Chapter 92 – Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token

Chapter 92 – Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token

Azure-leaf Cicada Shell!

Jade-spiral Bloodsun Ginseng!

Seventh-Disaster Herb!

Every time Le Qi identified the name of a material, he would be shocked in his heart and his eyes would grow brighter and brighter. The movements of his hands became even gentler, it wasn’t like he was identifying materials, but was instead like he was stroking the face of his lover.

As one of the appraisers in the Misty Sea City’s Treasure Heaven Pavilion with the greatest qualifications, Le Qi’s eyes had been trained to be extraordinarily sharp since long ago, and the various materials that had passed through his hands were too numerous to enumerate. It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen a valuable sprit material, however, when he saw the spirit materials that were piled into a small hill before him, he was still shocked.

Endlessly shocked!

Shocked like tidewater that became more and more turbulent!

Truthfully speaking, these spirit materials weren’t of high grade, and even could only be considered to be low grade. But every one of them were extremely rare, to the extent that practically all of them were extinct materials that hadn’t been found in the world since long ago!

No matter if it was refining medicinal pills, puppets, or Magic Treasures, all of them had a differentiation between primary materials and supplementary materials. Primary materials were naturally extremely valuable existences that decided the grade and rank of the treasure after it was completed, yet supplementary materials were similarly hugely important. It was to the extent that even if the primary materials were complete, the lack of a required supplementary material would cause the treasure to be utterly impossible to be refined.

For example, the medicinal pill that was extremely popular in the cultivation world a thousand years ago, the Cultivation Condensation Powder. After being consumed by a cultivator, it was able to help to explosively increase the probability of breaking through and developing the Violet Palace Realm and Dao Foundation by 20%. How formidable was that? Moreover, it was precisely because of the extinction of a low grade supplementary material called Treasured Turtledove Flower that the Cultivation Condensation Powder was buried into oblivion a thousand years ago, as they only possessed the medicinal formula but were unable to refine it.

There were many other examples like this.

Some medicinal formulas, weapons refinement techniques, and beast taming techniques that had been inherited from ancient times had all gradually vanished within the cultivation world due to the lack of some type of spirit material.

Le Qi was naturally aware of this, and it was exactly because he knew these past incidents that when he saw numerous spirit materials that should have been buried in history had appeared before him, the shock in his heart could be easily imagined.


Le Qi heaved a sigh and restrained the excitement in his heart as he started to swiftly organize the materials. At this moment, he displayed extremely high professionalism, he maneuvered swiftly to pick, classify, and organize the spirit materials that were piled like a mountain in an orderly manner. His movements were gentle and smooth, and it was pleasant to the eye.

“Is there something special about these materials? It looks to me like only the amount is high.” Duanmu Ze couldn’t help but ask in a low voice. He was truly unable to understand why a great appraiser like Le Qi would be so excited, as if he’d consumed an extremely strong medicine that possessed extreme Yang properties.

“It’s indeed extremely normal.” Du Qingxi thought for a moment, then replied. “But they’re extremely rare. All these are practically spirit materials that are unable to be bought on the market, moreover, most of them went extinct extremely long ago.”

Duanmu Ze was still unable to wrap his head around it. What’s so strange about ordinary materials that have gone extinct?

Chen Xi instead had instantly wrapped his head around it, due to the effect of the River Diagram fragment. The depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range had always been isolated from the outside world for a million years. It was like a realm outside of the world that had grown boundless amounts of spirit herbs and spirit woods, coupled with demons attaching importance to nature and weren’t like human cultivators who seized and took control of all resources. The spirit herbs and spirit woods within it were naturally able to perfectly survive until now.

Even though he understood this, Chen Xi still persisted in selling these things. He wasn’t an alchemist, tamer, or equipment refiner… There was no great use for him to keep these materials, so why not sell them?

“The total is 80,000 spirit herbs and spirit woods, 27,032 ores, and 40,099 types of other materials.” It was at this moment that Le Qi had completed his inventory. When he stood up, he was still slightly in an endless trance within his mind. 99% of all these materials were rare existences that had gone extinct in the world, and when he’d seen so many in such a short amount of time, even he slightly felt as if he was dreaming.

“How much is it worth?” asked Chen Xi.

“Master Le Qi, Chen Xi is my brother, you better not cheat us.” Duanmu Ze smiled broadly as he reminded with a voice that vaguely carried a trace of warning.

Le Qi was naturally able to perceive it and said respectfully to Chen Xi right away, “If it’s calculated according to spirit liquids, these over one hundred thousand materials ought to be worth not less than 2.5 million kg of spirit liquid.”

2.5 million kg!

Du Qingxi and the others were all stunned. These low grade spirit material were actually able to be exchanged for no less than 2.5 million kg of spirit liquid?

It was common knowledge that cultivators below the Violet Palace Realm were only able to use spirit stones and spirit jades to cultivate or purchase some goods required for cultivating; whereas cultivators at the Violet Palace Realm and above used spirit liquids as currency or to measure the worth of the treasures in the world.

2.5 million kgs of spirit liquid was sufficient to be exchanged for hundreds of top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures, or over ten profound-rank Magic Treasures!

The highest quality weapon within the possessions of Du Qingxi’s group of three was only at the high-grade yellow rank. At this moment when they heard the astronomical figure that Le Qi declared, their hearts were naturally fiercely shocked.

2.5 million kgs? Chen Xi sighed in surprise in his heart, yet he revealed no change in his composure. “May I ask Master Le, what do you mean by at least 2.5 million kgs? Could it be that even you’re unable to determine the specific worth?”

Le Qi nodded. “This bill is too huge and I don’t dare to rashly give a price to it myself. Please wait for a moment, everyone. I’ll go discuss it with the various managers before coming back to meet all of you.” As soon as he finished speaking, Le Qi left hastily.

Treasure Heaven Pavilion, top floor.

The Treasure Heaven Pavilion was the tallest building in Misty Sea City at 3km high, like a heavenly pillar that stood below the starry sky. When one is atop it, the bright stars that were the size of a fist seemed as if they could be easily plucked down.

At this moment, Le Qi stood on the top floor with a respectful expression, and an extremely beautiful woman lay with an elegant and graceful posture on the soft couch opposite him.

Her upward slanting eyes were like water, with a beautiful appearance and tender white skin, and her jet-black hair was like clouds that hung down loosely. As she lay sideways on the soft couch, her graceful figure was fully portrayed, revealing her boundless charm.

If Duanmu Ze was here, he would surely recognize this woman; she was the owner of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion in Misty Sea City —  Madam Shui Hua!

Supposedly, Madam Shui Hua was a princess of the Darchu Dynasty’s imperial family. She possessed the bloodline of the imperial family and an exceedingly respected status, and her cultivation was unfathomable. In Misty Sea City, almost no one dared be disrespectful to her, and even in the entire southern territory, the status of Madam Shui Hua was extremely extraordinary.

“99% of them are spirit materials that have vanished and were annihilated a thousand years ago?” Madam Shui Hua’s charming brows frowned as she said, “But this seems to be nothing worthy of being amazed, right? You came to see me because of this?” Her voice was hoarse, yet carried along a trace of an inexplicable magnetism. It felt like a cat’s paw scratching the heart, causing one to be unable to help one’s self from becoming excited and fantasizing.

However, Le Qi’s heart shook instead, seeming to be extremely fearful of this incomparably beautiful woman, and he said hurriedly, “Reporting to Madam, the worth of these spirit materials are expensive, but they can’t be considered as much. What I suspect is that since he possesses these low grade spirit materials that had vanished from the world, then would he also possess valuable spirit materials that already don’t exist in the world since long ago?”

“Hmm.” Madam Shui Hua’s upward slanting eyes revealed a trace of deep thought, and she suddenly asked after some time. “Did you inquire about his background?”

“He’s called Chen Xi and ought to be a Violet Palace Realm cultivator. As for the others, I don’t know. Oh, right. He came together with a Young Master from the Duanmu Clan this time.” Le Qi replied.

“Duanmu Clan?” Madam Shui Hua thought for a moment, then instructed. “Give him 3 million kgs of spirit liquid, then present him with my Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token, and properly establish a relationship with him.”

Le Qi was stunned, and he stared blankly at a loss for what to say.

The Treasure Heaven Pavilion would give out some tokens to honored guests, and they were divided into five levels namely Copper, Silver, Gold, Violetgold, and Amethyst. Relying on these tokens, the possessors were able to obtain the highest level of service in any Treasure Heaven Pavilion in the Darchu Dynasty and acquire the most preferential price when buying treasures.

However, the conditions for giving out these tokens was extremely harsh, and even the copper token was utterly impossible to acquire without a certain level of status and identity.

According to Le Qi’s knowledge, the Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token was ordinarily given out to the Patriarch of a clan, the Master of a sect, or a cultivator that had attained the strength of the Golden Core Realm. The level of its preciousness was merely inferior to the highest level, the Amethyst Treasure Heaven Token!

There were only a mere few tens of people in the entire Darchu Dynasty who possessed the Amethyst Treasure Heaven Token. Their status, identity, and strength had all attained a peak level that was difficult to reach for ordinary people. They were all formidable figures who commanded great power.

Even the City Governor of Misty Sea City had only obtained a Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token.

At this moment, when he heard Madam Shui Hua wanted to gift a Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token to Chen Xi, the shock in Le Qi’s heart was impossible to be described by words, and he was in a silent trance for a long time.

“What is there to be surprised about?” Madam Shui Hua spoke unhurriedly. “It’s only a Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token. If no one uses it, then it’s merely a piece of scrap metal.”

Le Qi began to speak, then hesitated. “But…”

“You can leave now. I’ll be returning to Silken City after some time. Before this, find out clearly about this Chen Xi’s background then report it to me.” Madam Shui Hua lazily waved her hand.

“Yes.” Le Qi had a bellyful of wonder as he turned and left.

Not long after Le Qi left, Madam Shui Hua seemed to be absorbed in thought as she muttered. “Chen Xi, he ought to be a survivor of the Chen Clan that group of people annihilated. His mother is an extraordinary figure. Heh, truly interesting. I’ll sow a piece of good fate with him and see if he’s actually able to live until…” Her voice grew softer and softer, lower and lower, and it vanished from the empty luxurious room like a howl of the wind.

“3 million kgs of spirit liquid!”

“Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token!”

Du Qingxi’s group of three almost didn’t dare believe their eyes and ears, and they all stared at Chen Xi as if they were looking at a freak.

Even if it was within the clans behind them, 3 million kgs of spirit liquids was an enormous amount as well. But comparatively speaking, the Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token caused an even greater shock to them. After all, even within the enormous clan behind them, only a few people were able to possess the Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token!

When the nearby Le Qi saw this scene, he sighed endlessly in his heart as well. He was truly unable to figure out why Madam Shui Hua would do this. Not only did she increase the price by a great deal, she’d even gifted a Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token!

Could it be merely because of these spirit materials?

It surely isn’t!

Le Qi didn’t believe that Madam Shui Hua, who’d always been shrewd like a fox, would do such a stupid thing. There was surely something concealed within it.

When he thought of this, he couldn’t help but size Chen Xi up. Could it be that there’s some staggering secret concealed on this fellow?

Chen Xi instead didn’t think about it so much. He came to the Treasure Heaven Pavilion for the sake of selling these spirit materials that were of no use to him, and for the sake of purchasing a sword formation and some Magic Treasures to increase his strength.

He wanted to purchase the sword formation to be used in combination with the eight Netherezim Flying Swords, and he wanted to purchase Magic Treasures instead to increase his strength a step further. After all, although the Seventhgold Swordbamboo was sharp, when all was said and done, it was an equipment refinement material that hadn’t been refined, and its might was far from being displayed completely.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time and I’m leaving Misty Sea City tomorrow. If I have the opportunity, then I must ask a great equipment refiner to refine the Seventhgold Swordbamboo for me. Before this, it’s better for me to use the Seventhgold Swordbamboo sparingly. If by any chance someone saw it and possessed evil intentions against me, then it would be extremely bad. Chen Xi pondered secretly. Compared to demon-kind, human cultivators were more ruthless and cunning, more despicable and heartless. So he had to be on guard against being killed and his treasures seized.

Chen Xi was slightly unable to endure the strange gazes Du Qingxi and the others shot at him, so he directly said, “Master Le, does the Treasure Heaven Pavilion sell sword formations?”

“Uh.” Le Qi was as if he’d just awoken from a dream, then he nodded and said, “Of course we do!” As he spoke, he swung his sleeve and a jade booklet that was coiled by mist flew into Chen Xi’s hand.

“This is my Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s Universal Book, and its name contains the meaning of covering all things within the universe. All the rare treasures that my Treasure Heaven Pavilion sells are within this superb collection, and there are at least a thousand types of treasures related to sword formation diagrams. Moreover, every one of them are of top quality. Fellow Daoist, please take a look if there’s anything that’s to your liking.” When he spoke of his own things, Le Qi possessed an appearance of taking honor and pride.

Universal Book?

Chen Xi flipped open the jade booklet, and at the instant he started reading through it, a strand of surprise had instantly arisen within his heart.

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