Chapter 928 – Unparalleled Battle

Everyone in the hall was stunned, as they’d never imagined that someone with Bing Shitian’s status would speak such words. This was simply too fickle and despicable.

If word of this were to be spread, Bing Shitian would probably be immediately ruined and disgraced in the cultivation world, unable to gain a foothold in it any longer.

It was a surprise to everyone, yet it wasn’t to Chen Xi.

As far as Chen Xi was concerned, it would be weird if Bing Shitian were to obediently choose to reduce himself to an ordinary person and leave himself to Chen Xi’s will!

“I wonder how you cultivated to become a Heavenly Immortal when you’re able to be shameless to such an extent.” Chen Xi spoke while clearly revealing his ridicule.

Bing Shitian didn’t care in the slightest because he’d been infuriated by everything that had occurred before him, so how could he care about his bearing, prestige, or whether he was shameless?

“I forgot to tell you, I’m not a Heavenly Immortal but a Golden Immortal!” Bing Shitian roared once more with laughter, and he revealed a haughty bearing that carried an arrogant aura of superiority. “So what if all the myriad of cultivators in the Mortal Dimension curse me and humiliate me? They’re just a bunch of ants that I can’t be bothered about.”

These words seemed to insult everyone that was within the hall, causing their expressions to be slightly unhappy. But the unhappiness on their faces instantly vanished without a trace when they reacted to the words ‘Golden Immortal.’

A Golden Immortal!

That was an existence that was even more terrifying than a Heavenly Immortal and Mysterious Immortal!

No one had expected that Bing Shitian’s cultivation would actually attain such an extent after ascending into the Immortal Dimension for a mere few thousands of years. So even if it was merely a clone standing before them, none of them dared look down upon him.

Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath, and he turned around to look at Qing Xiuyi as he said, “Let’s leave?”

“Leave?” Before Qing Xiuyi could answer, Bing Shitian said with an icy cold voice, “If I, Bing Shitian, can’t get her, then no one can!”


Chen Xi withdrew the Talisman Armament when he heard this, and he said, “Xiuyi, wait while I deal with this scum.”

Qing Xiuyi nodded. “Alright.”

Bing Shitian’s expression became even more icy cold and gloomy when he heard this, and then he flashed abruptly to charged through the hall before flying up into the sky. He looked down and said, “Ant, come up here to receive your doom!”

Chen Xi raised his head, and his tranquil eyes surged with crimson red flames that seemed capable of incinerating the universe!

In the next instant, he’d teleported up into the sky to stand in confrontation with Bing Shitian from afar.

After bitterly tempering himself for a few hundreds of years, he intended to pierce the heavens today!

Instantly, the scorching sun dimmed down while the entire sky was enveloped by an expanse of murderous black clouds, and the confrontational atmosphere caused the heavens and the earth to be cast into shade.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Meanwhile, all the great figures in the hall flashed and appeared in the sky, gazing at Chen Xi and Bing Shitian from afar.

Even though they knew from the beginning that this battle couldn’t be avoided, they couldn’t help but feel burning anticipation when they saw the battle being on the verge of erupting.

This scene was noticed by all the elders and disciples of the Heavenflow Dao Sect at the same time. All of them were alarmed as they swept their Divine Sense and Immortal Perception over.

It was even to the extent that the eyes of all the cultivators in Autumn Sun City that were 5,000km away lit up, and they were extremely excited because the figures of Bing Shitian and Chen Xi in the sky were too dazzling.

One was covered in violet gold colored Immortal Energy and glowed brightly to illuminate the world.

The other was upright, wore green clothes, and stood with sword in hand. His entire body was suffused with talisman markings that seemed like an ocean, and they transformed into divine rays of light that coiled around him, causing him to emanate an awe-inspiring imposing aura.

When looked at from afar, they were like two gods standing in confrontation. Merely this grand scene caused the cultivators in the surroundings to feel horrified.

“The battle is about to begin!” At this moment, a storm was brewing and the minds of everyone were firmly drawn by those two figures in the sky.

“Who do you think will win and how will it end?” This was the question of most people, and they’d been discussing it endlessly. But the outcome was about to be revealed.

“It’ll surely be Bing Shitian. After all, he’s an emissary of the Immortal Dimension that has grasped the energy of the Laws and Immortal Arts. His strength has exceeded the limits of the Mortal Dimension, whereas even though Chen Xi is extraordinary, he can only sweep through the Mortal Dimension in the end.” This was the view of most people. They felt that Chen Xi would still be in a disadvantageous position with his 8th level Earthly Immortal Realm cultivation when facing a great figure from the Immortal Dimension like Bing Shitian. It was like a battle between the heavens and man, and the gap was too great.

“That might not be the case. Chen Xi slaughtered an expert at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm while at the Nether Transformation Realm all those years ago. Now that he possesses a strength at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, I believe he’d surely make a shocking display this time, and he might be able to create another miracle.” Someone objected and looked favorably upon Chen Xi.


Right at this moment, the two figures in the distant sky transformed into rays of light that charged towards each other like comets, and they erupted with blazing and resplendent light while rumbling like thunder.

This strike roiled with mist and surged with divine radiance, and it forcefully split open an extremely large black hole in the sky. The collision was truly too terrifying, and the aftershock spread out and even caused the landscape in an area of 50,000km to violently tremble without end.

This wasn’t like an ordinary battle at all, instead being like a battle between gods. The violent fluctuations from it terrified the soul, and some with weak strength were even shocked to the point their legs went weak and almost fell to the ground.

After a short moment, that expanse of the sky returned to calm while the various rays of light vanished, and only two figures that stood in confrontation from afar remained.

Lie Peng and all the other great figures of the Dark Reverie had retreated 500km back once more while revealing heavy expression because they felt that they were unable to resist this strike if they were to interfere.

“Your strength is really not bad. It’s sufficient to look down proudly upon all the experts of the Mortal Dimension. Unfortunately, you’ll never know exactly how great the difference between immortal and man is. It’s a natural barrier that no one can surmount!” Bing Shitian’s gaze flickered while the violet gold Immortal Energy around his body coiled into strands of the energy of the Laws, and they emanated a radiant glow and might that shook the sky.

“You’re just a clone.” Chen Xi was calm. His clothes fluttered while divine wheels alternated on his body, and they formed into the sun, moon, and stars, and he emanated an imposing aura of supremacy.

After this, both of them went silent. But many people noticed that their imposing auras were rising and becoming even more terrifying.


After a short moment, Bing Shitian was the first to attack. His palm was like a mountain that sprayed violet gold Immortal Energy, and it transformed into a dazzling ray of light that carried an aura capable of crushing all existence as it struck forward with monstrous and terrifying might!

At this moment, he revealed peerless divine might. Not to mention Lie Peng and the others, even the cultivators that stood far away in Autumn Sun City felt pressure that came from the soul, and they were extremely horrified.

“That’s an Immortal Art! It contains the energy of the Laws unique to the Immortal Dimension!” Someone exclaimed with shock.


At practically the exact same moment, an expanse of talisman markings that were vast like an ocean surged before Chen Xi. He was like a sage that deduced the workings of the heavens and Grand Dao as he slashed down with his sword, and it emanated a pitch black, icy cold, and deathly silent Divine Talisman Diagram.

It was the Obliteration Divine Talisman, a profound technique of battle that Chen Xi had deduced by fusing all the Dao Arts he’d learned through supreme wisdom, will, and spending a few hundred years of effort.

It was even simpler and more direct when compared to Dao Arts, and its might was even more terrifying. Most importantly, this sort of battle technique was sufficient to completely bring forth all the might in his body!

It was like those three punches that Bai Jingchen had executed all those years ago. They were extremely simple and seemed to shed all complication to return to simplicity, yet they were sufficient to tearing the world apart and crush all enemies.


Divine light sprayed out, and it seemed like the heavens had been split apart!

Both of them fought intensely and transformed an area of 50,000km into their battlefield. Waves of aftershock surged like thunderclaps sweeping through the sky, causing mountains to shatter, space to crumble, and it caused everything in the world to be in a state of chaos and destruction.

They were both extremely skilled in battle and knew how to take hold of opportunities in battle. Every single move they made was fierce and murderous, and it caused the hearts of everyone to shake without end.

A battle of this level was sufficient to be called something that was difficult to be seen in a thousand years and rare in ten thousand years!

Those with weak strengths were utterly incapable of observing the dangers and killing intent in the battle, and only experts that had lived for countless years like Lie Peng and the others were capable of discerning some traces.

But the more they observed, the more shocked they became.

It was easy to accept Bing Shitian’s strength being monstrous. After all, he was a Golden Immortal’s clone at any rate. But the terrifying combat strength Chen Xi revealed and was capable of going against Bing Shitian truly caused their horizons to be broadened.

“Allheaven Sky, Immortal Lightning — Kill!” Bing Shitian roared. Violet gold Immortal Energy flickered in his palm while the Laws rose up from within, and they converged into a ball of violet gold lightning before he swung it out.

An enormous bang resounded out in the heavens while it shot out swiftly and fiercely like a violet gold dragon that tore space apart and emanated a ferocious and terrifying aura.

Chen Xi’s hair fluttered while his expression remained calm, and he didn’t dodge in the slightest. The Talisman Armament flowed with light while a myriad of fierce sword lights transformed into an ancient Divine Talisman that collided head on with the violet gold lightning.

At this instant, everyone seemed to have heard the piercingly cold sound of slaughter of the Grand Dao resound throughout the heavens and the earth. Both of them fought intensely and collided without end. They were like two divine mountains colliding forcefully against each other, and they erupted with boundless light that drowned the surroundings.

The battle between them was truly capable of startling the universe and moving the gods. It had only just begun, yet they’d already revealed terrifying ability capable of annihilating the world and melting the universe.

This caused most of the people in the vicinity of the battlefield to flee for their lives. It couldn’t be helped, merely the aftershocks from the force of the battle was capable of taking their lives, so how could they dare to stay here for another moment?

Even if it was those with formidable strengths, they had no choice but to utilize various defensive techniques in order to observe the battle safely. Even then, they only dared to watch the battle from outside the battlefield, and they didn’t dare approach it in the slightest.

This caused them to be unable to help but sigh with emotion. How many people in the world are capable of receiving a strike from them?


Bing Shitian’s gaze was icy cold while his expression was chilly. He seemed to crush the backbone of the sky with every step he took, causing the entire world to tremble. Moreover, strands of divine chains made from the energy of the Laws could be seen to be spreading like the tide from beneath his feet.

“Little Fellow, I can’t help but be surprised that you were able to persist until now. But unfortunately, the level of your energy is too inferior. How can the profundities of the Grand Dao possibly go against the Laws of an Immortal? Die!”

“Allheaven Domain, Three Thousand Dao Severing Strikes!” Along with Bing Shitian’s cold shout, the heavens and the earth in an area of 5,000km was suddenly enveloped by numerous thick and crystalline violet gold divine chains that seemed to form a cage. Every single divine chain carried profound and dense energy of the Laws interweaved on it, and it emanated a terrifying aura of destruction.

Instantly, it enveloped Bing Shitian and Chen Xi within it.

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