Chapter 91 – Misty Sea City

Chapter 91 – Misty Sea City

So it’s Misty Sea City.

When the treasured vessel was still 50km from the city in the darkness of the night, Chen Xi was finally able to clearly see the name of the city, and the information of Misty Sea City instantly surfaced in his heart.

Misty Sea City, the second largest city in the southern territory with a scale only inferior to Dragon Lake City, and it obtained its name from the neighboring Misty Sea. This city was the transportation hub of the southern territory, and all the goods of the southern territory were gathered here before flowing towards the cities in all directions and out of the southern territory. Trade flourished here and merchants gathered here.

If one spoke about the level of luxury, then even Dragon Lake City was inferior to Misty Sea City!

Of course, Dragon Lake City was the heart of the southern territory after all, and various ancient sects, clans, and institutions gathered there. It was the cultivation holy lands in the heart of all the cultivators in the southern territory.

“It’s actually Misty Sea City. This city is the most luxurious place in the entire southern territory, and you can practically buy anything that you want here, like Magic Treasures, puppets, medicinal pills, cultivation techniques… and even beautiful females and rare treasures of different races from over the seas. So long as your purse is sufficiently full, then you can buy anything here!” Duanmu Ze’s eyes were extremely bright. This Young Master from the Duanmu Clan had obviously frequently fooled around in Misty Sea City and he was able to speak knowledgeably about it.

“Oh, I want to go to the Immortal Indulgence Restaurant. There’s a five leaf spirit chef in charge there, and the dishes cooked by the spirit chef are even endlessly coveted by Golden Core Realm cultivators.” When Song Lin spoke about food, he instantly changed into a different appearance, he was in high spirits and possessed a burning gaze, and there wasn’t a trace of drowsy sleepiness on him.

“Misty Sea City is only 15,000km from Dragon Lake City, but it’s at least over 50,000km away from Pine Mist City.” Du Qingxi looked at Chen Xi as she said, “Why don’t we rest a day here before departing?”

Chen Xi was anxious to return home as soon as possible and originally intended to refuse, but he suddenly recalled that there were various treasures within his storage pouch to be sold and agreed at once.

He’d once heard someone say that there was a Treasure Heaven Pavilion in Misty Sea City. Within it, nothing was lacking and everything was sold. It even provided trade methods such as auctions and exchanging of goods for goods, and its business could be found all over the Darchu Dynasty.

This Treasure Heaven Pavilion in Misty Sea City was one of its branches, and it was the money spending den that possessed the greatest scale and reputation in the entire southern territory.

Duanmu Ze rubbed his fists together as he said excitedly, “What? You want to go to the Treasure Heaven Pavilion? I’ll follow you, I know that place.”

“Alright, then I’ll be troubling Brother Duanmu.” Chen Xi nodded. After all, it was slightly safer with someone he was acquainted with accompanying him.

“I’ll go as well.”

“We’re unoccupied and have nothing to do, let’s go together.”

Song Lin and Du Qingxi spoke as well, as they wanted to follow Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was stunned, then turned around to look at Xue Jing, Mo Han, and Di Hongtu in the corner.

On the way here, he’d found out the background of the three. Xue Jing was a Limitless Sect disciple, Mo Han was a Clearworld Sect disciple, and Di Hongtu was an Azuresun Sect disciple. The sects of these three were all part of the eight great sects of Dragon Lake City, with hidden resources and reserves that were abundant and ancient. Their sects even slightly surpassed the six great clans behind Du Qingxi’s group of three.

However, since the three of them were in the same group as Su Jiao, they were naturally differentiated as being from the enemy camp by Chen Xi, and although there was no enmity to speak of, it was impossible for them to become friends.

“Fellow Daoist Chen Xi doesn’t have to mind us. It’s all thanks to Fellow Daoist Chen Xi’s help that we were able to leave the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, and we’ll bid our farewells with everyone now. If we have the opportunity to meet in Dragon Lake City in the future, then we’ll surely entertain you with boundless hospitality to express our appreciation for Fellow Daoist Chen Xi’s lifesaving kindness.” Mo Han who possessed a steady disposition walked forward and bowed as he spoke.

Chen Xi cupped his hand yet said no more. Not killing them was already his limit, as for the so-called appreciation Mo Han spoke off, he didn’t take it seriously at all. At that time, it would be sufficient so long as they didn’t stab him in the back.

Mo Han’s group of three didn’t say anything further, they leaped off the treasured vessel that flew towards Misty Sea City.

“Actually, these three only have a superficial relationship with Su Jiao, and the reason they were together was only because the powers behind them possessed a good relationship with the Su Clan,” Du Qingxi said in a light voice.

Chen Xi smiled. “Don’t mention them, it kills the mood. But thank you for your guidance.”

“Who asked us to be friends?” Du Qingxi smiled as well.

After Chen Xi put away the treasured vessel, they didn’t stay and flashed towards the distant Misty Sea City.

When they walked into the city, a wide area entered their eyes. The ground in an area of 3.3km was level like it was sanded down from a single rock, and it was smooth like glaze. Row upon row of various buildings went along the spacious limestone road, winding into the distance until the end couldn’t be seen.

It was already deep in the night now, yet the city was still bright as day.

The entire city was decorated with lanterns and colored decorations. The lights of various colors that flowed with a brilliant light hung on every corner of the street, causing it to be brightly lit like numerous fire dragons that were wriggling as they stayed there.

Beautiful, dazzling and magnificent…

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be speechless when he saw such a luxurious and prosperous scene. He walked through the city gate with a heart filled with surprise. It was like he’d walked into another world, and the scene that was gorgeous like a painting was mixed with a wave of clamor as it assaulted his face.

Diverse cultivators could be seen everywhere on the spacious street, wearing clothes of different fashions and wearing different crests. They were all obviously from different sects.

There were also many cultivators that were like peddlers, spreading out a stall on the ground at the side of the street before soliciting customers with a loud voice; it was extremely bustling.

Chen Xi was even able to see some cultivators from other territories sitting on some oddly shaped mounts; they leisurely and unhurriedly walked on the street as they took a brief look. No matter whether it was bearing, appearance, or dress, it was all extremely strange, and they were obviously not cultivators from the area of the southern territory.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi was secretly awestruck. In an extremely short amount of time, he’d already noticed at least a few tens of Violet Palace Realm cultivators. There were even a few Golden Hall Realm cultivators that he barely caught a glimpse of before they flashed and vanished on the street.

The experts are really numerous like the clouds here!

Compared to this, Pine Mist City was indeed like a small town at the border. At least in Pine Mist City, a Violet Palace Realm cultivator was already an existence that was at the top. Whereas at Misty Sea City, Violet Palace Realm cultivators instead seemed as if they could be seen anywhere, and the two of them were obviously not on the same level.

They walked and looked around all day, and before long, Chen Xi’s group had arrived before an incomparably large building.

“Look, this is the Treasure Heaven Pavilion.” Duanmu Ze pointed with his mouth, and he had an excited expression.

Chen Xi was slightly muddled instantly, the building before him was 3km tall and occupied an area of over 50 hectares. It seemed to be entirely made from white jade. Numerous crystal lanterns hung beneath the exquisite and spinning roof, illuminating it to the point that glowing rays shone in all directions and the aura of treasures shot into the sky. Moreover, a shocking fluctuation was vaguely emitted by it, as an extremely formidable formation had obviously been placed on it.

“Innumerable amounts of priceless treasures were gathered in this Treasure Heaven Pavilion, and the royal family of the Darchu Dynasty is behind it, so there’s no need to worry about safety. Like this Treasure Heaven Pavilion before us, not only does it possess seven Golden Core Realm cultivators holding down the fort, moreover, there’s always an extremely mysterious Rebirth Realm cultivator that stays here.” Duanmu Ze spoke with fervor and assurance, as if he was extremely familiar of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion.

“Ah, so it’s Young Master Duanmu, please come in quickly, please come in quickly.” The eyes of a female attendant with an extremely beautiful appearance couldn’t help but light up when she saw Duanmu Ze, and she jogged all the way over while beaming with smiles.

Duanmu Ze casually nodded with a reserved expression, and he’d returned to that appearance of his that possessed a superb demeanor.

“I never imagined that this fellow is rather famous, even the attendants actually know him.” Chen Xi glanced at Duanmu Ze in surprise, and he couldn’t help but re-evaluate the power possessed by the six great clans of Dragon Lake City.

“Prepare a standard room for us, this brother of mine wants to sell some treasures. Hmmm, invite some appraisers as well.” Duanmu Ze casually instructed.

“Young Master, please follow me.” Only now did the female attendant notice Chen Xi. She only slightly sized him up before withdrawing her gaze, and her smile was even more moving. She didn’t dare offend someone that was able to be in a group with Duanmu Ze, even if Chen Xi was dressed shabbily.

Chen Xi and the others follow behind the female attendant and walked into the Treasure Heaven Pavilion. They walked along the wide and exquisite arched walkway and arrived at a standard room that was magnificent.

It was said to be a standard room, yet the space within was an area of 330m, with a scarlet red carpet covering the floor and an incense burner that was shaped like an auspicious beast with the smoke of incense curling upwards from it. Screens with paintings of landscapes on them were scattered in the surroundings, and strands of dinging and rattling sounds of graceful music slowly sounded out within the quiet and elegant room.

The female attendant delivered some fresh fruits and fine wine before silently leaving.

What a nice place!

Chen Xi secretly sighed emotionally in his heart. With his sight, he was naturally able to discern that there was a grand formation placed within the entire room, and not only did it condense abundant spirit energy, it was even able to cut off eavesdropping from the outside world. It was extremely marvelous.

“Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s Appraiser Le Qi has come to meet Young Master Duanmu.” It wasn’t long before a deep voice sounded out from outside the door.

“Come in,” said Duanmu Ze.

Subsequently, a grey clothed, middle aged man pushed open the door and entered. He cupped his hands towards everyone present as he asked. “May I ask which Young Master wants to sell some treasures? May I have a look so that I’m able to estimate a price?”

This grey clothed middle aged man called Le Qi was neither humble nor arrogant, his attitude was neither warm nor fervent, displaying an extremely high accomplishment in his occupation. Obviously, he was relying on his appraisal skill to act in such a way.

“This Master Le Qi is an appraiser with extremely great qualifications in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, and he possesses discerning eyes that are filled with wisdom. He’d most skilled in the appraisal of spirit materials and ordinary people are utterly unable to make him attend to them. Chen Xi, what treasures do you plan to sell?”

Duanmu Ze turned to look at Chen Xi with a burning gaze, seeming to be extremely curious as to exactly what Chen Xi wanted to sell.

It wasn’t only Duanmu Ze, even Du Qingxi and Song Lin were extremely curious. After all, if they were ordinary things, there was entirely no need to sell it here, as although the Treasure Heaven Pavilion wasn’t bad, it still collected quite a sum of fees.

“A lot.” Chen Xi’s reply was extremely pithy, and he swung his sleeve. Instantly, an exceedingly great pile of treasures that were coiled by the light of spirit energy and were suffused with brilliant lights appeared on the ground. There were spirit herbs, spirit woods, materials for equipment refinement, extremely rare and valuable objects… They were mixed together like a mountain of treasures, causing the entire standard room to be suffused with a layer of colorful brilliance.


Besides Chen Xi, everyone with the room gasped.

My god! So many treasures?

“All these are useless to me, I want to exchange them for spirit liquids. Master Le, please do a count,” Chen Xi said indifferently.

These treasures were an entire ten plus thousand in numbers and were plundered from the Black Ape King and the other three demon kings. There were also some that were gifted by the demons in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range. Most of them were materials like spirit herbs and spirit woods that were rare and precious treasures in the outside world, but unfortunately, their quality wasn’t too high and wasn't of great use to Chen Xi. Thus, he naturally wanted to completely deal with them so that he could exchange them for some spirit liquids to use for his cultivation.

“Give… Give me a moment to count it.” Le Qi took a deep breath and was barely able to suppress the excitement in his heart, then he was like a hungry tiger pouncing at its food as he drilled into the pile of treasures and made an inventory of them one by one. His appearance was like a wolf that was extremely hungry.

Obviously, to an appraiser like Le Qi, being able to possess so many treasures for him to make an inventory of was undoubtedly an extremely happy thing.

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