Chapter 924 – Successively Breaking Through The 18 Levels

Sunlight blazed through the sky and dyed the clouds and mist red like flames.

Chen Xi’s tall figure walked forward before the entrance to the Heavenflow Dao Sect. His hair and green clothes fluttered while he revealed a supreme and awe-inspiring imposing aura from within his bearing that was deep and quiet like an abyss.

“The battle is about to begin!” Someone spoke lightly from outside the entrance while clenching his fists tightly with excitement.

“The victor of the bet hasn’t even been decided, yet he’s going to trespass forcefully into the Heavenflow Dao Sect?” Everyone was shocked as they stared fixedly at the scene behind the entrance, and they were deeply afraid of missing a slightest detail.

“Stop him!”

“Quickly! Attack him together!”

Behind the entrance, disciples swarmed over from all directions like a tide, and they seemed as if they’d been laying in ambush here since the beginning and charged out as soon as Chen Xi appeared.

Magic treasures whistled!

Dao Arts poured down!

Instantly, the entire area behind the entrance was filled with terrifying fluctuations that were extremely blazing. Yin and Yang were thrown into disorder, space was shattered, and its impetus was astonishing to the extreme.

Chen Xi was indifferent towards all of this. His hands were behind his back as he walked up the mountain with a composed and tranquil bearing. He seemed as if he was taking an idle stroll in a courtyard, and he didn’t reveal any intention of attacking.

However, with every step he took forward, the magic treasures, Dao Arts, and Divine Abilities that assaulted him seemed as if they were controlled by an invisible force field and suddenly flew back from where they came.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Muffled sounds of destruction resounded out while blood rained down like a waterfall and severed limbs flew out in all directions. In merely an instant, all the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s disciples that charged at him had been crushed.

Miserable shrill cries started resounding out in the sky while sharp cries of rage surged through the air.

The Heavenflow Dao Sect seemed to have transformed into bloody purgatory while group after group of disciples attacked bravely before being caught off guard and perishing. Blood flowed like a river and dyed the ground red.

However, from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi didn’t take a glance towards the surroundings, and he continued walking up the mountain with his hands behind his back. His green clothes were still completely clean and weren’t tainted by the slightest strand of blood.

But everywhere he passed, he left behind mountains of corpses and blood that stained the ground!

This was an extremely shocking scene.

Blood, slaughter, howls of rage, and shrill cries before death. It was like a horrifying scene in purgatory and seemed to be completely unrelated to Chen Xi.

He strolled through the rain of blood and walked amidst the shrill howls with a tranquil expression while completely clean, neat, extraordinary, and untainted by dust or blood.


Outside the entrance, all the cultivators that faintly noticed this scene couldn’t refrain from gasping while their entire bodies felt cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit, and their souls almost left their bodies.

According to rumor, a great Buddha of the primeval times once had a great aspiration. He wanted to expiate the sins of the entire Netherworld’s purgatory, so he walked through purgatory while barefooted and in a linen garment. He ascended mountains of corpses, crossed seas of blood, and he seemed as if he was walking on the path of an extraordinary Grand Dao. He was still tranquil and composed, and he regarded purgatory as nothing because everything from the outside world was incapable of tainting him.

The scene before their eyes was extremely alike to that rumor!


An expanse of golden rain poured down and rumbled like the tide before golden qi that covered the sky rose up, and it caused an imposing aura that was like a mountain to envelop and press down towards Chen Xi.

An expert had made a move!

Chen Xi seemed indifferent towards this and took a step forward.


The golden rain that covered the sky shattered before dispersing back to where it came from, and it couldn’t obstruct his footsteps in the slightest.

“Stop running wild and committing sin!” A loud shout erupted before a grey robed middle aged man appeared, and it was precisely this middle aged man that had tried to obstruct Chen Xi earlier.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm. Presently, the ceremony was about to be held yet this person had willfully obstructed him, so this person clearly had bad intentions. Obviously, this middle aged man didn’t want to allow Chen Xi to enter Grand Valiance Hall at this critical moment.

“Scram!” Merely a single word seemed like judgment that descended from the heavens, and it revealed boundless killing intent. Even though Chen Xi’s figure was thin and had a tranquil and indifferent bearing, yet he emanated an oppressive aura that deterred the world  and seemed as if he controlled the world.

“Young man, calm your anger. The solemn and grand event today is a joyous occasion of the world. Since your killing intent is so heavy, why not stay here silently for a moment? It wouldn’t be too late to ascend the mountain after all your killing intent has been driven out.” As he spoke, the grey robed middle aged man suddenly withdrew a bronze bell that emanated a boundless golden glow, and it was like a mountain that lay across the path and obstructed Chen Xi.

“You made the innocent disciples of your sect perish for your own selfish desires. Do you even have the qualifications to speak about killing intent with me?” As he spoke, Chen Xi formed a sword with his fingers and made a slashing movement, and he didn’t waste the slightest bit of time.


A strand of vast and brilliant sword qi shot into the sky. It flowed with divine brilliance and was oppressively sharp. Moreover, numerous talisman diagrams flickered faintly within it, and they interweaved together to form the sun, moon, stars, and the principles of the world.

Hmm? The expression of the grey robed middle aged man turned grim. He was an inner court elder of the Heavenflow Dao Sect and possessed a cultivation at the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and his strength far surpassed his peers. If it wasn’t for that, it would be impossible for him to have been sent to guard the entrance today.

He originally thought that even if Chen Xi had advanced swiftly in these past few years, he would be able to easily accomplish his objective of keeping Chen Xi here for a period of time.

But now, a strand of sword qi that Chen Xi casually exerted actually caused him to feel a destructive energy that struck straight to his soul, and it caused his Dao Heart to almost lose its balance.

He practically instinctively poured all the Immortal Energy within his body into the bronze bell, and then a fluctuation that was like violent waves swept out from within the bell. Everywhere it passed, space collapsed, and mountains shattered. Its might was boundless.


Amidst a sword howl that shook the heavens, Chen Xi’s sword qi broke through the expanse of fluctuation as if it was sweeping away dry leaves. This even exceeded the expectations of the grey clothed middle aged man, causing him to have no time to react before the sword qi slashed onto the bronze bell.


The bell trembled violently before swiftly dimming down.

On the other hand, the middle aged man suffered the backlash of this strike, causing him to suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood while his face turned pale, and his figure was on the verge of collapse.

“You’re probably a great figure of the Heavenflow Dao Sect since you were able to resist a strike of mine. Unfortunately, you assist the wicked to commit evil, and your path towards the Dao can only stop here for eternity.” Amidst his calm and indifferent voice, Chen Xi didn’t even spare the middle aged man a glance before continuing forward.

He knew very well exactly how formidable the might contained within his strike was. The vitality of the middle aged man had already been shattered, and he was on the brink of death. It wouldn’t be long before the middle aged man perished.

“Bastard! Do you still think you’ll be in time? There are still another 18 levels of Heavenly Restrictions obstructing your path after me. Not to mention a tiny Earthly Immortal like you, even a Heavenly Immortal will be trapped to death within it!” The middle aged man fell to the ground and gritted his teeth as he said, “The moment the ceremony between Lord Bing Shitian and Martial Ancestor Qing ends is the moment of your death!”

Chen Xi raised his eyes and looked towards the distant mountains. Sure enough, he noticed numerous restrictions with obscure and terrifying auras, and they lay layer by layer across the heavens and the earth.

Looks like Bing Shitian is really worried I’d come to cause trouble? He really is as shameless as before… Chen Xi sighed lightly.


Suddenly, a shapeless and terrifying force effused out from Chen Xi’s body. Immortal Energy rumbled while the tune of the Dao was chanted, and strands of divine radiance transformed into talisman markings and Divine Talismans that surrounded him.

At this instant, Chen Xi stopped concealing his strength. He was like a majestic talisman emperor that looked down upon the world, and the world was cast beneath a shadow because of him!

“Watch and see if the restrictions here are capable of stopping my footsteps!” As soon as his voice resounded out, Chen Xi’s entire body glowed as every single inch of his skin flowed with sword qi, causing him to be blazing like the sun. He flew up from the ground and charged directly towards the restrictions.

“Open!” Numerous strands of sword qi surged out like a rain of swords. Every single sword in this rain carried the talisman markings of the Devour Dao Insight, and they charged into the 1st level of the restriction like sharks that had smelt blood.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The restriction shattered inch by inch and transformed into fragments of light that rained down from the entire sky. An elder of the Heavenflow Dao Sect that hid behind the restriction didn’t even have the time to dodge before his figure was shattered by the boundless sword qi and completely obliterated.


The rain of sword qi swept out both horizontally and vertically as they completely devoured the energy of the restriction that had been shattered into a rain of light, and then the sword qi transformed into a complete Devour Divine Talisman that was profound, pitch black, and seemed like a black hole in the depths of the universe before it suddenly flew back into Chen Xi’s palm.

How…how could this be possible!? The middle aged man still didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi was able to break through the 1st level of the Heavenly Restriction so easily even after witnessing this scene with his own eyes!

After that, he carried his unwillingness to his grave.

Earlier, Chen Xi’s sword qi had already completely destroyed the vitality in his body, so the enormous shock and ups and downs of his feelings at this moment instantly took his life, causing him to perish on the spot.

Subsequently, Chen Xi didn’t waste any more time. He flashed up like an ocean of talisman markings as he charged towards the layer upon layer of restrictions.

Restrictions were formations, whereas formations were formed from talisman markings. To Chen Xi that had already accomplish extraordinary attainments in the Dao of Talismans, all the restrictions of the Mortal Dimension seemed nonexistent before him.

Even if it was an Immortal Restriction, he was still able to easily break through it. The reason was very simple, he possessed a supreme Divine Ability that was capable of being ranked in the top 30 in the Divine Ability Gold Rankings of the three dimensions — The Eye of Divine Truth!

Seeing through reality and examining the essence of everything in the world was precisely the unique and supreme ability of the Eye of Divine Truth.

So the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s intentions of utilizing restrictions to obstruct Chen Xi’s path was absolutely wishful thinking.


Within the Heavenflow Dao Sect, numerous terrifying restrictions were blasted open and destroyed, and they erupted into rains of light that swept through the heavens and the earth.

If one were to look down from the sky, it looked like a volcano eruption occurring in the entire Heavenflow Dao Sect. The heavens and the earth shook while destructive aftershocks swept towards the surroundings and destroyed numerous mountains, evaporated expanse after expanse of lakes, and tore open terrifying rifts in the nearby space.

The elders and disciples that stood behind the restrictions didn’t even have the chance to react before they were swept away by the torrent of destruction and perished on the spot.

This scene was too terrifying!

It was even to the extent that people in the extremely distant Autumn Sun City were able to clearly sense the extremely terrifying waves of aftershock surging through the heavens and the earth.

This caused everyone to be astounded, and it alarmed the entire city. Countless strands of Divine Sense and Immortal Perception swept towards the Heavenflow Dao Sect.

A single thought couldn’t help but arise in the hearts of all — What’s going on? Could it be that Chen Xi has already entered into battle with Bing Shitian?

Right at this moment, a howl suddenly echoed throughout the world.

“The 18 levels of Heavenly Restrictions are nothing great! Bing Shitian, what else do you have up your sleeve? Feel free to use them all!”

This voice was like the enraged roar of a Fiendgod and like raging thunder. It rumbled throughout the surroundings and almost split apart the eardrums of all the living beings that heard it, and even their souls shook violently without end.

The world was astounded and turned pale in unison.

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