Chapter 911 – Destruction Of The Ages

Bai Jingchen’s words coupled with his overbearing and arrogant heroic posture caused everyone present to find it difficult to breathe.

At this moment, no one doubted that his words weren’t true.

In other words, everyone firmly believed that since Bai Jingchen said this, then the might of his second punch would surely be more terrifying than the first!

“Again!” But, Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged when facing this, and the battle intent in his eyes became even more intense and seemed as if it intended to incinerate the sky.

If it was any other person, the person’s confidence and will to fight would probably be smashed after hearing this, and the person would take the initiative to admit defeat. But obviously, all of this was unable to affect Chen Xi’s will to fight.

Since he started cultivating until now, he’d experienced countless dangers and hardships, and he’d encountered countless more situations that were even more dangerous that the one he was in now, so how could he be affected by a few words?

His Dao was always a fearless Dao of never compromising, a Dao that destroyed all brambles in his path and moved forward boldly!

“Very good! With this will, you have the qualifications to make me execute a second punch!” Bai Jingchen roared with laughter, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning. “This second punch is called Grand Dao Cage, you better to watch out!”


He strode out, causing the ground to quake while his entire body rumbled with a peerless imposing aura. It seemed as if he’d transformed into the sovereign of judgment that controlled the world, and he wanted to transform the world into a cage that confined the Grand Dao!

The might of his fist hadn’t even spread out when force that carried the energy of the heavens and the earth completely enveloped and locked onto Chen Xi, causing him to be unable to move.

Instantly, Chen Xi had the feeling that if Bai Jingchen’s fist were to be struck out, then he wouldn’t have any chance to dodge or escape because his soul, vital energy, figure, and even everything around him was locked onto. No matter where he fled to, he would be unable to escape the envelopment of this punch.

“Grand Dao Cage!” Bai Jingchen moved amidst a rumble, and he struck out with his fist. It seemed to be slow yet was swift, and it seemed to be slow like a snail but was even swifter than a bolt of lightning. It was an extremely conflicting feeling, and it completely warped the knowledge of cultivators towards the profundities of time and space.

Chen Xi’s hairs stood on end. He was completely locked onto by the Fist Insight of Bai Jingchen, and it felt as if he was abandoned by the Grand Dao and locked within a cage where the Grand Dao was warped, causing all energy to fall into a chaotic state of being confined.

This punch was capable of being described as being able to shake the heavens and the earth!

Under the situation that he was unable to dodge or flee, it aroused the ferocity in Chen Xi’s heart instead, causing him to circulate his Blackhole World to the limit. All the Immortal Energy in his body seemed like flames that were burning with rage, and they transformed into a surging torrent that poured into the Talisman Armament.


The Talisman Armament soared through the sky while emanating boundless light, and it developed numerous ethereal phantoms of gods like the Azure Emperor, Wood Empress, White Emperor, Metal Empress, Black Emperor, Water Empress…

All these phantoms were like primeval gods that had awakened, and they stood loftily in Chen Xi surroundings. They reflected the workings of the heavens and illuminated the world, and the impetus they revealed was vast to the extreme.

But all of this seemed nonexistent when facing that terrifying fist. It directly smashed through all barriers and charged out before blasting towards Chen Xi’s chest!

It was an extremely critical moment!

If he were to be hit at this moment, then even if Chen Xi survived, he would fall to the ground with a heavy injury, and it would take countless years for him to recover.

At this extremely critical moment, Chen Xi’s experience that he’d tempered through blood and battle had been flawlessly revealed. He converged all his will and all the energy in his body before condensing it into energy in the Talisman Armament and slashed out with it!


Everyone in the surroundings of the martial practice grounds felt a piercing pain in their eyes while an extremely terrifying rumbling shook through the surroundings, and the aftershock spread out and swept the heavens and the earth into a terrifying scene of destruction and collapse.

The expressions of everyone turned grim when they noticed this terrifying airflow approaching them.

“Freeze!” Right at this moment, the Grand Elder Bai Cheng suddenly shouted out explosively, and then he flashed up into midair while his arms fluttered repeatedly. He formed a screen of light that covered the sky and completely separated the surroundings of the martial practice grounds, and he used this to deal with the terrifying aftershock that was spreading out, causing everyone else to feel like they were fish in a pond.

After a short moment, everyone looked towards the center of the martial practice grounds with residual shock in their hearts. They saw Chen Xi still standing on the spot without moving, but his figure emanated a wave of dense sound of shattering, and it seemed as if the flesh and bones within his body had suffered destruction and damage.

The facts were indeed so. At this moment, the terrifying might of Bai Jingchen’s second punch had practically completely invaded his body, and that might was sufficient to destroy a lofty city!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Chen Xi repeatedly spat out over 10 mouthfuls of blood, and even every single pore in his body flowed with strands of blood that drenched his clothes before flowing to the ground, causing him to seem like a person that was covered in blood.

He took a few deep breaths and exerted all his strength to circulate the Dark Parasol Sapling, causing strands of surging Immortal Energy to charge into his damaged meridians, broken bones, and cracked flesh and skin.

Compared to the injuries of his flesh, his soul had even suffered a heavy injury, and it was dispirited and practically dried up, causing it to reveal signs of decline and death. But before he could repair his soul this time, the River Diagram fragments in his sea of consciousness suddenly emanated strands of fluctuation that suffused his entire soul, and then peerlessly abundant vitality started to arise.

His heavily injured and dispirited soul actually started recovering at an unbelievable speed!

Chen Xi suffered a heavy injury in this collision, and it was the most severe injury he’d suffered in the recent years and could be said to be one that put him on the verge of death.

But under this terrifying pressure, his spirits obtained an extremely great improvement, and he even noticed numerous aspects that he was deficient in. This was the most precious experience he got from this collision.

The martial practice grounds were completely silent, deathly silent.

Everyone looked at Chen Xi with gazes that carried a wisp of shock and an indescribable feeling. They seemed to have never imagined that he would actually be able to receive Bai Jingchen’s second punch.

“Very good! The might of this strike is already slightly skillful, and your combat consciousness isn’t bad. Unfortunately, you’re still too far away from your goal of defeating Bing Shitian!” Bai Jingchen spoke in a low voice and broke the silence in the martial practice grounds. “Even though your recovery is shocking, you must remember that the enemy will never give you the slightest time to catch your breath during a true battle! So never place your thoughts on any other place, and the only thing you can trust is the strength you possess!”

Chen Xi understood this principle as well. But he didn’t understand it so deeply as he did at this moment because Bai Jingchen wasn’t wrong, if these two punches came successively, then he would absolutely be lying on the ground a long time ago.

Bai Jingchen’s voice reverberated endlessly in the martial practice grounds, and everyone seemed to be lost in thought.

“Again!” After a short moment, a low and deep voice that was hoarse like grains of sand rubbing together sounded out from Chen Xi’s mouth. Along with this voice, Chen Xi raised his head slowly, and his originally dim eyes brightened gradually before becoming blazing like two stars.

At the same time, an imposing aura that was condensed like a ray of light, sharp like a blade, and vast like an abyss rumbled and effused out of his body before charging into the sky!

His entire body was drenched in blood while his countenance was pale like before, and his clothes were even in rags. But at this moment, everyone present sensed an unyielding, unsurpassed, bloody, and brave imposing aura from him.

It was persistence to never lose, and it seemed as if no matter wind or storm, he wouldn’t be moved in the slightest.

Bai Cheng was moved.

Ling Bai puckered his lips tightly.

The corners of Bai Wanqing’s mouth was suffused with a wisp of a gratified expression.

Practically everyone was able to clearly sense the change in Chen Xi’s bearing, and a wisp of admiration rose involuntarily in their hearts. It was acknowledgement to an expert.

No one had noticed that even Mortis silently clenched the iron spear in his hand tightly, and his tall figure became even straighter and solemn.

Bai Jingchen’s eyes narrowed as he carefully sized Chen Xi up, and then he said, “The third punch is called Destruction of the Ages.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the imposing aura in his entire body rose, conformed with the heavens and the earth, and he seemed to have become the only eternal existence in the world. Merely this imposing aura shook everyone in the surroundings of the martial practice grounds to the point of retreating uncontrollably.

If this punch were to be released, then exactly how great would its might and force be?


Bai Jingchen strode forward and struck out with his fist.

There wasn’t any sound that came from it, and it seemed as if all its might had been condensed within the punch, causing the punch to reveal silence from reaching an extremity.

As they felt the might of this punch, the scalps of everyone present went numb, and their faces went pale with shock, while their entire bodies went cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

After the short period of recovery earlier, only half the injuries in Chen Xi’s body had been recovered. But his spirit, energy, and essence had attained an unprecedented peak state. However, when facing this punch where ‘great skill concealed itself, great sound became silent, and great appearance became shapeless,’ a type of empty and powerless feeling still arose in his heart.

But in merely a thousandth of an instant, he’d escaped from that sort of powerless feeling, and his mind was unprecedentedly clear and calm like the snow. All of his thoughts were converged together.

I must absolutely resist this punch!

He had a premonition that so long as he was able to persist in the test of this punch, then his strength would undergo a transformation once again.

At this instant, he abandoned all thoughts and feelings.

He forgot everything in the world and everything he’d learned.

But within his Blackhole World, all the various Divine Abilities, profound techniques, and Grand Dao profundities that he’d grasped were circulating naturally. It was like a lotus on clear water, a natural carving, and his intentions weren’t present within it at all.

Chen Xi entered into an inexplicable state.

It was indescribably profound, yet it couldn’t be named.

“Hmm? This little fellow really deserved to be an extraordinary genius. He actually fused with the Grand Dao at this moment and fell into a profound state of Dao comprehension.” A glow that was bright like lightning flashed past Bai Jingchen’s eyes, whereas his punch didn’t slow down in the slightest and silently enveloped down at Chen Xi.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi raised his head while a will of iron and blood fused and converged together, and it transformed into peerlessly powerful battle intent that surged out from his Talisman Armament.


The sword and fist hadn’t struck each other when the force of the sword and fist had collided.

At this moment, the entire heavens and the earth seemed to have dimmed down, and everything in the surroundings was completely drowned by this terrifying and explosive force…

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