Chapter 904 – Devilkiller Tristrike

An extremely simple horizontal slash struck out, yet when it entered into the eyes of everyone, this sword strike carried great force!

It was like a group of dragons emerging from the sea, a myriad of swords returning to its origin!


Bai Qun’s blade descended and collided with the Talisman Armament, and it erupted with a myriad of blazing glows. A terrifying and great force surged over from the blade, and it shook Bai Qun’s hand to the point it became numb.

What powerful strength!

“As expected of an existence capable of slaughtering experts at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm! But this little bit of strength is insufficient before my Devilkiller Bloodblade!” Bai Qun roared loudly, and he flashed over abruptly before the might of his strike was completely released. The pitch black dagger in his hand danced about and slashed out with numerous thick and blood colored blade lights. They slaughtered Yin and Yang, tore the world apart, and the sword move was peerlessly violent and carried an overbearing aura of pressing forward with indomitable will and supremacy.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged while the Talisman Armament soared through the sky, and it seemed extraordinary and moved smoothly as he executed the simplest moves of the sword like stabbing, slashing, flicking, chopping, and sweeping.

But when executed by him, every single sword strike carried the aura of the Grand Dao and conformed with the heavens and the earth. It transformed into profound and complicated talisman markings that easily dealt with all of Bai Qun’s attacks.

In their daze, everyone felt that it didn’t seem like Chen Xi was fighting against an opponent, and he seemed as if he was taking an idle stroll through a courtyard in a carefree and relaxed manner.

“A myriad of techniques emerging from a single sword strike! A supreme grandmaster of the Sword!?” Bai Qun roared loudly while his face that always had a grin on it instantly revealed a heavy expression. The space between his brows was filled with a murderous expression while his short and fat body suddenly strode out in midair while his imposing aura rose violently.

This short instant of probing allowed Bai Qun to instantly understand that he could absolutely not take his opponent to be an ordinary expert at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm because that peerlessly powerful might and Sword Dao cultivation at the supreme grandmaster level that was utterly profound even caused him to feel heavy pressure.

“The Dao of the Blade endures the times, carries on the past and opens the way for the future. Receive my Devilkiller Tristrike! The first strike, Chaotic World Furnace!” Bai Qun’s first strike struck down and instantly caused countless expanses of space to be lit ablaze. It seemed like a furnace had shot out and converged into a stream of a blade that emanated unusual phenomena as it surged over.

“The Devilkiller Tristrike! That madman!” Bai Gunan’s pupils constricted as he’d instantly recognized this peerless cultivation technique. It was three types of blade moves that were tempered by the ancestors of the Bai Clan via blood and slaughter during their expeditions on the battlefield in the primeval times.

Every single blade move conformed to the Grand Dao and carried extraordinary slaughter filled intent. For example, the first strike, Chaotic World Furnace converged the phenomena of a chaotic world and the flames of battle into a blade strike, and its might was capable of shocking the world and the gods.

All those years ago, an ancestor of the Bai Clan had relied on this Devilkiller Tristrike to slaughter countless peerless experts and won the nickname ‘Blade Exalted’ and was matchless under the heavens!

Even though this strike of Bai Qun’s hadn’t attained the terrifying level of the ancestor of the Bai Clan, but if it was placed in the outside world, it was sufficient to annihilate a city or a clan!

This was the might of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert. They were capable of overturning the clouds and rain, incinerating an ocean, and they stood proudly at the peak of the Mortal Dimension. So if they aroused killing intent, then the destructive force they possessed was capable of shaking the world.


This strike hadn’t arrived when the entire heavens and the earth transformed into a furnace, and blazing flames and boundless killing intent filled with surroundings.

“Five elements return to your origins, transform into one!” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while his backbone straightened, and the Talisman Armament developed a sword qi that carried the perfect Grand Dao profundities of Metal, Wood, Fire, Water, and Earth. The five elements circulated repeatedly without end, and it carried the imposing aura of circulating an entire world within a single strike.


The blade and sword collided, causing the blazing sword qi and blade lights to transform into a fierce fluctuation that covered the heavens as it swept out towards the surroundings. Everywhere it passed, the heavens and the earth shook, space collapsed, and it shocked everyone to the point of retreating repeatedly so as to avoid being affected.

“The second strike, God’s Destruction of the World!” Before the might of the first move was completely dispersed, Bai Qun slashed out with a second strike. A blade glow condensed together while the edge of the blade was suffused with a vast will that intended to split the chaos apart and recreate the world.

As soon as this move was executed, it didn’t just shake the Talisman Armament away, it even had extra strength to strike down at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s figure shook while his figure dodged repeatedly and moved through space, and he was extremely surprised in his heart. Bai Qun’s cultivation at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm combined with this terrifying sword move really did greatly exceed an ordinary expert with the same cultivation.

Compared to Bai Hong, he even carried a type of great and indomitable boldness.

“You were actually able to resist my first two strikes. You’re indeed an extremely good opponent. Unfortunately, your good luck ends here. The third strike, Blade of Nature!”

Bai Qun really deserved to be a top figure in the Bai Clan because his first two moves had allowed him to take the initiative of the battle, and the final move, Blade of Nature, caused everyone to feel that when this move was executed, it actually fused into the world, and it was vast and impossible to resist!

Because this strike didn’t have any moves.

Since it had no move, there wasn’t any possibility for it to be resisted.

At this moment, Bai Qun seemed as if he’d transformed into nature itself, and everywhere the edge of his blade arrived, it became the might of the world, and going against it was like going against the entire world.

Right at this moment, Bai Juan that had always been moving up and down in the surrounding space to find an opportunity had stopped moving, and his pair of peach blossom eyes erupted with a strand of cold light. He seemed like a venomous snake that was accumulating strength while waiting to attack, and he seemed as if he was waiting for an opportunity to swallow his opponent.

At the same time, the Bai Clan higher-ups that were paying attention to this battle from the shadows couldn’t help but hold their breaths in concentration while bright glows erupted from their eyes.

The Patriarch Bai Jingchen put down the bowl of noodles in his hand.

The Grand Elder Bai Cheng’s hand that was combing his beard froze as he took a deep breath.

Only a short moment had passed since the battle began, but in this short period of time, the level of intensity of the battle was much more shocking than the battle between Ling Bai and Bai Hong!

At this moment, Bai Qun’s ‘Blade of Nature’ soared through the sky and practically pulled the situation of the battle to its most intense and peak state. So no one dared to overlook anything and even the great figures of the Bai Clan were no exception.

As he was within the battlefield, Chen Xi’s sense of all this was even stronger, and he was even more acutely able to capture the terrifying might of this strike from Bai Qun. He didn’t hesitate in the slightest and decided to stop holding back.


His body was suffused with blazing divine radiance that surged and seemed to be seething, and it developed into numerous divine rays that coiled around him. These were radiances formed from numerous Grand Dao profundities, and they were interwoven into divine wheels, talisman markings, and transformed into an ocean of talismans.

At that instant, he seemed to have transformed into a saint of the Dao of Talismans. The Talisman Armament in his hand erupted with the boundless glow of creation, and it contained eternity, acted in cooperation with the five elements, flowed with Yin and Yang, held up the wind and lightning, moved the stars, and deduced a beautiful, radiant, and boundlessly vast Sword Insight of creation.

This is…

Bai Qun felt suffocated, and he sensed an extremely dangerous aura.


Bai Juan’s expression went grim, and his vital energy couldn’t help but become sluggish.

What terrifying Sword Insight!

The great figures of the Bai Clan that were watching the battle from the shadows started breathing heavily and were extremely shocked.

He’s finally displaying his might!

The eyes of Ling Bai and the others lit up, and they felt much more relaxed.

“Die!” Bai Qun gritted his teeth and roared furiously. He didn’t choose to dodge because even if this sword strike caused him to sense lethal danger, he executed his strike without hesitation.

It wasn’t related to his conviction towards this battle, and it was merely because of what the Grand Elder had said — Even if they died, they had to kill Chen Xi and stop Chen Xi from entering the Bai Clan!


At the same time, Bai Juan made a move as well. A pitch black and fine long shuttle had suddenly appeared in his hand, and the sharp tip of the shuttle silently tore space apart and swiftly vanished in space along with him.


A terrifying and enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded out, and the thick layer of violet qi that covered the sky was shattered apart. Space was collapsing, being destroyed, and shattering all over, and it revealed a chaotic scene.

If it wasn’t for the great figures of the Bai Clan having activated the defensive grand formation in the Gorge of Heroes in secret since a long time ago, merely this collision was sufficient to destroy the entire Gorge of Heroes!


Amidst the dust and dirt that suffused the air, Bai Qun’s short and fat body was blasted flying like a leaf the drifted through the sky, and his figure was still in midair when he couldn’t refrain from coughing up blood repeatedly while his countenance became pale to the extreme.

His right hand was trembling without end while his palm had split open and flowed with strands of dark red blood. On the other hand, the Devilkiller Bloodblade had been blasted flying and it pierced into the ground while shaking violently without end.

He lost!

When they saw Bai Qun’s miserable appearance, regardless of those in the open or those in the shadows, practically everyone was clearly aware that Bai Qun had lost his strength to do battle and had lost completely.

“Very good! You’re the first person to defeat me at the 1st level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. I’ll remember you!” Bai Qun coughed up blood and was completely pale in appearance. The bones in his entire body that had broken inch by inch caused him to find it impossible to stand up, and he’d completely lost any possibility of risking his life against Chen Xi.

This caused him to have an extremely bitter feeling in his heart because he never expected that he would be unable to accomplish the Grand Elder’s assignment in the end, and he never imagined that Chen Xi’s strength would actually be even more terrifying than the rumors…

He was simply like a freak that couldn’t be understood!

Chen Xi walked out from within the dust and stared at Bai Qun who was on the floor as he said, “So in this way, I’ve already obtained your acknowledgement?”

Bai Qun gasped for breath and was about to reply when he suddenly noticed from the corner of his eye that a practically translucent shadow was moving in the space behind Chen Xi.

His expression remained unchanged as he nodded and said, “Of course.”

As soon as he finished speaking.


A speck of extremely gorgeous and dazzling cold light suddenly erupted from the space behind Chen Xi. It was so dazzling, so resplendent, yet it just happened to be soundless and deathly silent to a terrifying degree, and it didn’t even shake the surrounding space!

Most importantly, under the detection of the Divine Sense and Immortal Perception of everyone, it was utterly impossible to lock onto this wisp of cold shadow, and it seemed as if it didn’t exist.

But this scene was still noticed by everyone, and their eyes swiftly constricted while they revealed shocked expressions.

“Chen Xi, watch you…” Ling Bai hadn’t finished speaking when he shut his mouth because Chen Xi’s reaction was even swifter than him. At practically the exact same instant that the gorgeous and dazzling speck of light surged into appearance, Chen Xi didn’t turn around yet the Talisman Armament in his hand seemed as if it had eyes on it. The blade of the Talisman Armament stabbed out backwards like a river of stars that surged backwards, and it slashed fiercely onto the speck of cold light.


An ear piercing sound of metal colliding resounded out before a figure was fiercely blasted out from the space behind Chen Xi, and the figure staggered before a mouthful of darkish red blood sprayed from his mouth.

This person was naturally Bai Juan.

The atmosphere at the scene instantly fell into a strange deathly silence. They seemed to be shocked speechless yet seemed to be pondering bitterly about exactly how Chen Xi had noticed Bai Juan beforehand as if he could predict the future.

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