Chapter 925 – Killing His Way Into The Hall

Within Grand Valiance Hall.

Dazzling gold lotus flowers bloomed on the ground and emanated a rosy rain of light and auspicious qi. Moreover, there was even the roar of dragons, the cries of phoenixes, and the sound of the Grand Dao being chanted, causing the scene within the hall to be divine and gorgeous.

Bing Shitian and Qing Xiuyi stood facing each other at the center of the hall. There was a bowl of water placed between the two of them. The water was called Nirmala, it was the purest divine water in the heavens and the earth, and even a single drop of it was priceless.

Obviously, the value of this bowl of Nirmala Water was shocking.

At this moment, True Jade stood behind the two of them while holding two jade rings in her hand. They were simple, mellow in color, and they faintly flowed with strands of golden and starry radiance.

This pair of rings were called Immortal Understanding. It was crafted from the horns of a Spirit Rhinoceros immortal beast, and it was impossible to find in the Mortal Dimension. Even if it was in the Immortal Dimension, it was a precious treasure that could only be obtained by chance.

True Jade carefully immersed the rings and cleansed them gently within the Nirmala Water with a solemn and serious expression.

According to rumor, after the Immortal Understanding rings were cleaned by Nirmala Water and worn by Dao Companions, they would receive the blessings of the heavens.

Not only would their hearts and feelings be closely attached to each other, they would obtain a strand of karmic luck of the Grand Dao. When they cultivated in the future, even if they were both at the ends of the world, so long as one of them was in trouble, the other would be able to sense it, causing it to be extremely miraculous.

The atmosphere within the hall was silent as all the great figures from all over were staring fixedly with solemn expressions, and they seemed as if they were witnessing the birth of an unprecedentedly grand ceremony of uniting two cultivators as Dao Companions.

Only Lie Peng’s expression was gloomy to the extreme, and he was even unable to conceal it any longer.

He knew very clearly that when these rings were worn by Bing Shitian and Qing Xiuyi, then it would be impossible to stop this ceremony any longer.

In other words, with all the great figures here as witnesses, if someone were to object after the ceremony ended, then that person would be going against everyone within the hall!

This was why Bing Shitian had invited all the great figures in the Dark Reverie to witness the ceremony.

Similarly, it was precisely because of this that Lu Beiyu had made arrangements beforehand to stop Chen Xi outside the sect.

As for the bet between Bing Shitian and Chen Xi, wouldn’t the victor be decided after the ceremony ended?

This was Lu Beiyu’s scheme. Of course, since he dared to act in this way, it was naturally something Bing Shitian had instructed.

At this moment, True Jade had already cleansed the rings, and she held one in each hand while revealing a serious and solemn expression.

The expressions of everyone became solemn when they saw this, and they stared fixedly at this scene. They knew very clearly that they would be witnessing the most critical step of the establishment of Dao Companions shortly.

Even if they’d lived for countless years, all the great figures present here for this ceremony couldn’t help but have a wisp of emotion in their hearts, and there was blessing, envy, and admiration.

Actually, the same thought couldn’t help but arise in the hearts of most people — Why hasn’t that Chen Xi arrived at the most critical moment?

Could it be that it’s just as the Heartcontrol Swordhouse’s Grand Elder Jiang Shenghai said? He knows that he’ll surely lose in the bet, so he doesn’t have the face to come here today?

“Shitian, Xiuyi, wear these rings and the both of you will be Dao Companions. On the path of your cultivation in the future, both of you should naturally support each other, love and respect each other as Dao Companions, cherish each other…” True Jade spoke with a low and deep voice that reverberated throughout the hall, and her words were filled with a tone of blessing and solemnity. 

Bing Shitian’s spirits were refreshed, his eyes were like stars as he glanced tenderly at Qing Xiuyi who was by his side, and he said directly before True Jade could finish, “Thank you for the great kindness that Fellow Daoists and Martial Aunt True Jade have shown us. Please witness all of this for me and Xiuyi. In the future, I’ll treat her as my own, and the heavens, sun, and moon can bear witness to my heart.”

Qing Xiuyi puckered her lips and kept silent instead. From the beginning until the end, her expression was calm and without the slightest ripple, and it seemed as if she was an unconcerned party to everything that was happening in the hall.

Bing Shitian was completely indifferent towards this.

On the other hand, True Jade seemed as if she knew that Qing Xiuyi would react in this way since the beginning and wasn’t surprised at all. After she heard what Bing Shitian said, a wisp of a smile arose on the corners of her mouth as she nodded. “Quickly wear the rings.”

As she spoke, she raised her hands and handed the pair of rings over.

At this moment, even with Bing Shitian’s disposition, he couldn’t help but be slightly excited, and he took a deep breath before intending to wear the rings and help Qing Xiuyi with hers.

“I object!” Right at this moment, a heavy voice sounded out abruptly, and it was like a thunderclap in this deathly silent and solemn atmosphere, causing everyone present here to be stunned.

Elder Lie Peng stood up while burning with rage, and his eyes almost seemed to be blazing with flames as he swept everyone present with his gaze before finally looking at Bing Shitian. “Fellow Daoist Bing, the victor of the bet between you and Chen Xi hasn’t been decided yet you’re going to establish your relationship as Dao Companions with Fellow Daoist Xiuyi? Isn’t that unfair?”

The expressions of Lu Beiyu and True Jade sank, and they were just about to speak when they were stopped by Bing Shitian.

His brows raised slightly while a wisp of dense killing intent flashed in the depths of his eyes, and he stared fixedly at Lie Peng for a long time before he couldn’t help but shake his head. “Could it be that you haven’t noticed that even Xiuyi herself didn’t object to it? As for Chen Xi, Haha! The moment he arrives here will be the moment he commits suicide to atone for his crimes!”

As he spoke, he raised his hand once more with the intention of taking the pair of rings.

Right at this moment, a voice that was like a thunderclap rumbled towards the hall from the outside — “The 18 levels of Heavenly Restrictions are nothing great! Bing Shitian, what else do you have up your sleeve? Feel free to use them all!”

This voice echoed within the hall and destroyed the golden flowers that covered the ground and shattered the auspicious qi and divine radiance in the air.

The eyes of everyone focused when they heard this, and they revealed expressions of surprise.

They were naturally aware that it was probably only the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Chen Xi that dared to use Bing Shitian’s name directly, but the source of their surprise was the meaning contained within Chen Xi’s words.

18 levels of Heavenly Restrictions? 

No wonder Chen Xi didn’t arrive for so long. So it turns out that the Heavenflow Dao Sect made preparations since the beginning and intentionally obstructed him outside their sect so that this ceremony could be carried out smoothly.

On the other hand, the strength Chen Xi revealed from his ability to break through the 18 levels of Heavenly Restrictions of the Heavenflow Dao Sect and arrive here caused them to be shocked in their hearts.

Perhaps they were capable accomplishing it as well, yet they didn’t dare guarantee that they were capable of breaking through the layer upon layer of restrictions and arriving here in such a short period of time.

When they thought up to here, their gazes were filled with amusement as they looked at Bing Shitian and Lu Beiyu.

Lie Peng on the other hand didn’t conceal his rage and disdain at all as he said, “No wonder, no wonder! So it turns out that someone was playing tricks in secret. What skill!”

“Junior Brother Lu, go see which arrogant fellow dares to come cause trouble in my Heavenflow Dao Sect!” Bing Shitian’s eyes narrowed and were suffused with piercingly cold killing intent. The ceremony being interrupted twice had aroused a trace of rage in his heart, and he said with an indifferent tone, “Everyone, please calm yourselves. It’s only a clown, and there’s nothing to get excited over.”

As he spoke, he raised his head to look at True Jade and said, “Martial Aunt, let’s continue the ceremony.”

Lu Beiyu’s expression was livid, and he flashed out of the hall as soon as he heard Bing Shitian’s instructions.

Everyone else chose to look on indifferently when they saw this because they weren’t willing to interfere in this storm. Even though Bing Shitian’s words seemed to be too domineering at this moment, it was within the scope that they could endure.

“How despicable! Even though this is your Heavenflow Dao Sect, I, Lie Peng, am unafraid. Since all of you dare to go against a disciple of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect in such a despicable manner, then don’t blame me for giving up my life and fighting all of you until the end!” Only Lie Peng was unable to restrain himself when he saw this, and he flashed towards the exit of the hall.

“Fellow Daoist Lie Peng, please wait!” True Jade’s figure flashed to obstruct Lie Peng’s path, and her beautiful eyes raised slightly as she spoke with a cold and grim tone. “Today is a day of great joy. I don’t want to see any unhappy events occurring.”

“What? You intend to make a move against me here?” Lie Peng’s expression was gloomy while he stared at her with a murderous gaze.

“Make a move?” True Jade smiled lightly and shook her head. “No, I just want Fellow Daoist Lie Peng to calm your anger. It wouldn’t be late to deal with other things after the ceremony ends.”

At this moment, Bing Shitian said indifferently from the side, “Martial Aunt True Jade, please return. It’s just a fellow that’s overwhelmed by rage, so let him go if he wants to. But don’t blame me for not warning you if a mishap occurs.”

“Ptooey!” Lie Peng spat furiously, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to walk off in large strides.


However, before he could approach the exit of the hall, an enormous bang suddenly resounded out before a black shadow was tossed into the hall, and it rolled on the ground while coughing up blood repeatedly.

This sudden scene instantly caused everyone in the hall to be shocked. Especially when they saw the appearance of the person on the ground, all of their pupils constricted and revealed a wisp of disbelief.

The person was bathed in blood, and his hair was disheveled while both sides of his face were swollen, causing him to seem like a cooked boar. But when they looked carefully, it was shockingly the Sect Master of the Heavenflow Dao Sect, Lu Beiyu!

If it wasn’t for all of them being rather familiar with him, they would have almost been unable to recognize him. It couldn’t be helped, his appearance was truly too horrible.

“Junior Brother Lu!’

“Martial Nephew Beiyu! What gall! Who did this?”

Bing Shitian and True Jade exclaimed in shock and felt slight disbelief. Only a few breaths of time had passed, so how could Lu Beiyu have possibly been bashed to such an extent?

“It’s already merciful of me to not kill him after he obstructed my path.” Right at this moment, a voice that was calm as water resounded out abruptly from outside the hall. Accompanying this voice was a tall figure that was bathed in rays of sunlight, and he walked with steady footsteps into the hall.

He wore green clothes and had a handsome appearance, and his hands were placed behind his back. As his gaze swept towards the surroundings, it carried an oppressive feeling that seemed as if he wielded absolute power.

Shockingly, it was Chen Xi!

At the instant he stepped foot into the hall, the gazes of everyone descended onto him in unison, and their gazes carried curiosity, admiration, detest, and so on and so forth.

“Kid, you’ve finally come!” Lie Peng’s eyes lit up, and he grumbled with joy.

Chen Xi paid no attention to the gazes that shot at him from the surroundings, and he nodded lightly towards Lie Peng before he said, “Martial Uncle Lie Peng, just watch peacefully. Leave everything else to me.”

His voice was calm, yet it carried an awe-inspiring aura.

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