Chapter 905 – Horrifying Bai Cheng

Bai Juan’s figure was indeed difficult to notice as it had fused into space like a translucent phantom, and it was impossible to lock onto him even with Immortal Perception.

Moreover, his attack was soundless and didn’t cause the slightest ripple to occur in space, causing him to seem like the most brilliant assassin that was impossible to defend against.

But now, before this surprise attack of his that came from behind could hit its target, it had actually been hit precisely by Chen Xi. Moreover, the terrifying sword insight within this strike shook him to the point he staggered out from space and coughed up large mouthfuls of blood. How could this not cause the others to be shocked?

It was even difficult to believe!

“How…did you accomplish this?” Bai Juan wiped the blood stains on the corners of his mouth before standing up, and his beautiful peach blossom shaped eyes were similarly suffused with a wisp of bewilderment.

“Since the beginning of the battle, I’ve always had my perception locked onto you. If it wasn’t for the sake of taking precautions against you, do you think he would be able to persist until now?” Chen Xi pointed at the distant Bai Qun and spoke indifferently. 

Bai Qun was stunned because Chen Xi’s words were equivalent to indirectly saying that his strength was weak, so how could he endure it? He roared right away. “Impossible!”

“But in the end, both of you still lost, right?” Chen Xi spoke calmly yet didn’t argue with him.

He’d already won, so there was no need to argue.

“We’ve lost?” Bai Juan sighed and seemed to be dazed. However, the pitch black and icy cold shuttle in his hand was suddenly suffused with a wisp of gorgeous glow.


The shuttle tore through the sky and struck towards Chen Xi’s back once more. He didn’t conceal his aura any longer, and the sharp tip of the shuttle emanated a sharp whistle as it tore through space like a black colored bolt of lightning that was swift to the extreme.

If it was said that the surprise attack from before was carried out silently, then the surprise attack now was carried out when it was least expected. It was executed suddenly and took everyone by surprise, thus the Dao of Assassination was displayed vividly.

This was indeed a flawless assassination that was carried out under the gazes of everyone present. Moreover, it was executed at a distance of less than 10m away from Chen Xi.

At such a short distance, Bai Juan had absolutely confidence in killing Chen Xi!

However, when the shuttle was only three inches away from the back of Chen Xi’s head, it stopped abruptly and didn’t dare move forward at all.

Because a sword had already arrived before Bai Juan’s throat. A bright light flickered at the tip of the sword and tore open a gap in Bai Juan’s skin, causing a stream of blood to flow out from within.

The hilt of this sword was grasped in Chen Xi’s hand, and it was firm and precise. The fierce aura emanated from it was like the scythe of the god of death, and it gave Bai Juan an unprecedented feeling of danger.

He knew very clearly that so long as he made the slightest movement, this sword would absolutely tear open his throat and shatter his soul without holding back in the slightest!

But if he were to admit defeat just like this, then how would he give the Grand Elder an explanation?

Bai Juan had never lacked the courage to make a decision. Right when this thought appeared in his mind, he decided that even if he had to take Chen Xi down with him, he would complete this assignment!

A wisp of resolution silently surged into his eyes.


However, before he could make a move, the Talisman Armament in Chen Xi’s hand flipped, and the heavy blade of the sword slapped fiercely on Bai Juan’s face, causing him to be slapped flying. His cheekbones crumbled while blood sprayed from his mouth, and even many teeth in his mouth were shattered.

When he fell on the ground over 30m in the distance, the entire right side of his face was swollen while his entire face was covered in blood, and he seemed to be extraordinarily miserable.

“No wonder they say that you’re the most difficult to deal with amongst those of the same generation. This sort of cunning and vicious methods of battle really does conform to your character.” Chen Xi put the Talisman Armament away and spoke calmly.

“In my eyes, there’s no black and white between the methods of battle, and it’s sufficient so long as it’s able to kill my enemies.” Bai Juan struggled to stand up as he spoke slowly.

Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought, and then he nodded and said, “You’re right. There’s indeed no difference in one’s methods in battle. But you weren’t fighting for yourself in this battle, so your will wasn’t firm. It’s truly a pity.”

Bai Juan revealed an expression of shock and seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi’s perception would actually be so acute.

“Go back and tell the Grand Elder to feel free to use any methods he possesses because he won’t have a chance after tonight.” As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi turned around and returned to the guest hall. From the beginning until the end, he didn’t spare another glance at Bai Juan and Bai Qun.

Compared to Bai Hong, Bai Juan and Bai Qun weren’t worthy of his respect.

The reason was extremely simple. Even though Bai Hong was instructed by the Grand Elder to challenge them, she’d kept a limit in her heart, so even if she’d fought with her life on the line like a moth darting into a flame in the end, she was fighting for the sake of protecting her Sword Dao and not for the sake of completing the order of another.

On the other hand, from the beginning until the end, the reason Bai Juan and Bai Qun had aroused killing intent was because of the order of another, so their state of mind and will to fight was inferior to Bai Hong.

When the two were compared, the difference was obvious.

As soon as Chen Xi left, Ling Bai and the others left successively. Only Bai Gunan glanced at Bai Juan and Bai Qun with disdain as he was leaving, and he said, “Even though my strength is a realm inferior to the both of you, I’ve always remembered the meaning of battle that our ancestor created with his blood. Both of you…should think about it.”

Instantly, only Bai Juan and Bai Qun remained at the scene, and their expressions changed indeterminately. 



Within the magnificent hall, the expression of the Grand Elder Bai Cheng was livid, and he was unable to restrain the rage in his heart any longer, causing him to fiercely throw the wine cup in his hand onto the ground.

“Trash!” A low and deep roar reverberated throughout the hall. Bai Cheng was like an infuriated lion that was venting his rage without restraint.

“Big Brother, do you still intend to persist?” Right at this moment, a voice sounded out from outside the hall. Accompanying this voice was Bai Jingchen’s robust figure appearing in the hall.

When he saw Bai Jingchen, Bai Cheng’s flames of rage instantly dispersed completely, and he recovered his calm before slowly sitting on his chair. He said with an expressionless face, “Ha! I never imagined that after not seeing each other for so many years, us brothers would gather together today.”

Bai Jingchen sat on a chair at the side and comfortably stretched his body before sighing with emotion. “Yeah, an entire 287 years, three months, and 16 days. Time really passes swiftly.”

Bai Cheng grunted and said indifferently, “Your memory isn’t bad.”

“Even though I’m lazy, my memory has always been very good.” Bai Jingchen chuckled as he spoke. At this moment, he didn’t have the bearing of a Patriarch of an extraordinary power at all.

“What did you come looking for me for today?” Bai Cheng couldn’t be bothered to talk nonsense and asked directly.

“It’s of course for the sake of that kid.” Bai Jingchen smiled, and then his expression turned serious as he said, “Our Bai Clan can’t interfere in the matters of the Zuoqiu Clan. Big Brother, you ought to understand what I mean, right?”

“It’s only a bastard! Why can’t we interfere?” When he spoke up to here, Bai Cheng took a deep breath and stared at Bai Jing Cheng as he said, “Jingchen, so long as you say the word now, it’ll be impossible for that bastard to escape, and the internal strife within my Bai Clan will vanish without a trace. At that time, who in this world would dare offend our Bai Clan with the Zuoqiu Clan for us to rely on in the Immortal Dimension?”

Bai Jingchen’s eyes narrowed, and then he said with a smile after a short while, “So in this way, even if that little fellow obtains the acknowledgement of our clansmen, Big Brother still persists on intending to kill him?”

Bai Cheng’s face sank. “Since you asked me, then I’ll tell you the truth. Chen Xi can live, but he must be handed to me to be dealt with!”

“Handed to you, then handed to the Zuoqiu Clan by you, and to be used to threaten Zuoqiu Xue or perhaps, Chen Lingjun?” Bai Jingchen’s eyes narrowed even more.

“Why not?” Bai Cheng replied frankly.

“Aren’t…you going to take our little sister into consideration?” Bai Jingchen suddenly changed the topic and mentioned Bai Wanqing.

“She’s still too young. She acted recklessly in these past few years and doesn’t understand anything about the benefit of the clan. If we only consider her feelings, then it will only delay the eternal growth of my Bai Clan!” Bai Cheng was stunned, and then he spoke slowly.

Bai Jingchen stood up and glanced deeply at Bai Cheng before he sighed. “Big Brother, reconsider again. The upheaval of the three dimensions is at hand. There’s nothing to be said about your intentions to utilize the might of the Zuoqiu Clan to avoid calamity. But have you even thought who exactly that kid is?”

Bai Cheng was stunned, and then he chuckled with disdain. “A vile spawn of Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue? Who else could he be?”

Bai Jingchen shook his head, and then he turned around and left. “You actually ought to have noticed during the battle today.” His voice was still drifting through the hall, yet he’d already vanished.

I ought to have noticed?

Bai Cheng sneered with indifference. But, right after that, he was stunned as the scenes of the battle between Chen Xi, Bai Juan, and Bai Qun flashed in his mind.

The Dao of Talismans?

Instantly, a scene froze within Bai Cheng’s mind, and it was the scene where Chen Xi defeated Bai Qun. Chen Xi’s body was surrounded by numerous divine rings formed from the Grand Dao, and the Talisman Armament emanated boundless light and was suffused with a myriad of talisman markings, causing Chen Xi to seem like a saint of the Dao of Talismans.

“Commanding his Grand Dao profundities with the Dao of Talismans? Even though it’s rare in the entire Dark Reverie for someone at such a young age to attain this state, yet it isn’t special…” Bai Cheng muttered. Even though he thought like this, he kept having a feeling of unease in his heart.

He continued to recall the scenes of the battle. After a short while, his entire body stiffened while only a single sword remained in his mind. A pitch black, lusterless, and ancient sword!

“Talisman Armament!” These words were so difficult to be spoken by him, and it seemed to have drained all the energy in his body, causing him to fall limply on the chair and seemed to be scared out of his wits.

He knew very well that with his identity, he actually didn’t have the slightest qualifications to understand what a Talisman Armament was because it was the symbol of one of the most mysterious and ancient Dao inheritances in the three dimensions. Even if it was in the Immortal Dimension, only some great figures knew about it.

In other words, ordinary people in the three dimensions were utterly unable to know what a Talisman Armament was!

The reason he knew about Talisman Armaments was actually because of luck as he’d has the fortune to incidentally learn of it during a conversation with a great figure of the Zuoqiu Clan.

At this moment, when he recalled the Talisman Armament in Chen Xi’s hand, it was exactly similar to the sort of Talisman Armament that the great figure of the Zuoqiu Clan had described!

When he thought up to here, Bai Cheng’s expression instantly changed indeterminately, and then he muttered in a hoarse voice after a long time. “An inheritor of Oracle Mountain? Why did it end up like this? He…he…he…”

In the end, he shook his head with dejection, and the persistence in his heart crumbled. He suddenly thought that perhaps they really shouldn’t interfere in this whirlpool…

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