Chapter 913 – Sending Out Invitations Far And Wide

Heavenflow Dao Sect, North Star Peak.

Violet bamboo covered the ground like an ocean and danced with the wind, and they cast a dense shade onto the mountain.

Qing Xiuyi wore white clothes with jet black hair that hung down to her waist, and her figure fluttered like smoke and mist while her clothes moved with the wind, causing her to seem like a fairy walking through an ocean.

She stood silently at the bank of the ocean of violet bamboo and looked towards the roiling sea of clouds from afar, and her peerlessly beautiful face was suffused with a dazzling glow under the illumination of sunlight.

She was still the same person from all those years ago, yet her bearing was even more ethereal, causing her to seem supreme, otherworldly, and unapproachable.

“Xiao Huan, go ahead and tell me if you have something to say.” 

A young woman in a green colored Daoist robe and had two pigtails on her head stood nearby Qing Xiuyi. She was pretty and cute, and she said in a low voice when she heard Qing Xiuyi, “Martial Ancestor Qing, Supreme Martial Aunt entrusted me to tell you that the day you become Dao Companions with Lord Bing Shitian is in another 67 years six months and 12 days. Supreme Martial Aunt hopes that you’ll cultivate in meditation within the sect during this period of time and don’t worry about everything that’s happening in the outside world.”

The Supreme Martial Aunt Xiao Huan spoke off had the Daoist name of True Jade, and she was a senior of the Heavenflow Dao Sect that had lived in seclusion for many years. At the same time, she was Qing Xiuyi’s master before Qing Xiuyi had reincarnated for 100 lifetimes.

Qing Xiuyi went silent for a short moment before she said, “I understand.”

Her voice was clear like a fountain and no emotion could be discerned from it.

Xiao Huan couldn’t help but raise her eyes to glance at this peerless genius that was renowned throughout the world over a few thousands of years ago, yet she was only able to see an extraordinary and graceful figure and was unable to see her appearance.

Even then, Xiao Huan’s heart was filled with reverence and admiration.

“Congratulations Senior Sister. You’ve overcome all the karma of your previous lives and successfully cultivated 100 reincarnations. When you ascend to the Immortal Dimension in the future, you’ll surely establish eternal radiance!” Right at this moment, a clear and melodious howl sounded out from beneath North Star Peak, and along with this voice, a handsome figure moved through space and drifted over.

He wore a star shaped crown, had eyes that were brilliant like stars, a handsome appearance, and as he looked around, he emanated a dignified and bold aura that subdued the hearts of all. It was exactly Bing Shitian.

As he gazed at that familiar beautiful figure that stood at the bank of the ocean of violet bamboo and before a precipice, a wisp of burning adoration suddenly suffused the depths of Bing Shitian’s eyes, yet it vanished in a flash, causing him to recover his usual composed and graceful bearing.

Qing Xiuyi acted as if she didn’t hear this instead, and she just silently looked towards the distance. The sea of clouds was roiling over there, causing thousands of waves to arise, and under the illumination of sunlight, it was suffused with a gorgeous luster that seemed like golden flakes and was extremely magnificent.

Bing Shitian didn’t have the slightest awareness of being disregarded, and he grinned lightly before walking forward and standing side by side with Qing Xiuyi.

From Xiao Huan’s angle, both of them were simply like a divine couple. Both of them were so perfect, perfect to the point others were unable to arouse the slightest feeling of envy.

“Alas, why is Martial Ancestor Qing so cold towards Lord Bing Shitian? Countless people are willing to spend their entire lifetimes with a renowned and peerless genius from the Immortal Dimension like him, right? Could it be that it’s because of Chen Xi?” Xian Huan frowned, and she thought with slight contempt. “He’s just a tiny insect that made its way out from a small world. He has no status, no cultivation, and he isn’t even equal to a ten thousandth of Lord Bing Shitian. Why would Martial Ancestor Qing have a child for him? This is surely a lie, it’s surely a lie that little insect made up.”

As a disciple that served by Qing Xiuyi’s side, Xiao Huan was extremely proud as well. Not to mention an ordinary person, even the outstanding disciples of the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s younger generation weren’t taken seriously by her.

In her eyes, only great figures like Bing Shitian were worth of reverence. Of course, she knew very well that nothing would even happen between herself and Bing Shitian, but it didn’t stop her from admiring and worshipping him.

“Xiao Huan, leave for now. I have some things I want to talk with Xiuyi about.” Bing Shitian turned around and smiled warmly to Xiao Huan as he gestured with his hand.

Xiao Huan instantly returned to her senses from her thoughts, and she smiled sweetly before bowing and leaving. However, she was still thinking in her heart. Lord Bing Shitian is warm, modest, and kind to others. He doesn’t have the slightest haughty air…

Unfortunately, she never thought whether Bing Shitian would spare a glance at her if she wasn’t the disciple that served by Qing Xiuyi’s side.

Qing Xiuyi couldn’t help but frown when she heard the words ‘Xiuyi,’ and then her expression returned to normal before she said indifferently, “Don’t address me in that way in the future.”

Bing Shitian laughed lightheartedly and said, “Senior Sister, you’re still the same as before and don’t like others being too intimate with you. But we’re going to become Dao Companions very soon. It’s only a method of address, so there’s no need to be too persistent.” 

Qing Xiuyi puckered her lips and kept silent, yet her brows knit together imperceptibly.

Her cherry lips were moist, her skin tender, and her jet black and beautiful hair swayed gently with the mountain wind, causing her to be incomparably graceful and reveal indescribable beauty.

Bing Shitian was slightly dazed from this sight, and his heart couldn’t help but burn as he said, “Senior Sister, I’ll bring you to the Immortal Dimension after we’ve become Dao Companions. That’s the world that belongs to you.”


Qing Xiuyi suddenly turned around, and then her jade white hand flipped before it struck an extremely resounding slap on Bing Shitian’s face.

This sudden scene shocked Bing Shitian to the point he forgot to dodge, and he opened his eyes wide while staring fixedly at Qing Xiuyi before he said with a deep voice, “Why!?”

Qing Xiuyi turned away once more and only left the side of her face to Bing Shitian as she said indifferently, “You knocked me out all those years ago in the Primeval Battlefield and forcefully brought me here. This slap is your punishment. Feel free to come fight me if you’re unsatisfied.”

Bing Shitian was stunned, and then he actually started laughing and wasn’t angry in the slightest. It was even to the extent he started roaring with laughter in the end and stared at Qing Xiuyi with a burning gaze. “This is the Senior Sister Qing that I know well. I accept this slap completely.”

Qing Xiuyi sighed and said, “Leave.”

The smile on Bing Shitian’s face was gradually restrained before an imperceptible trace of gloominess flashed between his brows, and then he said, “Senior Sister, you’ve already punished me, so why are you still so cold towards me?”

Qing Xiuyi remained silent like a mountain of ice.

Bing Shitian took a deep breath when he saw this, and then he said, “I’ve always been unable to discern which part of me can’t compare to a tiny ant from a remote village like the Darchu Dynasty. In terms of identity, I’m an emissary of the Immortal Dimension that’s under the authority of Immortal Monarch Huang Long and possess peerless glory. In terms of cultivation, I’ve already attained the Golden Immortal Realm, and even if I leave the Heavenflow Dao Sect, it’s sufficient for me to rule over an area of the Immortal Dimension. In terms of talent…”

Before he could finish speaking, Qing Xiuyi had directly interrupted him. “All of this is meaningless.”

Bing Shitian’s face froze while the shrewdness that he’d nurtured for countless years had completely vanished before this woman that he loved the most, and then flames of rage that couldn’t be restrained filled his chest as he said, “Tell me exactly why!?”

“I’m tired.” Qing Xiuyi turned around and left by herself. From the beginning until the end, she didn’t say another word.

Bing Shitian suddenly clenched his fists tightly and stared fixedly at Qing Xiuyi’s beautiful figure, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Senior Sister Qing, you probably still don’t know that I’ve already made a bet with Chen Xi. So long as we become Dao Companions, then he’ll cripple his own cultivation and be obliterated for eternity! On the other hand, even you know that our relationship as Dao Companions was destined a long time ago and can’t be changed!”

Qing Xiuyi’s figure stopped for a moment, yet she didn’t turn around, and she stopped on the spot for a moment before moving towards the distance.

“Senior Sister!” Bing Shitian was unable to restrain the rage in his heart any longer when he saw this, and he said, “I, Bing Shitian, swore on that day that if I’m unable to marry you, then no one in the world can get you, no one! So no matter if you’re willing or not, I’ll surely become Dao Companions with you when the agreed upon time arrives!” 

His voice was like a thunderclap that rumbled through the heavens and the earth, and the entire Heavenflow Dao Sect was alarmed.

On the other hand, from the beginning until the end, Qing Xiuyi’s face was calm as water.


After a short moment, on Tiger Dragon Peak within the Heavenflow Dao Sect.

The Sect Master Lu Beiyu frowned and sighed. “Senior Brother Bing, why become so infuriated because of this?”

Bing Shitian’s expression was gloomy, and he glanced at Lu Beiyu with displeasure as he said, “Junior Brother Lu, could it be that you don’t understand my feelings towards Xiuyi?”

Lu Beiyu laughed bitterly. All those years ago, he was a Core Disciple of the Heavenflow Dao Sect just like Bing Shitian and Qing Xiuyi. But after a few thousands of years had passed, Bing Shitian had become a great figure of the Immortal Dimension and Qing Xiuyi had been reborn through 100 cycles of reincarnations, whereas he had succeeded the position of Sect Master. Everything was so different now.

Besides Bing Shitian who has persisted until now, has Qing Xiuyi ever cared about the sentiments from all those years ago?

Even though he thought like this in his heart, Lu Beiyu still persuaded. “Senior Brother Bing, Martial Aunt True Jade had already agreed all those years ago that she would betrothe Senior Sister Qing to you, whereas Senior Sister Qing didn’t refuse at that time. Moreover, this agreement even received the approval and acknowledgement of numerous seniors of the sect. In my opinion, you only have to wait silently, and when the day comes, the entire Heavenflow Dao Sect will naturally hold a great banquet to celebrate for you and Senior Sister Qing.”

Bing Shitian’s expression eased up when he heard this, and he frowned and pondered for a short moment before he instructed. “Junior Brother Lu, since it’s like this, then send the invitations far and wide first. Invite all the seniors of the various sects of the world and prestigious figures to gather at my Heavenflow Dao Sect. Right, besides the 10 great immortal sects, send invitations to those Unknown Lands and Secluded Paradises in my name. Let me see who dares to not come!”

Lu Beiyu was stunned, “Isn’t it a little too early?”

Bing Shitian interrupted Lu Beiyu with a wave of his hand. “It isn’t, it isn’t early in the slightest. I want to allow Chen Xi to find out about this and cause him to be unable to eat or rest at ease in these few tens of years to come!” 

When he spoke up to here, his expression had already become extremely cold, and he sneered. “Of course, if he’s unable to restrain himself and jumps out, then it couldn’t be any better!”

Lu Beiyu knew it was useless to persuade Bing Shitian any further when he heard this, and he nodded. “Alright.”

Bing Shitian’s expression recovered its composed and graceful appearance, and he stood up and said, “I’m going to pay a visit to Martial Aunt True Jade. Xiuyi is too persistent, and she’ll only obey Martial Aunt True Jade’s words. No matter if she hates me or not after the matter, I don’t care anymore because so long as I’m able to obtain her, then she’ll understand my intentions one day!”

Lu Beiyu laughed bitterly and couldn’t help but say. “Senior Brother Bing, there are another 60 over years left, why be so anxious?”

Bing Shitian shook his head. “You don’t understand. Even if Xiuyi is given a thousand years or ten thousand years, so long as she has set her mind to something, then it won’t change. This is her character, and I understand her better than you.”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly sighed lightly and muttered to himself. “It’s precisely because of this that I love her so much. Even if a few thousands of years have passed, my heart can accommodate no one but her…”

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