at all times because he utilized Immortal Arts and Laws from the Immortal Dimension, and it was far from something the energy of the Mortal Dimension could compare to.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s combat technique and will to fight occupied a position of absolute advantage, so the battle between the two of them could be said to be on par.

But due to the fact that he was within the cage formed from the Laws, it was disadvantageous for Chen Xi the longer he resided here.

Bing Shitian attached importance to this. Since the beginning of the battle, he moved about ceaselessly and indeterminately without going head on with Chen Xi, and he was like a king that was taking an idle stroll through his territory and didn’t give Chen Xi the slightest opportunity to take advantage of.


Suddenly, Chen Xi’s figure shook before the Divine Talismans of Metal, Wood, Fire, Water, and Earth surged out from his body and transformed into a millstone that was suffused with a five colored radiance, and it revolved and rumbled as it shot out.

“Thinking of breaking my Allheaven Domain open? Dream on!” Bing Shitian instantly determined Chen Xi’s intentions. He roared towards the sky before stretching his hand out and making a slapping motion. It was like he was seizing a dragon from the sky as his fingers were suffused with the glow of the Laws while they directly torn space open and clawed at Chen Xi’s heart.


However, to his surprise, the force of his strike hadn’t even approached Chen Xi when it was ground inch by inch into nothingness by the millstone formed from the five element Divine Talismans, causing it to transform into a glowing rain of fragments.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the next moment, the millstone charged out abruptly, and it forcefully ground open an enormous hole in the violet gold lightning.


The rumbling of a thunderbolt shook the world as Bing Shitian’s Allheaven Domain collapsed at practically the exact same moment as the five element millstone. It seemed as if the sun and moon had shattered in this area, causing waves of surge violently and transform into a rain of light that covered the sky before vanishing without a trace.

The hearts of all the spectators shook when they saw this, and they almost forgot about breathing because this level of terrifying battle should only exist in the heavens and was a rare sight in the Mortal Dimension!

How many years have passed since then? He’s actually capable of grasping such a formidable strength, and he’s merely at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm now… Bing Shitian’s eyes narrowed while a wisp of seriousness arose in his heart.

This short period of battle allowed him to become completely aware that this damnable ant possessed the strength to go against him, and he had no choice but to discard the scorn in his heart.

Immortal Arts and the energy of the Laws are really difficult to deal with. But the greater the strength, the greater the consumption. Perhaps this is my chance… At the same time, Chen Xi calmly analyzed Bing Shitian’s strength in his heart.

He was clearly aware that the greatest gap between him and Bing Shitian wasn’t in terms of strength, but the might of their strength.

One of them possessed pure Immortal Energy that belonged to a Golden Immortal and the energy of the Laws that were unique to the Immortal Dimension.

The other merely possessed Immortal Energy of the Earthly Immortal Realm and the profundities of the Grand Dao.

The difference between the two of them was like a dull knife mottled with rust and a sharp blade that could cut through iron like mud. The difference between them was obvious.

In the next moment, both of them exchanged blows once more. It was a true exchange of blows this time. They were both unwilling to waste their breaths, and they only had a single objective in their hearts — to kill their opponent!

Amidst the intense battle, Bing Shitian howled abruptly before shimmering violet gold radiance surged out from his body, causing him to seem like an ancient dragon that had awakened. The energy of the Laws enshrouded his palms as he strode forward before slapping down at Chen Xi.

It was like a bolt of lightning capable of destroying a mountain. His palm was like a universe that covered the earth, and it hadn’t even approached Chen Xi when rumbling sounds of slaughter erupted in the world. It was like thousands of Fiendgods were roaring, and their roars shook the world and planted terror in the hearts of all.

Chen Xi instantly experienced unparalleled pressure. It was like facing an enormous mountain that pressed down onto him to the point he was unable to catch his breath, and he deeply experienced what supreme and vast pressure was.

“Kill!” Along with a grim shout, the force within Bing Shitian’s palm strike rose explosively once more, and it was filled with monstrous killing intent. Beneath this palm, everything in the world seemed to be on the verge of annihilation while everything seemed to be about to be obliterated and reborn, causing the world to be filled with horror.

This strike was too terrifying. It carried boundless might and was simply impossible to resist or avoid.


Chen Xi opposed this strike head on, causing him to be slammed by an extraordinarily great force. He ceaselessly dispersed this force with the energy of the Grand Dao of Obliteration, yet he couldn’t refrain from staggering back while a strand of blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth.

“What!? Chen Xi was injured?” The spectators in the distance were shocked.

Up until this point in the battle, only a mere few of the spectators were capable of persisting until now, and only those Earthly Immortal Realm experts were capable of holding their ground.

At this moment, when they saw Chen Xi suffer an injury, all of them felt fearful towards the strength that Bing Shitian possessed because they knew very clearly that the clone of an ordinary Heavenly Immortal was utterly incapable of achieving this.

This was because the strength Chen Xi revealed earlier had already arrived at the limits of the Mortal Dimension. He was a Peak Sovereign at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and it was the ‘limit’ of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert!

What did this mean?

It meant that he was capable of crushing all forces in the Mortal Dimension, and since the ancient times until now, only a handful of people had been capable of attaining this state!

Yet Chen Xi who possessed such might had actually been injured, and this obviously showed exactly how terrifying the strength Bing Shitian’s clone possessed.

Perhaps it was exactly as Bing Shitian had said earlier. His strength had exceeded the scopes of the Mortal Dimension, so going against him was like trying to surmount an impassable chasm.

Blood spilled out from the corner of Chen Xi’s mouth, yet his expression was calm and tranquil, and he seemed to have not been affected in the slightest.


He strode through the sky. Every step emanated an explosive bang that sounded like a muffled thunderclap, and it seemed like the sounds of the drums of Fiendgods. Its tune was vast and shook the souls of all to the point of being on the verge of shattering.

Moreover, his strength rose greatly with every step he took while dense and profound talisman diagrams surged out into appearance beneath his feet, and it formed into various Divine Talismans that emanated blazing divine radiance.

Chaotic Nine-Step Annihilation!

However, this peak-grade Dao Art that came from the Allheaven Truth was completely different. Every single step was shrouded with killing intent and transformed into a variety of Divine Talismans like the Demonspirit Divine Talisman, Phoenixwind Divine Talisman, Darklightning Divine Talisman, and so on and so forth.

Every single type of Divine Talisman was filled with the profundities of Slaughter, and they circulated amidst the energy of the Dao of Talismans. Its might was simply capable of slashing apart both Yin and Yang and slaughtering the universe!

At this instant, even Bing Shitian’s expression changed because this sort of strength was extremely terrifying. Every single stride caused Chen Xi’s strength and imposing aura to double in strength, and it pressured the Grand Dao to the point of rumbling while the heavens and the earth were on the verge of shattering.

He couldn’t endure this any longer, and he struck forward with a profound Immortal Seal that was surrounded with the energy of the Laws. He intended to smash apart Chen Xi’s imposing aura and throw Chen Xi’s footsteps into disorder.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s figure flashed while emanating boundless killing intent, and he suddenly forced his way forward to arrive before Bing Shitian. The Talisman Armament tore through the sky while a myriad of talisman markings were converged in this extremely simple strike, and it simply seemed capable of shattering this expanse of the sky!

Bing Shitian moved back this time as he was struck to the point his crown shattered, his hair became disheveled, and he coughed up blood without end.

“Bing Shitian is injured!” This scene caused the hearts of everyone in the surroundings to be filled with shock, and they almost didn’t dare believe their eyes because the ability Chen Xi revealed at this moment was capable of being described as ‘heaven defying.’ Even the energy of the Laws are incapable of doing anything to him. Doesn’t this mean that his combat strength has exceeded the scope of the Mortal Dimension?

“A mere tiny ant actually injured me? Haha! How laughable!” Bing Shitian raised his sleeve to wipe off the bloodstain on the corner of his mouth. There was surprise on this face, yet most of it was gloomy killing intent from being infuriated, and then his gaze recovered its cold and indifferent expression.

The energy of the Laws that seemed like numerous thick and golden chains floated up from behind him, and they wove into a variety of Immortal phenomena. He seemed mighty and dignified like a god that had descended to the world, and he stood towering there while looking down arrogantly at the world.

At this moment, there was nothing left to hide, and he’d decided to exert his entire strength.

At the same time, Chen Xi’s entire body glowed brilliantly. Talisman markings were like an ocean that roiled endlessly while his imposing aura became even more murderous and spirited, causing the clouds in the surroundings to collapse while the sky was thrown into disorder.

“They’re going to go all out!” 

Everyone was astounded because they’d discerned that the battle had arrived at its peak. If the battle from before was merely considered as them probing each other, then the battle that was about to begin would determine the victor.


Both of them collided once more. Bing Shitian had fused with the Laws, causing him to emanate vast divine might, whereas Chen Xi derived the secrets of the Dao of Talismans and various profundities to form a variety of Divine Talismans with peerless might.

They had both utilized their entire strengths in the collision this time, and they’d executed various shocking abilities, causing the heavens and the earth and everything in an area of 50,000km to be enveloped in surging divine radiance.

At this instant, even those Earthly Immortal Realm experts found it difficult to pry into the scene within this collision. They were only able to faintly notice that two figures bathed in blazing radiance were fighting violently from the heavens to the earth, causing the sun and moon to go dim while rumbling shook through the surroundings. It was simply as if the end of the world had arrived.

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