Chapter 907 – The Past

The pine tree rustled with the wind while the air was suffused with mist.

Bai Wanqing and Chen Xi sat facing each other before the stone table, and they sipped tea while catching up with each other.

When they talked about Old Man Ma, Pei Pei, and Qiao Nan from the Clear Stream Restaurant, Bai Wanqing couldn’t help but be sorrowful. But in next to no time, her attention was drawn by the experiences Chen Xi had while wandering through the world all those years ago.

Besides some extremely private matters, Chen Xi practically didn’t conceal anything, and he spoke of everything he’d experienced all through these years. But he didn’t describe it too much and spoke in an extremely calm tone.

However, Bai Wanqing listened extremely seriously and frequently exclaimed with surprise as she never imagined that Chen Xi had experienced such a windy and bumpy road throughout these years, and it was filled with such a legendary aura.

When he was in the Darchu Dynasty, he obtained the first in the Goldlake Meeting, was pursued by the Blacksun Pavilion, and then finally entered the Primeval Battlefield with the identity of number one genius in the younger generation of the Darchu Dynasty.

In the Primeval Battlefield, he experienced Danger in the Primitive Sea, fought the elite disciples of the various dynasties, and faced Bing Shitian directly and made a bet with Bing Shitian…

On the other hand, Bai Wanqing was only aware of all the shocking deeds Chen Xi had done after he arrived at the Dark Reverie, and she knew how he’d ascended step by step in the Dark Reverie to glory and became renowned.

So all of them were so novel and abundant with the aura of legends to her.

After a long time, Bai Wanqing calmed her feelings and looked at Chen Xi as she said, “You’ve really had it rough during all these years.”

Chen Xi shook his head. “These were all things that I ought to do.”

Bai Wanqing smiled, and she sighed abruptly because she thought of something before pondering deeply and said, “I know that you urgently want to know the information about your parents. But before this, you must first become clearly aware of what sort of existence the Zuoqiu Clan is.”

Chen Xi took a deep breath and nodded. “Aunt Bai, please guide me.”

“You probably are already aware that the Zuoqiu Clan isn’t a power from the Mortal Dimension, and it resides in the Immortal Dimension.” Bai Wanqing pondered for a moment before she said slowly, “The Immortal Dimension is extremely huge, to the point it exceeds your imagination, and it’s practically a boundless existence. No one knows exactly where the limits of the Immortal Dimension are. So you can imagine exactly how many powers reside in the Immortal Dimension. They can be said to be as numerous as grains of sand and dense like the starry sky.”

Chen Xi listened seriously and was deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.

“But no matter how many powers there are, there’s a difference between them in the end, and the Immortal Dimension is no exception. The Zuoqiu Clan is one of the top amongst them, and it’s also one of the most ancient powers.” When she spoke up to here, Bai Wanqing made an extremely vivid comparison. “Look at the Dark Reverie, it’s boundlessly vast and filled with numerous powers. But it’s controlled by the 10 great immortal sects and six lineages of the devil sect. However, are they the strongest powers? No, because there are still the Secluded Paradises and Unknown Lands, and there are also ancient clans like my Bai Clan that are capable of going against them.

“The Zuoqiu Clan’s status in the Immortal Dimension is roughly equivalent to the status of the Unknown Lands and Secluded Paradises in the Dark Reverie. You can imagine how monstrous the forces of the Zuoqiu Clan are since they’re capable of possessing such status in the Immortal Dimension.” 

When she spoke up to here, Bai Wanqing’s eyes couldn’t help but carry a wisp of emotion. “The facts are indeed so. According to my knowledge, in the history of the Zuoqiu Clan, there’s more than one Immortal King that commanded the winds and clouds and howled proudly through the three dimensions!”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Even though he hadn’t arrived at the Immortal Dimension yet, he was still able to imagine that since it was able to reside in the Immortal Dimension and expand its power to such a terrifying extent, the Zuoqiu Clan’s resources and reserves were obviously extraordinarily deep.

Especially when he heard the words ‘Immortal King,’ Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but shake. An Immortal King, a king of a myriad of immortals. What sort of terrifying strength would be required to obtain this glory?

Chen Xi was unable to imagine it, nor did he dare to imagine it because all of this had exceeded his knowledge.

After all, he hadn’t arrived at the Immortal Dimension, and he was only an Earthly Immortal Realm expert now. He was still extremely far away from such a realm in cultivation.

Bai Wanqing glanced at Chen Xi and said with a smile, “Of course, the Zuoqiu Clan isn’t the ruler of the Immortal Dimension, and it isn’t that there are no powers in existence that are capable of going against the Zuoqiu Clan.”

Chen Xi knew that Bai Wanqing was consoling him, and he took a deep breath before his expression returned to calm and said, “Aunt Bai, go on. I was mentally prepared a long time ago.”

A wisp of a gratified expression flashed in Bai Wanqing’s eyes, and then she nodded and said, “Right, everyone ridiculed you all those years ago in Pine Mist City, yet who would have imagined that after this short period of a few tens of years, you would be able to obtain such accomplishments? At the bottom of it all,  it all depends on your own effort.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he was praised to the point of being slightly embarrassed. But after all of this, he was really much more relaxed in his heart, and it wasn’t so heavy as it was before.

“Your mother, Zuoqiu Xue, is a disciple of the Zuoqiu Clan. Moreover, she’s a direct descendant with a noble status. She’s peerlessly brilliant and a deserving holder of the title of genius.”

Bai Wanqing restrained her smile and said, “But unfortunately, an extremely vast internal strife erupted in the Zuoqiu Clan, causing the whereabout of the Zuoqiu Clan’s Patriarch to be unknown, whereas your mother fell to become a prisoner overnight.”

Chen Xi clenched his fist tightly in secret when he heard this. Even if Bai Wanqing had spoken in a sufficiently simple manner, how could he be unable to determine how great the harm such an unexpected event would have brought to his mother?

“I don’t know exactly how that internal strife occurred, and I only know that your mother escaped the Immortal Dimension with the help of her older brother Zuoqiu Feng and arrived in the Dark Reverie.” When she spoke up to here, Bai Wanqing’s expression actually surged with dense ridicule that even contained resentment. “Originally, your mother knew that she was unable to go against the Zuoqiu Clan, and she was utterly dejected and intended to reside in the Mortal Dimension. But never had she expected that all of this was only the beginning of a plot.”

A plot!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as cold lights appeared within them, and then he interrupted. “Aunt Bai, was that plot carried out by Zuoqiu Feng?”

He still clearly remembered that when he entered the Manor within the jade pendant for the first time, his mother Zuoqiu Xue had once said that she was taken away by his uncle. In other words, wasn’t it Zuoqiu Feng?

Bai Wanqing was stunned and seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi would actually guess it immediately, and then she nodded and said, “Exactly, this plot did indeed come from Zuoqiu Feng. Actually, your mother had her suspicious all those years ago. After all, the place that she was kept in was a core area of the Zuoqiu Clan, and it was utterly impossible for Zuoqiu Feng to rescue her on his own.”

“Unfortunately, your mother trusted this older brother of hers too deeply, and even if she suspected something, she took it to be a coincidence and luck.” 

Bai Wanqing sighed. “She only understood later on that all everything Zuoqiu Feng did was from the instructions of a great figure in the Zuoqiu Clan, and it was for the sake of the mysterious precious treasure of the three dimensions, the River Diagram.”

The River Diagram!

The River Diagram again!

As soon as he heard these words, Chen Xi thought about the River Diagram fragment that floated in his sea of consciousness, but he never imagined that this River Diagram fragment was actually the source of the harm that befell his mother.

“The laughable thing was that your mother did indeed possess a treasure map related to the River Diagram, but even she wasn’t sure if the River Diagram was actually there.” Bai Wanqing sighed. “But no matter what, all of this has already occurred, whereas your mother was harmed by her one and only older brother because of this.”

A strand of fury arose in Chen Xi’s heart for no reason or rhyme. He knew very well that the clues related to the River Diagram in his mother’s possession didn’t contain the River Diagram at all, and it was merely a Manor!

Within the Manor was Senior Ji Yu, the Heavenpeak of Trials, the world of stars, but no River Diagram! Strictly speaking, it was merely a Manor of inheritance that Senior Fuxi had left behind to his inheritor!

The only thing that could be related to the River Diagram was that all those years ago, Fuxi had once comprehended the profundities of the variations in the workings of the heavens from the River Diagram, and he ascended the peak of the Grand Dao in the end.

On the other hand, the River Diagram fragments in his possession came from beneath the Profound Disruption Mountain in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, the ancient sacrificial altar within the Darchu Dynasty’s Silken City, from his senior sister Li Yang, and from within the Door of Profundity in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss. Regardless of which fragment it was, all of them weren’t related to the Manor at all!

This Uncle of mine is truly ruthless. For the sake of something that doesn’t exist, he actually didn’t hesitate to make a move against his own younger sister. He truly deserves death!

Chen Xi gnashed his teeth with hatred, and then too a very long breath before gradually calming himself down.

“Of course, before she searched for the River Diagram, Zuoqiu Feng didn’t reveal anything out of the ordinary, and it was precisely during that period of time that your mother came to know your father, Chen Lingjun.” The corners of Bai Wanqing’s mouth were suffused with a strange expression that flashed momentarily before vanishing, and then she said slowly, “At that time, your father had gone out to gain tempering and experience, and he entered into the Dark Reverie by coincidence. His strength was extremely weak, and he was only at the Violet Palace Realm. But, it just so happened that such a person obtained the heart of your mother…”

Chen Xi was stunned as he never expected that his father who was at the Violet Palace Realm would actually be able to enter the Dark Reverie. He simply didn’t dare believe it!

After all, when he entered the Dark Reverie all those years ago, he’d exerted an extremely great amount of effort and experienced countless tests before safely arriving here.

Of course, this was fortune, it was filled with luck and uncertainty, and everything could occur by chance.

Disregarding all of this, the true source of Chen Xi’s shock was his father was truly too ferocious as he was actually able to obtain the heart of his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, from the Immortal Dimension while at the Violet Palace Realm. This couldn’t be described as luck, and it was simply like a legendary story.

“After that, your parents were together, whereas with the guidance of your mother, the strength of your father practically soared in the sky with a single leap. Of course, for the sake of obtaining the River Diagram from your mother, Zuoqiu Feng gave out a lot like cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, magic treasures… So long as he was able to make your mother happy, he would practically fulfill any request.” When she mentioned Zuoqiu Feng, the corners of Bai Wanqing’s mouth was suffused with an expression of ridicule once more. “Unfortunately, Zuoqiu Feng didn’t notice at all that your mother had already faintly seen through his thoughts and feigned ignorance. In secret, she was actually using every single method available to her to improve your father’s strength because it was impossible for her to defeat Zuoqiu Feng by herself.”

When he heard up to here, Chen Xi finally came to an understanding about why the strength of his father, Chen Lingjun, would be so formidable. With the guidance of his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, who was a direct descendant of an ancient power in the Immortal Dimension, it was impossible for him to not become stronger! 

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