Chapter 923 – Obstructed At The Entrance

Heavenflow Dao Sect, Grand Valiance Hall.

Within the spacious and empty hall was carved pillars that were like 3km jade stone pillars that held up the ceiling and numerous octagonal glass lanterns hung on the walls and illuminated the entire hall brightly.

This hall was the venue where Bing Shitian and Qing Xiuyi would be united as Dao Companions.

At this moment, numerous figures were gathered within the hall and sat in their respective places.

They were all mostly from the 10 great immortal sects, the Unknown Lands, and the Saintly Land of Ascension. Even though the others were also from large and distinguished sects, none of them were overlord level figures that were renowned throughout the world.

For example, Heartcontrol Swordhouse’s Grand Elder Jiang Shenghai, the Truth Embrace Sect’s Crimsonflame Hall’s Master Fu Yunzi, the Skyreach Sect’s Third Elder Hua Wenxuan… All of them were great figures that enjoyed a great reputation for a long time in the cultivation world.

All in all, there was absolutely not a single ordinary person amongst those that were able to possess a seat in the hall.

At this moment, Bing Shitian and Qing Xiuyi hadn’t made an appearance yet. The ceremony was in its preliminary stage, and they had to wait until the sun rose high in the sky before the curtains to the ceremony would be drawn.

The Sect Master of the Heavenflow Dao Sect, Lu Beiyu, smiled as he looked at this scene while frequently conversing with everyone seated in the hall, and they emanated waves of hearty laughter, causing it to seem rather bustling.

“Sect Master, I’ve already passed on your instructions. Do you have any other instructions?” Meanwhile, a disciple arrived by Lu Beiyu’s side before speaking via voice transmission.

“Mmm, you can leave.” Lu Beiyu waved his hand, and he instantly felt much more relaxed.

He raised his eyes to sweep a seat amongst the seats in the hall before withdrawing his gaze, and then he said to himself. That geezer Lie Peng is probably still waiting for Chen Xi to arrive. Unfortunately, it’ll probably be extremely difficult for him to see that little fellow before the ceremony ends…

Lie Peng was drinking wine by himself when he suddenly noticed something and raised his head to glance at Lu Beiyu, and he couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw Lu Beiyu chatting idly. Lie Peng felt as if he was being too sensitive. 

Alas, why hasn’t that little fellow Chen Xi arrived yet? Could it be that something unexpected occurred? Lie Peng frowned while a wisp of worry surged out from within his heart.

He’d arrived at the Heavenflow Dao Sect much earlier than Chen Xi, but up until now, he didn’t receive any communication from Chen Xi. Now that Bing Shitian and Qing Xiuyi were about to be united as Dao Companions, how could Lie Peng not be anxious?

“Eh, Fellow Daoist Lie Peng, why hasn’t your distinguished sect’s Chen Xi not arrived yet?” Meanwhile, a surprised voice suddenly sounded out from the side, and Lie Peng didn’t have to raise his head to know that it was the Heartcontrol Swordhouses’ Grand Elder Jiang Shenghai.

“He’ll come when he should come.” Lie Peng replied indifferently, and then he acted curious. “Fellow Daoist Jiang, I never expected that you would worry about my Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s disciple so much. Should I thank you on Chen Xi’s behalf?”

Lie Peng was naturally aware that Chen Xi had killed countless disciples from the Heartcontrol Swordhouse in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, so as the Grand Elder of the Heartcontrol Swordhouse, Jiang Shenghai, naturally carried ill will in his heart when he spoke abruptly at this moment.

Jiang Shenghai wore a plain white embroidered robe, had three strands of long beard beneath his chin, and revealed a sage-like appearance. He couldn’t help but laugh. “There’s no need for thanks. I just heard that little fellow made a bet with Lord Bing Shitian and today’s the day that the victor is determined, so I couldn’t help but be slightly curious. Could it be that he knows he’s going to lose, so he doesn’t have the face to come here?”

Lie Peng frowned and said indifferently, “That’s between him and Bing Shitian. It seems to be unrelated to you, Fellow Daoist Jiang, right?”

Jiang Shenghai suddenly roared with laughter and said, “Fellow Daoist Lie Peng, you’re treating me like an outsider with those words. Presently, everyone in the Dark Reverie knows about your Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Chen Xi. Even I can’t help but arouse the feeling of cherishing towards such a peerless genius.”

He paused for a moment and suddenly sighed. “But unfortunately, he just had to offend Lord Bing Shitian and even made this bet under his obsession. To be frank, this little fellow is slightly too arrogant, so who can he blame for hurting himself from his own doing?”

Lie Peng’s face sank.

Jiang Shenghai acted as if he didn’t notice at all, and he continued. “Alas, such a waste of a peerless genius. After Lord Bing Shitian and Qing Xiuyi are united as Dao Companions today, he’ll probably have to fulfil the terms of the bet and commit suicide.”

Meanwhile, everyone within the hall noticed the unusual atmosphere over here, and they’d stopped chatting a long time ago. So Jiang Shenghai’s words practically reverberated clearly in the ears of everyone.

Instantly, the atmosphere in the entire hall became slightly oppressive.

All of these great figures from far and wide had lived for countless years, so how could they be unaware of the enmity between Chen Xi and Bing Shitian?

It was precisely because they were aware of it that they were unwilling to talk about it. After all, this was the territory of the Heavenflow Dao Sect, and it was the day that Bing Shitian and Qing Xiuyi were being united as Dao Companions. If this matter were to be discussed by them, it would dampen the mood of the event.

Especially because the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Elder Lie Peng was present. Even though the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s forces were on the decline, it was still one of the 10 great immortal sects in the end, so no one was willing to offend the Nine Radiance Sword Sect because of this.

So this was why their reactions would be so strange when they saw Jiang Shenghai bluntly discussing this matter.

Elder Lie Peng’s expression was livid as he stared coldly at Jiang Shenghai, and his gaze was murderous.

Jiang Shenghai chuckled without end, and he didn’t care at all.

Right at this moment, a wave of footsteps suddenly sounded out from outside the hall, and accompanying these footsteps was the sounds of bells that sounded like the sound of nature curling up into the sky.

The attention of everyone in the hall was instantly drawn over.

They saw True Jade who wore gorgeous palace clothes walking in the front with a dignified bearing and wavy hair that was curled into a bun, whereas Bing Shitian and Qing Xiuyi were following behind her.

Bing Shitian seemed to be exceptionally solemn today. He wore a star crested feathered crown, a robe with dark violet cloud patterns, a belt that was gilded with gold and inlaid with jade, and soft shoes made of pinewood. He possessed starry eyes, red lips, and white teeth, and every single move he made revealed a dignified and steady bearing.

But Qing Xiuyi who was by his side was bound to be even more dazzling.

Her jet black and beautiful hair was coiled above her head, revealing a peerlessly beautiful and jade white face. Her neck was long and slender, her lips red like rose petals, and her waist was graceful and delicate. She wore fiery red and gorgeous dress with winding tassels, and phoenix shaped pin was placed within her hair, causing her to emanate picturesque beauty and be matchlessly shocking.

She was too perfect!She was like an otherworldly celestial maiden that had descended to the mortal realm. Even though everyone present were great figures in the cultivation world, they couldn’t help but have their breath taken away as soon as they saw this scene.

Bing Shitian and Qing Xiuyi walked forward side by side, and they were simply like a couple made in heaven, causing the entire hall to seem to be cast into a shadow.

Amidst everyone present, only Lie Peng didn’t have the mood to appreciate this scene, and the anxiousness in his heart rose. The ceremony is about to begin. Where’s Chen Xi? Where exactly is he now?



At the foot of the mountain where the Heavenflow Dao Sect resided.

A group of cultivators were blocked outside the entrance.

“Fellow Daoists, I’m sorry but the ceremony has already begun now. So please leave. For safety’s sake, my Heavenflow Dao Sect will be on full alert from now onward, and no one may step foot in the sect.” A disciple of the Heavenflow Dao Sect stood before the entrance and spoke proudly.

The group of cultivators had actually come to watch the ceremony as well, but they muttered to themselves before leaving successively because they didn’t possess invitations.

But they didn’t leave and stood outside the entrance instead. They seemed to intend to wait here so that they could find out everything that occurred within Grand Valiance Hall at the first possible moment.

The disciples that stood on guard outside the entrance couldn’t do anything about this, and they could only turn a blind eye to it.

“Go report to Bing Shitian that I, Chen Xi, have come to fulfil my side of the bet.” Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s tall figure suddenly arrived before the entrance, and he spoke calmly as he gazed at the disciples.

Earlier, he’d already noticed that the entire Heavenflow Dao Sect was defended by layer upon layer of restrictions, and if he intended to enter the sect, they the only way would probably be to trespass forcefully. But he’d come for the sake of fulfilling the bet and to take Qing Xiuyi back with him, so there was no need to trespass forcefully.

“What? You’re Chen Xi?” The disciple was stunned, and he stared at Chen Xi while sizing Chen Xi up before he nodded. “Alright, wait a moment. I’ll go report it.” As soon as he finished speaking, he’d already gone pass the entrance.

“Chen Xi!”

“He’s Chen Xi! My god! He really came!”

“Haha! There’s a show to see now.”

When those cultivators that waited nearby saw this scene, all of their spirits were refreshed, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi were filled with curiosity, reverence, and fear, and they didn’t even dare to speak loudly.

Just like the entire Dark Reverie, they were well aware that Chen Xi had overcame a tribulation every five years, and he was probably an Earthly Immortal Realm expert that was a Peak Sovereign, so they had no choice but to revere him.

Chen Xi was indifferent towards all of this, and he waited silently with a calm and composed expression.


After a short moment, he suddenly frowned and flicked his sleeve, causing the restrictions the enveloped the surroundings of the entrance to be easily torn apart like paper.

“Shit! That fellow is breaking his way in!”

“Quickly, quickly report it to the elders!”

The group of disciples behind the entrance were extremely shocked, and they let out shrill cries.

Chen Xi stretched out his hand and grabbed, and he pulled one of them towards him before he asked calmly. “Didn’t you go to report the news of my arrival? Why are you hiding behind the restrictions of the entrance instead?”

This person was precisely the disciple that had spoken with Chen Xi earlier. At this moment, his throat was held by Chen Xi, and it terrified him to the point his face pale and rendered him speechless.

“I understand now. Your Heavenflow Dao Sect doesn’t welcome my arrival, right?” Chen Xi frowned and continued. “Since it’s like this, then don’t blame me for trespassing forcefully.”

His voice was calm and indifferent, and it didn’t carry any emotion.

In the next moment, Chen Xi had already walked towards the Heavenflow Dao Sect.

“How presumptuous! This is the Heavenflow Dao Sect, and it isn’t a place you can run wild at!”

“Quickly stop him! The Elders have already instructed that we must not allow him to enter the sect!”


When Chen Xi had just stepped through the entrance and towards the Heavenflow Dao Sect, he saw groups of cultivators suddenly surging over from all directions like a tide, and they were shouting as they charged towards him.

It really is like that. Looks like not only do they not welcome me, they seem to be afraid that I would ruin the ceremony… Chen Xi understood everything completely when he saw this, and his clear and tranquil eyes suddenly flashed with a wisp of piercingly cold killing intent.

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